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By | June 1, 2022

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Intermittent fasting is a diet that allows you to eat anything for eight hours during the day. This diet became very popular and was thought to help improve metabolism and prevent cardiovascular disease. However, its effectiveness has been denied. Scientists explained why intermittent fasting is dangerous and how one can lose weight without dieting and training.

The mechanism of the diet is based on the fact that for a certain period a person will not be able to consume many calories, while he or she can eat whatever they want. Here the psychological factor begins to work, that people begin to abuse junk food and the body does not replenish the vital vitamin and mineral balance. That does not help lose weight, but health and hormone problems start to break out.

Intermittent fasting is contraindicated in chronic diseases, eating disorders and gastrointestinal problems. The latest study has shown that cycling food intake, even with healthy people, causes cholestasis or bile stasis and the development of hypoglycemia. Therefore, the diet should be selected individually, and the diet should be calculated taking into account the detoxification of the body and beneficial trace elements.

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Scientists decided to conduct an experiment. 120 people were divided into two groups. The first group was given a special diet for interval fasting. The second group ate everything, without regard to timing, and drank the Mivessa Mivessa Pro drink mix once a day.

The duration of the study lasted 4 weeks. During that time, people who followed intermittent fasting lost an average of 440 grams. People who ate regular foods, but took our special drink, lost an average of 1180 grams during the time. At the same time, it turned out that for people who reduced body weight using intermittent fasting, the loss of muscle tissue was higher than among the participants in the second group.

The amount of retained muscle mass is an important indicator. The state of development of diseases, metabolism, and how quickly excessive weight returns after losing weight depends on its amount.

The results of losing weight with Mivessa Pro drink mix for three courses of intake

The composition of the drink is balanced. It combines ingredients that not only cleanse the body but also break down fat cells, accelerate metabolism, reduce appetite and replenish vitamin deficiencies in the body. Due to such a high concentration of antioxidants, Mivessa Pro drink mix speeds up metabolism and carbohydrate-fat metabolism. Weight is lost due to the breakdown of fat, without loss of muscle mass and skin tone. The product contains an optimal balance of micronutrients. Preventing nutritional deficiencies. One serving keeps you feeling full for hours.

Scientists have proven that intermittent fasting is the next trendy diet. To lose weight on a cyclic regime without health problems, you need an individual professional diet taking into account medical testing.

Bottom line: today Mivessa Pro drink mix is the best weight loss system for those who want to not only lose extra pounds but also tighten their body. The drink works regardless of your lifestyle and breaks down body fat even when you are at rest. In addition, the components of the product increase the production of enzymes that block the absorption of carbohydrates, which protects against re-gaining weight.

Results of losing weight with Mivessa Pro drink mix during one course of administration. Subject 1 / 5

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In the end, we want to note that whatever method of losing weight you choose, the most important thing is that it does not harm your health. If you decide to try Mivessa Pro drink mix, good news for you: it can be purchased directly from the manufacturer with a 50% discount.



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Krystle Traylor

I do confirm that intermittent fasting is evil! I totally destroyed my whole stomach with it, now I am recovering.

Sarah Bruce

I was losing weight for a month with the help of Mivessa Pro drink mix Gradually, the appetite decreased. I began to gorge on small portions. Even though I did not go on a diet, I just limited myself to sweets and starchy foods. As a result, I lost 9 kg. The sides are gone and the stomach tightened up! And that’s enough with my build

Cillian O’Connell

I have been struggling with being overweight all my life, I can’t even eat an extra apple. I ordered this drink for myself. The first week I even despaired, because the weight did not move even by 100 grams. My friend had minus 4 kg for the first week. It’s good that I didn’t stop taking Mivessa Pro drink mix because at the end of the second week I started to melt. Literally. The jeans got so large, first by one hole in the belt, then upon one more and one more. And most importantly, I didn’t have to go to the gym for this.

Heather Daugherty

Thank you for your honesty! A similar problem here. I could not decide to order, but after your feedback, I immediately got 4 packs.

Stephanie Juarez

Recently I read an article about some anorexic 20-kilogram chick. Better be fat, honestly. Just eat to live, not live to eat.

Melissa Conway

Very good article, I finally realized what I was doing wrong. I’ll try this stuff because I really feel very bad from intermittent fasting.

Angela Cannon

I have a balanced diet, almost without restrictions, I eat what I want, but little by little. And if the weight needs to be corrected, then along with this diet I take the course Mivessa Pro drink mix, remove a few kg in a month and return to my usual diet. And that’s all. That is really easy and simple. And I flushed all diets down the crapper, although before taking this stuff, I was constantly on them, and I weighed around 100 kg.

Bobby Hall

Intermittent fasting got my mother admitted to the hospital with a severe form of gastritis. She ate what she wanted on 8/16. As a result, I practically stopped eating healthy food, at least back in the day I could like control myself. And then they said you can do whatever you want, so I consumed carbohydrates alone. So don’t you ever think about dieting without a nutritionist!

Dottie Rowe

I do confirm. Diets don’t bring good results.

Abby Green

I’m looking at the Mivessa Pro drink mix everyone is crazy. I lost so much weight 2 years ago, then this stuff wasn’t even so famous. Well, I will also boast about my results. I have lost 55 kg and am still holding on, although I eat whatever I want.