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By | June 26, 2020

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What is Ifocus, how to use, ingredients, benefits, effect, comments, order, price

  • Relieves tension and pain in the eyes in 5 minutes
  • Restores 99% of vision during the 1st course
  • Prevents the development of eye diseases and weakening of vision

Is your vision getting worse every day? Ifocus effect, use

Ifocus ingredients

The main condition for normal vision is elasticity of the crystalline lens. Unfortunately, this ability is diminished under the influence of many factors:

  • Age
  • Too much strain on the eyes
  • Various pathological processes (often inflammatory)
  • Insufficient blood supply
  • Myasthenia gravis and muscle weakness

The main cause of poor vision is malfunctioning of the eye muscles!

  • The muscular system focuses the eyes in such a way that the image passing through the eye lens is projected onto the retina.
  • Eye muscle disorder results in insufficient or excessive squeezing of the eyeball.
  • The lens is deformed and the focus is distorted, so you can’t see clearly anymore.

Lenses and glasses will not help. They relax the eye muscles, which leads to their deformation and only exacerbates the problem.

iFocus is an innovative product for restoring vision. Ifocus results, benefits, ingredients

iFocus – is a nutrient complex of natural extracts that have a directional effect in case of vision reduction and completely eliminate the most common diseases of the human eye.

  • Lutein – protects the retina from various outside influences
  • Zeaxanthin – helps keep eye muscles healthy and reduce fatigue
  • Vitamins – improve eye clarity
  • Minerals – strengthen eye capillaries and eye veins

It is the only product that regulates the function of the eyeball muscles, helping to restore the focus and regain clear, bright, and three-dimensional vision.

New technology: eye muscle support. Ifocus effect, benefits

Muscles become stronger and stop deforming the eyeball

  • Relieves inflammation, tension, dryness and irritation,
  • enhances visual acuity, strengthens the retina of the eye,
  • stimulates nerve synapses which provide clear vision,
  • enhances the responsiveness of muscles to stress, reduces and prevents hypertonicity,
  • ensures the proper focus of the eye lens,
  • strengthens capillary blood circulation,
  • eliminates the risk of developing dangerous eye diseases,
  • normalises blood pressure in the fundus of the eye

When do you need iFocus?

  • Poor and low vision
  • Various diseases and pathologies of the visual apparatus
  • Frequent burning feeling, grittiness, redness of the eyes
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses
  • If you have headaches which many regard as migraine or high blood pressure
  • Quick eye fatigue and overall decrease in performance
  • If you have genetic predisposition, your family suffer from vision problems

What did the research show? Ifocus review, about, result

This product was tested by the largest research centers and hospitals in Russia, Germany, and Israel

2.570 volunteers participated in the clinical trials of the product. They all had visual disturbances caused by excessive eye strain or eye diseases. All of them took one iFocus capsule every day for 31 days

  • 100% Red, itchy, sore eyes
  • 99.5% No more tired eyes after working in front of the screen for 8 hours or more
  • 92% Reduced retinal detachment
  • 74% Vision recovers after glaucoma and cataracts level 1-2
  • 92.5% Recovery after corneal keratitis
  • 100% The concentrations of taurine and lutein increased to a healthy level

Expert opinion on Ifocus, result

Ifocus reviews

Over the past few years, the number of people suffering from vision loss increased 18 times. Many of my patients are in panic asking me to prescribe lenses and glasses, although they do not understand that such a measure will further worsen the situation, negatively affecting the human eye.

Today it is possible to solve the problem with medication. Specifically for these purposes, iFocus has been created. I prescribe it to every patient of mine and in 99% cases they are able to enjoy clear and bright vision after just 1 course of treatment.

The product contains a unique blend of ingredients that restore the functioning of the eye muscles and improve the condition of the lens, which are the main factors of good vision.

Combined with eye exercises, this treatment provides assured results in the shortest time possible and helps to avoid surgical intervention.

Vision recovery expert

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS! In order to avoid fakes and poor quality copies purchase the original product on this website only.

Ready to order iFocus? Ifocus price, buy

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Ophthalmologist’s opinion. Ifocus reviews, opinion, comments, forum, result, how to use

Hello, my name’s Abisa!

Ophtalmology is both my profession and my passion. I’ve devoted my entire life to researching and treating eye diseases.

Today I’d like to discuss the ‘hidden enemies’ of our eyes. I’m talking about screens, monitors and displays. They have become our constant companions in life and work. Let’s have a glance at the NHS statistics for 2015-2016. The figures are alarming: the sight of the Indian population has been deteriorating exponentially.

According to the WHO statistics, the number of people with vision problems has increased significantly in recent years in all developed countries. If no action is taken, more than 70% of the Indian population will suffer from vision impairment in the next decade.

Ifocus order

This happens because regular use of smartphones, tablets and computer screens leads to increased strain on the eyes.

The human eye has muscles that control focus. If you stay focused on a screen or smartphone for a long time, these muscles get tired. However, excessive muscle activity is not the main cause of sight loss.

The major factor leading to vision impairment is, in fact, light radiation.

Radiation comes not only from the sun, but also from artificial sources of light such as screens and monitors. It is long-term exposure to such sources of light that leads to retinal dysfunction. Constant stress and exposure to environmental contaminants are among other important factors that determine the alarming sight loss statistics.

what is Ifocus

Your eyes need help!

As statistics show, the eyesight of the Indian population is rapidly deteriorating. Something needs to be done about it ASAP! From my personal experience, no one follows doctors’ recommendations to exercise your eyes, do regular eye tests and give your eyes rest while reading from a computer screen.

People simply disregard this advice, and then they come to me and I have to prescribe them glasses. The whole situation could be prevented at the initial stages, but it’s typical for many people to deal with the consequences rather than to face the causes.

Ifocus ingredients

The solution comes from Europe

Unfortunately, the scale of the problem is global and goes far beyond the India. Luckily, there is an innovative European product designed to help those who spend more than 12 hours in front of a computer.

Created in a modern laboratory in Germany and having rare plants and extracts in its formula, this product has already helped many of my patients. It is called iFocus!

This product that comes in the form of effervescent tablets has become a great alternative to eye exercises and even eye surgery in some cases.

Major breakthrough in eye disease therapy!

I first heard about iFocus at one of the conferences, which I attend regularly to learn about new methods of eye disease therapy. I was surprised to find out that the active ingredients of iFocus include Lutein. I’ll explain why it’s so important.

Lutein and zeaxanthin (which is derived from Lutein) are the predominant carotenoids which accumulate in the retina of the eye.  This area of the eye is responsible for visual acuity. Lutein and zeaxanthin ABSORB the blue part of the visible light spectrum – the one that is most harmful to the eye.

These components neutralise the destructive effect of light when it penetrates the delicate structures of the retina. Recent research studies proved that Lutein deficiency leads to gradual vision deterioration

So when I found out that Lutein was one of the key ingredients of iFocus, I realised that this product could actually protect people from vision impairment and even vision loss.

Ifocus Singapore

Certified in the Singapore. Where to buy Ifocus, price, order

iFocus was launched at the conference last year, and I remember myself thinking, “Will it ever become available in this country?” But to my surprise, the supplement was soon certified for the Singapore market and even went on sale! The only problem is that iFocus isn’t sold in pharmacies, but I managed to find the official website of the company that distributes this medication.

I’m a doctor, you know that, and now I understand why these medications are sold online. The thing is, pharmacies always add a certain margin to product prices. I presume that since this medication is produced abroad, the markup must be at least 50%. So I’m very happy that there’s an official website where I order iFocus for myself. Besides, I provide this link to my patients.

We have a chance to stop this unfortunate tendency of vision deterioration among the Indians, and this chance is given to us by iFocus which you can order online via the link.

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