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By | April 3, 2023

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European scientists have made an incredible discovery. They found out how to lose weight without diets and exhausting workouts. This discovery can help to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, improve intestine health and reduce blood sugar level.

The doctors are delighted! Cocoa with reishi mushrooms can rid the humankind of medical disaster – metabolic syndrome which spreads wider and wider. This is the problem of more than a quarter of population.

Excess weight and the health issues caused by it are usually associated with the lack of physical activity and poor diet, but it’s not true. In many cases, it’s metabolic syndrome to blame. It’s most often found in middle-aged women.

The signs of metabolic syndrome:

  • increased appetite, excess weight
  • apathy, fatiguability, reduced activity
  • headaches and high arterial blood pressure

The syndrome is dangerous because it can transform into a serious chronic or acute disease. For example, coronary heart disease, blood stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

According to Richard Bruno, the head of research and professor in a Medical University, there’re a lot of facts proving that cocoa powder and reishi mushrooms reduce cholesterol level and glucose blood level and help to lose weight.

Cocoa beans contain polyphenols – powerful natural antioxidants. Polyphenol compounds – catechins – influence fat acid synthesis, reduce cholesterol absorption and prevent inflammation.

Reishi mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides and triterpenes – the substances that help to boost metabolism. It’s proved scientifically that cocoa and reishi mushrooms mixed in proper proportions enable production of short-chain fatty acids that help you to feel full even if you eat small portions and to burn excess fat faster.

Magazine of Therapeutic Nutrition published the results of an experiment involving 240 overweight people. They were divided into two groups. The participants of the first group took a drink based on cocoa and reishi mushrooms. The participants of the second group drank hot cocoa.

1st group:

  • Cholesterol level reduced by more than 7 mg% in people from the first group. Bad cholesterol level reduced by more than 2 mg%.
  • Also, the participants of the first group also reported general health improvement. They also lost more than 18% of weight.

2nd group:

  • Cholesterol level reduced by 1.2 mg%, bad cholesterol level reduced by 0.2 mg%.
  • The participants of the second group managed to lose only 2% of weight.

“Cocoa and reishi mushrooms duo eliminates intestine inflammation and helps to lose weight quickly.”

Professor in a medical university, Richard Bruno

Clinical trials that took place in the University confirmed the results of previous trials and led to unexpected discoveries. Cocoa reishi mushroom drink doesn’t only reduce blood sugar level and have a good effect on intestine, but also help to lose weight without extra stimulation.

Professor Bruno:

“The results show that it takes a month to reduce glucose and cholesterol levels both in healthy people and the ones with metabolic syndrome. Most doctors recommend to try a diet and workouts before they prescribe you with medications. Unfortunately, many people can’t afford changing their lifestyle. We work to provide people with a new food tool that can hep to reduce metabolic system risks. This tool is Magicoa.”

Magicoa is a drink based on cocoa beans and reishi mushrooms. It also contains extra components that boost fat burning 10x, thus boosting lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and helping to cleanse liver and kidneys.

  • Maltodextrin strengthens muscle mass, increases good bacteria, helps to flush out heavy metal salts and radionuclides, helps to reduce bad cholesterol and prevents weight regain.
  • Chicory Inulin is needed to increase good bacteria, boosts metabolism, helps to reduce appetite and lose fat deposits faster, prevents metabolic syndrome.
  • Black pepper extract stimulates metabolic processes, helps to burn calories, enables fat breakage, improves digestive enzyme function, potentiates flavors, invigorates, gives you energy and makes you more active.
  • Chili pepper boosts metabolism, improves blood circulation, stabilizes arterial blood pressure, improves microflora function, boosts intestinal motility, reduces the risks of eating and digestive disorders, improves taste receptor function and reduces appetite.
  • Chromium picolinate suppresses appetite, reduces craving for sweets and junk food, reduces the number of quick meals, improves lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, balances blood sugar level, helps to prevent weight gain.

All in all, these components help to lose weight in two stages without onerous diets and physical activity. Many research studies confirm that taking Magicoa can help to lose 8kg or more within a month. This is a long-lasting result, it’ll last even after you stop drinking this drink.

Magicoa where to buy, online order

Even though Magicoa is designed to fight excess weight, the entire body will benefit from its effect. This drink reduces appetite within 7 days. It improves digestion, boosts carbohydrate metabolism and invigorates you within 14-18 days. Thus, life quality improves and many health issues get solved.

Everyone who reads this article has a unique chance to buy Magicoa directly from a manufacturer at 50% discount throughout the month. The offer is limited and is valid only for the current batch. Once they run out of it, the discount becomes invalid.

If your health and beauty matter for you, don’t wait, place an order right now. 1-2 cups of this drink help to lose weight in two stages and in a healthy way, without strict diets and exhausting workouts. The drink will improve your nervous system function, metabolism, digestion, skin and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Attention, please! We remind you that you should beware of fakes. Don’t order the product on 3rd-party websites! Fake Magicoa can’t help you lose weight and can damage your health.



I have serious metabolism issues and it’s hard for me to lose weight. Will try this solution, I hope it’ll help me.

Helen Miller

Don’t hesitate to order it. I and my mom completed a course. She doesn’t like weight loss solutions, that’s why I told her it was just hot chocolate. She liked the flavor and lost 8 kg. I lost 6 kg. The main thing is that her cholesterol and blood sugar levels normalized.

Olivia Atkinson

I took Magicoa for a month and achieved great results. Now, small portions are enough for me to feel full. By the way, I didn’t keep a diet, I simply ate less sweets and pastry. As a result, I lost 9 kg. Muffin top and belly fat are gone. That’s enough for me.


I have a balanced diet, and I can eat almost everything I want – the rule is not to eat too much. When I need to lose weight, I complete a course of Magicoa, lose several kilos within a month and then get back to my diet. It’s really easy, and I forgot about strict diets.

Diana Morton

In fact, metabolic syndrome is very dangerous. It’s good they came up with a solution. If your metabolism doesn’t work properly, you may develop a lot of diseases. It’s good they found a way to solve this problem.

Christine Johnson

I agree. I had an eating disorder and it resulted in metabolic syndrome. Only Magicoa helped. Now, my body works like clockwork and I lose weight.

Margaret Murphy

After a hand surgery, I gained 20 kg! I can’t go to the gym because of my health problems. I can’t keep diets, I fail them. Will try this solution.

Emma Williams

I don’t have enough energy to go to the gym or cook healthy food. I get so tired that eat something that can be cooked fast and just lie down.

Michelle Brown

I think you have metabolic syndrome. I felt the same when I faced it. I know what it feels like when you don’t want anything, when you ignore sports for years. If you also have kids, will you have enough time for yourself? Also, don’t forget about the people who eat healthy foods and do sports, but can’t lose weight. They have a metabolic syndrome. I believe that such products as Magicoa are saviors for many people. Its formula “renews” metabolism and makes your body transform fat into energy. Also, appetite reduces. I tried it and lost 18 kg.


After giving birth, I gained more than 35 kg and couldn’t lose weight for 15 years! Finally, I developed serious health issues. But I was lucky to visit a really great expert who recommended me to try Magicoa. I lost 30 kg within half a year!

Isabella Byrne

It seems to me that if you stop taking Magicoa, you will gain weight again. Am I right?

Elisabeth Roberts

No, you aren’t. I lost weight with this solution a year ago and didn’t regain weight. In the past, I overate, but not because of hunger – I just wanted to eat something. Magicoa rid me of this problem. Also, craving for sweets is gone, too. Maybe, the reason is that this drink is as tasty as hot chocolate.

Magicoa UK, original – metabolic syndrome: why do we gain weight?

You gained pretty much weight, but you can’t lose it. You are hungry all the time, diets don’t help, doing sports helps to grow muscles bigger but fat doesn’t go away… Maybe, you have metabolic syndrome — decreased insulin sensitivity. Our expert – Melany Broozer, a dietician — tells about the syndrome, how to get rid of it and how to get back in shape.

Melany Broozer – a dietician, healthy eating expert, an author of articles and monographs about the influence of hormones on body weight.

Simply put, metabolic syndrome is the state when you can’t stop gaining weight. I terms of science, it means that your body loses sensitivity to insulin – the main hormone responsible for lipid metabolism. Your body produces so much insulin that it can’t get rid of fat.

Diets, medications and sports slow this process down for some time. But if you loosen up and eat a dessert, your weight grows even faster.

According to the latest data, every 4th man and every 3rd women who have more than 15 kg of excess weight suffer from metabolic syndrome.

Why does it appear?

We usually blame sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy foods for excess weight, but metabolic syndrome has different causes. These are inflammation and colds treated unproperly, genetic abnormalities, stresses and etc. All in all, no one is immune from metabolic syndrome. Even young women who “eat everything they want without gaining weight”.

Here’re the signs of metabolic syndrome:

  • You feel hungry often
  • You have to eat almost a pot of fatty and high-calorie foods
  • You eat sweets daily
  • Your waist circumference is more than 80 cm
  • Fat is mostly deposited in your belly
  • You have dry skin, especially on your hands, neck, knees and elbows
  • It’s hard for you to fall asleep at night, but you feel sleepy all day long

Diets can’t help if you have metabolic syndrome!

It’s all about glucose tolerance and high insulin level. No matter what you eat – your body will “think” you eat zero-carb food. Even if you have just had a whole pizza, your body will think it’s an apple or lettuce, and you won’t feel full. Your brain asks for more food and can’t calm down.

Imagine what you will feel if you keep a diet. It’s highly likely you will fail a diet…

In the past, people used hormone-based insulin inhibitors to cure metabolic syndrome.

These solutions help patients to lose weight gradually, but they have a bad effect on your liver and thyroid, even alcohol does less harm!

Some solutions can cause diabetes, hepatosis and liver cirrhosis. In other words, you cure a disease and develop a new one, which is even worse.

Magicoa ingredients, side effects – is there a safe way out?

A couple of years ago, the scientists found insulin inhibitor in black pepper (Piper nigrum) and reishi mushroom extracts.

Interaction of these 2 components reduces both insulin and appetite. When you aren’t hungry and your metabolism is normal, belly and thigh fat goes away very quickly. You get the results that are safe for your health!

They put it on sale. In the market, this solution is known as Magicoa. It comes as a sweet instant drink the taste of which reminds of hot chocolate. Those who love sweets are delighted!

Here’s how its ingredients work:

  • Reishi mushroom extract. It reduces blood glucose, and consequently suppresses sweet cravings; speeds up fat breakdown; improves liver functions; relieves insomnia; has an anti-aging effect; and tightens skin.
  • Cocoa powder. It speeds up metabolism and helps burn calories; increases cell insulin sensitivity thanks to phenol compounds that suppress appetite and reduce cravings. It stimulates endorphine production, “a happiness hormone”, which improves mood and reduces stress and, in turn, stress eating.
  • Inulin chicory. It’s a natural prebiotic that stimulates growth of healthy bacteria; improves digestion; slows down carbohydrate absorption; regulates thyroid function; and improves mood.
  • Chroma picolinate. It increases carbohydrate and fat metabolism, thus reducing fat reserves; it reduces blood gluclose; improves Intracellular metabolism; promotes weight loss; and improves fat burning process; it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, which leads to weight loss and skin looking more firm, elastic and tighter. It tightens skin after a diet.
  • Capsicum extract. It has antioxidant properties; it stimulates metabolic processes; and strengthens the immune system; the herb’s active ingredients stimulate blood flow and metabolism, and promote lipid breakdown. Red pepper is used to prevent atherosclerosis and obesity.
  • Black pepper extract. It activates enzyme secretion; speeds up and normalizes metabolism; and improves gastrointestinal tract function. Apsaicin, found in black pepper, increases blood flow in the skin, relieves cellulite and swelling.
  • Maltodextrin. It strengthens muscle mass; increases the number of healthy bacteria; helps remove heavy metals and radionuclides from the body; helps reduce bad cholesterol; and prevents future weight gain.

Insulin level reduces, metabolism restores and metabolic syndrome goes away within 2-3 weeks of taking Magicoa. A month later, your weight gets normal and unpleasant symptoms such as sleep disorders, fatigue, labored breathing and etc. go away.

Once Magicoa went on sale, my clients with metabolic syndrome tried it out.

Oliver, 27 y.o.

My insulin level skyrocketed because I took antipsychotic drugs. I gained 40 kg within a year. I went to the gym every day and got no results, my belly was growing in leaps and bounds. I was hungry all the time, it was extremely hard to avoid eating a couple of hamburgers before bed.

I realized I couldn’t live a life like that anymore and visited a dietician. The doctor recommended me to try this powder.

You have to drink it daily, 1 glass a day. You mix it with hot water and drink it instead of coffee. I’ve been taking it for 3 months and I lost 30 kg! Will continue to take it until my weight reaches 75 kg.

Sarah, 55 y.o.

My menopause is over, but I still have problems. I gained waist and shoulder fat.

I did my best to lose weight, but the only thing that helped me is Magicoa – the drink that controls insulin. I got rid of 20 kg in a month and my waist got 15 cm smaller!

My dietician told me to have a two week break and start the course again. Then, my weight will be 60-65 kg again.

Elisabeth, 64 y.o.

My weight began to increase because of diseases I had (hypertension, metabolic issues, insulin fluctuation). My height is 160 cm and my weight was 107 kg.

Now, I lose weight thanks to Magicoa. This is a tasty chocolate drink with reishi mushroom extract. It’s compatible with the medications I take. The main point is the results I got. Now, I’m slimmer than I was when I was young! I lost 35 kg!

The main point is: Magicoa is less expensive than your business lunch – official website, buy online

 Reishi mushrooms extract, cocoa powder and black pepper extract are affordable ingredients.

But Magicoa isn’t available offline so far. You can buy it only on the manufacturer’s website.

By the way, I have a gift for my subscribers: 50 % OFF on ordering Magicoa from this website. If you try to lose weight for a long time but get no results and you think you may have metabolic syndrome, you have a chance to get back in shape and improve your health.

Hurry up!

Magicoa comments, forum, reviews


Now I know the truth! I thought these were chocolates eaten before bed to blame…


My weight began to increase after I turned 50. I keep a diet, do sports, I always took care of myself. But I’ve gained ten kilos, nothing helps to stop weight gain. Will use your gift, thank you!


It’s sad when you eat 700-800 calories daily but gain 2-3 kg a week anyway. I guess I have insulin problems…


Magicoa is great. The best thing to try when you gain weight because of hormonal imbalance! I lost 17 kg thanks to it and I don’t gain weight for a year now.


My mom took it. She lost 10 kg and feels great. Other symptoms are gone: she isn’t that hungry, her sleep improved.


I gained 15 kg in summer, even though my diet and lifestyle didn’t change. But the most awful thing is that I developed the diseases which I never even though about: I had blood pressure fluctuations, uncontrollable desire to eat at night… I’m a strong person, but I couldn’t resist that desire. It all happened so fast, I didn’t expect the things to happen so fast…


It’s clinical picture of metabolic syndrome. If you don’t do anything, you may develop diabetes, hypertension and pancreatitis.


I’ve received my parcel with Magicoa! No scam: I got it at a discount. Will start losing weight tomorrow! Everyone willing to lose weight, join me!


I’ll join you! I’ve got my parcel today, too!


Hormones aren’t something to make a joke of! I know it from my personal experience – I developed this syndrome after I stopped taking birth control pills. Thank you for a discount, I’ve placed an order. It turns out to be cheap!