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By | November 26, 2019

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Maricel Lim: here’s how I restored my sexual health and youth. What is Men`s Defence treatment for prostatitis, review, effect, how to use, side effects, opinion

Let me share my story with you. I hope it will keep you from making the same mistake I made. I’d like to draw your attention to a really important issue. I’ll tell you one thing: I feel better than ever about myself now, I’m full of life and vigour! But first things first.

A little bit about myself

I’m 53. I studied at theUniversity of the Philippines and completed a BA in Journalism. I worked for several magazines before being sent to Afghanistan as a war correspondent. My wife died in 2010 in a car accident. When I turned 50, I retired and moved to Quezon City.

We had no children, so I was left all alone. My hobby was the only thing that kept me going. I’m talking about photography. I’ve been passionate about it ever since I became a war correspondent. I’m also making money from my hobby now – I do photo sessions, shoot weddings and other public events.

Despite my age, I didn’t have any health problems. I suffered from minor ailments from time to time but I thought they were caused by my mood swings, weather changes and other reasons. As a result, I missed a very important symptom – urinating gradually became a torture for me. I thought I was a strong man and could endure temporary problems, so I tried to wait for the painful symptoms to go away – but they didn’t! It thought it was happening because I had to sit on the bare ground when I was on one of my fishing trips. It was cold and wet then. Over time, the pain subsided, but I suddenly started having erection problems for no particular reason. I didn’t have morning erections anymore and when I saw a beautiful woman, I didn’t want to have sex with her. ‘I’m just growing old, that’s all’ I thought and started mentally preparing myself for a dull and unexciting life. While other people were enjoying their lives and having fun, I was ready to live the life of an old man.

But thank God, my life changed when I least expected it! I met a woman… She was so beautiful that the desire literally overwhelmed me.

And here comes the most interesting part!

The first time I saw her was at a party where I worked as a photographer. To my astonishment, Ruffa seemed to take an interest in me. After just 2 weeks, we started dating. Despite a huge age difference (28 years), I felt truly young next to her.

However, one thing ruined it all…

When we first went to bed together, things went wrong. Simply put, I screwed up. The sex was over in 2 minutes. Besides, it was incredibly painful. I could hardly hold back the cry of pain. Ruffa was cross with me. Her reaction was quite predictable. She broke up with me. She said she didn’t want to be with an old man who couldn’t satisfy her. That was a real punch in the gut. So, she had been lying to my face all this time! She had promised we would always be together. I felt so depressed, I was on the verge of a heart attack.

This was the first time I realized my life needed changing. I went to the doctor, had myself checked out. My diagnosis shocked me – I had prostatitis! Hence all the symptoms – the frequent desire to pee, the lack of erection, the failure in bed with my fiancee. The doctor offered two options – one of them involved taking a huge amount of antibiotics, while the other one was safe and natural. Guess which one I chose!

I chose a natural product called Men’s Defence. It is based on a formula created by the ancient Aztecs. It contains all-natural ingredients – extracts of ginger, aloe vera, Opuntia ficus-indica, asparagus stalks and zinc. According to my physician, this formula has been known for hundreds of years. The Aztecs used it to treat prostatitis a long time ago, and recent clinical studies confirmed its high effectiveness against the disease.

Men`s Defence price

I thought I had nothing to lose and started taking Men’s Defense. A week later, there was a significant improvement in my condition. Two weeks later, I had a morning erection again! Then I decided to act – I called Ruffa and invited her out. She agreed but it was evident that she was not particularly pleased with what was happening. We had dinner with a glass of wine and I decided to try again.

It was even better than I expected!

I lasted for 2 hours. Ruffa’s body was pulsating with pleasure. For the first time in years, I felt like a real man. Gosh, I wasn’t so good in bed even at 20! Ruffa admitted that she had never experienced anything like that before.

Men`s Defence treatment for prostatitis

We met a few more times for passionate, amazing sex. But I remembered her hurtful words perfectly well. She had told me once that she didn’t want to be with an old man… My pain was still there. On our next date, I told her it was over but suggested to remain friends. After the break-up, I didn’t want to give up on myself so I signed up for a dating site. I like going on dates. My sex life has improved big time, no more failures in bed!

Where to buy Men`s Defence in Philippines, official website, lazada, buy online, price

By neglecting my health, I nearly said goodbye to sex which is an important part of anyone’s life! When my course of treatment was over, I went to the doctor and had a health screening again, although there were no symptoms this time. The test results have confirmed that I’m healthy as ever. I’m full of strength and energy. I’m free to enjoy my sex life! The doctor recommended me to repeat the treatment cycle in six months to ensure the results were permanent, so I immediately ordered Men’s Defense from the manufacturer’s website.

That’s how my story about Men’s Defence changing my life ends. But let me tell you one more thing. Guys, life only starts at 50!

Men`s Defence forum, comments

Harry Campbell

Men’s Defense really works. I’m not 60 yet, but I started taking it as soon as I started having erection problems. It helped me to get rid of them! Unfortunately, some things happen regardless of what we want, so when the first symptoms of prostatitis appear it is better to treat it right away instead of ignoring the problem.

Men`s Defence how to use

Christopher Parker

Amazing! I would have never thought that at the age of 50 you could still be a success with women. I just turned 56, and my situation is much worse. But you speak so highly of Men’s Defense, I will definitely order it and give it a try. Oh, by the way, could you also share the link to that dating site? ;) I’ll take the product to the test, you know.

William Charles

I first ordered Men’s Defense 6 months ago when I had similar problems: lack of erection, frequent urges to pee … With the help of this product, I’m back to my old self now and my young wife is loving it!

Barbara Baldwin

It took me a few months to convince my husband to start taking Men’s Defense. I watched him suffer and I suffered myself. I just couldn’t imagine my life without sex but my husband couldn’t get hard. Our marriage was on the verge of ending when I ordered this product on the official site. My husband’s health has improved significantly since that time, and now our nights are full of pleasure and we have long sex sessions. I’m so happy!

Reynold Goodman

My doctor diagnosed me with chronic prostatitis. I had a course of Men’s Defense, and all the symptoms disappeared. I will surely repeat the treatment in six months.

John Walters

This is a common problem for older men. But even young men are affected these days. Every man should take care of his health, regardless of his age. It’s stupid to ignore the symptoms…

Brian Lloyd

There’s a lot of feedback from both patients and doctors. This proves that the product is effective! By the way, Men’s Defence is now offered half-price for a limited time. It’s an awesome deal!

Austin Stewart

I fully agree with the comments above! Men’s Defense really works, and it’s obviously better than any antibiotics and massage.

Neil Jones

Thanks for the tip. Your post is so relevant…

Ethan Fisher

Thank you very much! It’s incredible that, given your age, you can live your life to the fullest! Of course, what Ruffa did was just awful, so you did the right thing when you dumped her.

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