Keto Guru UAE what is, price, buy: lose 15 kilos in just 4 weeks without diet and exercise

By | July 30, 2019

What is Keto Guru diet – best slimming product in UAE

Keto Guru review

Want to…

  • feel lighter?
  • get more attention?
  • receive more compliments?

Order Keto Guru and lose weight in 4 weeks! 50% discount this month!

  • contains aminobutyric acid
  • clinically tested and proven effect
  • without saggy breasts or skin
  • product certified in the eu

Keto Guru for weight loss has been developed by important clinical centres for nutrition and health-related nutrients

Keto Guru for weight loss

For a long time I’ve been keeping a close eye on aminobutyric acid – a plant substance used to normalise body weight. And finally the long-awaited discovery has been made – the creation of Keto Guru from aminobutyric acid. According to clinical tests, 97% of tested subjects reduced their weight to the normal level by taking this supplement for 3-4 weeks. As a specialist, I recommend Keto Guru to all those who don’t want to diet or take exhausting exercise.

Faisal Kalaji

an expert in nutrition and healthy eating

How can you change your body with Keto Guru weight-loss fizzy tablets in 28 days? Keto Guru effects

Keto Guru how to use

1 – 7 days

Keto Guru begins to transform “bad” deposits in the body (white lipids) into “good” brown lipids, reducing body volume and weight.

8 – 19 days

Weight loss up to 5 – 7 kg. A nice body figure begins to emerge.

20 – 28 days

Body cleansed and rejuvenated. Weight loss up to 11 – 13 kg. Goals achieved.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your personal data

Why is Keto Guru original so effective?

Keto Guru original

Aminobutyric acid

Deals with mental confusion and lack of concentration during initial stage of ketosis. Helps to relax, reduces nervousness, helps stamina, and improves quality of sleep.

Keto Guru weight-loss fizzy tablets


Fights irritability, nervousness, prevents depression that occurs frequently during keto diet, reduces headaches, and improves concentration.

where to buy Keto Guru


Improves production, reduces fatigue and prevents body stress caused by the diet.

Keto Guru best slimming product

B group vitamins

Maintain body temperature, digestive organs, reduce cholesterol levels and improve fertility.

Keto Guru price


Prevents development of keto flu, stabilises blood pressure, and eliminates muscle fatigue.

Get the ideal figure easily! How to use Keto Guru for weight loss without side effects

  • Dissolve an effervescent tablet in a glass of warm water
  • Take once a day after breakfast
  • Recommended treatment: not less than 30 days

Opinions of those who have achieved the ideal body with Keto Guru

Keto Guru UAE

Nalini, 55 years old, before 89 kilos, now 60 kg.

When I hit 50 years old I was overweight, negative mood and tired skin – a real test of depression. My doctor recommended a phytoestrogen-based hormone therapy for women’s health and also told me about aminobutyric acid in Keto Guru, which is very safe and normalises metabolism. Well, I did not expect the results so fast! Phytotherapy changed me totally and improved my mood. Now everything is different – I feel years younger.

Keto Guru forum

 Latifa 32 years old, I weighed 90 kg, now I’m at 65 kg

I always take natural remedies and supplements, I don’t trust “chemical” products. In a forum for people like me – lovers of everything natural – I found a conversation regarding Keto Guru, an interesting scientific development. After turning 30, I stopped exercising and gained a lot of weight. Yet with Keto Guru I recovered my sports shape very quickly, which was the most important and best gift for my 32nd birthday. My hubby said I look more like a 25-year-old. Yes!

 Wahid, 44 years old, before I was at 95 kg, now I’m 70 kilos!

I don’t generally believe much in natural remedies, but the scientific reasoning convinced me and I tried. I lost 13 kilos – NEVER has something similar happened to me. An incredible remedy. I recommend to anyone.

Beware of fakes!

With the popularity of Keto Guru in the Middle East market, cases of counterfeits at low prices and low quality have increased dramatically. The original and certified Keto Guru is ONLY available at our website. Do not save on your health! Request genuine Keto Guru – as certified by the official supplier in the UAE!

Just 30 effervescent tablets bring noticeable results!

With Keto Guru you can:

  • Go down 2 to 3 clothes sizes
  • Get more attention and compliments
  • Do something that you only dreamed about before!

Order Keto Guru now on the official website and get a 50% discount! Keto Guru price, buy online

Keto Guru buy

Original price: 440 AED

Discount price 220 AED

EXCLUSIVE: New “weight-loss fizzy tablets” are hottest new trend in the UAE. Mother of two from Ajman lost 18 kg in 4 weeks! Keto Guru for weight loss review, comments, forum

Almassa al-Amin reported a sensational story of weight loss. So, our readers, the editors investigate details of the new diet with Keto Guru to find out – is it really this good?!

is exploring a weight loss procedure that becomes more and more popular in the UAE.

Almassa, professional journalist, (Mother’s Health).

In the last three months our readers have gone crazy about new Internet sensation, a natural remedy called Keto Guru. It has helped thousands of women around the world to reduce weight and eliminate belly fat drastically. This revolutionary “holy grail of weight loss” has been championed on several television programs. Keto Guru is 100% natural and truly effective.

Even celebrities such as Vicky Pattison, Jessica Simpson, Ricky Gervais and Jonah Hill have lost weight with these fizzy tablets. Clinically proven results! Quickly burn all stored fat, detox, rejuvenate, and accelerate metabolism. All to prevent the body accumulating fatty deposits in the future.

As it is often found in our investigations into weight loss, this process is generally difficult with only minor or temporary results.

However, after extensive research and interviews with users of Keto Guru we can say this is a BREAKTHROUGH in dietology. Read on to find out why we have dedicated this issue to Keto Guru.

“I lost 12 kilos!” says Sabiyya Buy Keto Guru

Most diets fail because they impose unrealistic restrictions on living. Some say we need to eat a lot of protein, others carbohydrates… In both cases, you are making a fairly important change in your eating habits.

In this special issue we’ll check out this winning weight loss system that doesn’t require dieting or exercise, and, more importantly is completely safe. It’s a true weight loss revolution.

Maybe you’ve already heard about the famous Keto Guru fizzy tablets on TV. They contain aminobutyric acid, magnesium, l-glutamine, B group vitamins, and potassium.

All these ingredients are designed to burn off excess fat and speed up metabolism.

Studies carried out at the prestigious UCLA research centre in Los Angeles on Keto Guru tablets showed that regular use can speed up metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat by 318%.

But after the success of Keto Guru, many counterfeit products appeared on the market – which are completely ineffective and risky.

Yet original Keto Guru has amazing effectiveness and exceeded our wildest expectations. Those using Keto Guru significantly reduced their weight and became more energetic and active. Sceptical? Well we were too when we first heard about these sensational weight reductions and doubted their effectiveness.

So we studied the stories of those who lost weight with Keto Guru. We were especially interested n a fact that these people didn’t change how they lived.

Keto Guru buy online
The result of a diet with Keto Guru: Our readers lost at least 6 kg in just one month!

Marjaana from Al Ain lost more than 18 kg in just 5 weeks using effervescent Keto Guru tablets. In her blog she wrote:

“It was so easy – I didn’t change anything and the fat just melted away…finally, something that works!”

Keto Guru diet

Another comment from Hujja

Once I was selected to try the natural fizzy tablets from Keto Guru, because I decided to lose about 9 kg before my wedding in 3 months. They sent me Keto Guru, and I received it in a couple of days.

I was totally confident about Keto Guru, because it had good results in clinical trials and was approved by research laboratories with strict quality and control. It’s one of the most concentrated and pure products for weight loss in the market.

Keto Guru has been scientifically proven to

  • Normalise hormonal levels;
  • Regularise metabolic processes, strengthen skin, hair and nails;
  • Regulate metabolism, promote better absorption of nutrients;
  • Reduce cholesterol, regulate gastrointestinal tract;
  • Eliminate toxins, burn fat and activate the cell repair process.

I took Keto Guru twice a day dissolved in water for about a month.

My Results : I lost more than 11 kilos in a month – down 3 dress sizes. I’m so happy.

Keto Guru effect

First week:

After a week using the fizzy tablets, I was surprised how quickly they started to work. I also became more energetic and almost did not want to eat – Keto Guru reduces appetite and cravings for sweets.

I felt great.

And most importantly, I didn’t change a single thing in my everyday life. On the 7th day I got on the weighing scales and couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d lost 5 kilos! But I wasn’t too enthusiastic, because I had been told that the first thing lost is body liquid. I waited to see what would happen next…

Second week:

After the second week I became even more energetic, and my mood improved. Another advantage was that I started sleeping well throughout the night. Only 2 kilos remained to be shed, and in only 2 weeks I’d lost 6. That’s when I got that Keto Guru isn’t just an advertising gimmick, but the real deal.

Third Week:

After 3 weeks all my doubts had vanished. I lost another 2 kg. I’d lost all I wanted! Although generally at the end of the third week of dieting the body is tired, with Keto Guru I felt full of energy and stronger. And my digestion improved, and swellings disappeared.

Fourth week:

After the fourth week, the final results were incredible, I’d lost 11 kg per month thanks to Keto Guru . The results are really impressive. On the Mum’s Health editorial board, everyone congratulates me and wants to try it, too! It feels SO GREAT to lose the weight and have so much energy.

Of course, I’ll continue taking Keto Guru for a while, since the remedy contains antioxidants and vitamins that delay ageing and makes the skin absolutely radiant.

I feel so happy with my new slim figure… And the wedding dress fits perfectly!

Keto Guru side effects
I lost 11 kilos in 4 weeks without special diets or exercises.

So if you still doubt the effectiveness of Keto Guru, try it yourself. Our test showed that the results are real. On the editorial board of Mum’s Health we study more than 100 diets a year, and we quickly became convinced that Keto Guru really does work. After our investigation, we are pleased to announce that the test was successful.

Where to buy Keto Guru

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