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By | May 21, 2019

What is Xtraman

  • penis enlargement up to 40%
  • fixed penetration
  • raising sensations
  • sexy size

Actual penis enlargement 40% up to

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Doctors’ opinions about Xtraman

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There are very few people aware of the official statistics because penis surgery is a taboo issue not to be addressed publicly. There are 10,000 men in the Middle East who annually increase the size and length of their penis through surgery. We always warn that these surgeries expose them to health risks, since a network of nerve fibers penetrates the penile cavities. And when these cavities are damaged, some risks arise, including loss of feeling, painful erection and infertility.

Compared to surgery, Xtraman do not cause any serious side effects. It stimulates the body to accumulate fatty tissue in the penis in a natural way.

Rachid Al Maghrabi


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The most sensitive part of the vagina is located at a depth of 2-3 cm. So the size of the penis plays a crucial role in satisfying the woman’s desire, not the length, as everyone thinks. The bigger and more solid your penis is, the more your wife will be satisfied.

Moreover, the biggest penis stimulates the clitoris during sexual intercourse, thus enhancing the feeling and the effect of reaching orgasms several times.

Sayed El Nashar

Sexuality Expert

People who have already tried Xtraman – feedback, comments

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Where to buy Xtraman original Singapore at the best price – official website

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Sexual health: doctors and urologists revealed the most effective way to penis enlargement! Original Xtraman review

Which penis size is normal?

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Today, I’d like to discuss a very important but sensitive topic, penis enlargement. Every day, I receive many questions from both men and women, interested in knowing which penis size can provide multiple orgasms. Is 15 cm enough? Should the penis be enlarged? Or what to do when you are not satisfied with its size? And so on.

In order to prepare myself for this discussion, I consulted with many doctors, such as sexual health doctors, surgeons, gynecologists, and urologists. I learned penis size statistics and talked to dozens of men and women. Of course, I was hoping to put this touchy subject aside and say that size doesn’t matter, but love does. However, the fact is that penis size really matters!

Intense orgasms in women depend on stimulation of the G and A spots in the vagina. The G-spot is located on the upper vaginal wall. Men should have a thick penis to stimulate this spot. The main spot, which is the A, lies deep in the vagina and the penis should be long enough. Sadly, small penises can’t reach this spot, so women won’t be able to have intense multiorgasms.

xtraman supplement side effects

Let’s talk about sizes. Which size is normal? We can’t say which is normal, but we can talk about the average penis size.

16-18 cm: this is the average size of an erect penis. I imagine several men sigh in relief at this knowledge, but women would like to have something more to play with…

18-20 cm: this size can be considered as the big one. Men with a penis like this can be proud. Women whose husbands or partners have a penis this big have no problem with orgasms.

Over 20 cm: this size is quite large. Although several guys brag about having a big penis, this size is very unusual. Less than 1% of men have it. However, these guys are real heartbreakers and the reason for gossip among the ladies.

14-16 cm: this is the satisfactory penis size. Despite the word “satisfactory”, it’s usually very difficult to satisfy a woman with this size. However, from a medical point of view, this size is completely normal.

12-14 cm: this size is considered small. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to satisfy a woman with this size. In this case, men should consider penis enlargement.

Less than 12 cm: if the penis is less than 12 cm when erect, it’s defined as a micropenis. Girls usually make fun of it and tell funny stories about the guys with this size. In this case, one shouldn’t wait for a miracle, but for modern ways to solve this problem.

What could men do about a small penis? Of course, they shouldn’t be depressed or ignore the problem, but solve it. Today, there are two methods that can improve your sexual activity.

original xtraman

1st method: surgery Today most medical centres offer this service. But it has some disadvantages, such as the risk of penile damaged, erectile dysfunction or severe pain for 2-3 months after the procedure, which is performed under general anaesthesia.

2nd method: at home This method includes the use of special creams. According to the sexual health doctors and urologists I talked to, Xtraman.

is the most effective way to enlarge the penis, starting today. How does it work? Apply a little gel to the penis before sex or masturbation. You will immediately feel a great erection. You’ll also notice that your penis gets bigger right after the first use. After applying this gel, your penis will be 3-5 cm larger. With the regular use of this gel (for no less than one month), you will keep the result. In this way, after the course of use of Xtraman, your penis will keep its new size.

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I was surprised that even the National Medical University of Urology conducted a test of Xtraman, with more than 100 male volunteers. All of them had micropenises and were not satisfied with their sizes. Even scientists are interested in solving this problem, which means that the issue is very important. The following comments were made about the results of the 2-month research study on Xtraman:

  1. Penis enlargement: the size of the erect penis increased by 3-5 cm. We refer to the long-term effect of the gel, which was observed at the end of the month.
  2. Intense orgasm: men have more intense orgasms, due to the increased sensitivity of the penis and libido.
  3. Longer intercourse: The duration of intercourse significantly increased. This is very important since premature ejaculation deprives women of the pleasure of sex.
  4. Potent erection: arousal comes quickly; consistent erection is maintained throughout intercourse.
  5. Penis increases in girth: thanks to a fast and full erection, the penis girth increases, which helps to satisfy women by stimulating the G-spot.
  6. Sperm quality: the quantity and quality of ejaculated sperm at the end of the intercourse improves.

It’s not available through pharmacies and won’t be in the future. Please beware of fakes! I was granted a special discount from the manufacturer for my readers, so if you’re worried about this problem, you can solve it now! Give yourself and your partner a chance to enjoy your sex life.

Meets ISO 9001 standards

xtraman side effects

I’m Dr. Yeoh and I want to tell you about a scientific way to enlarge the size of your penis and the surrounding tissues. The purpose of this method is obvious: your penis will increase in length and girth, erections will last longer, you will improve the quality of your sexual life and make your girl orgasm 5 times. I will show you results and medical evidence to prove that this product can increase the size of your penis and also increase the erection time by up to 30-40 minutes.

Regardless of whether it’s the first time or the 10th time you’re trying to overcome this problem, I have good news for you about enlarging your penis.

If you’ve ever tried to enlarge your penis, you’ll know that the extenders and pumps are useless and that the outcome will be still as embarrassing as before. But I’ll help you solve this problem and every time you drop your pants in front of a girl, there will be no issues.

On the contrary, if this is your first time trying to increase your virility, you are choosing the right way to overcome your shyness and make women want you. Because they will love your “weapon” and want to play with it.

You will save thousands of dollars buying medicines that claim to be able to increase the penis size but which are actually useless.

I want to show you the real picture of John, my assistant, who has enlarged his penis by 6.4 cm and increased his sexual stamina by 32 minutes.

Here is John’s results after his 4 weeks course of treatment:

xtraman where to buy
  • He has increased his penis by 6.4 cm with no pumps or extenders.
  • The girth of his penis got 63% thicker and he can have sex 5 times in a row.
  • His penis can get hard as a rock when erect and wanting sex.
  • Erection lasts longer, thus increasing your partners’ satisfaction.
  • Libido, as well as the amount of testosterone will increase, and also the energy and stamina in bed.

John’s results are not a magic. Xtraman reviews

The results have been proven by various medical experiments. They measured the testosterone levels, as well as the quantity and the size of tissues of the volunteers’ male organs before and after the treatment. Ultimately, they repeated the process but with more people. Positive results were achieved not only among volunteers, but also among real customers. They all have very moving stories to share.

xtraman reviews

With Xtraman , my penis became stronger.

No more sparks in bed? After using this product, I really don’t have time for fatigue. I am 38 yrs old, with a 20.3 cm penis and it looks like my sex drive is coming back!

I’m sick of other useless brands, but this is an effective one. All my friends and I have tried it. After the first package, I’ve never regretted trying it.

But I bought it at a wrong moment since it wasn’t discounted.

Azwan, 34 years old

xtraman what is

You need to have this!

Xtraman is a great solution to get a stronger penis. If you take it, you’ll be full of energy and always up to have sex. You will be awesome and unforgettable. With a size of 19.6 cm, nobody can refuse it. One vote for this product!”

Roger, 31 years old

xtraman opinion

How can a man be happy with only a 10 cm “gun”???

It’s a tragedy. I’m always shy when talking to women and I’ll feel so embarrassed if they laugh at me while we’re having sex.

I read about this product in a fitness forum. I decided to try it because they promised a 100% refund if I’m not satisfied, so I had nothing to lose.

The result: My gun shot up by 7.1 cm and I’m no longer depressed. I’m not only satisfied with the results, I am super happy!

All of the girls will get wet when they see my “super boy.”

I am glad that I managed to order the product when it was available at a discount, because the offer will end soon.

Norman, 23 years old

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My wife wants to sleep with me now

I won’t lie but I felt bad when my wife said she didn’t want to sleep with me and although she finally gave in, I could see in her eyes that she seemed to be forced to do it.

Eventually, I decided to use this product because I didn’t have to follow a strict diet or any exercise, so I didn’t have to change my lifestyle.

Thanks to Xtraman , my penis became 6 cm bigger and sex is longer now. Now, I can make her orgasm at least 5 times when we have sex and I can also see how happy she is.

Azizi, 47 years old

xtraman feedback

It works!

I don’t have the problem of a too small penis, since it’s 18.2 cm long. But I’m not going to lose anything if I try, right? And now, I’m surprised looking at my size cause it’s 23.4 cm! I’m a real giant! I don’t even think that Africans have a big cock like mine. It’s hard to find pants that suit me, but all the girls love me very much.

I couldn’t believe that it would grow so big. But it is still growing, the result is amazing.

Billy Lee, 26 years old

How to increase the size of your penis by 6.4 cm and make your erection last longer using a scientific way? How to use Xtraman

You may not understand because you have a 10 cm penis and you still feel ashamed when your partner sees it. So you have to increase your penis and make your partner orgasm 5 times during intercourse.

It’s easy, you just take this product, about 3-5 fizzy tablets for 5-15 days. Then live your life as usual and you’ll feel that your erection is a bit different. You don’t have to change your diet, don’t need pumps or do some special exercise. Your male organ will generate erectile tissue to grow larger.

The process is not a magic, it’s a scientific way. With the above-mentioned scientific method, all the special blend functions will help your penis increase rapidly, increase testosterone, make blood vessels thicker, and improve blood circulation and libido.

Your penis will grow bigger 6.4 cm as an average. Instead of feeling a lack of confidence, you will be full of passion, sex drive and will be ready for anything.

Say goodbye to your limits! Now, it will be very strong and ready to give pleasure during sex EVERY TIME and everywhere.

Each sexual encounter will end with an orgasm. The fake satisfaction will end and the fear will disappear. She will be able to receive multiple orgasms…

xtraman review

The most important reason why you need to order Xtraman immediately – no side effects

Now you know that you’ve found a solution to your embarrassing problem and lack of confidence in bed due to a small penis. I know what it’s like because I had experienced it before and I tried various methods many years ago. But now I’m asking you, have you tried Xtraman?

I’m asking this because I want you to know the potent effect of this product.

According to the trial results, the formula in this product is natural and free of side effects. It contains herbs and precious herbs extracts. The result of the blend was demonstrated in laboratories of many countries and received reviews from many customers. All the plants included in the formula have been used for thousands of years in many world locations for the same purpose: to increase the male power by enlarging the penis size. The formula is patented and can not be disclosed, but here are some of the main ingredients,”

xtraman price

1st ingredient Guarana

It’s the most important ingredient to make the blood vessels larger and increase the size of the penis. This natural substance widens the veins so that it can carry more blood to the penis. It will increase and improve the erectile tissue. With regular use, you can increase the size of the penis by up to 73.4%.

2nd ingredient Damiana

It is used as an essential oil in Xtraman because of its unique properties. It provides a lot of oxygen that can increase the transfer of nutrients to erectile tissues thinning the blood, while also increasing the production of testosterone and thus, making the penis grow bigger. Thanks to this, your libido will soar, you will produce more quality sperm, and your partner will feel the difference.

3rd ingredient Burdock extract – the so-called African Viagra.

Burdock extract can increase the sensitivity of the penis, which guarantees that you will have a strong erection and can last up to 30-40 minutes for a longer lasting sex.

4th ingredient Ginseng root extract – increases libido

Ginseng has been used over the past few centuries in traditional medicine in China and India, for many purposes, including to increase energy. It also improves erections and increases the duration of sex. It can also increase blood circulation in the penis, making erections happen faster and better, so that your penis won’t play a bad joke on you, when you need it most. You will easily make your partner achieve orgasm multiple times.

It can save you problems in sexual relationships.

There is evidence confirming that the first results will appear immediately, quicker than the time you need to read this text. But I’m 100% confident that your penis will not increase if you do not use it NOW. You have to make the most important decision. Perhaps you doubt and the information seems to be too good to be true, but you can have a satisfying sexual life and your penis can grow about 6.4 cm bigger or even more.

Believe it or not, there is still a scientific way to solve your problem… It doesn’t matter if you have used other products before this or not. It doesn’t matter if your partner ever reached orgasm or not. Xtraman is a safe and proven economical solution for penis enlargement. But in the end, you have to make a decision.

Do you want to be like any other guy who can boast their “20cm” weapon?

I have explained everything about the method. You know the way and the effect because all of the real customers have reported it. I know that it’s quite difficult to take the first step towards enlarging your penis and improving your sexual life. That is why I want to do something special for you. I am giving you a special offer. I want to eliminate all the risks for using Xtraman. You just use it and I will take care of the rest. My offer is below:

Try Xtraman supplement like I did! Xtraman uses

I’m a scientist, so I know how many men are affected by the feeling of embarrassment and the issues that they face in their lives. Unfortunately, I can’t make your penis larger by itself or give your partner an orgasm under your name. What I can do for you is to give you the best option. That’s why I recommend this, there’s no lies here.

Those who have used Xtraman and didn’t achieve the results as promised, will be able to get 100% of their money back, no excuse. This is a guarantee from the manufacturer of the product – so you do not have to worry at all! In 30 days, your penis will increase by at least 6.4 cm and you can make your partner orgasm 5 times.

If Xtraman doesn’t work, I suggest that you go see a doctor to check if your penis is okay. If you do not have any serious problems in erectile tissue structure, then nothing can prevent you from achieving the best result. Absolutely nothing can prevent it!

Do you think you can find a safer solution? Remember that the stock is limited. This is a special offer and it will not happen again, so you have to ORDER IT NOW!


Hi. Sorry for posting no fresh stories for so long. But I had good reasons for that. My dear readers, I must tell you that your expectation was worth it…

Today I want to tell you a short story of how I found the solution to my terrible erection problem and how I made my erection iron hard.

I must say that if somebody expects that I’m going to write about operations, tablets and other stuff like that, you’ll be disappointed. I’m going to tell you about a totally safe method which has little to do with traditional medicine.

The moment of truth

I’ve already written many times about epic fails of my “little friend”. Unfortunately, I must admit that when I turned 47 my potency began to degrade rapidly. Initially those are small failures which happen sometimes. You can be god in the bedroom tonight but next night you are nothing but an old man.

When I got closer to the age of 50 I completely lost myself as a man.

Awkward pauses during intercourse with my wife became more frequent (by the way, she is 12 years younger than me and certainly she wasn’t ready for this turn of events). I began taking medications which could improve my erection like Viagra and other similar staff. However, they don’t provide you with a durable effect and can also be harmful to your heart. Therefore, I took them only on “special occasions”.

Potency issues lasted for nearly 4 years by then and I clearly remember the night when I firmly decided to do something as it couldn’t remain like that any longer. Either my penis will be iron hard or I will not be a man any more.

It was our 20th anniversary… We went to the restaurant where I proposed to her. It was like in a romantic film. Flowers, expensive campaign (I can afford it), her wearing a gorgeous dress and me in my suite… I think everyone understands how this evening was supposed to end. But I failed. Here was my life lying naked in our bed. Pretty and passionate as 20 years ago. And as lustful as many years ago. I don’t like telling all the details of my sex life. Briefly speaking, I had no erection. Even after a blowjob. The idea that it was the end went through my mind. Completely disappointed, I stood up and went to sleep to another bedroom without saying a word. It lasted for 4 years. But it wasn’t a reason to break up with my wife considering that it was ME who had problems. To be honest, I was more afraid of the idea that she could walk away from me to a younger man.

I had to keep up with my young wife. I had to do everything to make her happy.

I needed to find a solution…

Lying on the sofa in our living room I felt enraged and disappointed by the injustice in my life. I said to myself, I AM A MAN. ANY problem can be SOLVED. It means that I WILL BE LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION to my impotency issue.

I spent several hours on various relevant forums and read about things like tablets, warming ointments (I nearly died of laughing. It was said that you had to rub some ointment in your penis and it would start warming it up triggering your arousal. I knew that ointments which act similar to the cream for joints burn so much that you’d feel you were in hell!!!), and so on. I didn’t trust it all.

When I was ready to go to bed I visited a well-known porn site (with a bald guy. Those who know him must understand what website I’m talking about). I thought that the website can help me to get hard as it used to do when I was a bit younger. I noticed that this bald bloke was advertising some fizzy tablets called Xtraman. He claimed that all porn actors use it, especially the older ones. He said that you would get an instant erection + it would remain iron hard for at least an hour. I thought that a popular guy would never tout some shoddy. Thinking that finding nothing would be a waste of time, I ordered these fizzy tablets. I had nothing to lose anyway.

After several days Xtraman package was delivered to me. I paid for it (it wasn’t a blow to the budget at all. My wife didn’t even notice that I paid for it from our joint account). I hoped that Xtraman would provide me with the desired result. I read tips on the forum and learned that the fizzy tablets could be taken 30 minutes before having sex (your cock becomes erected instantly, just can start fucking straight away, etc.) as your blood circulates constantly and Hammer of Thor makes this process 20 times more intense.

The solution had been found!

Next morning I decided to test the fizzy tablets. I drank coffee, ate scrambled eggs and took a Xtraman fizzy tablet with water. In 15 minutes I literally felt a powerful blood flow to my penis and how it raised it!

After 20 minutes I had iron-hard erection. Enough to hoist the sail and take the sea.

how to use xtraman

Of course, I decided not to miss an opportunity to please my honey. I went straight to our bedroom and woke her up with awesome sex.

To put it mildly, she didn’t expect it. And what she didn’t expect even more was my IRON-HARD erection! It nearly made a hole in my underpants! We had great sex… for the first time in over 4 years. I fucked her for about two hours. In various positions. We both felt young again.

I fucked her once and decided that it wasn’t enough. We kept enjoying our sex. My wife was exhausted by this hot morning and lay in the bed in ecstasy. And I was happy with myself, my hard erection and the first great sex after so many years.

Xtraman fizzy tablets totally changed my life. I kept taking them for 11 days. Currently I’m not taking the fizzy tablets at all but I have stable hard-on both in the morning and when I just touch my honey-pumpkin.

I no longer feel useless. I’m a good husband of my wife and make her happy. Every time after we have sex I see her face glowing with happiness. It appears to be that at almost 51 I still can impress my wife with something.

Attention: porn industry “burned” as a result of the potency product

The hype began with the opening of the famous British porn studio “Brothers”. The company fell into the spotlight after the male enhancement fizzy tablets appeared in one of the commercials with porn star John S. Xtraman . Obviously, the actor simply forgot to hide the product after using it . So, the compromising image was uploaded and soon spread all over the Internet as a meme.

However, jokes apart. But this puts the porn industry in general under attacks. Now it turns out that a huge penis and a 2-hour erection are not always a gift of nature, but the result of a product.

For example, look at the career of the same John C’s. Over his 39 years in the industry, he starred in more than 700 adult films. Despite the impressive experience, his potency is as if he was a 20-year-old guy, and the size of his penis is 19 cm! Needless to say, he is still one of the most demanded actors in the world porn industry.

Be that as it may, the story with the “Brothers” became the beginning of the quest among viewers of porn under the title: “Find a fault in the image”. We asked our readers if they had encountered such provocative moments when watching such videos. As a result, they collected more than two dozen frames with the participation of different actors. The examples follow.

Rocco D. – hot guy from England with a fortune of £10 million nicknamed “multi-charge penis.” Rocco join the industry as a 24-year-old bloke. It’s hard to believe, but he is now 55 and still starring in adult films and is famous for his titanic endurance and abundant ejaculation. But now you know how he does it!

And this guy is 60! He has a solid professional experience and an erection like a youngster – that’s how one could describe Ryan J. The actor has done over 2000 porn films . A bit more and he will be in the Guinness Book of Records. His huge 22 cm penis, helped Ryan break into the industry. Now he owns his own porn studio. He is a director and is still acting in films for adults. So, age in this business is not an obstacle! Especially if it is possible to use the modern achievements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dan M. from Britain is a former rugby player. After an injury, Dan left the sport and decided to fulfill his dream: to have sex with hundreds of beautiful and hot women and get a lot of money for it. And he did it! Dan M. is known not only to fans of hetero and gay porn. The actor has never concealed his bisexual preferences. But in order to have a quality sex with men and women (and sometimes both at the same time!), extraordinary sexual performance is need, which are given to very few people by nature. See?! Xtraman It has rescued users more than once.

As you can see, the product is impressive and has debunked the myth of the super-power of porn actors. And while we did it, it became obvious that the sex industry is holding on to the erection and penis enlargement product. We asked the well-known porn director Bill Kenwid to comment on this situation.

xtraman official website

I will not deny that most actors use special stuff. This is a professional necessity. Yes, there is a certain list of products we trust most. But most often we use the one that appeared in videos. It has a quick effect: a long erection, a noticeable increase in the penis size and no side effect. This is what matters most for us.
Bill Kenweed, porn director

Let us clarify that the director had in mind a product called Xtraman . Now it will definitely become scarce. It became obvious that porn actors are ordinary men who just got a “magic wand”. Now millions of guys will want to get this miracle tool and arrange an improvised porn studio at home. So if one of our readers also wants to be a porn actor, here is the link to the store where Xtraman is sold . Good luck!

Xtraman the best virility booster! All you need to make women go crazy about you

  • Libido boost
  • Improvement of erectile function
  • More sensitivity during the intercouse, longer and more powerful orgasms

Sexual drive similar to the Nordic Gods

XTRAMAN’s effect is fast and perfect.

xtraman uses

The world-renowned urologist (specialist in the field of male virility) about using Xtraman:

Supplement for potency XTRAMAN, which has been proven effective for enhancing sexual desire among people in various age groups, is a very organic product. Providing all of the vitamins and micro elements required, it activates the natural production of male hormone called testosterone. XTRAMAN restores erectile function easily, quickly and for a long time.

xtraman how to use

ATTENTION! Xtraman fake products have become more frequent! The original product can only be purchased here on the official website! Using fake products made of low quality ingredients, you may experience severe allergic reactions!

The root causes of virility decline:


As we get older, the effect of essensial for men hormone called testosterone is reduced. In addition, cardiovascular system function gets worse, which also directly affects the erection.


Our life in modern society is full of stress which adversely affects our entire body. Stress may deplete the energy supply and disrupt the psychological mechanism of erection.

Unhealthy diet

Improper diet consisting of much fat, preservatives and often carcinogenic substances may result in poor health, bad heart and blood vessels condition and obesity, as well as directly affect virility. In many cases, frequent drinking and smoking make the situation worse.


Chronic diseases also have a significant impact on erectile function. Some of the diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases directly affect reproductive organs and disrupt both the physical and psychological processes necessary for good potency.

Noticeable results within 3-5 days!

xtraman original singapore

We give a safety guarantee and 100% protection

xtraman supplement side effects

True stories

original xtraman

98 SGD


49 SGD

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