EcoSlim Sri Lanka reviews, price, where to buy: minus 33 pounds within 4 weeks without chemicals!

By | March 29, 2019

EcoSlim tablets for fast weight loss review – ingredients, forum, opinion

The Department of Health: innovative medication for weight-loss. Minus 33 pounds in 4 weeks without chemicals, fasting, and workouts.

Diets, workouts, and liposuction are currently the main methods used to fight overweight. However, considering the fact that the number of obese people continues to rise, none of the above methods can be called popular and effective.

M.D. Board Certified, Dr. Jacob Coen

Occupational experience – 42 years

Director of The National Scientific Medical Centre, Doctor of Medicine, Physician of Superior Merit, dietitian.

EcoSlim became, a game changer. A remedy which triggers natural weight-loss.

What is EcoSlim capsule?

If your body lacks vitamin A, you eat oranges. If it lacks phosphorus, you eat fish. If you have vitamin C deficiency, you have to eat black currant. Only EcoSlim contains microelements which induce fat mass burning in the human body. Particularly

B-Carotene which is a super-antioxidant capable of not just burning fat but also normalizing functioning of the whole body.

It has been clinically proven that EcoSlim boosts your metabolism, restores the functioning of the endocrine system, stimulates regeneration of the tissues and suppresses appetite. The product is entirely organic and actively stimulates natural processes inside the human body. No rigorous diet is needed as the burning of fat mass is induced by boosted metabolic processes. A balanced diet is sufficient to maintain the metabolism.

Intensive workout is not necessary either.

Some moderate stretching exercises are sufficient.

Main properties and benefits of EcoSlim: effects and results

  • Fat burning;
  • Suppression of appetite;
  • Normalization of endocrine profile;
  • Rejuvenation and detoxification of the body;
  • Improvement of the body tone by burning fat mass.

Owing to intensive metabolism, subcutaneous fat in problematic areas of people who take EcoSlim can burn at the speed of up to 1.1 pounds a day!

EcoSlim is effective even in the cases when overweight is caused by hormonal disorders.

If you are prone to obesity this product is for you!

This supplement has become available in the UK quite recently but it has already proven to be a favorite choice of bodybuilders and their trainers as it facilitates quick weight-loss and maintains low percentage of fat in the body.

The result after 30 days of taking ECOSLIM

The result after 15 days of taking ECOSLIM

The result after 22 days of taking ECOSLIM

The result after 18 days of taking ECOSLIM

Researchers’ comments: EcoSlim side effects, how to use EcoSlim

Dr. Antony McCoy


Occupational experience – 27 years.

“The most important thing in the weight-loss process is not to cause harm to your body. Unfortunately, the majority of popular weight-loss methods do not meet this requirement. It’s impossible to remain on a diet all the time. Besides, for many people, it’s too challenging. Seeing no results, people start using tablets the majority of which only suppress the body causing hormonal disorders and impairing the functioning of the immune system and liver. Weight-loss has to be natural and does not have to thwart the internal processes inside your body. Currently, EcoSlim is the only remedy which meets these requirements. Active microelements of EcoSlim intensify the metabolism and fat mass burning. I’m sure that this remedy is the best product modern nutrition science can offer. It’s a certified product which can be fully trusted.”

Dr. Tracey Newman


Occupational experience – 18 years.

“I frequently see women with tears in their eyes. They have tried everything without obtaining any result or they regained the weight which they had previously lost. I used to recommend them to pull themselves together and try again. Now I recommend a better option – EcoSlim. It can be used as a food supplement and helps to lose up to 33 pounds within a month in an entirely natural manner. It’s a fully organic remedy which suits everyone regardless of sex, age or health status. Weight-loss is achieved exceptionally by means of fat burning and not by dehydration. The effect of improvement in problematic areas becomes visible in just a week. EcoSlim has been used in the American nutrition for long and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. I recommend it to all my patients and have never had any complaint.”

The Department of Health supported a poll the results of which exceeded all our expectations:

The poll conducted by the Department of Health: how did you lose weight?

The results of laboratory tests on EcoSlim. The Research Institute of the Department of Health:

A cohort of the study population (100 people) with overweight took EcoSlim as a food supplement on a daily basis for a month without changing their usual diet. The following results have been obtained during the trial:

  1. Fat mass reduction ranging between 26 and 33 pounds;
  2. 33 pounds weight loss – 95%;
  3. 26 pounds weight-loss – 100%.

*For the purposes of the trial weight-loss should mean the loss of fat mass and no signs of regaining it within a 1-month period.

  • Significant improvement of the metabolism;
  • Improved body tone and physical activity;
  • Improved functioning of the liver and endocrine system.

It has been proven that EcoSlim effectively boosts your metabolism and fat burning. It’s recommended for people who are overweight, suffer from metabolic disorders and/or diabetes.

EcoSlim official website – where to buy in Sri Lanka, price, order EcoSlim

ATTENTION! Beware of bogus products! In the city and in the UK EcoSlim can be bought on the OFFICIAL SITE OF THE MANUFACTURER ONLY!

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