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By | July 2, 2021

Matcha Slim Great Britain, official website – sharing my experience and revealing the secret of a slim body and good mood

Hello and welcome to my blog! I was a fat cow just 3 months ago, but I got in shape thanks to my daughter and found my love. An unusual emerald drink with rich flavor helped me to lose weight and overcome depression after my husband’s death. But first things first.

I’m a bit over 40. My husband died a year ago. I’ve got a son and a daughter: Alex is a university student, Beth is married, she lives in another city. They seldom come to see me. I lost the meaning of life after my husband’s death. It felt that I was a robot – I went to work and back home with my brain on autopilot and had no energy for cooking – so I ate fast food and junk food that I ordered.

This is what I looked like after my husband’s death.

And this is what my favorite snack looked like at that time.

Matcha Slim ingredients, side effects

When Beth came to see me several months later, she couldn’t recognize me. She saw a heavy, porky woman of about 198 lb instead of a slim and happy mom she was used to (she told me about it later). She began to tell me that my life wasn’t over, she said I was still young. She said I only had to lose weight, find a fashion stylist and upgrade my wardrobe, and this would help me to become happy again. Beth tailed after me and nagged me for several days, and finally, I listened to the voice of reason and decided to do as she said.

Beth took a sigh of relief and pulled a white and green pack out of her suitcase. She said that it was Matcha Slim. It’s natural matcha green tea. Following Japonese recipes, they supply it as powder, so you have to brew it. We put the kettle on and poured two cups of sweet-scented emerald tea. It tasted nice and was easy-to-drink. After you drink this tea, you feel lighter and full of energy due to its rich formula: chlorophyll, catechins, riboflavin, L-theanine, theophylline, taurin and citric acid extract.

I decided to take a video of how I make a cup of Matcha Slim tea 🙂

Please don’t judge too harshly 🙂

Since that, every morning started with a cup of emerald drink. A week later after I started drinking it, I noticed that my favorite outfit was big for me. My scales said I lost 8 lb. I felt like I got wings. Another week passed and I lost 11 lb. I lost 35 lb during the first month and 15 lb more during the second month.

I found a stylist, changed my hairstyle, and then spent a fortune on buying new clothes – Beth helped me. Two weeks later, I met a handsome 50-year-old man at a café. He turned out to be a widower. Joseph – this was his name – suggested that we should meet again. We started a relationship. He proposed to me a month later.

I bought a fancy wedding dress. My daughter Beth was a bridesmaid. I’m absolutely happy now, I’m having the second youth. My husband and I are planning a honeymoon trip.

Well, my point is that you shouldn’t despair or lock yourself into your past. Life is too short to live it being troubled and locked into an unbeautiful body which isn’t yours. Free yourself from excess weight and become truly happy, beautiful and desired.

Scarlett + Matcha Slim = Love

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Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I ran out of the first pack of Matcha Slim very fast and my daughter told me where to order it. Let me share the link to the official store. Be careful, the Internet is full of fakes. Don’t put your health and beauty at risk, order Matcha Slim only from the official manufacturer.

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Irene Harris

Nice tea, but its color is so embarrassing, it’s deep green. Hope there’re no color additives and it’s allergy-friendly.

Gabriella Lewis

Irene, there’re no color additives. It’s green because the tea leaves are rich in chlorophyll. In fact, Matcha Slim tastes unusual, but good. And it gives you more energy than coffee!

Elisabeth Walker

You know I drank regular tea, without any supplements. I did lose some weight, but I bought tea to replace coffee – I drank too much coffee. As for this product, it really boosts your energy levels!

Katherine Burton

In my case, Matcha Slim became a family saver. I gained a lot of weight after giving birth and my husband didn’t treat me as a wife. I drank this tea for a month and voila – I’m slim and beautiful again, and we’re having the second honeymoon.

Helen Wilson

I’ve never heard about this tea, it’ll be very interesting to try it. I don’t have to lose a lot of weight now, in fact, I’ve already got rid of more than half of weight I needed to lose thanks to working out hard. But it’s a good idea to drink this tea to get more energy, to get rid of fatigue…

Edith Garcia

Helen, you worked out way too hard, you’re overworked, that’s why you feel tired. You could skip exercise and start with Matcha Slim. Look, here’s my result of drinking it for 3 weeks.

Diana Miller

Isn’t there a specific method of making matcha tea? As far as I know, you need a matcha whisk.

Camille Davis

It’d be good to have it, but you can go without it. I just pour hot (not boiling) water over the tea and mix it carefully. It tastes great!

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