Stability 24 Singapore uses, price, buy: use electrical appliances as before and pay half as much!

By | October 18, 2019

Stability 24 significant savings! What is Stability 24 for energy saving, how to use, official website

 It reduces the current consumption of electrical appliances, thus making the meter spin slower and consequently reduces your monthly electricity bills! With Stability 24 you can pay for the power 30-50%

Stability 24 price

Advantages of Stability 24

  • Simple in use. Just plug it into a socket!
  • You are not fooling the meter. The savings are achieved through a more efficient energy use.
  • The effectiveness of the device is confirmed by numerous studies and has a scientific explanation.
  • It does not only save electricity, but also prolongs the life of appliances.
  • It reduces harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by the appliances wiring.
  • Fully paid off within 1-2 months.

Areas of use of Stability 24

 Stability 24 is widely popular in Europe. According to statistics, every second European family owns Stability 24. Now this unique device can be bought in our country!

  • apartment or private houses
  • offices
  • fitness centres and beauty salons
  • shops
  • cafes and restaurants
  • mechanics shop

Reviews on Stability 24 original – comments and opinions, feedback

how to use Stability 24

“It is quite something! I was very much surprised by the device. To be honest, I did not really believe what I read, but after a month of use, no doubts were left, with Stability 24 I do save and quite a big deal. Thank you! I recommend your site to my friends.”


Stability 24 official website

«Thank you for the high-quality product. I bought a saver like this in the past, but it was useless, and after 2 weeks it stopped working. I was seduced by the low price. After that, I bought it here. Last month I paid 40,89 SGD instead of usual 58,42 SGD. I saved 30%. We used all usual appliances, as before. Happy!»


Stability 24 uses

“Perfect solution for apartments and office. I bought it for both and now paying almost 29,21 SGD less each month. If I keep it for a full year I will save 350,52 SGD. Even though I do not really see the point in making savings, I think you should not pay for what you don’t use. Why waste money?”


Stability 24 how to use

Good and useful device. Electricity cost doesn’t seem so high after we bought it. The device paid itself off in 2 months, now we only benefit from it.

 Amy Nian

How to use original Stability 24

Stability 24 singapore

Plug the device into any power outlet.

Start saving on electricity bills right now, using a unique device – Stability 24.

Your home power network is protected from reactive energy

Your home power network is protected from reactive energy, electrical appliances consume less energy. Physics teaches us that energy can be active and reactive. Active energy is useful and it is used by electrical appliances to work. Reactive energy is “incidental and unnecessary.” It runs over the wire and creates additional load on the network. As a consequence, it increases your consumption and also generates many harmful electromagnetic fields.

Save on electricity bills

Monthly bills will be 10-15% smaller than they used to be without Stability 24.

Energy saver removes the reactive element of the network, thereby reducing the load and as a result, the current consumption. Electrical appliances consume less energy thus reducing the cost.

Technical specifications of Stability 24

  • Designed for a standard electrical network in an apartment or a house.
  • Maximum humidity: 85% (not to be installed in bathrooms and swimming pools).
  • Load capacity: 5 kW – 19 kW (one device is sufficient for the whole apartment).
  • Weight: 170 grams with packaging, 125 grams – without packaging.
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 1,5 inch.
  • Warranty period – 1 year

Where to buy Stability 24, official distributor in Singapore, price

Stability 24 for energy saving

50% OFF

Old price: 98SGD

New price: 49 SGD

How to make electricity meter twice slower and reduce 50% of electricity cost legally. Stability 24 review, uses

A method to save as much as 2 – 2.5 times on electricity bills was discovered. It will help a lot of people save money on power.

We have asked an electrician who has 25 years of experience – Wahban Jafari

Stability 24 original

Electricity price keeps increasing. We all know it will be fake if it happens! In other words, it does not make sense.

Long ago, in my house I used a magnet to force the electricity meter to stop or even turn back. I think you’ll agree that all families use a tremendous number of electric appliances such as computers, washing machines; kids need a lot of light and other power-consuming equipment. I’m always looking for new tips to save energy but most of them are illegal.

However, the main point is that my family has 2 air-conditioners. When we turn them on, the electricity bill becomes almost as big as my salary. But no one could think of a life without an air-conditioner. There seemed to be no way out for this matter. We can’t live without the air-conditioner. But if we use it, there’s no money left for food!

One day, I installed an electricity meter for my neighbor. I came over every two days and he always had to fix something. Thinking of the day he has to pay electricity bill, I felt sorry for him. However, in 2 days, it was 700 WATTS only!

I asked him and he revealed that he was using a special device – Stability 24.

This device helps reduce electricity consumption based on some basic physics principles.

I even felt ashamed for not knowing about it before.

I started to look for the explanation of its operation on the Internet and found a detailed article by a famous scientist. All my doubts went away.

This device is compact and simple. You just need to plug it into the nearest socket from the meter and it will work immediately. It is impossible for you to buy this device in stores because a simple saver like this will do harm to the electricity provider! This method is totally legal. Furthermore, we are paying high tax, so we can allow ourselves to save a little bit.

I spent a lot if time searching for a reliable website. You can order Stability 24 here. 100% safety, pay at delivery.

I instantly bought 3 devices: for my house, my parents’ and my elder brother’s.

I do not want to waste my money. It is better to use the savings for my dear wife and kids.

I hope that you can save as much as a half of your previous electricity bills, just like me!

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