Fitness band Philippines review, price, order: fitness band for legs and glutes

By | July 15, 2019

Fitness band review – results, effect,

To keep your body in a perfect shape you don’t need to go to the gym, moreover, you can easily do without expensive training machines. You can improve definition and train all muscle groups with the help of a mini-equipment called Fitness Band. At first glance this simple, but multifunctional training equipment allows to achieve in a short period of time impressive results in training female problem parts, legs and glutes in particular.

What can a fitness band do?

A fitness band is an effective, practical training equipment which can be used for daily trainings. You can train at home, in the street or in the gym. The band is space-saving, it can be easily folded and doesn’t take much space. With this thing you won’t miss your workout even when being on vacation or on a business trip.

The fitness band has the following benefits:

  • Versatility – work with all muscle groups.
  • High efficiency (due to extra resistance).
  • Portability, small size.
  • Affordability (unlike other fitness equipment its price is rather low)
  • Durability (if used properly)
fitness band where to buy in the philippines

Using of the fitness band guarantees:

  • Better muscle definition;
  • Increased elasticity and muscle strength;
  • Stronger muscle corset;
  • Minimal pressure on joints and connective tissues;
  • Increased stamina

Another benefit is that you cannot use the force of inertia when training with it. All exercises are automatically done with proper technique and minimal risk of getting yourself injured.

The fitness band has an adaptive level of workload. Thanks to several levels of resistance there is always room for progress when you train. How does the training devices differ? They are made in different colour range. Colour defines tensile force and the amount of load the elastic band can endure.

How to train? How to use Fitness band: effective exercises

With this fitness band an ordinary training turns into strength training, but without free weights and exercise machines. The effectiveness of thighs and buttocks training is just as good. Muscle performance is increased due to overcoming the resistance of a resilient band.

Exercises with a band can be a full fitness training as well as a complement to power training. By doing exercises at the end of your workout, you will diversify your training strategy and increase load on problem areas. This way you won’t leave your muscles a chance to adapt to single-type loads.

Unlike machine weight training with this band you will control your every movement and vary your training load. The intensity of the resistance can be adjusted by increasing or weakening the tension. To increase the resistance, you can fold the band, or use two devices at the same time. In any case, the load on your legs and glutes muscles is evenly distributed along the entire area together with the “hard-to-reach” zones.

Fitness exercises for legs and buttocks

Fitness with an elastic band is aimed at an effective leg training – the inner, outer and anterior parts of thighs, as well as buttocks, are perfectly trained. After such fitness, you are guaranteed to feel your muscles burn.

Power training with an elastic band consists of three blocks. Each block consists of 3 exercises for legs and glutes.

Part one (3 sets for 45 seconds, breaks between sets – 15 seconds):

Walking squats (6 to the right, 6 to the left)

fitness band review

Push your knees out to the sides while squatting

fitness band philippines price

“Cowboy” (6 steps forward, 6 steps backward)

fitness band where to buy

Part two (3 sets for 30 seconds, breaks between sets – 30 seconds):

Lift your knee to the side

fitness band effective

Lift your knee to the side (static position). Deep squat position, lift your knee to the side and stay in this position for 30 seconds.

fitness band how to use

Lift your leg forward – to the side – upwards

fitness band order

Part 3 (3 sets for 45 seconds, breaks between sets – 15 sec):

Extend your leg with an elastic band out to the side.

fitness band result

Extend your leg out to the side

fitness band effect

Extend your leg backwards (static position)

about fitness band

Here are 2 more effective set of exercises with an elastic band for the legs and glutes:

fitness band forum
fitness band before and after

Elastic for fitnessis made of high-quality latex.

fitness band reviews

Its advantages:

  • Versatility;
  • Efficiency;
  • Portability;
  • Durability.

Elastic Band Tension means an effective training of problem areas.

Fitness band forum – before and after, reviews about Fitness band

fitness band where to buy in the philippines
fitness band review
fitness band philippines price

Where to buy Gitness band in the Philippines – price, order

You can buy a unique band for building a perfect body at a bargain price HERE.

Different colors are available for ordering

3980 ₱ 1990 ₱

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