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By | February 16, 2021

Hi girls!

Today, I decided to tell you what I have written in my personal diary… I do not dare show you my real diary because my handwriting is not so good. So, I will tell you instead. I do not want more followers but I just want to encourage people who are having the same problems that I had before.

Two years ago, my life was very stressful and this finally resulted in depression. I always felt alone, lonely, and sad. My family did not know how to help me. I was taken to a hospital (in my opinion, it was a mental hospital) and I was treated quite well there.

At that time, I did not know why I was depressed but now I know the cause. If you see my before photos, you will understand for sure.

In the past, I did not like my body at all. I was very fat and did not have friends or even boyfriends. This made me hate myself more and more. So, I escaped from the real world and stayed alone. Honestly, I really did hate myself at that time!

How to lose weight – what is Black Latte, effect, comments

My friends at the university bullied me, calling me many horrid nicknames like Dugong or Elephant Princess, something like that. I have been hurt by these nicknames throughout my life and I felt really bad.

I stayed in the hospital for about 2 months and then I returned home. However, I still had to go and see the doctor every week for a follow-up. That was okay because I could tell the doctor anything on my mind. This doctor was very smart. Having talked to him a few times, he realised my real problem. He told me that my mental problems were caused by my body. Becoming more confident with my body shape, my mental problems would be solved. With the change in my attitude, my thoughts would change accordingly. In fact, I did know the cause of my problems and I did know that I had to lose weight!

I started to lose weight seriously. I tried every method I knew and could do, such as jogging, weight training, and diet. However, this just made me tired and it was all in vain. One day, I met my old friend Blessing and we talked to each other a lot, including about my efforts on weight loss and my mental issues.

Why do I mention Blessing about my weight loss – Black Latte official website?

That’s because I was stunned when I met Blessing. She has changed a lot! Today, Blessing is very slim with a 61 cm waist, great buttocks, and beautiful long legs like an actress on TV. When she’s talking, all the men just stare at her.

We walked and talked. On the way, we stopped at Sifamart because I wanted to get a soft drink and some crisps (I will not mention its brand because I am not paid for this advertisement (just kidding!!!). What surprised me was that Blessing also bought the same things (soft drink and crisps are not good for weight loss, right???). I was more doubtful about why Blessing is still in perfect shape although she eats a lot.

After asking her for a long time, Blessing told me her secret – that she takes Black Latte every day. I have never heard of this product before. Blessing said that this is the product for weight loss. We can still eat whatever we want but our bodies will be in shape. At first, I thought that Blessing was joking with me because this sounded impossible. I hesitated but why would Blessing lie to me? Today, she is beautiful and good-humoured. In contrast, I look like an angry and moody walrus. I was so confused and did not know whether I should believe in Blessing and whether I should try this product.

I had nothing to lose. In the worst-case scenario, my mother might just scold me. So, I decided to order Black Latte… 14 days later, I had lost 22.5 kg! I was shocked and could not believe that this was for real! My fat has disappeared rapidly even though I still eat whatever I want.

You can guess even though I do not tell you. After losing 22.5 kg, I feel much more confident and in a better mood. I dare to go out socialising and the best thing is that I have even been flirted with by the opposite sex!

Healthy weight loss – Black Latte original, price, forum

Let me explain more about the product I use. Black Latte not only gets rid of excessive weight and wastes from the body but it can also reduce stress. This product is made from a variety of natural extracts that mutually enhance its efficiency. Black Latte contains charcoal which prevents fat absorption from food and fat accumulation in the body; coconut milk which stimulates the metabolism; L-carnitine which destroys and eliminates excessive subcutaneous fat including the signs of cellulitis; and Omega-3 which increases the level of Leptin, the hormone responsible for burning body fat. All of these ingredients have outstanding properties for weight loss. For the best results, it is recommended you drink Black Latte once a day in the morning.

I am so happy with my new figure. I have also uploaded my photos for you so that you can see how wonderfully Black Latte works. I am very happy to have found this product.

By the way, please be warned. Now, there are a lot of fake products on the market. To avoid this, you must order the product from the official Black Latte website only. And here is the link I have talked about!

Good luck to you all!

And see you again!

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I can say briefly that Black Latte really works! It helps reduce my appetite!


Upon reading about Black Latte, I tried to find more information and also asked for advice from my mother. I was shocked because my mother took this product for 2 months. That’s why she looks very slim now. My mother also told me that one of our relatives took it too and lost about 9 kilograms.


Many thanks. I feel more encouraged now! I ordered the product and cannot wait to receive it!


I have heard about Black Latte for a while. Many people say that they can lose weight with the help of this product. I have already ordered it.


My personal trainer recommended that I take Black Latte before meals for fast results. I will tell you my results and the weight I lost in the next 2 weeks.


My story is similar to one of the other women. I am a teacher. Previously, my students preferred to call me Teacher Nyangumi (Whale). Now, everything has changed. Five years ago, I decided not to be Teacher Nyangumi anymore. I tried everything e.g. exercises, weight training, and diet but in vain like the post author. I finally found Black Latte.

Black Latte Believe it or not? I lost 13 kg in only 13 days! I am on top of the world. Now, I have become Teacher Ngosi (Skinny). So happyyyy! Keep fighting everybody. I will encourage you all!


Me, I like workouts. I just drink Black Latte because after I got a new job, I did not have time for exercising. And then, I inevitably gained weight! I take Black Latte once a day and it really helps!


I agree with all of you! The most important thing is our mental attitude. When we love ourselves, nothing else matters!


Hi Everyone! I am a nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the field. I think that Black Latte is rich in several extracts that can wonderfully promote weight loss such as charcoal, L-carnitine, and Omega-3. This product is therefore really great! Recommended!


I ordered this product last night. But no one called me back 🙁 🙁 🙁 I waited for several hours!

Black Latte (Tanzania)

Hi Dayana! We apologise that we did not contact you due to overwhelming demand. Now, the problem has been fixed. Please order the product again today. Our staff will call you back for confirmation of your order. Please do kindly accept our apology for this inconvenience.

Sincerely Yours, Marketing Officer of Black Latte (Tanzania).


My friend always takes this product. She has a perfect shape with the help of Black Latte. That’s all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


This product is really awesome! I can lose weight with it! I have taken this product for 2 months. Now, my figure is incredibly great. Just look at my photo:


I ordered Black Latte from the Black Latte official website as a birthday gift for my Mum. Now, she has lost approximately 29 kilograms in just 17 days! My Mum is so happy.


I have heard that many people lose weight rapidly after taking Black Latte. But is there any possible danger?

Black Latte (Tanzania)

Hi Mwasity! Black Latte is really safe for your health as it contains only natural extracts with clinically-proven tests and nutrition standards from a private nutrition centre. More than that, Black Latte has passed actual tests conducted among 100 volunteers who had excessive weight problems and could not lose weight by any other method. From the tests, it was very obvious that all 100 volunteers could lose weight rapidly without any health-related side effects. The only thing you should be aware of fake products.

Sincerely Yours, Marketing Officer of Black Latte (Tanzania).


Thank you so much!

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