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By | July 18, 2019

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What is Keto Guru original for weight loss

Please meet my patient Mary Newman*. You can see her photo below. She is that hard case when losing weight becomes completely impossible. We tried everything to tackle the issue.

*Name and surname have been changed upon patient’s request

Keto Guru review

The maximum result achieved by means of adhering to the strictest possible diet was losing 6,8 kg. After being on this diet for one month Mary couldn’t keep sticking to it any longer. She experienced fatigue and she felt she was fit for nothing both at work and home. She gave up the diet and regained 14 kg in a couple of weeks.

To be honest, when it happened I was ready to give up and admit my professional failure.

How did we manage to take those stubborn pounds under control?

Game-changing conference

In October last year, I was invited to attend the National Congress of Dietitians which was held in London.

Keto Guru for weight loss

One of the central topics which was broadly discussed by the dietitians was a biological supplement called Keto Guru.

Keto Guru original

If your body stops receiving energy from carbohydrates, it becomes subject to a condition called keto-adjustment. It’s a metabolic condition of the body when fats and ketone bodies become a vital source of energy replacing carbohydrates. This is called ketosis – a process which begins when your body cells experience the lack of carbs and therefore start transforming subcutaneous fat into energy. During the ketosis, fats split into fatty acids and glycerol which in their turn morph to ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies are generated in the liver. During ketosis they become the main sources of energy for your body. Ketone bodies nourish muscle tissues and prevent fat from depositing, thus reducing your weight and making your body shapes smaller.

Ketosis starts when the glycogen reserves in the liver and muscle tissues are fully depleted. This requires from 7 to 10 days of eating much less than usually. The key feature of Keto Guru is that it reduces this period to 40-50 minutes.

The supplement safely “switches” your body into the keto-adjustment mode. Keto Guru is simple in use and facilitates fast weight-loss.

During the discussion with my colleagues, I told them about my difficult case, Mary. They were 99% sure that this ketone supplement would help her.

Combating overweight. Keto Guru diet

The day after returning from the conference I gave Mary a call and told her about Keto Guru. I convinced her to make the last attempt to fight the overweight and she agreed. Her blood test revealed that her ketones level was low, just 0.08 mol.

Body’s constant fat mass depends on the number of ketones in your body. The higher the concentration, the bigger are fat depots.

Mary started using the supplement to increase the concentration of the ketone bodies.

Here are extracts from her weigh-loss logbook:

Keto Guru official website

Week 1

Ketones concentration – 0.3 mol.

Week 2

Ketones concentration – 0.8 mol. Weight reduction by 5 kg.

Week 3

Ketones concentration – 0.4 mol. Weight reduction by 7.7 kg.

Week 4

Ketones concentration – 0.5 mol. Weight reduction by 9 kg.

Week 5

Ketones concentration – 0.7 mol. Weight reduction by 10 kg.

Week 6

Ketones concentration – 0.9 mol (!). Weight reduction by 18 kg.

I was slightly baffled by the results of the blood test because Mary reached a threshold level, as any concentration exceeding 1 mol would mean a ketonemia. It turned out that Mary decided to speed up her weight-loss process by using three tablets instead of one without telling me about it.

I don’t recommend doing it!

Week 7

Ketones concentration – 0.6 mol. Weight reduction by 20 kg

Weeks 8-12

Ketones concentration – 0.7 mol. Weight reduction by 32kg.

Keto Guru philippines

Is using just Keto Guru enough to facilitate this kind of weight loss? How to use Keto Guru without side effects

It’s hard to believe but it is. A single effervescent tablet solved in a glass of water and taken 30 minutes before a meal. That’s all you need.

Keto Guru how to use

Mary didn’t change her lifestyle, ate her usual food, had no sleeping issues or allergies. She simply increased and maintained the concentration of ketones in her body.

It’s not something fantastic. Medicine has created products to deal with headaches, erectile dysfunction, pregnancy… Finding a quick solution to the overweight problem was just a matter of time.

  • Lose weight  to be happy about yourself and raise your self-respect.
  • Lose weight  to not feel embarrassed adding new photos to your Instagram page.
  • Lose weight  to make other people be interested in your personality rather than be curious about why you are so big.
  • Lose weight  and stay healthy!

Where to buy Keto Guru – official website, lazada, buy online, price in the Philippines

Keto Guru forum – comments, opinions, reviews, effects


When I was 11 I had a severe allergic reaction caused by vaccination. I had internal swelling and was rushed to the emergency. After being discharged from the hospital I experienced hormonal disorders. I was growing up without realising that something was wrong. I was getting more and more stout. The fact that I was weighing almost 100 kg made me feel depressed. I started trying any weight loss techniques like eating yogurt for 2 days, cucumbers for the next 2 days, and boiled chicken breasts for the last 2 days. I was losing weight but felt terrible. I was always tired and experienced some inexplicable pain.

Keto Guru changed everything. I lost weight easily and became a completely different person!

Keto Guru comments


Oh my God, I can’t believe it! Losing weight safely is my dream! I always had issues like late periods and pimples while being on a diet… I want this remedy now! )))


Losing no more than 1 kg per week is considered normal!

John Dou  Jane

Different standards apply to different people. Obesity (30%-35% of fat) requires monthly weight loss of 4%-6% or 3,6 kg – 9 kg. Mary definitely had obesity. Check her logbook. She was losing 9 kg after week 4. So everything was OK.




I gained 10 kg after the childbirth and struggled to lose them. A friend of mine told me about Keto Guru. I lost 14 kg! My hubby is pretty happy. I became 10 times more attractive in his eyes. Seems like we’re going to have our second baby soon:)

Keto Guru opinion

John Dou  Ratinan

Good for you! :)


Before I got 18 I thought that overweight would never strike me. I ate all I wanted, did karate, and kept my weight stable. When I started university I had much less time so I gave up karate. Then I started gradually gaining weight. First 4,5 kg, then 9 kg… That’s how I gained 37 kg of extra weight. I didn’t notice or didn’t want to notice love handles and far from perfect hips. I started wearing baggy clothes and kept eating and living an inactive life instead of doing exercises. That’s it…

When I finally got my act together I was unable to lose weight! Keto Guru supplement saved me. I lost 26 kg in 3.5 months!

Keto Guru effect


John, very interesting and useful info as usually! I’ve ordered 10 packages already.

Sirinda  Maggie

Guys, don’t make it a hot sale. Some people won’t be able to get one because of the shortage.

Elli  Sirinda

I’ve ordered 10 packages while you were typing your comment)))


Yeah! I will give it to my big-belly husband. I’m sick of making him go to the gym. He has maximum 3 sessions before giving up.


It didn’t help me. Lost just 5 kg instead of 22 in a month.

John Dou  Holi

How regularly do you take the tablets?

Holi  John Dou

Every morning

John Dou  Holi

It’s not enough. To increase the concentration of ketones you should take Keto Guru before every meal.


Everything genius is simple!


My dream is about to come true! Keep eating what I like without gaining weight! Unbelievable)))

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