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By | July 2, 2020

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Are crazy amounts coming for electricity consumption? Not a small part of family income goes to pay utility bills, in particular for meter readings? Tired of puzzling over the question “How to save it”? With the onset of cold weather, many people are faced with the problem of cold indoors, the batteries are not hot enough, so you have to get the heaters, and they quickly shake the counter. Many people, in connection with frequent blackouts, installed a boiler for heating water, which also “eats” a lot of electricity.

We will share with you one small secret, how to save money without breaking the law, but also not to refuse electrical goods. With the purchase of the energy-saving Stability 24, you will use the theme of the same electrical appliances, but pay much less for the meter! In this article, you will learn what is Stability 24, how to use Stability 24, read reviews, opinions and comments on forum, find out where to buy Stability 24 and find out its price.

What is the Stability 24?

Economic shocks make each of us think about cutting costs. And last but not least I want to deny myself the usual joys: food, shopping and going to the movies. So what would such a secondary sacrifice be to a tightening belt until it turned into a noose? Modern technology does not stand still and a solution is found! Stability 24 lets you save money while you live your life to the fullest!

The Stability 24 energy saver is a recent invention that aims to save energy. Let’s see if this is so. Electricity is the driving force behind advanced technologies and human activities. Huge amounts of money are being spent on its production, and its appreciation is on a massive scale. Therefore, energy saving associated with an increase in the price of it requires the search for new solutions. One of the effective areas of this issue is the energy saving.

The Stability 24 energy saver is a device that uses electricity most efficiently, thereby reducing its consumption. It also helps to extend the life of household appliances and reduce electromagnetic radiation.

Why buy an energy-saving device?! If you use a large amount of electricity, if your house has a large number of electrical appliances, and you do not want to abandon the multi-consuming miracle technology, and you do not want to pay a lot for electricity. So! The energy-saving Stability 24 is just what you need in your home!

Benefits of the energy-saving Stability 24

Modern life is hard to imagine without electrical appliances. But, and every month I don’t want to pay much. The way out of this situation is simple – an energy-saving device. It allows you to save from 30 to 45% of electricity.

Thanks to the operation of this device, the operation of the electric flow is normalized, pulse surges are eliminated, as a result of this the voltage in the network is stabilized. An energy-saving device will not only save energy costs, but also protect your equipment from breakdowns.

  • Energy saving up to 30-50%;
  • Protects electronics, light bulbs, electrical appliances from impulsive power surges thus prolonging their service life;
  • It can save energy by improving and normalizing the structure of the electric flow;
  • Elimination of power surges;
  • Reduction of harmful electromagnetic waves;
  • Increases power factor of electrical appliances;
  • Carries out filtering of the power supply network;
  • Easy to use.

In order to start saving energy, you just need to connect the energy-saving Stability 24 device to the first outlet from the meter (or the closest one).

A digital device for saving energy – providing voltage and increasing the life of used electrical appliances. Improves power supply performance to ensure accurate and stable voltage.

Reduces the possibility of failure of electrical appliances, increases their service life, reduces the cost of maintenance. Regulates the power of mobile chargers, thereby significantly increasing energy savings. With a large number of connected equipment reduces the load on the network and outlets.

Save electricity every minute and second after installing the device. Just plug the energy-saving device into any outlet in the house. Depending on the number of electrical appliances and the load on the network, you can use one of the proposed modes to achieve energy savings.

Easy to operate without maintenance and additional attention after installation. It has no side effects and contraindications.

How does the Stability 24 work?

If you use a lot of electricity, then probably pay a lot of bills. To save costs, our store offers a device that saves energy. Stability 24. An energy-saving device is a must in your home. This device will help pay less. Energy saving is established due to the normalization of the structure of the electric flow, the elimination of voltage surges in the network.

Stability 24 is an innovative device thanks to which you can not only save electricity, but also protect household appliances from voltage surges, thereby increasing the life of light bulbs and electrical goods. The main task of the energy-saving device Stability 24 is to reduce the loss of electricity in houses, apartments, cottages and cottages.

Stability 24 reduces the amount of power taken from consumers by induction motors in your home (Some examples with induction motors are air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, dryers, dishwashers, pumps, vacuum cleaners, fans, blowers, etc.).

Stability 24 technology reduces the inductive component, so less energy is consumed in the house. The reduction in consumption depends on the type of load.

When we reduce the power consumption of the device, the electricity meter will slow down. When you have already paid for electricity, why should you lose it if you can use it more efficiently. This process is called power factor optimization.

The Stability 24 energy saver can be used in apartments and houses, in cafes and shops, and it is also recommended to use it in car repair shops and other manufacturing enterprises where there is a high energy consumption.

Evaluate the features of the Stability 24 energy saving appliance:

  • Special technology optimizes voltage and current;
  • Saves electricity consumption up to 30%;
  • Protects electrical appliances, eliminating power surges;
  • Easy to use, does not require additional maintenance.

The device not only saves energy, but also protects devices from power surges, extending their useful life.

Instrument Features

In our world, we use a large amount of electricity daily, sometimes without even noticing it, while everyone wants to pay for it as little as possible. Some people suddenly begin to check where the lights or household appliances are not turned off, wondering how to save electricity. But why waste time checking if you can solve the problem at once?

The energy-saving Stability 24 saves energy by an average of 30% per month! It distributes the load on electricity in such a way that this energy itself flows in the direction where it is needed most.


  • Silent;
  • Distribution of electricity throughout the network with maximum efficiency;
  • Allows you to maintain a stable working condition for all electrical appliances in the house;
  • Protects all electrical appliances from power surges and surges;
  • Very easy to operate;
  • Provides increased efficiency of electrical engineering in operation.

Stability 24 is a device that filters the supply voltage, improving the efficiency and power factor of the electricity consumed in the house by electrical appliances.

Want to pay less for electricity than usual? So you must definitely use an energy-saving device!

Stability 24 is an innovative device thanks to which you can not only save electricity, but also protect household appliances from voltage surges, thereby increasing the life of light bulbs and electrical goods. The main task of the energy-saving device Stability 24 is to reduce the loss of electricity in houses, apartments, cottages and cottages.

The device is designed for a load of up to 19 kW, which means that one device is enough for your entire home, for all your devices, just plug it into the nearest outlet to your meter and you will immediately see the savings.

Results of using Stability 24

Stability 24 is a small box with a plug for an outlet, but it only seems that way. Inside it is a board that distributes electricity evenly, without interruption, evens out the current, which reduces the speed of rotation of the meter. Using the device is very easy, just plug it into the outlet closest to the meter and that’s it! All household appliances work and at the same time there is a saving.

Stability 24 will be indispensable for large families. The light is constantly on, the TV and the computer are working, the washing machine washes, and someone else wanted tea and turned on the electric kettle, just think how fast the meter was shaking? But you already know a little secret, which will save you money day and night, and you can not think about it.

The results of the study showed that different electrical appliances act differently, we give an example. The name of the household appliance and approximate energy savings when using the Stability 24:

  • A washing machine, computer, air conditioning, and hairdryer will use up to 50% less;
  • Up to 45% – microwave oven, TV, heater, electric stove;
  • Up to 40% – a boiler with an electric motor, boilers, a refrigerator;
  • Up to 35% electric kettle, toaster, coffee maker;
  • Up to 30% – circular saw, jigsaw, rotary hammer, drill.

For the money saved, thanks to the energy-saving Stability 24, you can spend it on yourself and on your loved ones.

Why buy a Stability 24 power saver

Stability 24 is an excellent product in today’s realities of price hikes. A person is ready to save on everything: food, water, gas, rest, but he will always consume electricity.

Demand creates supply, that is, the demand for energy savings creates Stability 24. Almost all the equipment that people are so attached to works on electricity. Therefore, the relevance of the product will only increase over time.

  • The product does not depend on the season, with each rise in electricity prices, demand becomes even higher;
  • Unlike magnets, this is a legal way and they won’t be fined for it;
  • Easy to use;
  • Just plug it into a power outlet.

Where to buy Stability 24?

Salaries are getting smaller, and prices are rising. It is necessary to save on something. Take a look around and see how many electrical appliances you use. Surely, a lot, especially if you live not alone. Wash, iron, cook food in a slow cooker, grind food in a combine, listen to music, watch TV, work on a computer… And all this consumes precious electricity.

The energy-saving Stability 24 device saves energy by improving and normalizing the structure of the electric current, reducing resistance losses, eliminating power surges.

You do not want to refuse to use such familiar electrical appliances and power tools? Then plug the Stability 24 into the outlet closest to the meter and start saving on electricity bills.

You may ask where to buy the Stability 24? You can order Stability 24 on the official website of the manufacturer in the Philippines. Beware of fakes! The price of original Stability 24 on the site is reduced, so everyone can buy Stability 24.

3460 ₱

1730 ₱

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