SugarbearHair India review, price, buy: the world’s first gummy vegetarian hair multivitamin

By | August 20, 2019

SugarbearHair for hair, weight loss – review, how to use, side effects

Get healthy hair, eat the blue bear!

Top 13 facts about SugarbearHair

SugarbearsHair where to buy
  • #1BestSellingHair vitamin online since 2016!
  • Tastes like a sweet delicious candy made with the juice of organic berries and fruits.
  • Contains Biotin, B12 and other substances 11 clinically proven natural ingredients to boost hair growth and strengthen nails.
  • The majority of our customers found their nails and skin improving over time while taking SugarBearHair.
  • Vegetarian. Gelatin free! They have soft chewy consistency because of pectin from fruits, easy on your stomach.
  • Contains only natural sugar. No artificial ingredients of any sort!
  • No hormones. No side effects.
  • Made in the USA, in FDA inspected and approved allergy-free facilities.
  • Independently lab tested with high rating in safety and vitamin quality.
  • For both men and women. For all hair types, that means you!
  • If taken regularly, removes toxins from your body and boosts metabolism. Some of our clients even lost up to 15 kg!
  • We ship to all countries.
  • Favourably reviewed by impressive amount of major media and beauty industry experts.

Real people – real results

SugarbearsHair price
SugarbearsHair website
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SugarbearsHair buy online
SugarbearsHair official website
SugarbearsHair review
SugarbearsHair reviews

SugarbearHair comments, reviews

Julianna Murrrrr 

SugarbearsHair online order

I highly recommend Sugarbearhair for those who have thin brittle hair and nails. I used to wear a ponytail because I was ashamed of my thin hair, and now my hair is gorgeous!

Gina R 

SugarbearsHair ingredients

All vitamins I’ve ever took tasted horrible and they didn’t help. But Sugarbearhair is something else! Sweet fruit gummies stopped hair loss in a matter of 2 weeks, in a month they accelerated its growth and thickened it. Now I always have them with me instead of these candies which are bad for health.


SugarbearsHair side effects

I adore Sugarbearhair!!!!!!!

Holly H. 

SugarbearsHair forum

My hair is getting longer, and I’m getiing slimmer. It’s just O.M.G.

Kimberly C. 

SugarbearsHair buy

It works. I ordered one bottle a month ago, and I’m defnitely going to order more now.. my hair’ve become softer, healthier, and SO shiny! I love it.

Judy L 

SugarbearsHair how to use

I got this for Christmas last year and it’s amazing! I bought 3 bottles, and my hair grew 2,5 inches in 2 months! My hair is soooooo soft and healthy! My skin and nails are stronger then ever! Totally recommend it for those who are looking for a vitamin that is for nails, hair, and skin. It is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and is made with no soy, gelatin, nuts, eggs, etc. They are also super cute and yummy and have this berry taste – and it’s 100% natural!! I’m a fan!


SugarbearsHair weight loss

I absolutely love these little bears! I didn’t notice it right away, but my hair feels much stronger and healthier than it did before. It has also started to feel thicker again!!! Love love love!!! P.s. I lost 5 kgs)))

Kessie Kiss 

SugarbearsHair for hair

They have done wonders to my hair, It is worth spending money on!

Eliza M. 

SugarbearsHair original

I love SugarBearHair! It is a very good product – totally would recommend it to everyone! I tried A LOT of hair vitamins before. THESE ARE SPECTACULAR.

Ana K. 

SugarbearsHair opinion

I love the gummies …they are the best! I love my hair and my nails. And I’ve lost 10 kgs already! These gummy bears are a miracle. It’s like OMG for my body.

Elizabeth T. 

SugarbearsHair comments

I take them everyday, they’re so good and they actually work! My hair has grown immensely!

Maria S. 

SugarbearsHair where to buy

I absolutely love Sugarbearhair, I’ve seen a dramatic change in my hair ever since I’ve started taking the vitamins❤️ I’ve also lost 7 kg! How is it possible? I’m SO happy!!!!

9 effective ingredients for max safety & max results. SugarbearHair ingredients

Coconut Oil

Fights dryness, moisturizes hair, but does not make it oily

Vitamin A

Improves oxygen circulation in the scalp

Vitamin E

Protects hair follicles from damage

SugarbearsHair ingredients

Pantothenic Acid

Promotes the production of keratin, improves hair structure

Vitamin C

Contributes to the production of collagen which boosts hair growth

Vitamin B6

Blocks the synthesis of a substance called DHT which causes hair loss

Vitamin B12

Increases the amount of erythrocytes which are responsible for oxygen flow to the scalp. Hair becomes stronger and healthier


Promotes the production of fatty acids, as a result brittleness, dandruff and hair loss disappear

Folic Acid

Promotes cell division, as a result hair grows faster and becomes thicker

Experts recommend SugarbearHair original

SugarbearsHair opinion

Environmental problems and unhealthy nutrition are one of the many causes of hair loss. Of course, there are a lot of hair care products and vitamins, but not all of them are effective. Today, the best remedy among them is Sugarbearhair. Delicious gummy bears completely change hair structure and improve its growth.

Every year more and more people come to me with the problem of balding, brittle and dull hair.

This works thanks to active components in its composition. Interacting with each other, they activate the production of stimulating substances in the body. This leads to active growth and hair strengthening. Furthermore, Sugarbearhair strengthens nails and skin and speeds up metabolism.

Jina Paper


Join the #sugarbearfamily

SugarbearsHair comments

SugarbearHair official website – where to buy, price, fast online order, buy online

Special offer today only!

78 39 $

How to feel like a Queen: grow beautiful hair and lose 5 kg in a month – I’m hotter than Kim Kardashian now! SugarbearHair forum, reviews, opinion

I always felt insecure about my hair. It was thin, brittle, lifeless. I spent a lot of time caring for my hair. I used oils, hair masks, serums… But no matter what I tried, the effect was short-lived. Once washed, my hair looked kinda OK, but after a couple of hours it turned into a mess again. So, most of the time I wore a ponytail.

SugarbearsHair price

I have a friend called Claudia. We had similar hair problems. This was probably why we became friends in the first place :) She was probably the only person in the world whose hair looked worse than mine. Because of this, she had to wear her hair short.

She lives in the United States now because she’s studying at university there. Just recently, Claudia invited me to visit her, and of course my parents bought me the plane ticket. There I was, on a plane, looking forward to my vacation…

SugarbearsHair website

Claudia met me at the airport. Imagine my surprise when I saw her flaunting her long hair! She looked basically like Rapunzel, compared to her previous hairstyle. Her hair was shoulder-length. I was in awe! Her hair was thick, glossy, smooth – just like in one of those commercials. What an amazing transformation! She also lost some weight. To be honest, I was even a bit jealous. I finally broke down and asked her what her secret was. A personal training plan, a special diet, salon treatments?

SugarbearsHair fast

It turned out, her secret was very simple! I think everyone has heard about the Kardashians? They’re American celebrities. They have been endorsing hair vitamins called SugarBearHair for more than a year now. They look so gorgeous because they’ve been taking these vitamins. Many other stars and bloggers also recommend these vitamin bears. So, my Claudia followed in their footsteps and started taking these vitamins. Naturally, I did the same.

I’ve been taking the vitamins for a month now, and I can really see the effect! My hair is 7 cm longer and I’ve lost 4.7 kg. If it had not happened to my friend and myself, I would never have believed in such a miracle transformation. But the fact remains.

SugarbearsHair buy online

These vitamins are available in many countries, not just in America. I’ve found the website of the official distributor of SugarBearHair in this country – here is the link. I hope it comes in handy :) These bears taste great and are good for your health. I never thought that vitamins could really be so effective. The results are AMAZING.

Has any of you tried SugarBearHair, guys? Please share your opinion in the comments

SugarbearsHair official website
SugarbearsHair review



Hello! I take these bear vitamins regularly. I thought everyone has heard of them already. My hair is 20 cm longer now. It took almost 6 months though.

SugarbearsHair reviews


I’ve also heard a lot about them. I think such A list celebs as the Kardashian family wouldn’t agree to endorse a bad product because their reputation would be at stake. I’m using these vitamins too.


What? You jealous thing! I’m only kidding my dear, I’m missing you terribly! Can’t wait to see you again! But I do recommend the vitamins to everyone. As you can see, they work wonders.

SugarbearsHair online order

Barb (blog author)

LOL. Wow, you’ve been reading my blog :)


How can I not read my best friend’s blog? Especially since you keep sharing such interesting details :)


Hi, Never heard of anything like that. These bears look nice, and probably taste nice, too :) I want to order some


Kim Kardashian is a disgrace to the Armenian nation


Do you think she cares for haters like you? hahahaha




Hi everyone. I’ve ordered those, thanks. You always recommend good stuff.


I’ve never ordered anything online. I’m afraid of scammers. The vitamins are not that expensive but I wouldn’t like to give my money to some bad people.


I don’t know how this happened, but I lost 8 kilos over a month’s time. I take these vitamins regularly.


I lost 4 kg in 2 weeks.


Hello! My hair got 8 cm longer in a month. These vitamins are just awesome!!!!! And my love handles diminished, too :)

SugarbearsHair ingredients


I adore Kim Kardashian!


What is there to adore about her? If it were not for the surgeries, she would have looked like a plain Jane. Just an ordinary Armenian woman.


Wow, I thought she was American :)


What? Everyone knows that she has Armenian roots!


I’ve ordered the vitamins. I hope they help me too.

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