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By | August 30, 2023

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Adaptogenic drink for body weight control:

  • Full-bodied chocolate flavour
  • The safe alternative to trendy diets
  • The benefits of functional mushrooms

Your body is crying out for help!

  • Excess weight
  • Sleep disorders, insomnia
  • Lassitude, fatigue, mood swings
  • Problematic skin, acne
  • Digestive issues
  • Hair loss

These are alarm signals from the body struggling to adapt to the daily stresses.

Reishi in Magicoa can help to solve these problems.

Stress and junk-food are our enemies №1

Never before has there been so much stress in the world. Problems at work, the fast pace of life, and terabytes of good and bad news knock us out daily.

  • The most available consolation is food.
  • Lots of food.
  • More and more of wrong food.
  • Bottom line: excess weight.

Around 60% of people in Europe and the USA are overweight because they cannot adjust to this rhythm of life.

What is Magicoa, effect: mushroom chocolate Magicoa against stress and overeating

Salvation is in the adaptogens! Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a mushroom that help the body adapt to any external factors and not turn on the internal alarm – overeating.

The benefits of these adaptogen mushrooms have been scientifically proven. They are rich in antioxidants and micro-nutrients that help the body adapt to the environment and maintain healthy metabolism in the face of daily stress. Decoctions of Reishi are beneficial but hard to drink day-to-day due to their bitter, earthy taste.

Based on Reishi mushrooms, scientists have created a drink – Magicoa mushroom chocolate – not only healthy but also delicious. No bitterness – just the taste of milk chocolate and a light mushroom aroma.

Can’t lose weight? You just haven’t tried Magicoa original yet!

The effectiveness of MAGICOA Mushroom Chocolate was tested on 143 volunteers with an excess weight of over 10 kg. Here are the results of some of the study participants. For 8 weeks, they enjoyed this mushroom chocolate drink*.

For the sake of purity of the experiment, the subjects did not follow diets and led their usual lifestyles.

Magicoa review

Want to replicate their success?

*The results of losing weight depend on the duration of the course and the characteristics of your body.

Magicoa opinion: “Leave diets and hard workouts in the past!”

Mandy Wedd, nutrition consultant

MAGICOA Mushroom Chocolate is a slimming drink with a subtly sweet taste based on Reishi mushrooms.

Not only does it reduce weight, but it also enhances the adaptive capacities of the body: it reduces the damage from stress, overwork, and “information fatigue,” and minimizes the harm from “junk food”: fast food, canned food, sweets, etc. And most importantly – with this drink, you can forget about strict diets and shock workouts, which only exacerbate stress and help lose weight only for a short time. Then the excess weight inevitably comes back. So eat your favourite foods, live your life to your pleasure and MAGICOA will help you keep your weight under control.

How to use Magicoa: easy to make – tasty to drink!

  • Take 1 tsp of powder, mix with 150 ml of hot water and stir thoroughly.
  • Take a drink every day, morning and evening, before meals.
  • The minimum course length is 4 weeks, and depends on individual characteristics.
  • To prevent weight gain and maintain the effect repeat the course of MAGICOA every 5-6 months.

Magicoa forum, comments: feedback from those who rarely write reviews

Thousands of people have already seen the effectiveness of MAGICOA. Try it too!

Where to buy Magicoa at the best price

Slim down with taste! Get started right now!

  • Fill in the order form and provide your contact details.
  • Wait for our specialist to call you for further details.
  • Get the parcel and pay in the way that suits you best.
  • Take MAGICOA according to the instructions and be healthy.

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