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By | September 30, 2022
  • Eliminates excessive sweating
  • Provides 24-hour protection against smell
  • Treats and provides protection against foot fungus
  • Softens your skin

Symptoms of the infection

Skin fungus:

  • itching, exfoliation
  • reddening
  • skin fissures
  • excessive sweating
  • unpleasant smell

Nail fungus:

  • change to the colour
  • too thick or too thin nail
  • chipping
  • inflammation of the skin around the nail

Fungus can affect all systems of your body

Nail and skin fungus is not an aesthetic issue but a disease which causes health problems.

Treatment and prevention is necessary.

Overall weakening of the body

  • Allergy to medications
  • Digestive disorders and gut flora issues
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Tachycardia
  • Immune system disorders
  • Joints arthritis

Foot Trooper what is , effect – take care of yourself to keep your family members safe

Peeling and scaly affected skin which is found in dust can infect anyone!

Foot Trooper destroys all species of fungi

  • Trichophyton fungi
  • Dermatophytes fungi
  • Yeast pathogenic fungi
  • Mold fungi

Components contained in the spray soften your skin and protect it against infections

  • Tea tree oil. Eliminates fungus. The most powerful organic antifungal and antiseptic agent. Destroys the fungus, its spores and mycelium, does not allow it to multiply further. Fights bacteria.
  • Tincture of thuja. Refreshes. Relieves itching and discomfort, dries and disinfects the skin, improves the condition of nails.
  • Neem. Protects your skin. Strengthens skin immunity, protects against repeated infection with fungus, heals abrasions and ulcers.
  • Larreya trident. Reduces excessive sweating. Regulates the functioning of sweat glands, neutralizes unpleasant odor, moisturizes and softens the skin of the

Prevent the spreading by putting Foot Trooper onto your skin

Fungal infections spread using their own spores causing itching and inflammation which can affect any part of your skin.

The effectiveness has been confirmed officially

The results of clinical application

Jan Fears, Dermatologist

Fungi can live in any conditions and affect all biological tissues. It penetrates micro lesions present on the skin surface such as scratches, fissures, insect bites and starts reproducing itself.

Foot Trooper not just prevents the infection from spreading but destroys membranes of all fungal species. It’s a natural safe remedy which is suitable for both treatment and prevention of the disease.

Use for prevention

Apply Foot Trooper onto your feet if you’re planning to go at any public facility where you’re supposed to be barefoot

Use for treatment

Before wearing your shoes thoroughly wash your feet and apply Foot Trooper

Foot Trooper review, forum, opinion – our customers look beautiful

Mary Guilford, 23

I love beach and sea. I currently live in Costa Brava so that’s not a surprise. However, I can’t go to the beach with my friends having an inflammation on my feet! I was looking for a remedy which could help me and I found Foot Trooper. I got rid of itching after the very first applications of the remedy. Reddening completely disappeared without a trace in several days.

Mary Nicholson, 31

I contracted the infection at the sauna. I thought that I would quickly get rid of fungus but it turned out to be quite tough. Nothing could help me. I was distraught and expected no miracle from using Foot Trooper. But it saved me! Now I can pose for a photoshoot as much as I want because I know that I look beautiful!

Nelly & Robert Clarkson, 52 & 55

My husband and I both work at a hot workshop and our feet are constantly sweaty. I don’t know which of us contracted the infection first and brought it home but we both became affected by it and struggled to achieve a full recovery. Fungus reoccurred all the time. Once, I bought Foot Trooper to use it as a deodorant. But in the end, we got completely healthy skin! Six months passed since then and there is still no trace of fungus.

Foot Trooper where to buy, buy online, original, official website – cares of all your family members


Specialist at the Washington Regional Dermatology Clinic: Nail fungus infects the blood and causes necrosis

There is a solution, but it’s not for everyone.

Specialist at the Washington Regional Dermatology Clinic: “Nail fungus infects the blood and causes necrosis. There is a solution, but it’s not for everyone.”

Here are some excerpts from the press conference of Sarah Leach, a specialist at the Washington Regional Dermatology Clinic: “Nail fungus enters the bloodstream and internal organs, causing sepsis and destroying the body. In the USA, the mortality rate from nail fungus is one of the highest in the world. Each infected person dies within 10–14 years.”

Sarah Leach, a specialist at the Washington Regional Dermatology Clinic, gave an exclusive interview.

Why is nail fungus deadly and how to avoid death when your nails start to turn yellow and you’ve got fungus?

Why do you call nail fungus a dangerous disease?

Do you know how many people were killed by mycosis in 2019? 55,000 people died last year in the DC alone. And over 31,000 of them died from nail fungus. That is more than a half. Nail fungus affects not only toenails. It enters the bloodstream through your feet and spreads throughout the body. It literally destroys the body from the inside, causing tremendous stress on all organs. Its spores settle in the internal organs and begin to multiply thus creating damage. This results in mycosis of the internal organs. This means that an infected person ‘rots’ from the inside. Their heart may fail any time, a vessel in the brain may burst, the liver may develop cancer or the kidneys may stop functioning. Everyone who has nail fungus is at risk. The immune system weakened by frequent colds, too much work or stress may fail, causing sudden death.

That’s why I consider nail fungus to be an extremely dangerous disease, which currently holds one of the leading positions among death causes nationwide. We often hear about cancer and tumours, but let’s face it, cancer affects 3–4% of people, while nail fungus occurs in almost every second person aged 40–45 years.

So how come doctors can’t treat this disease? It’s your job to save people’s lives after all

To start with, many people infected with toenail fungus won’t go to see a doctor because they underestimate the danger of this condition. And if they do visit a doctor, they do it when the situation worsens. For example, when they see a dramatic change or problem with their feet or toes. They usually get a prescription for some medication that improves their condition slightly but they rarely make it to a follow up appointment, letting the disease progress. However, fungal infections require consistent treatment. Furthermore, very few people understand the consequences of fungal infections and what they can do to your internal organs. I could tell you about hundreds of cases, but perhaps I will stick to those that illustrate the dangers of fungal nail infection.

Besides, the clinics are extremely understaffed at the moment. There is only one mycology expert in the entire region and we are lacking 37% of dermatologists. More than a half of the available staff are under-qualified. I highly doubt that they are capable of diagnosing and treating complicated fungal infections. Sometimes the patient would be better off if they stay home rather than follow the treatment prescribed by NHS doctors. We have to hire under-qualified people since we desperately need staff. They all have a degree in medicine, some of them graduated with honours, but nonetheless those medics don’t have enough experience and may ruin your health. Older doctors retire or die, unable to cope with too much stress. They are replaced by these inexperienced newbies who have no idea how to treat their patients. I wish my staff was more qualified and experienced but there is nothing I can do.

Does the high mortality rate from fungal infections result from the lack of experienced doctors in our region?

It’s one of the reasons, but not the only one. There is also a catastrophic lack of effective treatments. Pharmacies sell everything and anything, but those over-the-counter medicines can hardly help. The old-generation drugs are useless, just like the hyped-up, heavily advertised new products. The prescription drugs are no better. Typically these drugs may provide a temporary relief, but at the same time they affect the liver or stomach so badly that the health consequences can be devastating. Most drugs don’t really treat fungus. What they do is remove the external signs, while the fungal infection remains in the body, slowly killing the patient.

As a result of all these factors, people die of blood poisoning and internal organ infections caused by a common nail fungus. There are also private clinics, but they employ the same kind of doctors. Essentially, they are inexperienced graduates who know very little about diseases and treatments. Their only task is to extort as much money as they can from their patients. They aren’t interested in providing real help.

What are nail fungus sufferers supposed to do?

 Wait for their death to come? As an experienced doctor, you should try and solve this problem.

Naturally, I’m not sitting around doing nothing, but I can’t solve the staff problem. It’s the job of medical colleges and universities, not mine. I can’t train new doctors myself. I wouldn’t expect any fast changes here. Other British regions are facing the same problems. We are all pretty much in the same boat.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. There are some recent achievements in the fight for people’s lives. For example, our city is taking part in a large-scale project focused on distributing an effective innovative treatment that can fully cure toenail fungus and remove the fungal infection from the body. The project itself will be launched at the end of 2020, but people can get the treatment right now, before all other regions get access to it.

Why do you think this drug will change the situation?

It can completely cure toenail fungus by removing its external manifestations and clearing the entire body. From the first days of use, it reduces the risk of death to almost zero. By simply starting the treatment, the patient is out of the risk group. This treatment clears the body of fungal cells and stops the negative processes triggered by the fungal infection that was silently killing the patient from the inside.

In my opinion, this drug can save thousands of lives. So I did my best to persuade the authorities to choose this region to be the first participant in this trial run.

What is the brand name of this drug? And what makes it so effective after all?

As of today, it is the most effective treatment for fungal diseases. I am talking about a new generation product called Foot Trooper. Unlike most drugs, it was developed by independent research labs. This remedy was created by a team of some of the best doctors, scientists and bioengineers. It is ten times more effective compared to traditional medical and cosmetic treatments. At the same time, it has no side effects, it’s non-addictive, and helps the body to develop immunity to fungal pathogens, which eliminates the risk of reinfection.

The secret to its effectiveness lies in the design of the human body itself. Nail fungus is so tough to get rid of because it remains in the tissues. Typically, after medication is discontinued, the fungus recurs. Another problem is that the body’s immune system is unable to fight it on its own. The best it can do is slow down the development of fungal infection. A weak immune system can’t stop a rapid growth of fungus, which eventually leads to death.

Foot Trooper helps the body to produce special antibodies that destroy fungus throughout the body. Thanks to this, the human body is completely cleared of fungus. In addition, the production of antibodies occurs even after the treatment is discontinued. This remedy helps the body to increase its response to a fungal infection by a factor of ten. It makes you unlikely to get reinfected. In a single course of treatment, Foot Trooper completely clears you of fungal infection, preventing any complications.

Why is Foot Trooper more effective than other popular antifungal agents sold in pharmacies?

Fungal infections are living organisms, and they adapt to environment just like any other living organisms. The majority of antifungal agents were developed 20–30 years ago. During these years, fungal infections developed resistance to most antifungal agents. Foot Trooper is a completely new formula – it was developed on the basis of a study of the pathogenesis of more than 6,000 different fungal strains. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind innovative formula, it kills fungus both on the outside, removing it from nails and skin, and from the inside thus clearing the body.

Its effectiveness has been proven in our research facility. It went through clinical trials that involved volunteers using various popular antifungal treatments. The results confirmed the high effectiveness of Foot Trooper:

Foot Trooper neutralises infection by breaking down the fungal particles found in the blood and internal organs. This stops the propagation of infection in the body and leads to full recovery. All traces of infection are eliminated. As a result, the patient is fully recovered and can return to a healthy life. Moreover, the body develops immunity to fungal infections, i.e. you won’t catch it again.

This formula has profound healing effect on the body:

  1. It destroys fungal infection.
  2. It relieves itching, peeling and irritation of the skin on your feet starting from the first application.
  3. It quickly restores nails and heals wounds and cracks on the feet.
  4. It eliminates odour and normalises the function of sweat glands.
  5. It prevents the reproduction and growth of pathogenic germs.
  6. It normalises the immune system and helps cure chronic fungal diseases.
  7. It clears the blood and lymph of the products of fungal decay.
  8. It helps the body to develop immunity to most of the known strains of fungal pathogens.
  9. Convenient packaging prevents reinfections.

It relieves all symptoms of fungous disease within the recommended course of treatment.

Foot Trooper comes in the form of spray, supplied in an easy to use plastic bottle. It will fit in any bag or purse. One bottle is enough for 2–3 months of use. The spray bottle helps to eliminate the risk of reinfection and to stop the spread of fungus to healthy skin.

Are there any usage restrictions? Why is it sold at such a big discount?

There are no usage restrictions. The formula is hypoallergenic. It can be used even if you are allergic to other medicines. It is safe for the liver, which is typically the first to suffer when oral medications are taken.

Answering your second question, as I said, the drug was developed by independent research institutions. It is manufactured in the facilities of an independent research center and the cost of production is not cheap. If the formula of Foot Trooper belonged to some private pharmaceutical company, it would be sold at a much higher price. But this special promotional campaign is meant to encourage those taking care of their health. If you order a full course of treatment with Foot Trooper, you will get a 50% discount. However, the offer is limited.

How can people get Foot Trooper? Do they need to provide their ID or get a prescription?

The only condition to qualify is to live in our country and be over 30 years old. Foot Trooper will be shipped directly from the warehouse and delivered by a courier. It would be counterproductive to distribute it via local sales points. We don’t want people to queue up for it. Fungus patients suffer every day, it would be cruel to make them wait. No one needs extra stress. It’s much easier to order the medication online. Just fill in the order form by providing your name and phone number and wait to be contacted. Our specialist will get in touch with you and recommend you a course of treatment suitable for your condition. Specify your address and a convenient delivery interval and just wait for the courier to deliver your order.

Fill in the order form directly on this website, designed to process the orders coming from Washington. As I said, you only need to enter your name and phone number. I give my personal guarantee that all those who request this spray will definitely get it.



Maria Jacobs

My toenail fungus disappeared within a month! Thanks a lot!

Indi Nixon

Same! I just got my Foot Trooper and started using it, but the effect on the skin and nails is already obvious!

Karen Matthew

I am so grateful for the information about this medication. I’ve been looking for something that could help me. I look forward to my order being delivered! Thanks!

Andrew Gudkowsky

Dr Leach, thank you very much! I tried it and I do feel a relief. Let’s see what’s gonna happen in a week. It’s too early to say, but I’ll keep you updated. My toenails already look better. Hopefully I’ll be fine!

Sarah Leach

Andrew, no worries. Just continue using Foot Trooper. It’s important to follow the instructions while using this medication.

Cheers, Sarah

Andy White

Help me folks! I have fungus and I can’t get rid of it no matter what I try. It’s painful and it looks really bad. It affects my daily life. I don’t know what to do. I’ve taken different drugs every now and then, but they don’t help 🙁

Sam Lamb

Andy, try Foot Trooper, it really works. And it’s such a bargain. I used it and it helped me. I had fungus on my feet. I felt like a cripple. I was going to give up. Then my mother discovered Foot Trooper and recommended it highly. By the way, she got it a month ago when it was sold at a regular price (it was quite expensive, almost £20). I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and still have enough left for one more week. The full treatment takes one month. I cut off the toenail parts that were affected. I still have a little bit left on the big toe though. Hopefully, I’ll manage to remove it during the remaining week. I tried many remedies in the past but nothing helped.

I also treated my boots with Foot Trooper to make sure there’s no fungus left there.

Natalie Day

How can I get my Foot Trooper?

Ian Kid

Natalie, just fill in the form above, but you should hurry and place your order while the offer is still valid. Personally I found it very helpful.

Natalie Day

Ian, thank you so much, I already requested mine through the order form.

How long does the shipping take?

Ian Kid

Natalie, about a week:)

Marsha Sayers

Incredible stuff, everyone should try it. I was sick and tired of my toenail fungus. I couldn’t wear sandals and was too embarrassed to go to the beach. But after using Foot Trooper for three weeks, I saw obvious improvements. No more toenail fungus!

Mike Roy

Marsha, is it really that great? If so, I probably should go ahead and order it too.

Brice Simmons

This stuff is awesome, my wife and I used it after catching this nasty infection. So far so good, our family is fungus-free now. We can now go to public pools and saunas.

Darcy Doyalson

Wow, looks like I’m not the only one with such problems. Thank god I started using Foot Trooper a month ago, and my toenail fungus is gone now. I tried many other medicines and ointments but this one is by far the best and provides the fastest results.

Sasha Bunt

Hey guys, does it really help? I tried some prescription drugs but they were useless.

Nelly Joan

Sasha, it does, there’s no doubt about it. It’s very effective yet fully natural. Rush to get yours while it’s still on special! My mother-in-law used Foot Trooper and got rid of her foot fungus.

Emma Bright

Thank you, Foot Trooper helped me in no time! I ordered it directly from the manufacturer! Don’t delay the treatment, it’s better to get rid of fungal infection asap rather than letting it kill you slowly.

Tanisha White

Thank you, Dr Leach. If not for you, I would have never tried this remedy! My toenails were constantly crumbling and felt really sore. I tried antifungal toenail polish and took some pills. The toenail polish only provided a temporary relief. Now I use Foot Trooper, and it’s great. I’ve been spraying it on my toes for 3 weeks and I want to complete the whole course of treatment which is supposed to take a month.

My order arrived very quickly, btw.

Sarah Leach

Tanisha, you are more than welcome. What medications did you use to treat your toenail fungus before trying Foot Trooper?

Cheers, Sarah

Tanisha White

I used Exoderil and Lamisil and some kind of toenail varnish. But none of those things helped me…

Sarah Leach

Thanks for sharing, Tanisha.

Cheers, Sarah

Leah Swan

The results exceeded my expectations. My toes were cleared of fungus in 2 weeks! I ordered more of this stuff for my friends.

Axel Chester

I contracted fungus when I was doing my military service. I tried various treatments but they were all useless. I learned about Foot Trooper from a doctor friend. I bought it when it was on special. I sprayed it on my toes according to the instructions 2 times a day and trimmed my nails. The treatment took about a month. I still have some of the spray left.

I ordered here, they called me back very quickly and confirmed my order. I can wear my flip-flops and go to the pool now 🙂

Alana Greenwell

My husband had fungus for 3 years. It was a nightmare. His toenails were all yellow, and the odour was horrid. First, he used some drops, then applied some antifungal polish. I don’t remember the brand names of those products. They didn’t help him and he just gave up. Then he tried Foot Trooper on the advice of a friend. Take a look at the results achieved in just a week.

Billie Right

A friend of ours owns a small pharmacy and sells Foot Trooper there. One bottle is sold for nearly £40. A full treatment supply costs about £200, can you imagine? We couldn’t afford it. When I read about this promotional campaign, I immediately placed my order.

My toenail fungus becomes less visible every day, though Foot Trooper looks like a regular spray.

Sarah Leach

Alana, as far as I know, pharmacies have been trying to inflate the price. How dare they rip off people? We’ll definitely try to deal with this problem.

Cheers, Sarah

Megan Faust

Check out my results. Make sure to trim your nails!

Max Batch

I was trying to get rid of my fungus for years and years but nothing worked for me. I decided to try Foot Trooper the treatment mentioned in this article, and it helped me within a month. I wish I tried it earlier.

Sarah Leach

Max, unfortunately in order to develop such an effective formula, we needed funding. That’s why it took a while. Good news though that people can quickly get rid of fungus-related problems now.

Cheers, Sarah

Alexia Walsh

I read this article and immediately decided to order. The common medications I tried didn’t provide any consistent relief. I was told that toenail fungus was difficult to treat. Then I ordered Foot Trooper and it arrived very fast. Thank you very much! I’m finally healthy and can live a normal life now!

Christine Jones

Guys, where did you order it from? I couldn’t find it in pharmacies. I’m a bit reluctant to ordering it online. I want to make sure I’m getting the original product. Otherwise, it will hardly be effective.

Sarah Leach

Let me repeat it once again, Foot Trooper can ONLY be ordered directly from the manufacturer. To make sure you are getting the original product, fill in the form provided above. Thanks to a special offer, you can order it at a 50% discount, but the offer is limited, so hurry up to place your orders!

And beware of imitations.

Cheers, Sarah

Erica Brown

I will order it while it’s still on special. Judging by the photos, it really works.

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