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By | August 17, 2022

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A military paramedic revealed a recipe that saved the feet of thousands of soldiers

A retired paramedic has turned an ancient drug into a powerful weapon against foot fungus and sweat odor. Probably the most powerful ever!

A forgotten leaflet with a rustic recipe shocked world science. Former military paramedic Evan Durham was sorting through his archives, and suddenly found an old notebook sheet – from the time of the peacekeeping mission to the Asian jungle. Then the soldiers in his company almost returned home disabled due to an epidemic foot fungus. But a local healer gave him a recipe for a drug that put the fighters on their feet in a couple of weeks. Years later, Mr. Durham created an express antifungal agent based on it, the power of which is already legendary, and pharmaceutical companies are almost fighting for the right to sell it under their own brand.

Foot Trooper UK: is it true that this medication helps to get rid of long-standing fungus in almost 1-2 weeks and eliminates an unpleasant smell for a long time?

Let’s find out!

Hyperhidrosis and mycosis are the scourge of soldiers and officers. Army shoes are not breathable. And daily exercises and forced marches make soldiers’ feet sweat a lot. Over time, a difficult-to-remove fungus develops, the feet are rubbed to bloody calluses, they swell, itch and smell unpleasant. Especially in hot and humid climates. So, in one of the peacekeeping missions to Asia, fungus almost mowed down an entire company of soldiers. Doctors could not cope with weeping ulcers and bloody calluses on the feet of the fighters.

A folk recipe from the wild jungle quickly put the soldiers on their feet

Fortunately, the locals suggested a recipe for feet diseases. Soldiers lubricated their feet, and soon the fungus epidemic disappeared.

This recipe is based on citrus oil, silkworm cocoons, mint leaves and honey. In the right proportions, these components:

  • Reduce foot sweating
  • Destroy fungus
  • Care for your skin
  • Deodorize
  • Dry
  • Protect your shoes

In his private laboratory, Evan Durham decided to enhance this remedy by combining an ancient recipe and modern technology. He replaced the silkworm cocoons with pure silk extract and added clotrimazole, a powerful antifungal ingredient. This is how the spray came into being. Foot Trooper- express drug for sweating and foot fungus.

Official comment from the developer of Foot Trooper, Evan Durham

Evan Durham, creator of Foot Trooper spray

In the army, I personally saw what the fungus does to the feet of soldiers: they rotted, covered with ulcers, bled. This recipe saved our fighters. Now I have improved its composition. The effectiveness of the spray exceeded all expectations. Foot Trooper not just dries the skin and heals cracks and calluses. It breaks down the protein structure of the fungus, and also disinfects the skin and nails from its spores. I am proud that Foot Trooperhas become the first natural remedy that will help you forget about fungal infection and hyperhidrosis in 1-2 weeks.

Evan Durham

The testing of Foot Trooper was carried out by independent laboratories, otherwise the product would not have been able to be released for sale. Upon completion of the tests, we were sent a report with a comparative table, which shows that Foot Trooperis much more efficient than its analogues.

You yourself can see a comparative table of well-known products that you can buy at any pharmacy or store:

Foot Trooper

  • Effectiveness: 100% already after the first application
  • Safety: Safe, hypoallergenic
  • Stability of the effect: Long lasting
  • Composition: Natural, no synthetic compounds, heavy metals and hormones added
  • Contraindications: None. The product can be used by men and women of any age


  • Effectiveness: Ineffective. Mask the smell with cosmetic fragrances, do not fight fungal infection
  • Safety: Allergic reactions are possible, itching, burning, toxic, clog sweat glands
  • Stability of the effect: Temporary (1-2 hours)
  • Composition: It contains a large amount of aluminum, which clogs the sebaceous glands, can cause suppuration and swelling
  • Contraindications: People who are hypersensitive to the components of the product

Known long-acting sweat and fungal products

  • Effectiveness: Do not have any effect on the cause of the fungus and profuse sweating.
  • Safety: Allergic reactions are possible, itching, burning, clog sweat glands
  • Stability of the effect: Temporary (several hours/days)
  • Composition: It contains a large amount of aluminum, which clogs the sebaceous glands, can cause suppuration and swelling. Other dangerous elements causing allergic reactions and skin diseases.
  • Contraindications: Use is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, persons under 16 years of age, people who are hypersensitive to the components of the product.

Why is Foot Trooper that effective – ingredients, side effects

The active components of the spray create a protective layer on the skin in which the fungus simply cannot live and multiply – even in the tightest and most uncomfortable shoes.

Foot Trooper disinfects and destroys the structure of a fungal infection, eliminates itching, discomfort, accelerates the healing of wounds and cracks. Due to its high penetrating ability, it reduces the amount of sweat produced. Also, this spray strengthens the nail plate, moisturizes and pleasantly refreshes the skin due to natural antiseptics and a powerful vitamin base.

Foot Trooper operates in 4 directions:

  • Relieves excessive sweating of the feet;
  • Freezes and destroys fungus cells;
  • Provides a combined effect on tissues affected by fungal spores: stops the growth of colonies, destroys adults, relieves inflammation, disinfects, softens and restores damaged skin, including the nail plate;
  • Due to the cooling effect, it quickly removes the symptoms of fungus – itching, peeling, feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

There remains only one question: why is such an effective and simple drug still not sold in pharmacies?

As soon as scientists learned about Foot Trooper, well-known medical brands started offering their services to Mr. Durham. But he refused to work with them. The fact is that he developed the product for casual people. And under a well-known brand, such a spray would cost a lot of money. Evan Durham’s team decided that they would not cooperate with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains and implemented Foor Trooper on their own. Thanks to this policy, the fungus super spray is now available to everyone.

Foot Trooperproduction

Foot Trooperproduction

You ask: where can I buy Foot Trooper? For now, only on the official website of the manufacturer. This is done for security purposes, to avoid counterfeiting.

Delivery will take about 2-3 days, but the price will be much lower than it could be in a pharmacy, since there are no transport costs and markups on the goods.

Foot Trooper where to buy, buy online, official website, online order, original – remember: fungus is contagious!

To avoid complications and not infect your loved ones, start treatment at the first signs of excessive sweating of the feet or a fungal infection. Foot Trooper is easy to apply: Apply the product 1-3 times a day in a thin layer on clean and dry affected areas and let the product absorb.

Good news: the first batch of Foot Trooper will be sold with 50% discount. This is due to the fact that the raw materials for production were purchased at discounted prices. Further batches will be sold at full price.

Foot Trooper reviews, forum, opinion


I don’t understand why are they always hiding such things from us? I’ve spent so much money on the treatment of fungus, but I could just buy this spray and stop suffering!


I’ll tell you why – because they will stop making money on us, that’s it. Why sell a really effective remedy that helps after a course, making it unnecessary to buy it once again?


When my husband comes home in the evening, his feet stink terribly. I’m tired of washing the floor in the hallway every day. When I tell him about it, he starts freaking out))) He doesn’t feel it. I bought different deodorants, gels, creams and ointments, to no avail ((I don’t even know what to do.


mine used to sweat too, terribly. My remarks about it ended with a scandal:)

So you’d better buy it and not waste your nerves. Foot Soldier helped a lot. Recommend!


My husband washes his feet as soon as he comes home, but to do this, he has to walk from the door to the bath, and this is past all the rooms! He buys only branded leather shoes, wears socks made of natural materials, uses deodorants and ointments, but there is no sense. We will try this spray…


I used to have the same problem. My feet stank, nails crumbled, feet itched. Fungus got in the way, and the horrible smell killed everyone when I took off my shoes. How about washing your feet and changing your shoes? It does not help! Like the drugs from pharmacies, I tried everything. But Foot Soldier helped me forget this problem once and for all. Hopefully, scientists were told to help the military, and they did it. they could only earn on us…


Girls are lucky, they don’t have such problems…


Oh sure! I used to wear both expensive and inexpensive, high-quality and all kinds of shoes, but I still could not deal with this problem, no means helped!!! My feet only dried out, but I did not lose hope. The spray called Foot Soldier was my only salvation. By the way, my friend’s husband advised it to me, he is a former military man and used it when at service. Thanks to him, now I’m not ashamed to take off my shoes at a party. So I recommend it to everyone.


I can confirm that this is the most effective medication ever. I also used it in the army. When I was demobilized and came home, I got a fungus again a year later. And then I saw this article by chance and was very happy. I ordered a couple of packages on the official website with a good discount.


f*ck, they’re always hiding everything from us!!!


I also need to order this spray for my father and son. And my husband, thank you all for the feedback, guys.