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By | January 17, 2022

The effectiveness is proven by phlebologists at the washington health academy

At the end of a Veniselle therapy course customers note:

  • 93% Reduced inflammatory markers in the blood
  • 89% Reduced veins size
  • 97% Relieved pain, fatigue and swelling

The health and beauty of your legs is Veniselle

The Veniselle cream is based on research by leading phlebologists of the Washington Health Academy. The product has undergone all the necessary tests, which is confirmed by patents and certificates from the International medicines control associations

In 2019, WHO joined the research on a revolutionary cream formula. Veniselle has been recognised as the only working product with topical action for the varicose vein treatment. A course of treatment with the cream restores diseased veins to their healthy state, which was previously only possible with surgical methods.

Nothing can take care of varicose veins like Veniselle

Only good things in the Veniselle cream

0% synthetic ingredients 0% antibiotics 0% glucocorticoid hormones

100% active ingredients

It has a powerful dissolving and healing effect.

It acts as a booster, accelerating the penetration of the active ingredients to their destination.

By dissolving bruises, lumps and ulcers, it restores the veins to their original appearance.

  • Horse chestnut. Strengthens vascular walls and valves, reduces blood viscosity and the risk of blood clots
  • Chamomile flower extract. Relieves inflammation, itching, swelling, deodorises and softens the skin
  • Nettle extract. Strengthens and tones vascular walls, reduces varicose veins, improves blood circulation and eliminates venous stasis
  • Menthol. Cools and soothes the skin, reduces pain and relieves the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs
  • Caffeine. A natural vein tonic, it makes the skin more resilient and improves its colour
  • Panthenol. Soothes, softens and nourishes the skin, heals microcracks, normalises cell metabolism, increases the strength of collagen fibres
  • Red pepper extract. Promotes better penetration of active ingredients through the skin, improves microcirculation, increases venous tone and reduces capillary permeability
  • Wormwood extract. Strengthens blood vessels, helps prevent blood clots and spider veins on the skin

Elizabeth Barker, An expert in phlebology

Venous insufficiency is a clinical syndrome caused by poor blood flow. In varicose veins, the valves of the vessels don’t close tightly. As a result, blood goes down through the veins into the lower extremities, stagnates and forms painful bumps and ulcers. It only gets worse. Blood poisoning can lead to amputation, and a blood clot can lead to death.

I recommend Veniselle to my patients to avoid these consequences and to protect themselves. This cream works on all signs of venous reflux and improves vein health since the first days of use.

How Veniselle works

Restore veins to a healthy state in 4 steps

  • Relieves inflammation. Stops the production of prostaglandins – substances that cause inflammation in varicose veins.
  • Kills pain. By increasing venous permeability, the cream relieves the symptoms of varicose veins – cramps and spasms.
  • Strengthens. The active ingredients in the cream strengthen the vascular walls of the veins. This increases their tone and prevents thin veins from sticking to the skin, occlusions and thrombosis.
  • Relaxes. By liquefying the lymph and accelerating the blood flow, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It relieves fatigue and syndrome of “heavy legs”.

There are many methods. Only one is working

9 out of 10 customers say Veniselle is the best vein treatment they have tried

Real reviews:

Veniselle Is the real salvation for veins

I wish I found out about this cream earlier, I lived with terrible pain for 8 years.

I work as a hotel chain manager for 12-16 hours a day, I usually couldn’t even sit during a day. At first, I liked this lifestyle – it kept me slim, but over the years it took its toll. My legs started to hurt, and I began taking painkillers. Later, blue bumps on my legs suddenly appeared. All this went with a horrible pain, which could only be relieved by an injection of diclofenac intramuscularly. I lived and suffered. The doctors didn’t know what to do rather than cutting it out. Thank God I didn’t do it, because I found out about Veniselle! It fully cured my veins in three months, not immediately. It was just a miracle from God.

~ Kate, 52

Veniselle beats genetics!

The last three generations of women in our family have suffered from varicose veins. When my mother came home after work, she always leaned her legs up against the wall and rested for hours.

It surprised me when I was little. When I was 25, I did the same thing for the first time. First, baths, compresses and massages saved me. I looked at my mother and grandmother and didn’t want to live the same way. I had two sessions of laser treatment, and it gave some effect. There were no heavy legs and swelling. My legs looked slimmer. And then it all came back. It got even worse: the veins became bulging, although before only the vessels were visible. Anyway, if I hadn’t found out about Veniselle, I would have agreed to have a surgery. I used the cream for 30 days morning and evening. Now I use it twice a week for prevention once a day. My legs look great and don’t bother me, even if I wear high heels for a day. I recommend you taking it! It’s better to prevent a problem than deal with the consequences.

~ Alice, 29

With Veniselle, my life is divided into before and after.

It all started when I was 30. At first, I had spider veins, which didn’t bother me at all, but then it turned into a brown and very noticeable spot on my legs.

After I got pregnant, I got ulcers that bled from time to time. It looked terrible and was very uncomfortable. I had to bandage my calves and hide them by wearing trousers. I couldn’t stand for long, and I rarely went out for a walk with my children, only for 30-40 minutes max. It made me feel like a bad mother. Veniselle became my salvation when I had already tried various pills and ointments. My husband brought me this cream from a business trip. I confess that it’s the best present I’ve ever got. Since then, I have forgotten what sore veins are and have started a new, active life with my children. We regularly go rollerblading, cycling and just take long walks in the park.

~ Jean, 36

No veins cut cream

  • For treatment
  • For prevention
  • For relief of fatigue symptoms

Veniselle what is, effect – the world will be at your feet!

Enjoy your life:

  • With no varicose veins
  • With no spider angiomas
  • With no pain, fatigue and the feeling of heavy legs

Statistics: every 3rd woman suffers from varicose veins

Life is full of great joys and small mercies:

But with varicose veins, you lose appetite for life

Almost 35% of women aged 18-75 suffer from varicose veins in the legs.

Varicose veins don’t appear suddenly.

They develop gradually, being influenced by the risk factors: almost 35% of women aged 18-75 suffer from varicose veins in the legs.

Symptoms of varicose veins

  • 1st stage. Discomfort, fatigue, the feeling of heavy legs in the evening, spider angiomas on the skin.
  • 2nd stage. Enlarged veins, bumps on legs.
  • 3rd stage. Hardening of varices, development of new varices, inflammation and bleeding tendency, swollen shins and ankles. At the 3rd stage, you can’t do without surgery.

Veniselle will put you back on your feet in 3 weeks!

The secret of Veniselle cream extracts of the plants that protect veins

Active components of Veniselle penetrate the skin immediately and fill blood vessels with escin, esculin and PP-vitamin. These substances strengthen the walls of veins, restore healthy blood flow and help you legs feel light again.

Effects of Veniselle:

  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases their elasticity and permeability
  • Reduces venous congestion, makes varices smaller, reduces spider angiomas
  • Fights swelling
  • Relieves pain and fatigue

*Effective at the 1st and 2n stages of varicose veins. At the 3rd stage, Veniselle is recommended to be used with treatment as supportive care

What are the effects of every component of Veniselle?

Active components:

  • Horse-chestnut extract. Tones up venous vessels, boosts blood flow
  • Camomile flower extract. Reduces inflammation, irritation and swelling, takes care of the skin, deodorizes and freshens up the skin
  • Nettle extract. Reduces varices, eliminates spider angioma on the legs
  • Red bell pepper extract. Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Wormwood extract. Prevents thrombus formation, dissolves vascular plaques

Auxiliary components:

  • Menthol. Cools the skin and feels nice. Cold makes the body dissolve fat and fight swelling
  • Caffeine. Stimulates cutaneous circulation, increases skin elasticity
  • Panthenol. Reduces inflammation, heals bruises and cuts on legs
  • Vitamins A, C, E, K and B vitamins; calcium; cooper; iron; chromium; magnesium; organic acids, mineral salts

Strengthen and tone up the skin and blood vessels, decongesting them

Expert opinion on Veniselle

Helen Miller, naturopath,organic cosmetics explorer

What I love about Veniselle is that a tube contains the right proportions of all vein-stimulating components known to science. Such a powerful formula can deal with the signs of 1-2 stage varicose veins quickly and relieve all visible manifestations: varices, bumps, spider angiomas and enlarged veins on legs and let you get back to normal life. According to the research results, Veniselle is 40% more effective than its analogues for dealing with varicose veins and preventing thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

Veniselle official website – frequently asked questions

Can I combine Veniselle with other vein tonics?

Yes. Veniselle cream is compatible with the products that tone up veins – ointments, pills, capsules and supplements. At the later stages of varicose veins disease, Veniselle increases the effect of the treatment a person gets.

Can I apply Veniselle before putting on compression stockings?

Yes. The cream increases the effects of compression stockings and doesn’t leave sticky or oily stains.

Can I use Veniselle during pregnancy or lactation?

No. You shouldn’t use Veniselle during pregnancy or lactation because of its active and powerful effect. But after you stop breastfeeding, the cream will help you to get rid of potential signs of varicose veins quickly and prevent their further development.

Can I use Veniselle to prevent varicose veins?

Yes. The cream can be a good prevention method in the following cases: genetic background, standing work, excess weight, getting ready to pregnancy and etc.

Is Veniselle suitable for men?

Yes, this cream is suitable for men, too

Where can I buy Veniselle?

You can order Veniselle only here – on the official website of the manufacturer. If you decide to buy it from retail networks or other websites, you will be at a high risk of getting a fake.

Veniselle one more puzzle piece for the picture of a happy life

Veniselle opinion, forum, review

Alice, 24 y.o.

Now, my admirers are ready to throw everything they have at my feet!

Irene, 31 y.o.

I can spend an entire day running with Eric in a park, and my legs won’t hurt in the evening!

Karen, 28 y.o.

With Veniselle, I’m ready to create beauty all day long and I don’t get tired at all!

Esther, 67 y.o.

No leg pain anymore, and my age isn’t an obstacle to doing sports!

Veniselle where to buy, original, buy online – the best friend of your legs!

Enjoy your life:

  • With no varicose veins
  • With no spider angiomas
  • With no pain, fatigue and the feeling of heavy legs

98 $

49 $

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