Matcha Slim Kenya, How to Use, Price, Buy – An Innovative Way to Lose From 5 To 7kg Per Week

By | June 30, 2023

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Matthew Silver, Doctor of Medical Sciences, tells us

Diet, exercise, pills and liposuction are the main ways to combat being overweight today. However, judging by the fact that the number of obese people continues to increase, none of these methods is really effective. The situation changed when Matcha Slim appeared in South Africa – a product that stimulates natural weight loss.

Answering your questions: Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Director of the National Centre of Health Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Honorary Specialist of South Africa, nutritionist

Work Experience: 42 years

What is Matcha Slim, effect?

Matcha Slim combines the most powerful extracts and beneficial trace elements that contribute to rapid fat burning. Matcha Slim works throughout the day and considers all the needs of the body. While taking the supplement, your metabolism will speed up, your cravings for sweets and junk food will disappear, your mood will improve and, due to the active burning of fat, you will have a lot more energy.

Matcha Slim: natural concentrate. It is clinically proven that Matcha Slim accelerates the metabolism, restores endocrine system activity, stimulates tissue regeneration and suppresses hunger. The product is natural and is an active stimulator of natural processes in the human body. Since fat burning occurs by normalising the metabolism, dieting is unnecessary. To maintain the correct metabolism, a balanced diet plus 25 drops of Matcha Slim twice a day is enough.

Active ingredients Matcha Slim

  • Matcha green tea extract: Contains antioxidants, catechins, chlorophyll, theophylline, riboflavin, L-theanine. Promotes rejuvenation, eliminates toxins, reduces body fat, increases resistance.
  • Eggplant extract: It favours the elimination of excess water, has a mild laxative effect, promotes gentle intestinal cleansing, improves digestion, and stabilises the hydrosaline balance.
  • Caigua extract: Provides a diuretic and choleretic effect, increases the secretory and motor function of the stomach, normalises the intestinal microflora.
  • Seaweed extract: Provides a comprehensive cleansing and healing of the body, helps to preserve youth, increases productivity.
  • Horsetail extract: Relieves swelling, detoxifies the body, improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails, has a toning effect.
  • Lime extract: Provides a long-term feeling of satiety, dulls hunger, blocks the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the intestines, reduces the calorie content of food.

Basic properties of Matcha Slim

  • Fat burning
  • Appetite control
  • Normalisation of hormone levels
  • Rejuvenation and cleansing of the body
  • Exhilaration

Thanks to Matcha Slim metabolism is significantly accelerated, and therefore subcutaneous fat in problem areas is burned at a rate of 700 grams per day. Matcha Slim is also effective in cases where hormonal fluctuations are the cause of being overweight. If you have a natural tendency to be overweight, this product is definitely for you!

Matcha Slim review, how to use

In South Africa, this product appeared relatively recently, but it has already established itself as a favourite product for bodybuilders and athletes who need to lose weight quickly and maintain a low percentage of body fat.

Result after 3 months use of Matcha Slim:

Result after 2 months use of Matcha Slim:

Result after 4 months use of Matcha Slim:

Result after 3 months use of Matcha Slim:

Expert comments, opinions

Dr. Lwazi Sibaya

nutritionist and endocrinologist

Work experience: 27 years

“The most important thing to do when losing weight is not to make the condition of the body worse. Unfortunately, the most popular ways for losing weight cannot boast of this. It is very difficult to constantly follow a diet, not everyone can endure prolonged abstinence from calorie-rich foods. Without reaching their goals, people resort to taking harmful pills or other weight-loss medicines, most of which cause serious body disorders, hormonal imbalance and decreased immunity. Weight loss must be natural and healthy. Today Matcha Slim is the only means capable of achieving this. Matcha Slim’s active microelements accelerate the metabolism 10 times over and stimulate intensive fat burning. I’m convinced that Matcha Slim is the best remedy of modern dietetics. It is a safe product that you can fully trust.“

Dr. Charlotte Rey, PhD.

nutritionist and endocrinologist

Work experience: 18 years

“Women usually come to me with tears in their eyes after having tried everything and without having achieved any results, or because their weight has returned after an abandoned diet. I used to tell them to calm down and start again. But today there is a better way: Matcha Slim. Losing those extra kilos has never been so easy. This product can be taken daily without fear of destroying your health. Thanks to Matcha Slim you’ll lose up to 10kg a month in a completely natural way. It is a totally natural product, suitable for everyone, regardless of sex, age and weight. Weight loss is achieved by burning fat, not by dehydration or loss of muscle mass. You will notice the results in the first week! Matcha Slim has long gained popularity in Europe and the US, and is now becoming increasingly popular in Latin America, and specially here in South Africa. I personally recommend this product to all of my patients, and I am always grateful for the fact that they have been able to achieve a thin body.“


Matcha Slim laboratory results in collaboration with the Healthy Eating Association:

A group of overweight people (100 people) took Matcha Slim twice a day, in the morning and in the evening before meals. The experiment lasted a month. None of the volunteers changed their diet. During the experiment, the following results were obtained:

1. Weight loss from 12kg to 15kg.

  • loss of 15kg – 95%
  • loss of 12kg – 100%

* Loss in this case means getting rid of fat.

2. Significant improvement in metabolism.

3. Increased muscle tone and physical activity.

4. Improved liver function and endocrine system.

It has been proven that Matcha Slim is shown to have a strong effect on the acceleration of metabolism and fat burning. It is indicated for overweight people, people with metabolic disorders and diabetes.

Where to buy Matcha Slim original at the best price


Matcha Slim forum


I will try Matcha Slim, and then write about the results. I am going to college this year and I really want to start a new life with a new slim figure. I would always get teased at school for being overweight, it would make me angry. I will lose 10 kilograms and become a beauty queen! =))

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD. Murillo

Alice, the main thing is to take Matcha Slim according to the instructions because the product is very powerful and, instead of 10kg, you could suddenly lose 20kg.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


Guys, this really works! I lost 11kg with the help of this product, but the best thing is that I feel like a real beauty. I like that my beautiful figure finally became visible and that my tummy has disappeared completely. It’s a fantastic result, in my opinion, although I’ve tried a lot of things and nothing has helped me before.


I’ve just started taking Matcha Slim, but I already feel an increase in activity, I have high hopes for this product. In a month, I’ll show you what I’ve become.


Hello, I lost 11kg in 3 weeks using this product. This is my dream! Six months have passed and my weight remains stable.


I also lost weight thanks to this product. I managed to remove the fat from my abdomen and tone my body. I lost 18kg.


I just took Matcha Slim and ate everything I love. And yet I lost 10kg. I think that taking Matcha Slim to lose weight is the best option I’ve ever tried! And the best part is that you don’t need to work out in the gym to get your body in perfect shape. I have neither the time nor the desire to do that… In short, this supplement is like a gift from heaven to sloths, like me! I recommend it! Here are my results:


Before taking Matcha Slim, I weighed 90kg. When I was younger, I had a great athletic physique, but as I grew older, I began to build up fat on my stomach and thighs. I realised I needed to do something right away! I trained hard for almost a year, but didn’t achieve the desired results. In the end, I added this product to my daily diet and, after a couple of weeks, I recovered my athletic body that made women crazy. It’s been a year and my extra kilos haven’t come back, and I’m sure they won’t come back. But I still have a few packs of Matcha Slim with me.


For me Matcha Slim has become a true salvation. Several years ago I had an accident , after which I could not move for 8 long months. While lying in bed, I gained 25kg! Little by little I started walking again, but I couldn’t even think about sports… because I needed a long rehabilitation and the condition would only get worse. I received my first Matcha Slim from a friend who had just returned from America. He started to take the drops there and lost nearly 13kg in a month! I also started taking it, but to be honest, I didn’t believe in its success. I took it according to the instructions: 25 drops twice a day. A week later, I felt changes: my stomach began to shrink and my digestion became more active. My metabolism has improved significantly. In the first 2 weeks I lost 8.5kg, and after another month I had lost 23.5kg! I didn’t change my diet and so this weight loss was very nice and relaxing! Thanks to my friend for bringing this innovation from America, otherwise I would have weighed 83kg.


I don’t know about others, but Matcha Slim helped me a lot. I lost 13kg in a month and a half, and I am very proud of myself.


Why can’t you all control yourselves and control your appetites? Eat less and lose weight! You are not kids – can’t you control yourselves?!

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Unfortunately, Rosa, it is not that simple. Some people cannot lose weight naturally by simply reducing food consumption. Their genetic tendency to be overweight makes weight loss difficult, even if the person is on a diet or exercising. If this doesn’t effect you, you’re lucky. But I can assure you that not everyone is so lucky.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


The doctor is right! I’m constantly on a diet, but it doesn’t help at all. The weight stops and does not disappear, even if I starve to death all day…


It is weird that many people don’t know anything about Matcha Slim. We have already replaced all the sports nutrition in our gym. Most of our coaches work with this product, they are all very happy with it. I recommend it. These drops helped me lose 19kg six months ago. And now I want to repeat the course just for prevention. It is a natural and safe vegetable concentrate. And all my friends have known about this product for a long time, so it’s not a secret.


Those standards… Why does everyone have to be thin? For example, I weighed 79kg and now I’m 167kg and I’m not ashamed of that. I love how I look and I feel great!

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Keitumetse, in the 21st century, modern trends and fashion make people go to extremes and try to look like models, often these extremes affect their health. This has created a product that will allow you to lose weight without compromising your health.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


I still do not understand. Love yourself at any weight. All models and queens of beauty in everyday life are common women, with cellulitis and overweight. And all the photos are retouched =) well, maybe someone needs those miraculous drops, but I feel comfortable being fat =)



Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Thabisa, laziness is not the best quality, but you are lucky! Matcha Slim is exactly what you need. With these drops, you don’t need to follow a diet or do exercise! Just follow the instructions.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


The manufacturer’s official website. – Is this the only place where you can buy Matcha Slim original? Or can it be purchased from any online store?

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Josephine, unfortunately yes. Because commercial pharmacies make a great profit margin on the product and its cost increases several times. On the manufacturer’s official website, you can purchase a genuine, secure product at the lowest price, possibly even at a discount.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


My wife can’t lose weight either. When we got married, she weighed 53kg, now she’s 78kg. To me, she is still beautiful, but she is very concerned about her weight. I would like her to love herself like before.

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Raul, you can recommend Matcha Slim to your wife so she can lose weight without dieting and without doing sports. It works very well and has no side effects!

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


I took Matcha Slim about a year ago, then I had serious weight problems. And after 2 months of taking, I lost about 15 kilograms, but most importantly, the lost kilograms did not return, well, maybe 1-2 kilograms.

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

My tip: to consolidate the long-term results, repeat the Matcha Slim course. And, of course, do not forget about a balanced diet.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


I weigh 97kg and I don’t know how to get rid of the excess weight… I’m afraid I’ll weigh 100kg soon. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? Where do I ask for these wonderful drops?


Beatrix, of course, you can look for this supplement elsewhere, but I personally ordered it from the official website of the manufacturer. Because I don’t want to put my health at risk!

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Beatrix, it is important not to panic, everything can be solved. Start gradually. First of all, unfortunately, this product cannot be found in a regular pharmacy. I have already explained why. Second, order Matcha Slim and follow the instructions. And everything will go well.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


Hello! I am a mother of two children and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been trying to lose weight… The diets don’t work, because I only last for a couple of days and then I collapse and start eating everything. I don’t have time for sports. I read about Matcha Slim, and its natural and safe composition, and I asked myself. Tell me, how long should I take this product to see the results. Thanks in advance!


I am 50 years old and I was looking forward to losing weight. At my age, it is very difficult to lose weight, because the metabolism slows down… That’s why I ordered a course of Matcha Slim and I lost 19kg! The effect amazed me! 19kg in two months! I didn’t expect such quick results, so I’m super happy. Thanks for the article! I recommend these drops to everyone.


I am glad I found this article by accident. I thought I would never be thin in this life. I started taking Matcha Slim a week ago. So far I have lost three kilograms. I have not changed anything about my lifestyle. I eat the same as always, but in smaller quantities. I don’t have a crazy appetite anymore, I don’t want to eat snacks all the time. In general, I don’t know who invented this product, but thank you very much.


To be honest, I didn’t really believe in such remedies, but after 3 weeks of taking Matcha Slim, I had to buy new clothes because everything was too big for me. My friends think I starve myself to death, that I follow a strict diet and I live in the gym. =) I haven’t told them about Matcha Slim yet. I am very grateful to the creators of this product, because I have begun to feel much better.

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

Lisa, no need to thank me! It is a great honour and responsibility for us to help people, because we are doctors and care about everyone’s health.

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.


Where can I buy this product? Matcha Slim I can’t find it in pharmacies, but I really want to buy it.

Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.

I repeat once again that Matcha Slim drops can be ordered ONLY from the manufacturer’s official website. In order not to be mistaken, click on the button `Go to the official website of the manufacturer` below. Especially for our readers, there is a great discount from the manufacturer. But the discount won’t last long, so hurry up with your order!

Cheers, Dr. Matthew Silver, PhD.