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By | May 16, 2022

Are you tired of excess weight? Do you fail to lose weight? Or do you tend to regain kilos once you’ve managed to drop them? You want to wear your favourite dress, but can’t ‘fit in’ and buying beautiful clothes is a big problem for you?

‘I’m thankful to those people who called me fat and looked down at me. If it hadn’t been for them, I’d still be a fatso!’ says Amina, who lost 26 kilos. On her path to a beautiful body she tried a whole bunch of various diets, but the simplest method turned out the most effective one. Amina told in details all about this method which also prevents the process of weight regain. Here is her captivating story…

I’ve never been a fragile girl, but excess weight didn’t make me self-conscious. When I met my future husband Abdul, I relaxed, and I came to my senses only when I realized I’d become really fat.

When I met Abdul, I relaxed, and I came to my senses only when I realized I’d become really fat

I’ve been in a relationship with Abdul for more than 7 years, we have two beautiful kids. But until recently we were, as they say it, “living apart together”. Abdul lived in his own apartment, he worked a lot, and visited me occasionally. Then he left again.

From the very beginning of our relationship I constantly waited for him to propose to me. This was my dream!

When will he finally propose? This was my dream!

When I got pregnant for the first time, I thought now we would get married for sure. But no such luck. Abdul kept visiting me, I kept waiting for him…

When our elder son was born, we were very happy. He adopted the baby, surrounded me with care and helped me with everything. I could feel that he loved us, but it was his special way of love.

My son had his second birthday, we decided to have a 2-week trip to the seaside together. The sea, the sun and the sand. I missed vacation so much!

Egypt offered us a nice hotel, warm beach and ‘all included’ meals, it was a perfect option for us.

On the beach I suddenly noticed that Abdul spent a lot of time watching one girl. I said nothing but I just decided to watch him too. At first I thought that he fell in love at first sight. But later he changed the object of his observation and started watching another girl, then another girl, and it never ended!

I was furious! My son and I as though didn’t exist.

Suddenly it struck me that he just liked skinny girls!

I never wanted to look like a jealous fool, that’s why I tried to calm down and analize. I quickly understood that all these girls he’d been watching shared one quality – they were twice slimmer than me! The thought struck me like a thunderbolt. He just likes skinny girls! Maybe that was the underlying reason for his behaviour in our relationship???

I had one photo where he was holding me in his arms looking at yet another ‘skinny girl’, have a look:

Abdul never told me he didn’t like my figure. He never asked me to lose weight, nothing of the kind. But there was no marriage proposal either, the one which I longed for so much.

These thoughts kept me uptight, I coped with the stress thanks to the all-you-can-eat buffet. During those 2 weeks I ate like there were three of me.

Upon my return from vacation, I weighed myself and was shocked. Together with my suntan, I brought from the sunny Egypt 9,5 kilos. I was on the point of having a nervous breakdown.

I started to study the internet searching for slimming topics, but a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant for the second time! My vacation was fruitful in all senses of the word. Obviously, in my condition I stopped thinking about weight loss, my mind was elsewhere…

Anyway, I kept suspecting that Abdul didn’t like me as a woman

I couldn’t stop thinking that Abdul didn’t like me as a woman. I almost decided to do abortion. I’m very glad that Abdul forbade me categorically even to think about it.

So, we had our second baby, another son. The history repeated. Abdul adopted the baby and he surrounded us with care, love and attention. But only when he was around. There wasn’t a single thing that belonged to him in my apartment, apart from his toothbrush, so I kept focusing on children, that was my way of dealing with the situation.

When I stopped breastfeeding, thoughts about losing weight started to torture me again. I couldn’t forget about that vacation, I could see Abdul’s admiring eyes fixed on skinny girls, and nothing changed in our relationship. I still weighed 88 kilos.

I weighed 88 kilos then. So I decided!

So I decided it was time to change! I tried all kind of stuff: diets, maybe, a dozen of them, different fitness programs, body wraps, special massages, etc, etc. All these things either didn’t help at all or helped only temporarily – as soon as weight was gone, it came back in a flash.

I met a girl, Amy, in a pastry, store, she was one of the girls who gave birth in the same maternity hospital together with me when I had my second child. I could hardly recognize her, she used to be half as much bigger than me and now she was almost 3 times smaller than after the delivery!!!

“Incredible!”, I blurted out excitedly instead of greeting her. “I can’t believe my own eyes! Amy, is that really you?!”

“I’m a bit skinnier than I used to be, aren’t I?” she said to me smiling, while buying a few brownies.

“And you eat pastry too?! How do you pull that off? How??? I tried sport, and dieting, and saunas and stuff, I tried everything! I could reach minus 3 kilos tops for a week or two, which was followed by a 7 kilo regain!” I almost cried out, I remember this moment clearly because people in the store started staring at me.

“Amina, what diet, what saunas, are you out of your mind? I have an idea. Let’s go to my place and have a chat, my husband is at work now, we’ll have a cup of tea and talk. I’ll treat myself to these cakes, and you can drink some hot water,” exclaimed Amy, giving me a merry somewhat cunning look. “I’ll tell you everything, I’ll show it to you and even give you some to try.”

“Amina, what diet, what saunas, are you out of your mind?”

I was awfully intrigued and I agreed at once. Besides, Abdul was to go on a business trip the next day for two weeks, that’s why he dedicated the last moments before leaving to the children and I had some time to myself.

Amy lost 33 kg virtually in 3.5 months as soon as she stopped breastfeeding. She wasn’t on a diet, there was no fasting and no gym. She led her usual lifestyle and didn’t limit herself in anything.

Her body became slim like that of a young girl. Weirdly enough, such a big weight loss didn’t leave any stretch marks on her skin. I thought Abdul would surely enjoy gazing at her.

I felt the strongest emotions when I learnt how easily she reached it all, how easy and safe for any willing woman getting rid of extra weight can be. Her slimming recipe simply shocked me!

I remember too well the hell I had to go through when trying to lose hateful kilos. This was a nightmare! I could remember the depression I felt when being on a diet, and our constant quarrels with Abdul, my nervous breakdowns and how I started to eat everything without stopping when I fell off the wagon.

It was even upsetting, given all I had to go through, to see that it had no sense and that one should lose weight differently. It’s a shame, but I coped with the feeling because right now I knew for certain just what exactly I needed to do.

Now listen attentively to what Amy said to me!

The most effective way to lose weight is keto diet. Once it enters the body, it eliminates toxic substances through vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B3 (niacin), L-glutamine, magnesium, potassium and gamma-aminobutyric acid.

The keto diet synthesizes toxins in the human body and by collecting its molecules, it quickly eliminates toxins through the intestines.

Dietitians consider keto diet as one of the best methods of detoxification.

When we arrived, Amy treated me with Keto Guru. It was very delicious.

“This is the secret to my slim body”, – said Amy. “It’s Keto Guru.” She showed me the bottle of the product – ” You should take one tablet and dissolve it in the glass of warm water”

“This is the secret to my slim body, Keto Guru” – said Amy. ” She showed me the bottle of the product – ” You should take one tablet and dissolve it in the glass of warm water”.

You should take it once a day, preferably in the morning. Then all excess calories your body will get during the day won’t be stored into fat. Can you imagine that? That’s a dream!

“It can’t possibly be true! Is it really that simple?” I muttered.

“You may believe it or you may not, it’s your choice. If you like challenges, then go ahead and make your life more complicated. You wanted to know what happened to me and I told you everything. Now it’s up to you. I’m not a seller, I don’t have a purpose of making you buy it. Try it if you like, keep drinking water if you don’t, you can stop eating too, for all I care. By the way, would you like a brownie?’ asked Amy offering me my favourite eclair.

‘No thanks. I should probably go.’

Keto Guru what is, effect – at that moment I had no idea that these 1,5 hours would eventually turn my life around…

We exchanged phone numbers and I left. I spent 1.5 hours at Amy’s. At the time I had no idea that these 1,5 hours would eventually turn my life around…

I rushed home full of determination. I turned on the computer in an instant and ordered Keto Guru on the site Amy gave me. In three days the coveted package was delivered and I started on my journey!

I weighed myself. The scale showed 88.4 kilos. From that day on, my each morning always included one Keto Guru table.

The next day I stepped on the scale again – 88.5 kg. Plus 100 grams! To say that I was upset is to say nothing. I panicked.

I started to call Amy.

“Amina, calm down. Weight starts to go on day 4-5. Just keep taking it and forget about the scale for the next 5 days and you’ll see where it goes’, answered Amy, she sounded intriguing.

So I kept drinking it. I didn’t make any special changes in my usual nutrition, I just drank one Keto Guru tablet every morning. I was so interested to know what would happen next. I still didn’t believe I’d start dropping weight without changing anything in my diet and lifestyle.

On day 6 I came up to the scale, my legs trembling with anxiety, I got on it and closed my eyes. I was afraid to look at it, but in a couple of seconds I opened my eyes sharply. The scale showed 83,3 kilos.

I dropped 5 kilos and 100 g within the first 5 days without changing my diet and doing any exercises

I learnt those first success numbersby heart. It was incredible! My heart pounded in my chest, I could hardly breathe from excitement! I made it!!!!

My menu for the next week didn’t differ at all from my usual one. Except for one thing – every day I took a tablet of my favourite Keto Guru.

I forbade myself to check my weight, but even without the scale I could feel I was losing it. Sometimes I felt pleasant warmth in arms, stomach, and thighs. I had an immense amount of energy, I hadn’t had it for so long. My constant fatigue vanished.

When I got on the scale a week later, I almost fainted. It showed 74,4 kilos. Meaning I lost another 9 kilos in a week.

In 12 days I became 13 kilos 700 g lighter!!!

Just imagine yourself all of a sudden many kilos slimmer. Imagine the way you feel. Imagine how good it feels when you like yourself. Then you’ll understand what I felt at that moment.

Surely, I noticed my clothes looked too loose on me. But I had no idea I had actually dropped 14 kg in less than 2 weeks, I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

It was two days before Abdul’s arrival. Picturing Abdul’s reaction to the changes, I felt as though I had grown wings and could fly like a butterfly. The children also looked forward to meeting their dad and getting presents he would always bring from his business trips.

On the day of Abdul’s arrival we cooked a festive dinner, prepared some exquisite meals and I even baked his favourite cake called Prague, the one which I hadn’t made for ages. I wasn’t afraid of eating sweet foods anymore!

Abdul arrived the moment we laid the table. Hearing the sound of the door opening, the children rushed to the hall to meet their daddy.

The door was flung open, Abdul was standing on the porch with a giant bunch of flowers and boxes with toys for kids. The boys rushed to their dad, he cast a glance at me over the children”s heads and opened his mouth. The boxes fell from his hands. Down went the flowers too.

The children were jumping with joy examining their presents, while Abdul, still unable to avert eyes from me, bent over to pick up the flowers.

A few seconds later we were standing alone in the hall. Abdul was standing still with the flowers, like he was enchanted or something. I burst out laughing and took the bouquet from his hands.

“Is something wrong? Come on in!”

“You… What happened to you…How???” Abdul couldn’t come to his senses

“Are you going to kiss me or will you just keep standing there?”

Abdul suddenly grabbed me, lifted me in the air and started to kiss me while I kept laughing. He was glowing with happiness, I could feel that he adored the way I looked.

“That’s enough, put me down to the floor, let’s wash hands and have dinner together!”

In the evening Abdul acted tense, when I put the kids to bed he pounced at me as though it was our first time. It was a hot night of insane love-making, I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so desired. Completely exhausted, we fell asleep when it started to dawn.

The next morning Abdul suggested that we have a family trip to the seaside together, for 10 days. They sealed some important successful deal the other day at work and they were given a few days off with a bonus payment as a reward.

I was over the moon with joy, I had never felt so happy in my life!

At the time I worked as an accountant in several firms, I worked mainly at home. There was nothing urgent coming that week, I could easily leave for a week or two so I agreed without hesitation. The kids were thrilled – they were so excited to go to the sea!

This time we chose Tunisia. It was a two-bedroom room in a four-star hotel. The tour included unlimited meals, which was a great testing for my secret recipe! I was also eager to see how Abdul would behave when we get there.

All his attention was drawn to me. Yes, it was my personal victory!

A week later we were enjoying ourselves on a warm Tunisian beach, with incredibly pure sea and the sound of the waves crash. Abdul wouldn’t take his eyes off me and didn”t leave me even for a minute. All his attention was drawn to me. He never looked at other women. Yes, it was my personal victory!

We had abundant meals, I didn’t limit myself in anything. Meat, potatoes, beer, bacon and eggs, buns and cakes – the entire Tunisian all inclusive package was made good use of. I ate smaller servings, didn’t want to eat a lot. Surely, I never forgot to take a tablet of Keto Guru.

Late in the evening, when our kids fell asleep after having a fun day full of playing and swimming, Abdul and I drank wine, cuddling on the balcony of our hotel room, we talked and looked at the moon. Then Abdul would take me in his hands and went to the bedroom where we made love with the kind of passion we had never had since the day when we met each other. It happened every day. I felt I could die of happiness!

The last night before the departure, standing on the balcony, Abdul asked me to close my eyes. I did and I could hear him going to the room and coming back.

“Open your eyes!” said Abdul excitedly.

I opened. Abdul was standing on his right knee in front of me. He was holding a golden ring in his hands.

“Will you marry me?”

For a second, I lost my vision. I waited for these words during all those long 7 years!

I waited for them every day. I dreamt about them, I imagined so many times how he said them. I felt my eyes quickly filling with tears.

“Are you serious?” I didn’t find better words.

“I totally am! You are the best, the most beautiful and I want you to be my wife. For real! I don’t want to come and go anymore. I want us to always live together!”

I burst out crying, threw myself at his neck and whispered through the tears: ‘Yes, I will!’

As soon as we arrived home, we went to the City Hall and submitted an application.

I forgot about my weight problem

At the sea I dropped 7,5 kilos in ten days, while eating all-inclusive meals and drinking Keto Guru.

So much was happening in my life so I just utterly forgot about my weight problem. This time, I dropped 7.5 kilos during a vacation with all-inclusive meals and Keto Guru. It wasn’t 1 kilo a day anymore, but to be frank, I ate more than usual when I was there.

Afterwards, I didn’t even try to lose weight. I kept taking Keto Guru every second day. This didn’t prevent me from losing another 5 kilos by the wedding.

Our marriage ceremony was a great fun, Amy was my witness, I had made good friends with her by that time. I was immensely grateful to her for this incredibly simple weight loss recipe.

Later Abdul admitted that he secretly always wished that I was skinny

He said my transformation drove him crazy. He said that he secretly always wanted me to be slim, just the way I was now. Surely, he never told me that, because he didn’t want to offend me. He is very considerate, my husband!

P.S. It’s been 3 months since Abdul and I are officially husband and wife. Our next step is selling our apartments to buy a big house where we will be comfortable together.

Now I weigh 62 kilos and 300 grams and my weight remains the same even though I stopped taking Keto Guru a month ago. In total, I lost 26 kilos and 100 g and after 7 years of being in a relationship, we are still deeply in love. This is a fantastic feeling, I’m telling you, and I feel that I earned it!

Keto Guru official website, original, where to buy, buy online – i dropped 26 kilos and 100g. My dream has come true!

My dream has come true! My dream has come true! It happened even better than I dreamt! Yes, it was a chance that helped me, when I met Amy. It was just a chance. And I used it.

Such chances appear in the lives of every one of us, although they are really rare. Many of us, preoccupied with our daily routine, chasing for money and feeling the lack of trust to the world just fail to see these chances.

My advice: Try to always catch your chance in everything: any events happening in your life, some people whom you meet in your life for some reason, stories which you happen to read for some reason, everything! When you understand that it means something – don’t wait, grab your chance! This is a secret to achieving life’s greatest happiness . After using your chance, you will see how much better your life has become in a way you can’t even imagine.

After listening to Amy’s story, I also thought at first that it was a fib. But I still tried her recipe, that Keto Guru, because we can’t know anything for sure until we try it. I could have acted like a big sceptic and just walk past that and my life would be a mess. At best, nothing would have changed! Moreover, I’d never know that I missed my chance…

For those who firmly decided to become really happy, beautiful, attractive and insanely desired, I will do the thing Amy once did for me when I met her. I’ll show you where you can find that site of the Keto Guru manufacturer which she told me about. Just click the green button ‘go to the manufacturer’s site’ below and it will open. All the rest is in your hands.

Keto Guru forum, review, opinion


You should eat less, let’s be honest!

Washma Salam

It’s her own fault! What was she thinking about, letting herself go till she weighed 90 kilos? No wonder her lover looked at other women. I never gained so much, but I also dropped with the help of Keto Guru this spring. 8 kilos gone within a couple of weeks, it turned out perfect. Not a single stretch mark! Why do you need to suffer on diets or torture yourself with unknown body wraps???

Shudun Ally

Yeap, first you eat till you weigh a ton, then you get surprised that your lover doesn’t propose to you. Gee, I don’t know what to say, no men like fat women!

Hanadi Hashim

I read everything and came to the conclusion that people are blocked and don’t see the obvious even when they look in the mirror. Hence the problems. I also used to be this way, I gained a lot of overweight, then I used this Keto Guru. The result is minus 19 kilos. True that many start torturing themselves with diets or sport, only because they don’t believe in different remedies. But you’ll never know till you try yourself.


I almost cried when I read how he proposed to her, it’s so great that there’s true love and such couples?!

Jafurah Hoda

It’s so awesome! I’d also love to look like this after my second baby! Well done!

Arfa Attar

I wanted to ask, is this Keto Guru good for everyone?! It’s just that my mother is 56, can it harm her?

Najya Mohamad

Arfa, my mother lost 12 kilos with it at the age of 59, she’s almost like me now. So no worries, it doesn’t have any side effects, 100% natural.


My wife and I lost weight with Keto Guru together. She ordered it the moment it appeared in our country. As a result, she dropped 13 and I 18. She looks like a model now, no sagging. As for me, my beer belly disappeared, I even miss it!


Ghazi, do you remember where you wife ordered it? At first everything seems good, then you stumble upon different fakes and fraudsters, stuff like that.


She ordered directly from the manufacturer’s site, there’s a green button in the article. Here is the link: click here and you will go to the right site.

Alia Pour

It’s so wonderful, now I can eat my favourite dessert and stop worrying that I won’t fit in my dresses and skirts by the end of the week))) Gorgeous!

Aayun Alli

I lost 12 kilos after a month, another 8 in two months, now I’m finishing my second Keto Guru course. I think that by the end of this course total weight loss will be about 25 kilos. I guess this is a great result for less than three months. Don’t believe this nonsense that you can’t lose weight without a diet.


Aayun, could you show us your before and after pics, I’m really interested!!!!

Aayun Alli

Sure, I’m not ashamed. Here you go, two photos before and after

Qasira Shehata

Oh, thank you!!! Btw, you looked good even before the course!!!!

Aayun Alli

Tell this to my husband, who left me six months ago and returned a month ago! When I asked him why he dumped me, he replied that he’d never even think of leaving if I had looked so great then.


I dropped only 9 kilos in a month, I’m very upset because I expected better results. So, 15-20 kg a month is just rumours?


I personally like the fact that the slimming process is gradual and it doesn’t harm the body. I have a stable weight reduction 3-4 kilos a week. In a month 12 kg are gone! That’s not bad, can”t complain!


– Keto Guru came yesterday, I started to drink it and realized I don’t feel hunger anymore!!! It blocks the feeling of hunger perfectly, now I’m waiting for the results. Even 200g a day will be a great start for me.


Washma, could you show the package plz?


Sure thing, here


I had quite an unpleasant experience with this Keto Guru. I stopped using it and I don’t advise anyone! I wanted to drop a kilo or two, but I dropped 7 instead, I didn’t need so much. I didn’t depend on me, there was nothing I could do to stop it, I changed my diet and kept losing weight all the same. Now I’m trying to gain it back.


Why are you so angry, people? Stop eating like a cow, its your own fault, you are a big sack of fat, etc. When you see yourself in the mirror every day, you don’t notice yourself changing. One person here told a very wise thing, you don’t see the obvious when you look at yourself in the mirror. I can relate to that girl. I’m happy that Amina managed to solve her problem. She didn’t believe it at first. well. no wonder. there are so many slimming remedies nowadays and 80-90% of them practically don’t work. She couldn’t know in advance that Keto Guru is the one that actually works. Not only she. Many still don’t know it.


Who doesn’t? In my opinion, everyone knows now! My neighbour started to take these tablets in the beginning of December. She celebrated New Year wearing a dress she could fit in only 10 years ago on her prom night! She slimmed down by 12 kg in a month, all our men kept staring at her, we were jealous.


Abdul is a sweet guy))) Amina should have done it long ago. Of course, it’s her fault, who else’s? She was jealous and furious, well, of course she was! It’s obvious that he likes slim girls, what was she thinking? Kelly is right here, everyone knows about Keto Guru now. Maybe only those who don’t care about their appearance don’t, but that’s because they don’t look for ways to become prettier. Everyone who wanted it have already lost weight with its help. It’s not a question of belief anymore.