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By | December 21, 2022

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Vision is one of the most important senses, and when it is impaired, problems begin: difficulty moving without glasses or lenses, it is impossible to read or not see the inscription that is placed far away, even when it is needed.

To stop the series of your suffering and find an opportunity to restore vision without surgery, scientists have been working on the drug Ifocus.

In this article, you will be able to read about what Ifocus is, how the product works, how to use it according to the instructions for use, what is its price and where to buy Ifocus in the Philippines. Read reviews, comments and opinions about Ifocus on the forums and official website.

What is Ifocus

If you are nearsighted or farsighted and in one of the stages of vision loss, buy Ifocus.

The organic composition of the drug Ifocus allows you to quickly restore vision. After the Ifocus course, you will be able to throw away your glasses and lenses as you will no longer need them.

Visual impairment is progressive. If now you have -1, then this does not mean that the indicator will remain so. Over time, vision will deteriorate more and more and lead to more severe diseases, so the slightest manifestations of disorders must be treated. If you notice flies in the eyes or dryness and a feeling of sand, you can’t see near or far, see an optometrist for an examination and a joint course with Ifocus.

After a certain course of Ifocus, compiled depending on the degree of damage to the organs of vision, you will see much better.

Get your vision back, don’t ruin it with glasses or lenses by ordering Ifocus

If it is possible to improve your vision, why deliberately buy yourself glasses or lenses that do not support it, but worsen it? Buy original Ifocus and restore your vision.

Do you want to enjoy the opportunity to see all the beauty of the world? Then hurry up to get the drug Ifocus.

Ifocus is a chance to see the world with open eyes and be happy that you can see the face of a loved one without the help of glasses or lenses.

This is the most affordable way to restore vision, designed for every person, regardless of financial situation.

How Ifocus works

The natural complex contains bioactive substances that have a synergistic corrective effect on the functions and condition of the cornea, sclera, lens of the eye, an additional regulatory effect on the tone of capillaries and blood vessels, the condition of the fundus, the microbiological background, the condition of the lacrimal glands, conjunctiva.

Ifocus natural natural complex contains a formula of digestible natural sources of bioactive substances, vitamins and minerals, which have a simultaneous corrective effect on the causes of visual dysfunction, symptoms of dysfunction of the structures of the visual apparatus, concomitant disorders and contribute to:

  • Elimination of eye fatigue, stress relief as a result of increased eye strain
  • Improvement of twilight vision
  • Elimination of sources of viral, bacterial eye infections, inflammation
  • Elimination of changes in the cornea of the eye as a result of complications of a viral infection
  • Reduce photosensitivity, prevent the likelihood of clouding of the lens
  • Prevention of the likelihood of changes in the retina as a result of an infectious process, damage
  • Prevention of the consequences of inflammation of the vessels of the eyes
  • Elimination of violations of moisture circulation and reduction of the likelihood of glaucoma
  • Normalization of vascular tone, capillary circulation, prevention of dysfunction and condition of the fundus
  • Increase in visual acuity with its decrease as a result of fatigue, stress

You can buy the drug Ifocus and restore vision without surgery, you just need to be examined before use.


The natural components of the Ifocus product have a multifaceted normalizing effect on the functions and condition of the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, endocrine systems, contribute to:

  • Normalization of blood pressure to physiological individual norms as a result of the action on the tone and elasticity of blood vessels
  • Normalization of the composition of blood and lymph, prevention of atherosclerotic disorders of the vessels of the heart, brain, which adversely affect visual functions
  • Increased activity of immunocompetent tissue cells under the influence of adverse factors, prevention of chronic inflammatory, infectious, bacterial processes, general toxicosis of the body, headaches, fatigue
  • Normalization of blood sugar levels, regulation of the functions of the organs of vision in case of elevated sugar levels
  • Elimination of oxidative processes, aging of the lens as a result of age, stress factors, uv factor
  • Prevention of visual impairment on the background of stress, psycho-emotional stress
  • Elimination of hemorrhage and fragility of blood vessels and capillaries of the eyes

The natural complex has a positive effect on the functions and condition of the organs that provide normal physiological indicators of vision, has a regulatory effect in case of individual violations of the structure of the eye, the functions and condition of the organs involved in the provision of the visual process. Capsules have no side effects.


Ifocus Philippines, price, how to use, comments – see the world with fresh eyes!

Capsules with vitamins for vision improvement

  • For those who no longer want to use glasses or contacts
  • For those who read a lot
  • For those who do computer work

How will your vision change with iFocus – what is

Move the slider to see the results:

Before iFocus

2 weeks later

3 weeks later

1 month later

iFocus effect

Capsules with vitamins for vision improvement

  • Strengthen your eye musclesi. Focus components strengthen the ciliary muscle that controls the crystalline lens and protects it from overstrain img
  • Improve blood flow to the eyes. The capsules increase the elasticity of the eye arteries and enable blood flow to the retina and cornea img
  • Sharpen vision. After you complete a course of iFocus, you’ll recognise colours more accurately, see the outlines of the objects better and read small letters. Your eyes won’t get tired of working at a computer for a long time

Active ingredients iFocus – side effects

Spirulina is a powerful, natural antioxidant that’s not produced by the human body.

  • It has a neutralizing effect to environmental carcinogens;
  • It also has a neutralizing effect to ultraviolet rays;
  • It gets rid of dry eye syndrome and twitching;
  • It improves visual acuity.

Zinc is another natural antioxidant.

  • It strengthens eye capillaries;
  • It improves blood circulation in the retina and lens;
  • It stimulates synthesis of the visual pigment, rhodopsin;
  • It helps relieve inflammation and eye irritation.

A complex of vitamins A, B6, C and E corrects deficiency of the substances necessary for normal function of the visual system.

  • It hinders muscle degeneration and the development of cataracts;
  • It relieves eye muscles of strain as well as tired eye and eye irritation;
  • It eliminates the harm of blue light emitted from monitors, TV’s and other screens;
  • It protects the retina and lens from external harm;
  • It makes it easier for eyes to cope with sudden changes in lightning such as flickering.

Recommended by ophthalmologists iFocus

“Visual impairment is a problem for those who read a lot or work at a computer. Glasses and contact lenses worsen the situation even more because the eyes grow weak and give up seeing well without help. Laser vision surgery isn’t an option for you, either. If you don’t get rid of the cause of vision impairment (computers, TV, smartphones), the surgery effect will last for just 1-2 years. You can improve your vision with the help of a supplement with active complex – iFocus. The secret of these capsules is a proper dosage of the components, just enough to make your vision sharper and improve its clarity regardless of high strain.”

— Bernard Ross, expert in vision restoration

iFocus has already helped 1,763,540 people to restore vision – review, forum, opinion

I’ve been working in an office all my adult life. My eyesight began to worsen rapidly by the time I hit 40. I had to start wearing glasses, but it was very inconvenient. Wearing contacts is even worse, as my eyes got sore and itchy. But it isn’t the worst thing. The worst thing is that the more time I spent wearing glasses or contacts, the worse my vision was when I didn’t wear them. To avoid going blind, I began to take iFocus capsules on my friends’ recommendation. My vision improved gradually: a couple of weeks later, objects didn’t look blurry anymore, and a month later I could read what’s written on the signboards on the house next to mine. I still wear glasses, but now I wear lower prescription glasses. I’m sure I won’t have to wear them after completing 2-3 courses of iFocus!

— Reynaldo

I’ve been a university teacher for more than 40 years. I love my job and I don’t want to retire, but my vision gets worse and worse year after year because of working with books and at a computer. I couldn’t read small letters even when I wore glasses. I was afraid I would have to wave goodbye to science altogether. When I shared my troubles with my colleague, she advised me to take iFocus capsules. Just a week later, it was easier to read text on a computer screen. My eyesight improved gradually. The whole process took a month. Now, I wear the lowest prescription glasses, even though I’m 67!

— Norma

My doctor told me about iFocus when I went to get laser eye surgery. My vision was so bad that not even eyeglasses could help. The doctors dissuaded me from getting surgery. They said that anaesthesia would be dangerous for my heart at my age – I’m 52. They advised me to take iFocus and said that they would prescribe more powerful medications to me if it wouldn’t help. But I didn’t need any. These capsules have done their job well. Now, I wear glasses only when I read or watch TV, but I don’t need them in my everyday life.

— Jocelyn

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