Titan Gel Gold Ireland price, order, use: a man was not allowed to board a plane because of his huge penis

By | September 20, 2019

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David Green

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Le autorità doganali dell’aeroporto di San Francisco hanno fermato un attore e giornalista 41enne Jonah Falcon, venuto da New York, con l’accusa di trasporto di oggetti vietati.

The customs’ officers noticed something huge bulging from the man’s trousers After realizing what it was, they were dazzled. As it turned out, they had just met the owner of the biggest penis in the world.

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That day, Mr. Falcon was in San Francisco on business. At the checkpoint the customs officers immediately noticed that something was wrong and asked the passenger to pass the scanner several times, but nothing was detected. Then, the officers asked the man to undress. After seeing it, they were virtually shocked…

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Jonah Falcon, the owner of the biggest penis in the world:

At that moment my cock was inclining to my left leg. One of the officers asked me if my pockets were empty. I said “Yes”. Then he asked me what was protruding from my trousers. I quietly answered that it was my dick

After understanding what it was all about, the customs officers were forced to apologize to such a special passenger.

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– wrote Falcon on his Twitter account

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During the baggage search, the officers found several tubes of Titan Gel Gold. It’s a very popular blue coloured product for penis enlargment. Falcon had to admit he’s been using it for many years.

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So, it was not Mother Nature that gave our hero such a size, but a special gel!

Still, he’s not so keen on talking about it:

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By the way, Titan Gel Gold is sold on the net. Here’s the link. Use it but be careful at the airports.

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Yes, of course, you can’t have such a huge cock by nature. It is 30 centimeters. I didn’t know the gel could increase it.


The future is now, you can enlarge your penis at home. I will try it.


I’ve been using Titan Gel Gold for a long time, now. My penis has grown by 5 cm, now it has stopped and my wife already complains it is too big. It is also a great supplement to strengthen erection. You only have to apply this miracle blue gel and then you will go on for two hours straight.

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I can imagine the officers’ faces, when they saw what he hid in his trousers. Their penises might be as long as 10 cm.


Who needs a penis that bulges out of your trousers. The right size is enough. I enlarged my cock by 3 cm with Titan Gel Gold and that’s enough for me.


Wow, I’d like to meet a guy like this.)


I’ve found out about this gel just recently, but I was afraid to order it, thought it was a scam. Now I’ve been using it for a week already and my dick grew by 1 cm. If I get lucky, I’ll have a big dick. But I don’t wanna a penis like the one that guy has.

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I have quite a big cock and I last long enough, at least 10-15 minutes, but sometimes it’s not enough for my girlfriend, she says she can’t come with me. Has anyone had similar experiences?


Mate, you seem to have a normal cock, but women are never satisfied. try Titan Gel Gold I recommend it. It can enlarge your cock size but also you’ll be able to fuck much longer. I think I didn’t know how to make love before I started using this fantastic blue gel.

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How can I talk to my husband and convince him to try this gel? He thinks everything is fine with our sex life, but I’m not satisfied. But I don’t know how to get to the subject.


you don’t need to ask, just buy it. Tell him it’s just a lubricant. This is what I did with my husband, then I had to own up, as he was simply stunned by his penis’ growth. Now he can’t stop thanking me.

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