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By | May 13, 2022

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You can now lose up to 15kg in just 2 weeks in a natural way!

An innovative young student from Nakuru wins big awards as she invented a natural way of losing 15 kg in 2 weeks, no starvation or heavy exercising needed.

The summer of 2019 was marked by the remarkable invention of Celestine, a Kenyan student who helped to create an innovative weight loss method that is 100% natural. She has invented a slimming formula that works without unsafe dieting or exercising.

Celestine came up with this great idea and impressed the nutrition experts that were later conducting multiple researches on the formula called Slim Tea Pro and confirmed it to be extremely effective. Multiple testimonies were conducted and all of them prove successful.

We decided to get more information directly from the source – Celestine – especially now when Kenyans can take advantage of the promo offer and get Slim Tea Pro with 50% discount.

Reporter: Celestine, you are proven to be one of the smartest students who studied in any medical university worldwide. How did you decide to choose the science of weight loss?

Celestine: This is something I struggled with in my own family hence it became my motivation. A couple of years ago my mother was extremely overweight and was suffering from high blood pressure. She could not lose any weight, her health issues got severe and unfortunately she died from a heart attack about a year later. My grandmother had passed away due the same problems about 7 years ago. I was so depressed and decided I don’t want anybody else to feel helpless like me and my mom did so I devoted all my attention and time to studying how being overweight affects your health. It turns out that taking all the well-known measures such as weight loss pills, heavy lifting or liposuction cause a huge risk to your health. So I have been doing deep research work for the past three years on that topic. I came up with this weight loss formula that is absolutely natural and causes no side effects.

Reporter: So what happened when you discovered this formula?

Celestine: As soon as the weight loss formula was published, a huge number of people and foreign companies started contacting me, they wanted me to invent new stuff and work on new ideas for a significant amount of money. I however had to change my phone number cause I didn’t want those people to consider me an endless bucket of ideas working for money and profits.

Reporter: As far as we are aware, you haven’t sold the formula, have you – Slim Tea Pro what is, side effects

CelestineI don’t want to sound very harsh but I did not invent Slim Tea Pro so it can be used by foreigners and later presented as their own idea. If I did this and they issued a patent for my formula, it would not be accessible to anybody and they would make it extremely expensive as well. I may be young but I’m not stupid. I want the formula to be available to the ordinary people. A foreign scientist once told me this weight loss method can cost a lot of money but I want it to be accessible to my fellow Kenyans. So when a few nutritionists here in Nakuru invited me to join them I immediately said yes and now I am working in the best team of health experts and I feel extremely lucky. Now my slimming tea has already passed all clinical surveys and it is accessible for purchase by anyone.

The research was made along with Professor Njeru, a nutritionist with 30 years of working experience. We requested him to give more details on the new product Slim Tea Pro and to give us his honest opinion about it.

Reporter: Professor Njeru, what do you think of Celestine’s invention of this new slimming formula?

Professor Njeru: The idea of Celestine is like Google maps – it shows you the fastest way to reach the desired weight. And this formula is proven to be effective.

The unique thing about Slim Tea Pro is that the formula contains extract of black mulberry which is proven in our latest studies to be key to treating obesity. Its natural compound boosts the metabolism and activates the weight loss process.

For optimal results Slim Tea Pro should be taken consequently for 30 days. Its natural ingredients are carefully combined so as to decrease the appetite, induce the energy levels and regenerate the tissues in the entire body. No heavy diets are needed, with the product the excess fat gets easily eliminated and there is no yo-yo effect.

Here are some of the testimonies of people taking Slim Tea Pro:

Before and after taking Slim Tea Pro for 28 days

Before and after taking Slim Tea Pro for 33 days

Before and after taking Slim Tea Pro for 41 days

Before and after taking Slim Tea Pro for for 17 days

Reporter: Will Slim Tea Pro be available for purchase in the drugstores? How much will it cost?

Professor Njeru: Nowadays the pharmaceutical business is doing their best to aggressively earn the customers’ interest. A few companies contacted Celestine offering her to sell her formula in their drugstores at a very high price. If she agreed, she would have earned a huge commission but she disagreed. Her only intention when she found the Slim Tea Pro formula was for it to be available to all people for an accessible price. We don’t believe anybody would waste lots of money on a monthly basis for weight loss products, that’s why right now you can get our product with a discount and never worry about extra weight anymore.

Reporter: So since it cannot be purchased in any drugstore, how can one buy it?

Professor Njeru As: I briefly mentioned, our team could not rely on pharmacies to serve as representatives of the product. Therefore, we have taken the decision to be of best help to all people with weight issues by selling Slim Tea Pro online. One should simply follow the link to fill their details in the order form on our official website. Once placed, the order will be processed and delivered within 5 working days. In the era of telecommunications you don’t even need a computer so you can browse, you can fill in the order even form from your phone.

Those who place an order before February 28th, 2021 will get a great discount – 50% off the price of Slim Tea Pro, I believe this is an opportunity for even more people to order the product and to start their weight loss journey. After all, the good image of a product is based on its users’ reviews, right?

Reporter: As a conclusion, what is the discounted price of the product?

Professor Njeru Right: now Slim Tea Pro can be purchased for KSh 4,320.00. As I mentioned – we are interested in satisfying the needs of all people suffering from obesity no matter their social status. We don’t resell to pharmacies which would offer the product for a much higher price or export the tea to sell it in foreign countries rather than in Kenya.

Note from the editor : Warning! Due to the tremendous number of orders this is a limited offer only and will be valid for a limited period of time.

Slim Tea Pro where to buy, official website, original – your personal discount ends in

It is only valid till February 28th, 2021 so make sure to get advantage of the awesome promo by filling out the form on our website. Save up to 50% off the price!

580 GHS

290 GHS

Slim Tea Pro forum, review, opinion

Charity Ghitae

I tried Slim Tea Pro. During that period I ate almost everything I craved for and was able to get rid of 7 kg. This product is the best! I didn’t have to waste any time in the gym or anything like that. It’s even on sale now so go purchase it!

Jenny Mutui

Nine months ago I weighed 87 kg and I am 28, the time I am supposed to look and feel great.I got this nasty belly fat that was obvious even from far distance and I could not live like that anymore. So at first I spent about 3 months in the gym making heavy lifting sessions but nothing changed at all. Then I heard about Slim Tea Pro and decided to include it in my daily routine. I took it for two weeks and started noticing change in my appearance! Now, six months later, I am 50kg chick and all my friends envy me!


Wow this discount sounds nice so I’ll order it right now!

Caroline Kawamata

I actually read about this product in a magazine once , there was an interview given by a nutritionist just like this professor Njeru and he was talking about Slim Tea Pro.

Merry Naimi

This is not magic but I really needed a miracle so I could feel better in my body. All my life I’ve been fat and now I lost 10kg in just a month! My husband is honestly thrilled, he thought I was starving and going through heavy diets. He was even more shocked when he saw me eat french fries almost every evening and still looked fabulous haha


I just ordered for me and my mom since a friend of ours recommended the product. Will share my progress once I give it a try :)

Charlotte Mwangi

I just ordered my second pack, I just finished my first one and feel incredible. Thanks Celestine for inventing that product!


Wow what a good discount! I just placed an order, can’t wait for Slim Tea Pro to arrive at my door.

Melanie Chara

I tried the tea a couple of months ago, I was almost 90 kg back then! Now I am 68 kg, I like myself and can eat basically whatever I want.


I read a lot of reviews and decided to give it a go. I am ordering right now!

Amelia Kawari

I have been taking Slim Tea Pro for 3 months and managed to lose 19 kilograms. I stopped drinking it but there’s no yo yo effect, yeey!

Susan Obara

I ordered through the website two days ago and it just arrived this morning. I am excited to try!

The end of the era of fat people!

A genius medical student from Ghana received the country’s highest medical award for the discovery of a method that helps to lose 15 kg in 2 month.

Nutritionists are afraid of losing their jobs! Could a new weight loss method put thousands of nutritionists out of work? The leading experts in this area are sure that it will. Because now there is a natural slimming drug developed by a Ghanaian student that combats excess weight and leads to the desired result.

On January 20, 2022, something incredible happened at the South-Asian Congress. For 10 minutes applauded the girl standing at the podium. It was Paige Lehner, a medical student from Ghana. It was she who suggested using a unique formula that would allow people to quickly lose weight without limiting your regular diet.

Paige was really on to something, so the world’s leading started working on making her theory a reality!

Today you can read in this article how a new product can save millions of lives and why citizens of Ghana can get it with a big discount

Journalist: “Paige, you are one of the ten smartest medical students in the world. Why did you start studying the topic of weight loss?”

Paige: I wouldn’t want to talk about it publicly, but my motivation here is purely personal. Several years ago, my mother died of the hypertension that developed because of her excess weight. Everything was fine until suddenly one night she felt severely ill and died. My Grandma died the same way. It was then that I started studying issues related to excess weight and ways to get rid of it. I was shocked to learn that diets, exercise, various drugs and liposuction are 90% of the time hazardous to people’s health and only exacerbate the problem of excess weight. And my mom was on a diet and did aerobics for almost 5 years.

For the last three years I have completely immersed myself in this topic. Basically, I was in the process of writing my master’s thesis when I came up with this new weight loss method that has become the talk of the town. I immediately understood that I created something new. But I had no idea that this could generate so much interest from all sorts of groups.

Journalist: What groups are you referring to?

Paige: As soon as publications regarding my method appeared, I immediately began to receive offers to sell the formula. The first one to contact me was a French company that offered me 120,000 EUR for it. The most recent was an American pharmaceutical holding company that wanted to buy my formula for 35 million dollars. I had to change my phone number and stop using social media because I was getting similar offers daily.

Journalist: As far as I know, you haven’t sold the formula?

Paige:That’s right. This may sound a little harsh, but I didn’t create this formula for someone to make money off it. What would happen if I sell the formula? They’ll get the patent, ban the production of the drug using this formula, and raise the price. I may be young, but I’m not naive. If such a thing were to happen, the people of Ghana would never be able to get rid of their excess weight problems. A foreign told me that such a drug should cost at least 300$. But that’s so unfair! Who can afford a 300$ drug in Ghana?

That’s why, when the state offered me to participate in the development of a national product, I immediately agreed. We worked with the best specialists from the Institute of Endocrinology and the National Medical University. Currently, this drug has already passed clinical trials and is available to anyone.

Anibal Von – coordinated the production of a drug based on Paige’s idea. We asked him to tell us a little about this product and his plans.

Journalist: What, in your opinion, is the essence of Paige’s idea? Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and exercise?

Von: Diets are torture and a waste of money!

These words have already been confirmed by more than 14,000 satisfied users of our natural weight loss product who have already undergone treatment and are now enjoying their slender figure. We decided to test well-known diets and carefully checked why this does not lead to the desired results. You can see the conclusions here:

Most diets are recommended by amateurs:to lose 10 kg, you need to eat right for at least 2.5 months. Also you can’t ever eat your favorite food or else the weight will come back! You may also stumble upon diets invented by people who have no idea how the body, the digestive system and proper nutrition work! These diets are harmful to the body and completely ineffective.

Diets weaken the immune system and, therefore, the body as a whole: diets also lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals. The body loses energy, so we constantly feel tired, irritated and sleepy. The body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria drops sharply, so you often contract diseases.

So called “diet foods can be harmful to your health: food manufacturers attract people with special fitness products, but sell them at a very high price. Unfortunately, these foods don’t contain as much fiber as you’d expect, they are full of glucose, so you can get more calories than from a greasy hamburger. On the other hand, sugar-free foods can contain cancerogens!

Diets are expensive: A monthly diet and a visit to a nutritionist costs at least 300$. Plus, all low calorie and “fitness dishes are usually expensive. As a result, we spend 4 times more money on a diet than on regular food. And to maintain our weight we need to stick to such a diet all our lives. No wallet can withstand such expenses.

After the diet, the so-called yo-yo effect occurs: the body weakened by hunger automatically begins to accumulate energy reserves, and therefore the metabolism slows down – until it stops completely. Eventually, the body regains its original weight and at breakneck speed too. Therefore, the Paige’s slimming method is a real breakthrough in the fight against extra kilos!

Miss Lehner’s method can help you lose weight quickly and permanently!

It was she who suggested using a unique chemical formula that starts the ketosis process* in 50 minutes!

*Ketosis is a metabolic condition in which the body starts converting its fat reserves into energy. If the body stops receiving energy from carbohydrate foods, then after 7-14 days it goes into a state of ketosis. The result is an active conversion of fat cells into energy. But it is very difficult for a person to follow a diet that excludes carbohydrates all together.

Using the Paige’s formula, a special drug called Slim Tea Pro was created. This product accelerates the body’s transition to a state of ketosis down to 40-50 minutes (instead of 7-14 days), during which the process of converting fats into energy and reducing visceral fat begins.

The main effect of Slim Tea Pro is a quick transition of the body into a state of ketosis and further assistance in converting fats into energy.

If you take an Slim Tea Pro twice a day, you can lose 15-20 kg in a 3 month!

Today 80% of nutritionists use this drug in their practice, as it leads to quick and easy weight loss. This is exactly what they prescribe to their clients. In addition to the ketone bodies, Slim Tea Pro contains about 10 natural and safe ingredients necessary for quick and easy weight loss. They are designed to enhance the effect of ketones, as well as to support the body during the weight loss process. There are many of them, but I want to highlight a few important ones:

  • Commiphora wightii- a unique ingredient that accelerates fat metabolism by 7-10 times. It helps ketones to deal with the most difficult fats.
  • L-karnitin- helps the body convert fat into muscle, prevents further fat accumulation.
  • Bromelain- improves the function of the thyroid gland, reduces existing swelling and prevents swelling of internal organs.
  • Beta sitosterol- neutralizes the effects of malnutrition, removes toxins from the body, in addition improves skin elasticity, prevents the formation of stretch marks.
  • Koenzym Q10- actively breaks down visceral fat, lowers cholesterol levels, suppresses the appetite and prevents you from overeating.

We would like to show you the results of testing the drug in Ghanaian Institute of Dietetics and Healthy Food. 1000 people with obesity took part in the text. Then everyone switched to Slim Tea Pro for just one month’s probationary period.

Test results (for 3 month):

  • Lost 20 or more kg – 18% of participants
  • Lost 7-20 kg – 77% of participants
  • Lost less than 7 kg – 4% of participants
  • Did not lose any weight – 1% of participants
  • Improved skin condition, less cellulite – 98% of participants
  • No signs of addiction or any other side effects – 100% of participants

Result after 30 days of using Slim Tea Pro

Result after 25 days of using Slim Tea Pro

Result after 29 days of using Slim Tea Pro

Result after 27 days of using Slim Tea Pro

Journalist: Amazing! Will your product be sold in pharmacies?

Von: We tried to sell Slim Tea Pro through pharmacies for only one month. However, since 13.05.2022 we’ve terminated our sales agreement with the pharmacies of Ghana due to the fact that they were selling our product with a large addition to the original price!

The pharmacies justified such high prices for Slim Tea Pro just by claiming that patients need this remedy only once every 7-10 years to lose the extra weight. No one is going to spend money every month on unnecessary, outdated and ineffective weight loss drugs if you can just use Slim Tea Pro instead and completely forget about health problems and being overweight.

According to pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy owners, this leads to large monetary losses! Therefore, they sold Slim Tea Pro in pharmacies at a very high mark-up!

Because of this, the manufacturer of Slim Tea Pro terminated its contract with all the pharmacies! Instead of waging an unnecessary war with pharmacists that sell the drug at five times the price, the manufacturer has switched to exclusively online sales! That way we can offer patients the best price!

Journalist: How much does Slim Tea Pro cost if you purchase it online?

Von: The Institute of Dietetics and other national structures that learned about the pharmacies’ attempts to scam people, offered to launch a discount program and finance our online project! According to the program, they are ready to compensate 50% of the cost of the drug! As a result, the price of the drug is 50% lower, namely, only 290 GHS!

Journalist: How long will the discount program last?

Von: For this reason, I recommend ordering Slim Tea Pro as soon as possible! There won’t be another discount program this year!

Journalist: So where can you buy the original Slim Tea Pro, so as not to come across scammers and end up with a fake?

Von: In order to prevent fraud, speculation and counterfeiting, a person who wants to buy Slim Tea Pro must leave a request using the special form just below, immediately after the end of the interview!

With permission from the editors, we will provide our reader with theOFFICIAL ORDER FORM! You just need to enter your name, contact phone number and press the ORDER WITH 50% DISCOUNT button!

Don’t be afraid to order the drug! All you need to do to order is to tell us your name and contact phone number on which you will get a call from our operator! They will provide you with more detailed information about the product and answer all your questions regarding delivery and weight loss.

Payment only upon delivery.

Weight loss is achieved as part of a healthy reduced-calorie diet and exercise program

580 GHS

290 GHS