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By | October 3, 2023

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Huge irregularities in the matter of medicines in Nigeria! How our greedy drug dealers hid the best-selling drug in Europe without an operation to improve health.

Dr. Prem Swami – an endocrinologist from Accra. Today he is considered to be the best specialist for diabetes treatment in the country. All the famous people with diabetes try to take the time to consult them. Patients not only from Nigeria, but also from neighboring countries also come to him. He is one of the foremost endocrinologist in the country. He has authored 32 scientific books, and journals have 3 times more scientific publications.

Dr. Prem Swami rarely gives interviews, but he agreed to answer our correspondent’s questions. Below you’ll find important tips to help fight diabetes.

Dr Prem Swamy completely confirms that in most of the cases type-2 diabetes can be treated with modern knowledge!

Topics covered:

  • What is most important in the treatment of diabetes?
  • Why do 95% of patients fail to cope with their condition?
  • When is there a chance of complete cure of diabetes?
  • What are the modern methods of fighting this disease?

Metformin is not what you need!

Dr. Prem Swami:

“Today, most of the diabetes treatments are based on metformin-based drugs. However, this is a delusion of illiterate patients and doctors. Metformin is a road to disease and early death. It’s not a matter of treatment. If you visit your doctor with type 2 diabetes and he adds these medicines to his treatment, stay away from such a doctor.

Medicines in which the main substance is metformin: Bagomet, Vero-metformin, Glycomet, Glycon, Gliminfor, Glyformin, Glucofa, Glucophagus, Glucophage Long, Dianormet, Diaformin, Langerin, Metadion, Metformin, Metfogamma, Metformin, Novoformin.

All these medicines increase the level of insulin in the blood too much. With this amount of insulin, the blood becomes very thick. Due to the large amount of insulin in the body, it causes great harm. It almost destroys the liver, kidney and other excretory organs. Insulin is like stomach acid in consistency and action. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid flooded your internal organs. They will burn with acid!

The increased level of insulin destroys the cells, causing them to divide abnormally, and this is oncology. Because of this, according to statistics, 28% of diabetic patients develop cancer.

In addition, large amounts of insulin cause a rapid accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, as insulin slows the flow of thickened blood. Because of which, the blood vessels get clogged with cholesterol, due to which the blood pressure rises. 98% of diabetic patients suffer from hypertension. And many other problems of the cardiovascular system arise in them.

List of side effects of metformin treatment

  • Stomach problems (most often diarrhea, upset stomach, sour belching, stomach ulcers)
  • High blood pressure – high blood pressure, especially in the evening, headache, ringing in the ears, fear wave
  • Cirrhosis of the liver – The liver develops into connective tissues and stops cleaning the blood, and toxins build up throughout the body.
  • Excretion of large amount of salts and sugars leads to the formation of stones in the kidneys.
  • cancer related diseases
  • early death due to damaged blood vessels
  • blindness

The onset of diseases, of course, depends on the amount of drugs and the duration of taking them, as well as on the individual characteristics of the individual. However, it is not possible to get rid of them completely.

If metformin kills like this, then why use it?

Unfortunately, today most doctors are not concerned about the health of patients. I’d say no one cares. They just do their job and get paid for it. They do not care whether there is any improvement in your health or not. That is why without much thought, they prescribe the same medicines which are advised to them by the officials or ministries. And these drugs are made on the basis of metformin because there is a huge profit from their sale. And yes, they do have an effect, even if only for a short time.

There is no cure for indifference! Patients are not aware of the consequences of continuous use of this medicine, and do not feel it necessary to inform the doctors.

Treating Diabetes With Strong Chemicals – It’s A Crime! But type 2 diabetes is curable! The main thing is just to choose the right treatment.

Dr. Prem Swami:

I often come across patients who have been on metformin for many years. These are sick people who grow old before their age.

As in the past, patients are often diagnosed with type 2 diabetes by chance during tests. And by that time the patient was feeling fine, and he never thought that his blood sugar level would have increased. After this he is advised to take metformin with increased dosage.

Consumption of which reduces the level of sugar in the blood, but with time, the patient’s condition worsens. The patient starts complaining of constant fatigue, obesity, increased blood pressure, headache etc. Swelling starts in the feet and also on the face in the morning. A bell rings in the ears. The fingers start going numb and there is a feeling of coldness on their ends. Eyesight becomes weak. Memory deteriorates.

Doctors say that it is due to diabetes. But actually it is because of insulin!! And more precisely, metformin, which increases the production of hormones to abnormal levels!

Even if you don’t feel like you don’t need diabetes treatment. If you have to decide whether to treat diabetes with metformin or not to treat it at all, you will definitely choose the first option. If left untreated, type-2 diabetes will kill you even earlier. But with other symptoms.

Like candied cherries, they show the internal organs of diabetic patients. Liver, stomach, kidney, heart and most important blood vessels…

Tangled vessels and internal organs!

Imagine cherries or raspberries wrapped in sugar. The same happens with all vessels in diabetes. The walls of the vessels become completely saturated with sugar and become brittle. Due to which the ability of the vessels to contract and expand is over. First the fine vessels are destroyed, then the medium sized and then the large ones. These vessels nourish the internal organs. Long lasting diseases begin due to a decrease in blood supply.

How diabetes destroys from inside:

Loss of vision

Diabetes means blindness. and blindness forever. It is impossible to correct vision loss caused by diabetes, even with laser treatment, as many hemorrhages cause the retina to detach.

Malfunctioning of the kidneys

The sugar clogs the ureters, which makes the environment of the kidneys sweet. The sugar acts as a preservative and preserves the kidneys. And they slowly start dying. And continuing kidney failure starts happening – this is just the beginning. The kidneys can be completely destroyed.

Joints begin to tighten

Synovial fluid gives mobility to the joints. When blood vessels are no longer able to nourish the joints, synovial fluid production stops. Joints begin to dry out and wear out. Humans have so much pain that it is difficult to bear. Painkillers also do not help. The joints are completely closed and the person’s ability to move on his own ends.

The nervous system is no different

Like many other organs, the nerves also suffer from excess sugar. Over time, patients with diabetes develop psychosis. The patient becomes emotionally unbalanced. He often starts having problems of depression, he does not feel good. He just wants to lie down, sleep and die.

The skin starts to rot!

First, it becomes very dry, there are scratches, then eczema, and then ulcers. Muscles and bones begin to rot along with the skin. An unpleasant smell starts coming. It all ends with gangrene. However, diabetes is a very dangerous disease. But probably the most dangerous. I feel sorry for those who suffer from diabetes. I try to help them, but it all depends on them.

What is Diaboost, how to use, side effects

If there is no metformin, how is it possible to treat diabetes? For example, let’s talk about a common pensioner citizen, who starts complaining of diabetes with age. Now the level of sugar in his blood has started increasing continuously. Let’s assume that he takes metformin and he is not feeling well. What can he do to cure diabetes? Will he be able to heal himself?

I want to remind you again that type-2 diabetes is a complex, dangerous and systemic disease. It’s not a cold or diarrhea. This is a very bad disease. The disease spreads throughout the body and therefore the treatment should also be at the level of the whole body. Simply raising insulin levels is not enough and is harmful.

The treatment of diabetes should be comprehensive and only with drugs that not only lower the sugar level but also protect the whole body.

If there’s a specific way to help people manage their diabetes on their own, I ‘d recommend Diaboost like. It was prepared in 2015. Like metformin, it is not composed of chemical substances, but rather a natural antidiabetic complex, which includes more than 10 different active components.

The composition of these Diaboost includes all the most important vitamins, macro and micro elements required for type 2 diabetes. Diaboost has 3 the strongest herbal extracts collected from different parts of the world.

The goodness of Diaboost is that they do not cause any harm to the body, rather they provide strength to the body of diabetic patients. But most importantly, they have a positive effect on the disease from all sides.

The effect of Diaboost is just amazing! As soon as we started recommending it to our patients, the percentage of people recovering… I mean the number of people completely free from diabetes went up to 96%. This means that 96 out of 100 people say goodbye to this disease. There is no sugar in his blood anymore and his health is very good.

Diaboost opinion, review: an open and truthful letter about the treatment of diabetes

I want to show you a letter from Sarika Bhagwati, an elderly women from Sunyani. She was not treated in our clinic (she could not come to us as she was not feeling well). I advised him on Diaboost over the telephone. In the end she was completely fine.

And here is his letter.

Sarika Bhagwati, 67 years old. Retired from job, and suffering from diabetes. She lives in Sunyani.

“Why don’t other doctors recommend miracle like Diaboost? My diabetes was very high. I’ve been bothered by him for 28 years. From the age of 49, I started having serious problems with my eyes and kidneys. He had stopped working. I smelled of acetone. My daughter could not be around me. Along with this, there were frequent ulcers in the feet and the tips of the fingers started turning black. I was almost on the verge of death. Our doctors told me that I have less time left.

I asked my daughter to think about my last days. I had lived a very good life, but still didn’t want to die. Even when I cried out loud that I wanted to die, I didn’t want to die. I had my last hopes for your clinic. I knew you treat diabetes successfully, but still wasn’t sure – everyone says it’s not possible to cure it, that my going will be in vain. That’s why I didn’t go. But then I saw you on television and thought I’ll call you.

Thank you so much for your advice and for sending Diaboost. I started taking it immediately. It’s been four months now, and I’m still alive. Doctors say that I will live longer, sugar level in my body has become normal. And I myself feel the same way. For the last 10 years, I had never felt so healthy and free from diabetes as I am now. I started getting better sleep, no longer feeling extreme thirst, frequent toilet visits, constant tiredness and weakness no longer felt. Now the blood pressure does not increase either. I am starting to look better now. My treatment is on now, but I am sure I will survive it. Many thanks to Diaboost.”

Tell how soon you can cure diabetes with Diaboost

To be honest, it takes time. It takes several months. This may take up to six months.

It is important to be prepared for a long treatment. But after treatment, you will no longer need to consume these Diaboost, and you can lead a normal healthy life with diabetes as before.

Diaboost helps everyone, even older people with weak immunity.

Diaboostshould be taken according to the course. Take it for 3 months, and then, if necessary, continue the course. I will tell you all the steps how to take it.

Restoration of blood vessels

The main function of Diaboost is that they not only remove sugar from the blood, but also normalize the level of glucose. Also, due to the presence of gymnema leaf extract, it dissolve the sugar that has penetrated the walls of the vessels. Freed from this, the walls of the blood vessels begin to expand again by shrinking. It eliminates clots, cleans the vessels. Small capillaries are restored. Due to this, the patient’s blood pressure stops rising, weakness and drowsiness end, bruises and wounds heal quickly. Apart from this, more power is available. People immediately feel like taking care of the house and garden.

Normalization of glucose levels

Diaboostdoes not increase insulin levels, so it is not harmful. But its effect is very beneficial, these Diaboost reduce insulin resistance. This is a wonderful quality. The biologically active ingredients of these Diaboost penetrate and restore their balance in muscle, fat and liver cells, making them respond better to hormones present in the blood. In medicine, this process is called “secondary cell formation”. As a result, over time the cells begin to use the more active glucose, reducing its accumulation in the blood. This is the safest way for the body to use glucose.

Patients feel much better throughout the day, even after eating. Thirst no longer bothers them. Eczema and rashes disappear. Itching in the genitals stops. Patients stop going to the toilet frequently.

As for the physical indicators, the level of glycated hemoglobin decreases, the presence of sugar and acetone in the urine decreases.

Excess fat melts away!

Excess weight worsens the condition of diabetic patients by about 45 times. That’s why one of the functions of Diaboost is weight loss. This is possible for two reasons. Cells begin to actively digest sugar and convert it into energy. Secondly, this complex contains a strong extract of chromium picolinate, the most powerful natural fat burning substance.

Loss of 10 kg reduces the risk of dangerous consequences of diabetes by about 50%.

Other Possible Improvements

Most of the diabetic patients do not have strength. One of the amazing functions of Diaboost is to improve testosterone levels, and restore healthy masculine strength. Men are able to have sex even at the age of 5060.

Improves the condition of skin, bones and muscles

Even the damaged skin gets better. The ulcers heal, the skin stops rotting and it starts drying up. The same happens with bones, their healthy structure is restored. They are no longer weak. Restoration of all tissues takes place, muscle elasticity increases.

Diaboost original – butterfly effect for any diabetic patient!

The action of Diaboost is similar to that of a butterfly’s wings, which initiates a chain reaction to heal the internal organs and improve health. From improving the function of blood vessels to improving eyesight and joints.

Lightheadedness in the morning

You wake up in the morning and can easily get out of bed. You don’t need to force yourself to lift, straighten your arms and legs, rub your numb feet, and stroke your back and neck. In the morning your body is full of energy and strength.

Great health and mood

Morning and all day too. Able to sleep peacefully and adequately. You start feeling young. Do not have to go to the toilet again and again at night. There is no pain anywhere, and there is no itching anywhere.

Delicious breakfast

You start adding different types of food to the food list, you no longer need a strict diet. You get to taste the dishes that you remember now. No need for a low carbohydrate diet anymore. Enjoy the taste of your favorite food!

Tremendous power

You won’t have to worry about your feet when you leave the house – walking won’t work for you, but you can walk around all day, and your feet won’t get tired or swollen. There are no traces of sandals, shoes, socks etc. on the swollen feet.

Deep peace

You become very calm and relaxed. There is no longer the constant pain that used to haunt the mind and you could not concentrate on anything else. When there is no pain, all kinds of things, sounds, scents become very apparent that you had forgotten about for a long time.

Seems to be

Very bad eyesight also slowly starts getting better. What you didn’t see before, is now clearly visible. You will be able to see the bus number again from afar. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature again.

And most importantly your life will increase! And even in old age you will feel healthy and energetic. Your loved ones will not have to take care of you, you will be able to take care of yourself.

Diaboost official website: where to buy at the best price


Diaboost comments, forum


Thank you for your generosity! I tried to buy Diaboost in another clinic. I was told that these Diaboost are getting 10 times more. I refused. And then my friend showed the link to this article. I ordered it at your place, and they delivered it to me right away. My treatment has started and its results are visible too!


I confirm the words of the doctor! Metformin is bad, people are being poisoned specifically to make money from it! I have been taking it for seven years. And there were no results. The sugar kept rising and rising. The condition got very bad. Then I was diagnosed with Diaboost. It is like the sky and the earth. Unlike dangerous chemicals these natural Diaboost actually improve the condition. Guys, I would only recommend Diaboost to everyone.


It is a great remedy to lower blood sugar. In one month, the sugar level dropped from 14 mmol/l to 7.9!


Thanks, I have ordered these. The consultant called me, I asked how many packets were left. He said there are more than 15, but more and more orders are coming in for that – people are probably getting to know about this opportunity. Soon they will be over.


Any disease is trouble for some people and business for some. Pharmacists have shown their true colors long ago – all they need from us is our money and our health!


I have diabetes. And I’m fine. I take Diaboost course every year so that I don’t have this problem again. Recommend it to those who have not tried these Diaboost.


Diaboost finish!!!!!!!! I couldn’t take them. Heard that there was yesterday, but today it is over….diabetes has bothered me. Don’t know what to do about it. I expected DiaboostAnd where can I get these??


I couldn’t buy either. What do I do now??? An acquaintance told me about Diaboost. He praised it a lot. I also wanted to order it, but could not.


Greetings to everyone. I am 59 years old, earlier my weight was 124 kg, and today I am 80 kg, height is 168 cm. Glucose levels range between 18 and 12, up from 29 previously. Now it is 5.0. I have been taking Diaboost for 3 months. Am happy with the results. I had never received such help from anyone.


Will you sell more? And when will you sell? I want to order too!!!


Diaboost are back! As written on the site, the clinic has offered 1000 more packets for patients in Nigeria! According to doctors this will be the last packet, they cannot give any more.


Thanks. I have ordered. Told me that after a day I will get the Diaboost. Immediately I will start taking them.


These Diaboost are excellent. I have been using it since a week and I have started seeing positive changes. I check my sugar several times a day. Grows very little. If it continues like this, then I have every chance of recovery.


Diabetes is a very insidious disease. I have it for 4 years, there was no external problem, only dry mouth. That’s why, I was not sure of amputation of legs etc. But recently I fainted. I was taken to the hospital, tests were done. The results are terrible. The condition of the kidneys is similar to the condition before cancer, the condition of the blood vessels is so bad that even the doctors were shocked.


My father has diabetes and does not want to take pills. Can anyone tell if Diaboost will help them?


Of course it will help them! At least you should try it. And Diaboost is even cheaper than that metformin.


Diaboost is the very best Offer. Our daughter got diabetes. I didn’t want to give her chemical medicines because she is too young. I consulted several endocrinologists. We decided to choose Diaboost. It helped him well. The sugar has almost stopped rising now.


Thanks! I ordered it before it was over.


Many thanks for this article. Hope this will help people.


Thanks. Order has been dispatched.