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By | July 20, 2023

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  • Fights dryness, redness and lacrimation
  • Relieves eye strain and fatigue
  • Protects eyes when they are strained for a long time
  • Improves your vision

Low impact extraction technology Xtradry™ keeps safe and unlocks the benefits of natural components

Spend more than 4 hours a day in front of a screen? You’re at risk!

Analysis of eye disease dynamics carried out by European scientists showed that one in two people over 50 are at a risk of vision reduction caused by HEV radiation. Simply put, the blue light of the screens of electronic devices is what puts them at risk. Its energy is powerful, but its waves are short. This is why it’s effect on the sensory receptors of your eyes is stronger.

The blue light of the screens is a real danger, it’s not just a scary story.

When HEV light gets into your eye lens, it doesn’t only help the visual nerve to process the picture, but also irritates the retina of the eye and drains the supply of lutein – a natural pigment that keeps your vision strong.

Lack of lutein increases eye sensitivity to the flickering of the screens of smartphones/computers/TVs. It is also accompanied by discomfort: eye stain, eye dryness, inflammation, lacrimation and burning.

Check yourself for the lack of lutein

How do your eyes feel after you spend a lot of time in front of a screen?

  • My vision is blurry/unfocused
  • Eye floaters, cloudy vision
  • Lacrimation/dryness/red eyes
  • Burning eyes, gritty eyes

Have at least one symptom? It’s an alarm bell: your body needs lutein right now!

What is Optivisol, effect: first aid for tired and irritated eyes!

Plant-based complex in a convenient format: take 1 capsule a day.

The formula you can trust: how to use Optivisol, forum

1 capsule of Optivisol contains 5 elements for eye health

Vision improvement

Wolfberry + Raspberry extract

Powerful natural antioxidant that isn’t produced by the human body. Restores vision sharpness and clarity.

Fatigue relief

Green tea + Grapes seed extract

Strengthens eye capillaries, relieves irritation and inflammation. Moisturizes the eye’s tissues. Relieves unpleasant symptoms: dryness, burning, inflammation, high eye pressure.


Gingko Biloba extract

Natural pigments boost the retina’s protective function, reduce eye sensitivity to the flickering of the screens. Give your eyes natural protection from the light of the screens and UV rays.

Optivisol opinion, side effects: Optivisol is an invisible shield for your eyes

If you have vision problems, your eyes get tired after using a computer or driving for a long time, Optivisol is a must-have for you. Also, I recommend everyone over 40 to take these capsules to prevent age-related vision reduction, cataract, glaucoma, blepharitis, retinal ulcer and other diseases.

To produce Optivisol, scientists used an eco-friendly component extraction method Xtradry™, thus keeping the components natural and effective. Now, you don’t have to eat kilograms of blueberries, broccolis and carrots.

Getting accumulated in the body, active components of Optivisol fill the deficit of the protective pigment, making the retina of the eye less sensitive to the light of the screens. This improves vision clarity and sharpness and eliminates any discomfort in the eyes associated with working in front of a computer or watching TV.

Optivisol review, comments: they have already seen the effect of Optivisol

George, 27 y.o.

Web designer

I work as a graphic designer. Like many other ones, I didn’t care about protective glasses when I worked in front of a computer or a tablet. I came to my senses only when my vision became cloudy. Sometimes, even winking was painful! When I couldn’t work anymore, I began to look for ways to help myself and came across Optivisol. I took capsules for a month. My eyes restored gradually. My vision is now clearer, I can see even the smallest details.

Irene, 30 y.o.


I often work overtime and spend nights in the office. My eyes couldn’t deal with so much strain – capillaries burst and my eyes were red for 3-4 days. Everyone though I was clubbing every night, but, actually, I was working. My vision reduced, sometimes I couldn’t even recognize a person sitting at a table next to me, whom I knew. That’s why I often got into somebody else’s taxi and was taken to a wrong place. I often missed important details, that’s why I had to use big print on my PC and smartphone. I learned about Optivisol from a nutritionist’s review on supplements. She said the formula was effective. She is right – all symptoms are gone :) Now, I can see the car’s number plate from the distance of about 300 metres :)

Helen, 32 y.o.

SMM manager

I received my parcel 4 days ago and began to take the capsules immediately. Working is easier now. My eyes aren’t red now and don’t feel gritty anymore, my eyelids aren’t that swollen anymore.

Mark, 38 y.o.

Broker at an insurance company

Before Optivisol, no work day could pass without eye drops. If I didn’t use any, I suffered from terrible dryness. My eyes were as red as a rabbit’s. Then, the drops I used were taken out of production. I visited a doctor and was told that I had very little protective pigment left. They recommended me to use Optivisol. I completed a course and have no problems now. No discomfort. My vision is clear.

Victoria, 32 y.o.

Content manager

I tried a variety of eye drops to fight dry eye syndrome, but got no results. Then, I accidentally learned about Optivisol. I noticed the effect during the very first days. Dryness and discomfort were gone, even though looking at the screen of a smartphone or PC screen felt painful in the past.

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