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By | December 15, 2021

Exclusively in Nigeria!

  • Starts reduction in body size after 5 applications
  • Removes excess fluid and toxins within 7 days
  • Eliminates cellulite after 15 uses

Lipocut what is- how does this work?

The active components of the spray penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and melt the excess fat. Lipocut takes care of your skin by firming it up, eliminating cellulite and preventing stretch marks. Lipocut actively fights skin blemishes and fat accumulation.

Lipocut actively fights against skin problems and fat deposition.

  • Removes toxins and waste fluid from the body
  • Convert fat cells into energy by connecting them together.
  • Burn the fat under the skin.
  • Lowers cholesterol and sugar levels. This reduces appetite and stops regain of weight.

Benefits of Lipocut

  • Eliminates Cellulite: Lipocut regulates the exchange of fluids in the body which leads to elimination of cellulite.
  • Prevents recurrence of cellulite: Strengthens the skin’s collagen matrix, restores skin density and smoothens it, thus preventing cellulite recurrence.
  • Increases Cell Metabolism: This effect is due to Barberry’s ascorbic acid, which is the most powerful natural antioxidant.
  • Does not put any load on the heart: It does not contain strong chemical components and therefore does not cause complaints of insomnia, drowsiness, apathy and bursting of nerves.

How to take Lipocut – side effects

  • Take 2 times a day
  • Try to use it at the same time every day for better results
  • Recommended duration: 1 month

With Lipocut you can lose weight and rejuvenate your body!

  • Convert fat into energy and increase vitality
  • Fights cellulite and prevents its recurrence.
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Cleanses the body from toxins and excess fluids
  • Improves mood and prevents frustration.

Lipocut official website, where to buy, original – how we work

  • Place your order now and get instant discount
  • One of our agents will call you to confirm the details
  • Pay on Delivery: Post Office or Courier Person

Hurry up! Number of packages sold at the specified price

Is limited!

25980 NGN

12990 NGN

A prodigious student from Nigeria received a national medical award for discovering a method to lose 5 kg in 10 days without chemicals, hunger or physical effort

In the winter of 2020, something incredible happened at the European Congress of Endocrinologists. The entire audience gave a 10-minute standing ovation to speaker Annabel Chua, a student from Nigeria. She was the one who proposed a unique formula that allows you to lose weight in a short time without limiting food intake.

Annabel proposed a fantastic idea in which Nigerian scientific institutions proved that it works.

The news about this idea spread immediately not only in Nigeria but also throughout the world.

Specialists from the Endocrinology Department of the Bogota Polyclinic and from several private clinics were dedicated to the production of the product. Currently, the product has already been created, but at the moment only residents of Nigeria can buy it.

Today, we are going to discover how this new product can save millions of lives and why the citizens of Nigeria can get it at a great discount

A tragedy in her family made Annabel realize that diets, physical exercise and pills as well as liposuction are dangerous to our health in at least half of the cases and that they don’t really solve the problem of the extra kilos.

Journalist: Annabel, you are one of the 10 smartest medical students in the world. Why did you decide to face the problem of excess weight?

Annabel Chua: I don’t like talking about it in public because my motivation is very personal. A few years ago, my mom died of hypertension because she had been overweight for years. She was somewhat healthy and had been trying to lose weight for a while, but a stroke suddenly killed her in her sleep. And that’s all; she’s no longer by my side. My grandmother also died for the same reason. Then, I began to study various topics related to obesity and how to avoid it. I was very surprised to discover that diets, physical exercise, pills and liposuction are dangerous to our health and that they actually worsen the obesity problem. My mom also followed a few diets and went to aerobics classes for almost 5 years.

During the last three years, I’ve been fully immersed in the study of this topic. Actually, the novel method of weight loss that everyone is talking about right now occurred to me while I was writing my thesis. I knew I was creating something new, but I never imagined it would generate such incredible interest in various institutions.

An American pharmaceutical company offered Annabel $1 million for her formula, planning to sell this product for about $1,000, but she declined, knowing that very few people could buy such an expensive product. Annabel’s purpose is to help as many overweight people as possible.

Journalist: Which institutions are you talking about?

Annabel Chua: As soon as the article about my new method that can help shed people’s extra pounds was published, I immediately started receiving offers from various institutions that wanted to buy my idea. The first to contact me was a French institution that offered to buy my idea for 120,000 euros. The last one was a United States pharmaceutical company that was willing to buy my idea for $1 million. I’ve been forced to change my phone number and close my social accounts because they won’t leave me alone.

Journalist: But, as far as I know, you haven’t sold your formula, right?

Annabel Chua: Correct, I haven’t sold it yet. This may sound a little extreme, but I didn’t create my formula for other people abroad to benefit from it. What if you really sold the formula to another country? They would get the patent, ban others from producing this product and make a lot of money. I’m still young, but not stupid. If I sold my formula, ordinary people won’t be able to buy it and get rid of their excess weight. A foreign doctor once told me that this type of product should sell for at least $1,000. That’s awful. Who will pay for a product that costs $1,000 in Nigeria?

Therefore, when I received an invitation from the government to participate in the development of the product for the Nigerian domestic market, I accepted it in a heartbeat. We have developed a product together with the best specialists from the Institute of Endocrinology of Bogota and several private clinics. It truly was an incredible experience. Now this product has passed clinical trials and is available to the public.

From the government, the development of this product was coordinated by Adriel Keng, an academic and expert in this field. We asked him to tell us about this new product and his plans.

Journalist: What is the goal of Annabel Chua’s idea? Is it true that this product enables you to shed your extra pounds without dieting or exercise?

Adriel Keng: Annabel’s goal is basically the same as that of a car navigator: it simply shows the quickest route to lose weight. And we are talking about a method that will be useful for a lifetime…

The product’s called Lipocut. Once it enters the body, it removes toxic substances through two mechanisms. Firstly, it is capable of this due to adsorption and its porous structure. Secondly, it is due to catalytic reduction (a process that causes negatively charged polluting ions to attract positively charged carbon ions).

The product was created based on Annabel’s idea, Lipocut in which active components bind toxins in the human body and, due to the binding of its molecules, rapidly eliminates them through the intestines.

Lipocut is a product that must be used according to the instructions. This product accelerates your metabolism and restores the functioning of the endocrine system, stimulates tissue regeneration and reduces hunger miraculously. It’s a totally neutral product: it’s only an active stimulator of the natural processes of the human organism. Since fat burning occurs thanks to a rapid metabolic process, diets will finally be a thing of the past. As a result, subcutaneous fat and problem areas disappear FOREVER at a rate of 500 grams a day! But the main thing is that Lipocut has no side effects!

Adriel Keng: Here are the visible results of a woman who participated in the Lipocut’ clinical trials:

Result 14 days After drinking Lipocut: -8 kg

Result 28 days after drinking Lipocut: -16 kg

Result 60 days after drinking Lipocut: -32 kg

Final result: -32 kg in 60 days!

Journalist: Awesome! Will this product be available for sale in pharmacies? How much will it cost?

Weight loss products garner billions of dollars in revenue in the United States alone. The product that Annabel created can radically change the situation on the market.

Adriel Keng: As soon as they understood that we were really creating something worthwhile, the pharmaceutical companies attacked us from all sides. They had already offered Annabel huge amounts of money to buy her formula, but not to sell it. They didn’t want it to be produced by Annabel and sought to ban the mass production of this product instead. Obesity treatment is a really huge niche in the pharmaceutical world. In the United States, for example, the product generates billions of dollars. Our product can dramatically change the market situation. No one will want to waste their money every month on buying ineffective weight loss methods when they can treat their problem once and for all with Lipocut and forget about their obesity problems FOREVER.

Pharmaceutical networks are partners with pharmaceutical companies and, therefore, do each other favours. Obviously, the important thing is to sell. Therefore, they don’t even want to hear about our treatment, even though it’s the only product officially recommended by the Scientific Food Institutes in Nigeria to treat excess weight.

Journalist: And how can you get the product if it is not for sale in pharmacies?

Adriel Keng: We came to the decision that, if the pharmacies didn’t want to listen to us, we would continue without them and organise a direct distribution of Lipocut ourselves without intermediaries. We discussed various options and opted for the most effective way to distribute the product. Lipocut aren’t sold in pharmacies! Therefore, all those who wish to obtain Lipocut with a discount of up to 70% can participate in our raffle. Afterwards, they will be contacted by our qualified specialists to develop a personalised treatment plan with Lipocut. No matter where you live, we can send the product to any part of Nigeria. Shipping is carried out by express courier directly to your address.

Lipocut aren’t sold in pharmacies! Therefore, anyone who wishes to obtain Lipocut with a discount of up to 50% can participate in our raffle. Afterwards, they will be contacted by our qualified specialists to develop a personalised treatment plan with Lipocut. No matter where you live, we can send the product to any part of Nigeria.

We have launched a large-scale advertising campaign throughout the media to draw people’s attention to this product and we promised to raffle 100 units of Lipocut.

Everyone can participate in this raffle and win the main prize: a 50% discount! This promotion that we created for Nigeria aims to draw people’s attention to this product.

Journalist: But, how much does your product cost?

Adriel Keng: We managed to reach an agreement with the Nigerian government agencies to receive funds and cover most of the expenses. Up to 50%. Fortunately, they understand how important it is for this product to be known to the population, rather than just to a lucky few. In exchange, we have agreed not to export it abroad, but rather to distribute it only in Nigeria.

Journalist: Thanks Sergio! It was very interesting to discover this innovative product! Would you like to say something more to our readers?

Adriel Keng: Thank you! I would like to give advice to all readers who are trying to solve their overweight problem, as it is the root cause of diseases such as:

  • Hypertension
  • Mellitus diabetes
  • Arthrosis
  • Varicose veins
  • Fatty liver

Please don’t leave it for later. Start fighting your problem right now!

The draw is already underway!

25980 NGN

12990 NGN

Lipocut review, forum, opinion

Felicia Chong

It’s a completely new product. I’ve participated in clinical trials. There were about 100 people. I’ve lost weight and I haven’t gained it back.

Maia Wee

Felicia, it’s fantastic! I’ve also decided to lose weight this year! There is one thing I have not understood: even if I drink Lipocut, do I have to follow a diet?

Felicia Chong

Maia, in my clinical trial group there were people who used it without following a diet, like me, and the results of all of them were excellent! Of course, I was promised that I would lose 15 kg in a month, and I “just” lost 12.8 kg, but I’m not complaining because I haven’t been able to lose that much weight in a long time! I am very happy with the results! Of course, if you add diet and sports to the mix, you will get better results!

Li Lee

Girls, I read a lot about this product on the Internet. My husband and I really want to try it. We want to lose weight. We are so excited that we look forward to the start of sales…

Anne Dong

Felicia, I have seen your comment and I would like to ask you something: How long have you been drinking Lipocut?

Felicia Chong

Anne, I was drinking it for a month, but there are people in the group who were drinking it for a longer time. The results were already visible 7 days after starting its use. I have lost weight

Sarina Hee

Girls, I want to share my results with you. I was in the same group as Felicia. We had very good results. I am amazed at how effectively this product really helps. I am glad that I participated in the clinical trials. My life has changed for the better! Look, here are my results at the beginning and end of the experiment.

Nema Chok Tong

Wow, I want to order it now! I’ll be able to get the discount if I order it today!


I’ll order it too. The results are incredible! I would like to receive this product. I have seen that the number of units is limited because it has just come out in Nigeria.

Lalita Shahi

Dina, we are lucky! Even a discount! I’ll order it too as well as for my mom, my grandmother and friend who have all been suffering from obesity for a long time and nothing helps them…

Shima Salas

Guys, I was also in the group that tried this product! It’s finally for sale in Nigeria! You have no idea how happy I am: From XXL to S! And I love it! Here’s my result! Now, many of my friends want to ask for it for themselves and their relatives! I will order more units for myself!

Geh Kim

Folks, I was also in the clinical trial group and I also lost weight! This product is perfect for me. I was fat and nobody loved me… Now I have a girlfriend. I lost weight quickly.

Kjo Koh

I’m going to order it right now! I am also overweight… Luckily, this product is also suitable for men.

Ho Sun Sen

Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything, I ordered Lipocut at full price with no discount. But I’m sure it will help me lose 15 pounds. I hate my weight so much! Good luck to all of you!

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