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By | April 15, 2022

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Myths about diabetes: the disclosure that will save your life

Josh Smith is a famous phyto practitioner and the best diabetes expert in Great Britain. All celebrities who suffer from diabetes are his clients. People from the USA, China, France, Germany and other countries come to see him. He’s an author of 32 books and more than 100 academic papers.

John Smith rarely gives interviews, but he agreed to answer our reporter’s questions. Below, you’ll find important recommendations that can help to fight diabetes.

Josh Smith confirms that type 2 diabetes can be controlled with the help of modern science in most cases!

The article covers the following topics:

  • What is the most important thing when it comes to living with diabetes?
  • Why do 95% of diabetics can’t deal with their condition?
  • How to live a full life with type 2 diabetes?

Drugstore solutions aren’t what you need!

Josh Smith:

“Today, people with diabetes are often prescribed with synthetical drugstore solutions. This is an inexpert, ineffective and even dangerous approach. These solutions can aggravate the symptoms and lead to early death. If you have type 2 diabetes and your doctor offers you to take them, run away.

The point is that all well-known solutions recommended by the specialists increase your insulin level very much, thus making your blood very thick. Such a big amount of insulin makes other organs and their systems suffer: it literally corrodes your kidneys and other excretory organs. Its effect and consistency are similar to gastric juice. Imagine what will happen if your organs are flooded with gastric juice. It will simply burn them!

High insulting level destroys the cells, causes mutations and cancer. Statistically, 28% of diabetic patients develop cancer.

Plus, it is the high insulin content that leads to the rapid clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques, since insulin-rich blood becomes thick and starts moving slower. As a result, blood vessels become clogged with cholesterol plaques, which in turn leads to pressure surges. Hypertension accompanies 98% of diabetics. Many other problems with the cardiovascular system appear as well.

List of the side effects the drugstore products have

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (most often diarrhea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcers)
  • Hypertension – pressure surges, especially in the evenings, headaches, stuffy ears, waves of fear.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver – the liver becomes a connective tissue and stops purifying the blood, the whole body is filled with toxins
  • Kidney stones due to intensive excretion of salts and sugar
  • Oncological diseases
  • Early death due to destroyed blood vessels
  • Blindness

Of course, the extent to which you will feel worse depends on the number of solutions you take and how long you do it, as well as on your individual characteristics. However, you can’t completely get rid of complications.

Why does anyone use drugstore products if they are so dangerous?

Unfortunately, most of the specialists don’t take care of the people’s health. I’d say, no one really cares. They just do the job and get money for it. They don’t care if your health improved or not. That’s why they don’t hesitate to prescribe you with the products recommended by the authorities or ministries. These solutions are based on synthetical components and bring huge profits. Yes, the do work, but their effects are short-term.

It’s sad, but there’s no way to cure indifference! People just don’t know what will happen to them if they take these solutions, and experts don’t find it necessary to tell them about it.

Fighting diabetes with the help of potent chemical substances is a crime! But you can control type 2 diabetes! The main thing is to choose the solution properly.

Josh Smith:

I often meet people who have been fighting diabetes for years without any results. They are ill, they get older ahead of time.

As a rule, people find out that they have type 2 diabetes accidentally, during a general check-up. Usually, they feel well and can’t even imagine that their health and life are at risk. They are recommended to take drugstore products to control their condition.

Drugstore products reduce blood sugar level for some time, but the person’s condition gradually worsens. They begin to complain of chronic fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure, headaches and etc. Their legs get swollen, and the same happens to their faces in the morning. Their ears are ringing. Their fingers go numb and cold. Their vision reduces and memory goes bad.

The experts say that this is caused by diabetes. But the truth is that insulin is the cause! To be more precise, the drugstore solutions that increase hormone production to an abnormal level are the cause!

If you are to choose between taking synthetical solutions and taking no care of your condition, you should surely choose the first option. If you don’t control your condition, type 2 diabetes will kill you even faster. Only symptoms will differ.

Internal organs of diabetic patients look like candied cherries. The liver, stomach, kidneys, heart and even blood vessels…

The sugaring of blood vessels and internal organs!

Imagine candied cherries or raspberries. The same thing happens to all your blood vessels if you have diabetes.The walls of blood vessels become saturated with sugar and become brittle. As a result, the vessels lose the ability to narrow and expand. The smaller vessels die off first, promptly followed by the medium and large ones. Vessels feed the internal organs. The deterioration of blood supply leads to the development of chronic diseases.

How diabetes is killing you from the inside out:

Loss of eyesight

Diabetes makes a person go blind. Forever. It is impossible to restore diabetes-damaged eyesight even with the help of laser correction, since retinal detachment occurs as a result of many hemorrhages.

The kidneys get destroyed

Sugar just clogs up the ureters. The environment in the kidneys becomes incredibly sweet. Sugar is a preservative. It preserves the kidneys. Gradually they die. Chronic renal failure is just the tip of the iceberg. The kidneys can be lost completely.

The joints stop moving

Joint movement is provided by synovial fluid. When the vessels stop nourishing the joint, the synovial fluid is no longer secreted. The joint just dries up. As a result the person is forced to endure excruciating pain. Even painkillers do not help. The joint freezes completely. A person loses the ability to move independently.

The nervous system breaks down

The nerves, like many other organs, suffer from excess sugar. Over time, the diabetic develops psychoses, the person becomes emotionally unbalanced. They are often tormented by depression, nothing pleases him. They just want to lie down and die.

The skin begins to rot!

First, it dries up a lot, scratches appear, followed by eczema and ulcers. The muscles and bones begin to rot and detach from the skin. A foul odor appears. This all leads to gangrene.

However, diabetes is a very dangerous condition. I feel sorry for those who suffer from it. I try to help them, but the results depend solely on them.

How can one live with diabetes without taking drugstore solutions?

Imagine a pensioner who has diabetes. As he gets older, his blood sugar level grows steadily. Let’s say, he takes these solutions and feels bad. What can he do to feel better? Can he eliminate blood sugar level fluctuations?

Dr. Josh Smith:

I’d like to say it again that type 2 diabetes is a complex, systematic and dangerous condition. It’s not just a cold or diarrhea. It affects your entire body, that’s why the approach to fighting it should be comprehensive. It’s not enough to increase insulin level, moreover, it’s dangerous.

You should control diabetes holistically, using the solutions that not only reduce blood sugar level, but also protect the entire body.

There’s an effective method to help people to deal with diabetes on their own – I recommend to take Insulux capsules. They were developed in 2015 in the British Institute for Endocrinology. Unlike synthetical drugstore solutions, they consist of a natural anti-diabetic complex that includes more than 60(!) active components.

The drug contains all the vitamins, macro- and microelements most necessary for diabetics. Insulux contains 28 herbal extracts collected from different parts of the world.

The advantage of Insulux capsules is that they don’t harm the body, they only help it to fight diabetes. But the main point is that they have a good effect on your health in terms of all aspects.

The effect of Insulux is amazing! When we began to recommend it to people, their condition stabilized several times faster… I mean that the number of people who managed to take control over diabetes increased up to 96%. It means that 96 people out of 100 can live a full active life. They don’t depend on blood sugar level fluctuations anymore and feel great.

An open truthful letter about fighting diabetes

I’d like you to see the letter written by Helen Morton, a British pensioner. She asked us for a consultation (she couldn’t come to visit the clinic because she felt bad). She called, I recommended her to use Insulux. As a result, now, she controls her condition. She forgot about blood sugar fluctuations.

This is what she wrote.

Abby Hicks, 57. Abby Hicks A senior citizen from India that is struggling with diabetes. She lives on Ubin..

Why do other specialists not recommend miraculous Insulux capsules? My blood sugar level was very high and I suffered from this condition since I was 28. Since I turned 49, I had serious problems with eyes and kidneys. They simply stopped working. I smelled like acetone, it was awful, my daughter couldn’t stand being around. I often had ulcers on my feet and the tiptoes began to turn black. Everyone said I was going to die soon.

I asked my daughter for help. I had lived a good life, but I didn’t want to die at all, even when I screamed loudly in pain. Your consultation was my last hope. I knew you helped hundreds of people with diabetes, but I hesitated anyway – they said it was impossible and I wouldn’t get any results. However, after I saw your interview on TV, I decided to call you.

Thank you very much for your recommendation and for sending Insulux to me. I began to take capsules immediately. 4 months passed and I’m still alive, regardless of negative forecasts. Now, they say I’m going to live a long life because my blood sugar level stabilized. And I feel that Insulux helps me. I’ve never felt so healthy and free of diabetes over the last 10 years as I do now. I sleep better, feel less thirsty, I don’t feel weak and tired all the time. My blood pressure stabilized. I look much better, even younger. Thanks to Insulux for this all».

Tell us please, how fast can you take control over diabetes with the help of Insulux?

To be honest, you need to wait. As a rule, it takes around 6 months.

You should be ready for a long rehabilitation period. But after that, you won’t need to take these capsules. You’ll be able to lead a normal healthy lifestyle as you used to.

Insulux helps everyone, including those with compromised immune systems.

It is necessary to take Insulux in courses. You take it for 2 weeks, then take a break for 4-5 days and repeat. I will tell you in stages how the recovery process happens.

Revitalizes the blood vessels

The main function of Insulux isn’t only to improve blood sugar level, but also to improve your general health. Ginkgo biloba dissolves sugar in the walls of blood vessels. Free of it, veins and arteriae become elastic and work better. Insulux eliminates blood clots, cleanses blood vessels, restores small capillaries. Arterial blood pressure normalizes, weakness and sleepiness go away, bruises and cuts can be healed quickly. You’re active and full of energy again, you want to do something useful.

Normalizes glucose levels

Insulux doesn’t increase insulin level, that’s why it’s absolutely safe. These capsules reduce insulin resistance. Biologically active ingredients penetrate into the cells of your muscles and liver and restore them, thus making them respond to hormones better. This process is called «secondary cell formation». Later, the cells begin to use more active glucose, reducing its level in the blood. For your body, it’s the safest way to use glucose.

People begin to feel much better during the day, even after eating. They don’t suffer from thirst anymore. Eczema and rashes go away. Irritation in the area of genitals also goes away, excretory system function improves.

As for the physical indicators: the level of glucosylated hemoglobin decreases, the concentration of sugar and acetone in the urine decreases.

Melts excess fat!

Excess weight worsens the condition of diabetic patients about 45x. This is why one of the functions of Insulux is weight reduction. Weight loss becomes possible due to two reasons. First, cells begin to absorb sugar actively and transform it into energy. Secondly, this complex contains a strong extract of Tribulus terrestris – the most powerful natural fat burner.

Losing 10 kg reduces the risk of developing dangerous diabetes complications by 50%.

Restores potency

Many diabetics are impotent. One of the amazing effects of Insulux is aimed at normalizing testosterone levels and restoring healthy potency. Even at 50, 60 years, men regain the ability to have sex.

Improves the condition of the skin, bones and muscles

Even damaged skin gets restores. Ulcers heal, the skin stops rotting, blisters gradually dry out. The same happens to your bones, their healthy structure restores, they become stronger. All tissues restore as well, muscle elasticity improves.

Insulux what is, effect – butterfly effect for everyone who suffers from diabetes!

Insulux works like the flap of a butterfly’s wing that triggers a healing chain reaction that restores the internal organs and improves the overall well-being. From the healing of blood vessels to the restoration of eyesight and joints.

Easy awakening

You wake up in the morning and just fly off your bed — you don’t need to force yourself to get up, kneading and rubbing your stiff legs, creaking your back and neck. From the very morning your body is full of energy and strength.

Excellent health and mood

All day. You sleep well and get enough of it. You feel rejuvenated. You don’t have to go to the toilet all the time at night. Nothing hurts or itches.

Tasty breakfast

Your menu will expand significantly. You will no longer need to follow a strict diet. You will remember the taste of those dishes that currently can only dream of. No more low-carb diet. Enjoy the taste of your favorite food!

Enormous strength

You no longer need to worry about your legs when going outside, walking is no longer an exhausting task, you can walk or even jog all day without your legs getting tired or swollen. Sandals, shoes, socks do not bite into your swollen legs like a fork into a sausage.

Absolute serenity

You are completely calm and relaxed. No more constant pain that consumes your mind, preventing you from focusing on anything else. When nothing hurts familiar things, sounds, smells play out in new, long-forgotten colors.

Excellent eyesight

Even severely damaged vision will begin to gradually recover. What used to be fuzzy will become clear. You can once again see the bus number from a distance, you can once again admire the beauty of nature.

And most importantly, you will extend your life! At the same time, even in extreme old age, you will feel healthy and energetic. You don’t have to burden your relatives with taking care of you. You’ll be able to take care of yourself.

Insulux shortage in India’s pharmacies!

You know that it’s hard to buy Insulux in drugstores. These capsules aren’t supplied to offline chains. Please tell our readers how they can buy Insulux.

– Unfortunately, Insulux is produced in limited batches, that’s why it’s not sold in the drugstores and outlet networks. Most of the packs are sold abroad. Some part of them is bought by organizations and sold with a big markup.

But I have good news for the readers of your magazine. I consulted with my colleagues, and we decided to offer a part of the batch of Insulux purchased by us to your readers at a minimal price. We will deliver the drug to people directly to their homes by mail. Anywhere in India.

Here’s how you can get Insulux..

You need to:

  • You must be in India. We will not ship Insulux outside the country..
  • You can order Insulux only for personal use. We ask people not to speculate and not to sell the capsules to the others with a huge markup. Making money on people’s health is cruel! The amount of Insulux capsules sufficient for a 1-2 people to complete a course will be provided to you if there’re several diabetics in your family.

Insulux where to buy, official website, original, buy online – take this opportunity before someone else does!

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough of these capsules for all diabetics in Great Britain. This is why the earlier you place an order, the higher your chance to get the capsules is. If you want to live a full life with diabetes, I recommend you to submit a request right now.

4980 ₹

2490 ₹

Insulux forum, review, opinion

Lakshmi Halder

Thank you very much for your work! I tried to buy Insulux at other place, but the price was so high that I rejected such a “generous” offer. My friend sent me a link to this article. I ordered the product from you and I don’t regret doing so. I began to take capsules immediately after receiving them and I can already see the first results.

Sona Gola

The experts says the truth! The drugstores sell bad products and poison people to make money on them! I took these products for many years and got no results. My blood sugar level kept growing and my condition was very bad. Then, I was recommended to try Insulux. It’s absolutely different. Unlike dangerous chemicals, these natural capsules really improve your health and control your blood sugar level. Guys, I recommend you all to use only Insulux .

Charu Balay

Oh, I went through a lot because of diabetes before I learned about Insulux. My life was exactly the same as the life of that poor woman in the story. In addition to high blood sugar level, my blood pressure was very high, too (200-230), that’s why I often vomited. Also, I had excess weight – 120 kg (I’m quite a short man). I also suffered from swelling and laboured breathing. My body was rotting, it often festered. But these problems aren’t mine anymore. After completing a course of Insulux, I feel well. I lost weight, blood pressure fluctuations are gone. All in all, everything is stable and fine now.

Jatin Mody

Great for lowering sugar. In a month, my sugar dropped from 14 mmol/l to 7.9!

Natwar Sharaf

Ordered it, thanks. When an operator called me back, I asked him how many packs they still had. He said that they had 15 packs left and that they kept getting more and more orders – feels like more and more people learn about the solution. They can run out of it soon.

Mohanlal Char

Any disease is suffering for some and business for others. Pharmacies have long shown their true colors – all they need from us is our money and our health!

Sohail Loke

I have diabetes, and now I feel better. I complete a course of Insulux every year to be able to live a normal life. I recommend this product to everyone who hadn’t tried it yet!

Navami Vig

Insulux is sold out !!!!!!!! I regret not placing an order earlier. Yesterday, they said it was still available… I can’t stand it anymore, diabetes is slowly killing me. I don’t know what to do… I hope Insulux can help

Chhaya Dora

I failed to order it, too. What should I do now??? My friend told me about Insulux. He praised it so much, it’s a pity it’s impossible to order it now :(

Hassan Dixit

Hi everyone. I’m 32, my weight was 114 kg, now it’s 80 kg. I’m 172 cm tall. My glucose blood level fluctuated between 12 and 18, sometimes it even reached 29. Now, it’s 5,0. I took Insulux for 3 months. I’m absolutely satisfied with this result. No other solution helped me so much.

Arpit Jacob

Will it be for sale again? And when? I would also like to order it!!!

Kasturi Iyer

Insulux is available again! According to the website, they offer 1000 more packs for the British diabetics! They say it’s the last batch.

Veena Pingle

Thanks! I’ve ordered it. They said it would be delivered in 2 days. Going to start a course immediately.

Abhinav Wason

The solution is really amazing. I’ve been taking it for a week and I can already see positive changes. I check my blood sugar level several times a day. Now, it’s lower than it used to be. I hope that’s not the limit!

Tabeed Sandhu

Diabetes is a very cruel disease. I’ve had it for 4 years, without any symptoms, only my mouth felt dry sometimes. That’s why I didn’t even think about leg amputation and other awful things. But, recently, I fainted. I was taken to the hospital and had my tests. The results were awful. My kidneys are about to develop cancer and my blood vessels’ health is so bad that even the specialists were shocked.

Poonam Vohra

My father suffers from diabetes and doesn’t want to take any drugstore products. Does anyone know if Insulux can help him?

Nutan Sharaf

Of course it can! At least, you should try. Insulux is even cheaper than the products sold in a drugstore.

Kanika Mody

Insulux is the best. Our daughter suffers from diabetes. We didn’t want her to take synthetical solutions – she’s very young, no one knows how her body will respond to the chemicals. We asked several experts and chose Insulux . It really helped. Her blood sugar level almost stopped growing.

Monica Char

Thank you! I managed to order the drug before it all sold out!

Munni Zachariah

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this article, I hope it helps people.

Alpa Shah

Thank you. I also placed an order.