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By | August 15, 2019

What is Men`s Defence treatment for prostatitis – how to use, effect, side effects

natural product that prevents and eliminates adenoma, chronic and acute prostatitis

  • relieves inflammation and pain
  • normalises urination function and improves erections
  • provides sustainable and long-lasting results
  • effective at any age and at any stage of disease

Prostatitis is a disease you can have for many years without even knowing, while it develops, destroying your health, causing erectile dysfunction and even posing a death threat.

According to official statistics provided by the WHO, every other male over 30 has chronic prostatitis.

Fact: Real figures, according to experts: 85% of men over 20 suffer from chronic prostatitis.

Men`s Defence effect

Attention! Chronic prostatitis often occurs symptom-free.

The main symptom of prostatitis is urination difficulty

  • burning sensations and pain when urinating
  • feeling of incomplete urination
  • urgent need to urinate
  • frequent urination at night (more than once a night)
  • leaking urine after urination

Other symptoms of prostatitis:

  • pain in the urethra and lower abdomen
  • loss of sexual desire
  • weak and slow erections
  • pain during intercourse
  • premature ejaculation
  • high body temperature (up to 39-40℃).

Men’s Defence: victory over prostatitis in three steps!

Men`s Defence review

Relieves inflammation and pain

Once in the body, the active components start acting instantly, eliminating pain and inflammation at the cellular level, removing muscle spasms, eliminating clots and healing the mucous membranes.

Normalises urination function

The active formula components restore the narrowed urethra. Regular and complete bladder emptying occurs. No more night trips to the toilet, no more pain and discomfort.

Stops prostatitis

The affected cells and organs of the genitourinary system regain their normal function. Healthy blood circulation in the pelvis is restored. Sexual function is restored. The results are stable.

Why do experts recommend Men’s Defence as the drug is No.1 for prostatitis?

  • Relieves inflammation and pain
  • Relieves prostate swelling
  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria
  • Improves blood circulation, eliminates stagnation in the pelvis
  • Quickly restores the walls of the vessels
  • Clears and repairs the veins in the pelvis
  • Removes blood clots, thins the blood
  • Heals the mucous membranes of the urogenital system
  • Restores libido, erections and sex drive
  • Boosts the immune system and the body’s resistance to stress

How Men’s Defence fights prostatitis

Men`s Defence treatment for prostatitis

Jairus Arida, Men’s health expert Head of the Urology Clinic

Thanks to a well-balanced combination of medicinal plants, Men’s Defence is effective against the main causes of prostatitis as well as its symptoms.

Thanks to the antibacterial and antiseptic effect of Men’s Defence, it destroys pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms that cause prostatitis. That is, Men’s Defence eliminates the root cause of the disease.

Men`s Defence official website

It has pronounced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vessel-strengthening properties Men’s Defence promotes the restoration of microcirculation in the tissues of the prostate gland. As a result, the organ’s health and functions are fully restored.

Thanks to the diuretic action of Men’s Defence, urinary disorders are eliminated: the frequency of urination is reduced, especially at night, urine flow increases. The discomfort, burning sensations, the sensation of incomplete bladder emptying and other unpleasant sensations are eliminated. The process of urination becomes easier.

The restoration of prostate function and widening of the urethra that was narrowed as a result of inflammation and swelling, contribute to restoration of normal sexual life and fertility .

The use of Men’s Defence by elderly men whose urination disorders are associated with chronic prostatitis or prostate adenoma, observed for a long time, significantly improves their quality of life .

The use of Men’s Defence in cases of chronic prostatitis complicated by sexual disorders provides a highly effective treatment. Taking a full course of Men’s Defence allows you to avoid exacerbation of prostatitis and related sexual disorders.

Men’s Defence is effective thanks to its fully organic composition

Indian fig extract

Prevents bladder problems, reduces prostate size, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Asparagus stem extract

Boosts libido, improves stamina, strengthens the capillary walls of the genitourinary system.

Ginger root extract

It quickly and effectively relieves inflammation of the prostate, reduces pain , normalises emptying of the bladder, restores the prostate cavity to a healthy state, removes pathogenic microorganisms and their waste products.

Zinc citrate

Improves blood circulation, prevents the development of atherosclerosis. In chronic prostatitis, it prolongs remission duration and reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

Aloe Vera leaf extract

Thins the blood, restores the elasticity of red blood cells, restores the permeability of blood vessels.

Men’s Defence has earned the trust of experts

3 International awards

Men’s Defence has received the Pharmacology Award in 2016 and 2017 in the categories “Urological Innovation of the Year” and “Chronic Prostatitis Treatment”. In 2017, the developers of the drug received the State Medical Award.

95 % of positive reviews

According to the results of the survey of 16 547 patients conducted by the International Urological Association, during which patients evaluated the effectiveness and safety of the drugs used for the treatment of chronic and acute prostatitis.

High effectiveness has been proven by clinical trials!

Results of clinical trials of Men’s Defence

data from a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial. A group of 2678 men aged 18 to 80 was studied:

Men`s Defence lazada

Real people, real results. Men`s Defence review

Men`s Defence where to buy
Men`s Defence price
Men`s Defence philippines
Men`s Defence forum

How to take Men’s Defence

  • twice a day with meals
  • recommended treatment duration is 30 days
  • if necessary, repeat the course after 2-3 months

Our consultant will recommend the optimal treatment duration for you based on your age, stage of the disease, overall health condition and other factors. Our medical advice is free.

Where to buy Men`s Defence, Men`s Defence on lazada. Order now Men’s Defence it’s easy

what is Men`s Defence
  • Fill in a simple form by providing your name and phone number
  • Our specialist will call you back and confirm all the details with you
  • You pay after receiving your order

Prostatitis treatment must not be postponed

Advanced forms of prostatitis lead to irreversible impotence, disability and death. While you were reading this, in the Philippines the consequences of untreated prostatitis affected

Men`s Defence how to use

Men`s Defence official website – buy online, price

3980 ₱

1990 ₱

How to cure chronic prostatitis? We’ve tried everything, nothing works! Men`s Defence Philippines – experts opinion, comments, forum

Men`s Defence comments

Andri Putranto, Specialist, urologist

Experience: 8 years

Colleagues, I need help! For the first time in 8 years I’ve come across this kind of problem. My patient, a man of 43, has been suffering from chronic prostatitis for 6 years. We tried everything we could – antibiotics, homeopathy, therapeutic procedures and massages. It helps only for a month, then the symptoms return. How to achieve a stable remission? What do you use to treat such complicated cases? Please share your professional secrets and knowledge.

Men`s Defence review


Gilang Febriawan, Andrologist

Experience: 13 years

Tell me, does your patient keep to a diet? Maybe this is the reason why his treatment turned out ineffective? It’s essential that he gives up fat, spicy and fried foods.

Andri Putranto, Specialist, urologist

Experience: 8 years

Of course, it was the first thing we discussed with him. My patient follows recommendations as he should. But for some reason, they don’t work, he doesn’t feel any better, he really suffers, he’s on the verge of divorce…

Ganjar Triadi, Urologist

Experience: 23 years

Cases like this one require professional massage and a proper individual therapy with the use of the most contemporary antibiotics. It’s very likely that your patient has hypothermia in pelvic organs area (sometimes it’s enough to sit on the bare ground in summer to get it), that’s why this disease comes back to him.

Panji Budiman, Andrologist

Experience: 17 years

Colleagues, your treatment is so outdated. Why poison your patients with antibiotics? Leave these medications for recovery after surgery and neglected cases. I recently returned from the international conference of andrologists, where the problems of prostatitis and methods of its treatment were very actively discussed. Stephen Wildberg, the developer of a unique product with a completely natural composition, spoke to us. He cited data from clinical studies that have proven high efficacy compared with other treatment options.

Men`s Defence official website

Guntur Adipati, Specialist, urologist

Experience: 4 years

Panji, it all sounds perfect, you even showed us photos, that’s great – but no mentioning of the name of the product or where to buy it – why is that so?

Panji Budiman, Andrologist

Experience: 17 years

I’m sorry, colleagues, I forgot. The product is called Men`s Defence. At the conference, the developers revealed to us the secret that, due to the high competition and margins, the remedy will not be available on retail pharmacy network. Only specialists can order Men`s Defence, thus every participant at the conference received his own link to the site of the manufacturer. When ordering via this link, the product is delivered to any region in just a week. Some of my patients have already purchased Men`s Defence  and are ready to try it out on themselves.

Men`s Defence lazada

Endah Permata, Urologist

Experience: 9 years

What is the composition of the product?

Panji Budiman, Andrologist

Experience: 17 years

The product is completely natural and does not cause any side effects. It contains ingredients such as Opuntia ficus-indica extract, asparagus stems, ginger root, aloe vera and zinc citrate. You can read more information on the site of the company manufacturer.

Men`s Defence price

Elok Shaniadinata, Homeopath

Experience: 10 years

The remedy looks quite good, its formula inspires trust. Only homoeopathists could mix such remedies in the past, charging an exorbitant price. By the way, we didn’t use half of those components, probably that’s why the formulas had low efficiency. We’ll see how this remedy will work!

Panji Budiman, Andrologist

Experience: 17 years

Men`s Defence  is considered the most advanced method of treatment and prevention of prostatitis. The course is designed for a month. Repeat if necessary every six months – this will help to improve the patient’s condition, prevent exacerbation of the disease and periods of acute inflammation.

Andri Putranto, Urologist

Experience: 8 years

Thanks, I read about Men`s Defence, learned more details about statistics and reviews. Everything’s fine, the efficiency is great, I’ll start prescribing it to my patient!

Panji Budiman, Andrologist

Experience: 17 years

Kenneth, I’ve already given the link above, but here it is again – the site of the manufacturer  Remember, be careful, do not order it anywhere but on the site of the manufacturer. Lately there have appeared tons of fakes under the same name. Patients complain that they don’t help. The package is also different.

Men`s Defence philippines

Andri Putranto, Specialist, urologist

Experience: 8 years

I can see it now, thank you! I helped my patient order Men`s Defence, I’ll write about the results later.

Andri Putranto, Specialist, urologist

Experience: 8 years

Well, colleagues, I’m ready to share my success. With the help of Men`s Defence  my patient who had been suffering from chronic prostatitis got rid of the disease. It’s been two months since he got cured, nothing troubles him, he feels wonderful, all test results are fine. In 3 months we will repeat the course just to be sure.

Men`s Defence forum

I recommend Men`s Defence  to all my patients as an effective alternative to traditional methods.

Panji Budiman, Andrologist

Experience: 17 years

I’m glad I managed to help you treat such a complicated case. I’m actively using Men`s Defence myself, my patients are happy, the remedy is 100% effective.

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