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By | February 24, 2022

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Many men and women are obese. It seems that it is enough to stop eating a lot and move more, but this is not so. For weight loss, the best solution is to use apps. Vean is an app that helps you lose weight and exercise on a personalized basis. In the article below, we will explain what is Vean, how does Vean work and what user reviews, comments and opinions can be found on forums or social networks.

What is Vean?

Vean weight loss program is a unique application developed based on the recommendations of nutritionists and trainers. Here are the main studies of the correct lifestyle, diets and weight loss. The creator has brought to life the main methods of weight loss without the use of medications, pills, complex calorie calculations and fat burning indexes. The app helps you keep track of your health.

This simple program creates a weight loss progress chart and determines BMI (Body Mass Index). Nothing more – enter your current weight, height and get BMI. After that, you need to regularly hang yourself and write everything down in a notebook, and Vean goto weight loss will analyze the received data. Further edits are added to the overall statistics with recommendations and class progress.

The Vean weight loss coach program will regularly remind you to drink water, eat more vegetables instead of junk and fatty foods, and do workouts. And if you don’t want this, then the display will show photos of slender models, whose slenderness will motivate you to complete tasks. All requirements for yourself must be written down in a notebook, later indicate the weight and update it regularly. The bot will collect all the information, analyze and issue recommendations. The application is completely adjusted to your psychology.

Here you will find:

  • Monitoring of nutrients entering the body
  • Base of 2 million products
  • Save and reuse entered dishes
  • Calorie calculation recipe
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of product lists
  • Wide base of physical. exercises – more than three hundred
  • Monitoring of cardio and strength training
  • Creating your own program
  • Internal social network, communication and comparison of results
  • Setting an individual strategy
  • Reports

A large collection of diets is replenished with contraindications, recommendations and the number of allowable days for skipping. One of the articles can be added to favorites and bookmarked to re-read. Weight loss with Vean life-changing results program is available completely offline without the Internet. It has font add-ons and a dark theme.

Benefits of Vean to lose weight

Vean life mode is a free online trainer with hundreds of classes. Each course consists of 30 days of 3-10 minutes per lesson. There are difficulty levels for athletes and easy tasks for beginners. For women, a number of trainings have been prepared that will pump up the arms, chest, buttocks and legs. Charges are available both for individual parts of the body, and for everything in general.

The best device for determining the number of calories consumed. In the Vean app, you can:

  • Quickly find the right information about calories and nutritional value of any dish at home, in a restaurant or on the street
  • Barcode scanner and handheld barcode for supermarket products
  • Food diary to track consumption trends and plan further meals
  • An exercise diary recording all calories burned and activities completed
  • Diet calendar that collates all collected information about the user
  • Tracking the weight in the table
  • Take photos of food and meals, keep a photo diary, use photo tracking

On the main screen, information about the total number of calories and a list of needs. This is the most important item in any diet, so knowing the nutritional value of the product is necessary.

How does Vean help with training?

Vean coach weight loss plan course collection contains more than 300 classes for different parts of the body. Want to pump up the press? Not a problem – turn on the course for 30 days and do it for your pleasure. Choose individual exercises for the shoulders, arms, chest and legs, or go to the general training.

This app is one of the best. For weight loss in 30 days, a set of exercises is used that are aimed at the legs, arms, stomach, or immediately on the whole body. Each course consists of 30 lessons for each day, which in total is a month of training and fitness. The application is not time-consuming – no more than 10 minutes per day. But there are complicated techniques that will give a more noticeable result, but require effort and time.

  • Generation of reports for each day, week, month
  • Data analysis
  • Monitoring of the user’s water balance
  • Daily and weekly analysis of progress and data
  • System of notifications and reminders
  • Over 500 exercises and training programs
  • Compilation and tracking of an individual plan
  • Analysis of food intake (fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins)
  • Forecasting system

There are no special conditions for entering the slimming club – Vean dieting site does not require special equipment or going to the gym. Everything is absolutely free and available to everyone.

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