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By | December 22, 2022

The main misconception about diabetes in the Phillipines that shortens lives…

Javier Olmedo, expert in health from EE.UU. He is considered one of the best specialists in the fight against diabetes in the country. All celebrities with diabetes turn to him. Patients from France, Germany, Austria and many other countries come to the United States to improve their health. He is one of the most influential endocrinologists in the world. He has written 32 books and three times as many scientific articles published in journals.

Health expert Javier Olmedo rarely gives interviews, but this time he agreed to answer our reporter’s questions. Below, you will find all the necessary information that will help you fight diabetes.

Health expert Javier Olmedo affirms that contemporary science prolongs life with diabetes by 15-20 years.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • What is the most important thing to fight diabetes?
  • Why 95% of diabetics cannot fight this disease?
  • Can a diabetic live like a healthy person?

What are the modern ways to combat this disease?

Doctors are concerned that drugstore chains are treating patients

Health expert Javier Olmedo:

Today, metamorphine-containing products are used as the base in most methods of combating diabetes. Also, this is a misconception held by many ignorant doctors and patients. Metformin is a pathway to disease and premature death. It does not fight the disease. If you go to a doctor for type 2 diabetes and he prescribes a course based on these products, run away from him.

All of these products raise insulin levels to critical points. Due to such high insulin levels, the blood coagulates like curdled milk. Insulin, in large amounts, causes great damage to the body. It destroys the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. In its constitution and action, insulin is similar to stomach acid. Just imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled our organs. It would burn them!

The increase in insulin levels, which destroys our cells, favors their abnormal division and produces cancer diseases. Therefore, according to statistics, 28% of diabetics HAVE CANCER.

On top of that, a large insulin content causes the blood vessels to quickly clog up with cholesterol, because, due to the effect of insulin, the thick blood cannot flow properly. That is why the blood vessels fill up with cholesterol, which ultimately leads to increased blood pressure. Hypertension occurs in 98% of diabetics. In addition, many other problems occur with the cardiovascular system.

List of dangerous consequences when using metformin:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders (mainly diarrhoea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcer)
  • High blood pressure: hypertension, especially at night, headaches, tinnitus, waves of fear
  • Cirrhosis of the liver: the liver dissolves in connective tissue and no longer cleanses the blood, so toxins fill the body
  • Kidney stones due to intensive excretion of salt and sugar
  • Oncological diseases
  • Premature death from organ destruction
  • Blindness.

The development of the disease depends, of course, on the time and amount of the products taken, as well as on the individual characteristics of the body. But IT IS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET RID OF THEM!

If metformin kills, why is it still being used?

Unfortunately, today very few doctors care about the health of their patients. They don’t give a shit. They just do their job and get paid for it. They don’t care if you are going to recover or not. Therefore, they prescribe what the government and the ministry tell them without thinking. I’m talking about metformin based products because they make good gains but their effect is only temporary.

Indifference does not heal! As a general rule, patients do not know what kind of consequences they are going to face due to the use of these products, and doctors do not believe that they should warn you about it.

It is wrong to fight diabetes with harsh chemicals! And type 2 diabetes can be fought! The most important thing is to choose the right course.

Often I get patients who have been taking metformin for years. They are sick people who grow old too soon.

It is normal. Patients are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mostly by accident during regular medical checkups. At that point, the patient is usually not in trouble and doesn’t even think he might have high blood sugar, and then he’s prescribed high doses of metformin.

Sugar levels drop, yes, but over time, the patient’s condition worsens. He begins to complain of chronic fatigue, obesity, arterial hypertension, headaches. His legs swell, as well as his face in the morning. You hear ringing in your ears. You feel tingling in your fingers, and your legs and hands turn cold. His vision worsens, and his memory too.

Doctors think it’s diabetes, but this is all happening because of insulin! To be more precise, due to metformin increasing the production of this hormone to abnormal points!

AND DO NOT EVER THINK THAT THEY SHOULD NOT FIGHT DIABETES. If you are hesitating between using metformin for your relief or not for diabetes, you should definitely choose the first option. If they don’t fight it, type 2 diabetes will kill them even faster, but with different symptoms.

The internal organs of diabetics resemble a candied cherry. The liver, the stomach, the kidneys, the heart and, most importantly, the blood vessels…

Blood vessels and internal organs must not be touched!

Imagine a candied cherry or raspberry. The same happens with all the blood vessels in case of diabetes. The walls of the blood vessels fill with sugar and harden. As a result, the blood vessels lose their ability to narrow and widen. At first, the first to be damaged are the small blood vessels, and then the medium and large ones. Blood vessels carry nutrients to internal organs, and blood supply disorders lead to chronic diseases.

How diabetes destroys you from within:

Vision loss

Diabetes and blindness. Blind forever. It is not possible to restore vision affected by diabetes, even with laser surgery because the retina is detached as a result of many bleeds.

Destruction of the kidney

Sugar simply clogs the urinary tract. That is why the environment of the kidneys becomes very sweet. Sugar is similar to preservatives. It preserves the gradually dying kidneys. Chronic kidney failure is just the tip of the iceberg. The kidneys may stop working completely.

Loss of joint mobility

Synovial fluid provides mobility to the joints. When blood vessels stop supplying the joint, synovial fluid stops being produced. The joint dries up and deteriorates. The patient feels excruciating pain. Not even painkillers help. The joint closes completely, and the patient loses the ability to move independently.

Helpless nervous system

Nerves, like many other organs, are damaged due to excess sugar. Over time, diabetics become psychotic and emotionally unbalanced. They get depressed often and there is nothing that makes them feel good. All they want is to fall asleep and die.

Skin rot!

At first, it is extremely dry, there are cracks, eczema and ulcers. Muscles and bones rot because of the skin. An unpleasant odor is produced. It all ends in gangrene.

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. Perhaps the most dangerous of all. I feel sorry for people diagnosed with diabetes. I try to help them, but it all depends on oneself.

If you do not use metformin, how to relieve diabetes? Take, for example, an ordinary retiree who developed diabetes with age. Your blood sugar levels keep rising. Let’s say you’re taking metformin and you’re feeling sick. What can be done to alleviate diabetes? Can it be fought?

Health expert Javier Olmedo:

I would like to mention, once again, that type 2 diabetes is a complicated, dangerous, and systemic disease. It’s not a cold or diarrhea. It’s much worse. This disease spreads throughout the body and, therefore, the fight against it has to be systemic. IT IS HARMFUL AND IT IS NOT ENOUGH to simply increase insulin levels.

The fight against diabetes should be complex and should be carried out using those products that not only lower blood sugar levels, but also ensure safety for the whole body.

What is Insulux, how to use, side effects

If we are talking about specific products that people can use to independently fight diabetes, I would recommend a product like Insulux. It was developed by the American Center for Endocrinology in 2021. It is not a chemical product like metformin but a natural complex for the treatment of diabetes that has more than 60 (!) different active components.

Insulux is 80% composed of mulberry leaf tincture which is the most powerful stabilizer of blood sugar. It is a natural component and has no side effects, and diabetics can use it freely.

Insulux is excellent because it does not harm the body. In addition, it strengthens the body of diabetics. The most important thing is that it has beneficial effects on the disease in every way.

The effectiveness of Insulux is amazing! When we prescribed these capsules to our patients, 96% of them experienced a drop in blood sugar levels to normal ranges. This means that they can lead a completely normal life with minimal restrictions.

The most honest letter on how to fight diabetes. Insulux opinion, effect

I would like to show you a letter written by Emily Prado, a retiree from Phillipines. She was not treated at our clinic (she couldn’t reach us because she felt bad), but I recommended Insulux to her over the phone. In the end, this woman improved her health.

This is what she wrote.

Emily, 67 years old. A retiree from the Phillipines with diabetes.

“Why do other doctors hide the miraculous Insulux from people? Before he had a horrible form of diabetes. I was diagnosed at 28 years old. When I was 49, I had serious complications with my eyes and kidneys. They weren’t working at all, it smelled like acetone. My daughter couldn’t even sit next to me. I had ulcers on his legs every now and then, and the tips of his feet were dark. I was dying. Many other doctors told me that my time was short.

I began to think that those were my last days. I had had a very beautiful life, but I did not want to die. Even when I said I wanted to die in moments of hysteria, I really didn’t. His clinic was my last hope. I knew that I was successfully fighting diabetes, but I wasn’t 100% convinced of that. Everybody said that this disease could not be fought and that he would go to see him in vain. For this reason, I did not go to his clinic, but later, I saw him on television and decided to call him.

Thank you very much for recommending me and for sending me Insulux. I started using this product right after receiving it. Four months have passed since then and I am still alive, and I am sure that I will live a long time, since the doctors have told me that my sugar levels are normal. I can feel it too. I haven’t felt this healthy and diabetes controlled for the last 10 years! I have started to sleep well again, the constant thirst is gone, I have stopped going to the bathroom all the time, I no longer have fatigue and weakness all the time. My blood pressure has also stopped rising. My vision has improved. I am still taking the product, but I am convinced that I will survive. Thank you very much for Insulux!”

Could you tell us how long I should take Insulux?

Health expert Javier Olmedo:

It is not a quick process. On average, the course with Insulux takes about 2 months.

They should be prepared for a long-term course, but once it is over, the symptoms will subside and they will be able to lead a normal, healthy life as before diabetes.

Insulux helps everyone, including older people with weakened immune systems.

I am going to describe the ongoing phases. Strengthening of blood vessels Insulux. It not only reduces blood sugar levels, but also prevents its increase. Without excess sugar, the walls of the blood vessels expand and contract freely. In this way, the blood vessels are cleaned of thrombi and small capillaries are restored. Blood pressure normalizes, weakness and drowsiness decrease, wounds, cuts and bruises heal faster.

Normalization of glucose levels

Insulux does not increase insulin levels and is therefore safe. It has an extremely beneficial effect and reduces insulin resistance, which is a very good property. The biologically active components of this product penetrate directly into the cells of the muscles, fats and liver, and stimulate them so that they begin to react better to the presence of hormones in the blood. In medicine, this process is called “secondary cell formation.” As a consequence of this, the cells begin to consume active glucose over time, which leads to a decrease in its concentration in the blood. This is the safest way for the body to use glucose.

Patients begin to feel good at any time of the day, even after meals. They are no longer thirsty and no more eczema or rashes. Fight that unpleasant odor from the genitals. Patients stop going to the bathroom frequently.

If we talk about physical indicators, then there is a decrease in the levels of glycosylated hemoglobin, a decrease in the concentration of sugar and acetone in the urine.

Weight loss!

By losing 10 kg of excess weight, the risk of developing dangerous consequences of diabetes is reduced by almost 50%.

Possible normalization

Many diabetics do not have enough energy. One of the fascinating effects of the capsules Insulux is the normalization of testosterone levels and the restoration of sexual potency. Men can have sex even in their 50s or 60s.

Improvement of the condition of the skin, bones and muscles

Even badly damaged skin is regenerated. Ulcers are relieved, the skin stops festering and drying. The same is true of bones, as their healthy composition is restored, and they stop creaking. Regeneration of all tissues occurs, and muscles recover their elasticity.

Butterfly effect for all diabetics!

The effect of Insulux it is similar to the effect of butterfly wings, which causes a chain reaction of improving the state of internal organs and improving overall health. It begins with the normalization of the action of blood vessels and ends with the restoration of vision and joints.

Wake up easy

They wake up and get out of bed easily in the morning. They no longer have to strain to get up, stretch and massage their legs, back and stiff neck. In the morning, your body is full of energy and strength.

Excellent condition and humor

In the morning and throughout the day. They sleep peacefully and enough. They feel rejuvenated. They don’t have to go to the bathroom at night. They don’t hurt at all and they don’t have an unpleasant smell.

Delicious breakfast

They can fill their menu with various products, since they no longer have to follow a strict diet. They can eat what they have always wanted. No more low carb diets. Enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes!

Heroic force

When you leave home, you no longer have to worry about your legs: walking is not an unpleasant task for you, you can do it all day, and your legs do not get tired or swollen. Sandals, shoes, and socks leave no marks on swollen feet like string on a sausage.

Complete silence

They are completely calm and relaxed. They no longer have constant pain that disturbs their consciousness and does not allow them to concentrate on anything else. When nothing hurts, ordinary things are sharper, like sounds or smells long forgotten.

Vision improvement

Even severely damaged vision gradually begins to improve. What they saw before through the mist becomes clear. They can see the number of buses from afar and enjoy the beauty of nature again.

And, most importantly, they prolong their life! They will feel healthy and cheerful even in old age. Your loved ones won’t have to take care of you because they can take care of themselves.

Insulux deficiency in pharmacies in the Phillipines! Where to buy Insulux original?

As far as we know, it is very difficult to buy Insulux. This product is rarely available, is it? And what would you recommend to all diabetics in the Phillipines?

Yes, that’s how it is. Insulux is sold in limited batches and therefore does not make it to pharmacies. Unfortunately, a large part goes abroad and is bought by private clinics.

But I have good news for the readers of your magazine: I have spoken with my colleagues and we have decided to allocate a part of the Insulux lot to your readers at a discount. We will send this product by mail directly to the patient’s home, anywhere in the Phillipines.

These are the conditions to obtain Insulux.

You have to:

  • Live in the Phillipines. We do not send Insulux abroad.
  • You can order Insulux FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. We ask resellers not to resell Insulux for profit. It’s not human to make money off of sick people! Insulux will be sent to a single person in the amount necessary to alleviate the condition of ONE person (or two if there are several diabetics in the family).

Take advantage of this opportunity before someone else! Insulux official website, price

Unfortunately, we do not have enough of this product for all diabetics in the Phillipines. Therefore, we have decided to send it to everyone who leaves a request faster than others on the website. If you want to fight diabetes with this unique complex, I advise you to order it as soon as possible while it is still in stock.

If you want to alleviate diabetes with this unique remedy, I advise you to order it as early as possible while it is still in stock.

Insulux forum: comments, review


Thank you for your kindness! I wanted to buy Insulux in another clinic, but they told me that it was 10 times more expensive, so in the end I did not buy it. An acquaintance gave me the link to this interview, I ordered it and it arrived very quickly. I have started using the product and I already see the results!


I confirm everything the doctor said! Metformin is bad because it poisons people and takes money from people! I used it for seven years and got no results. My sugar levels kept going up and up. I didn’t know what to do, but then I found Insulux and the difference was huge. This natural product has really improved my condition unlike all those dangerous chemicals. Friends, I recommend Insulux to everyone.


This is a great way to cut down on sugar. In one month my sugar dropped from 14 mmol/l to 7.9!


He had a predisposition to diabetes, high blood sugar levels. I felt like an old woman: I could not walk or stand for a long time, I was constantly thirsty, my face and legs were swollen. I got to weigh 120 kg in a year. Considering that I am tall, it was a complete disaster! I was even out of breath and sweating heavily going up to the second floor. A month ago, I finished the Insulux application cycle and little by little I am starting to improve. It is much easier for me to walk, my legs swell less and in 2 months I lost 12 kg. Blood sugar is normal. I am slowly improving.


Thank you, I have ordered it. A consultant called me and I asked him how many containers were left. He told me that there are more than 25 left, but now there are more and more people ordering it and of course the stock is going to run out soon.


Any disease is torture for some people and a benefit for others. Pharmacies already showed their true intentions a long time ago: all they want is to take our money and our health!


Hello everyone! I am 59 years old. Before I weighed 124 kg, but now I weigh 80 and I am 168 cm tall. My glucose level is between 18 and 12 (used to be 29). Right now it is at 5.0. I have been using Insulux for three months. I feel very good with the results. Not a single doctor helped me as much as this product.


After using Insulux, I am no longer predisposed to diabetes. My sugar levels have dropped to normal ranges and are no longer rising.


Thank you! I just ordered it. They promised to deliver it in two days. I will start using it immediately.


This product is great. I’ve been using it for a week and I can already see the positive changes. I check my sugar levels several times a day, and they go up much less. If this continues like this, I think I’ll improve.


Diabetes is a terrible disease. I have had it for 4 years. The truth is that she only had one symptom, and that is that my throat became dry. Which is why I don’t really believe in leg amputations and the like, but I did pass out once. They took me to the hospital and did some tests. The results were horrible. The kidneys were in a pre-cancer state, the blood vessels were destroyed, and the doctors were hallucinating.


My father has diabetes and does not want to take pills. Does anyone know if Insulux will be able to help you?


Of course it will help you! You should try it, in any case, plus Insulux is cheaper than metformin.


Insulux is a good product. Our daughter has diabetes and is only 7 years old. We didn’t want to give her chemicals because she’s too small. We talked to many endocrinologists and decided to choose Insulux. The truth is that it has helped him. His sugar levels have almost stopped rising.


Thank you! I had a chance to order it while it was still in stock!


Thank you very much for the article, I hope this helps people


Thank you. Left an order.