Black Latte Philippines review, price, where to buy: a fitness marathon winner deceived the jury

By | September 30, 2019

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What helped her? What is Black Latte diet for weight loss, how to use, side effects in English

Hardly had the fitness marathon ‘Shed the flab’ finished when its winner – 27-year old Miranda W. was accused of breaking the rules.

She had lost 39 kilos in just three months!

But her rivals claim that she didn’t go to the gym and ate fast food too! Shocking photos and how the winner came clean further in the article.

The fitness marathon ‘Shed the flab’ had 735 participants of various ages – with prize money of £10 000. They just had to lose as many kilograms as possible within three months.

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Every day they provided the jury with photos from the gym and their detailed menu which contained minimum calories. More than half of the participants couldn’t stand such pressure and gave up after one month, only the toughest stayed – including Miranda W.

She lost 39 kilograms! Her nearest rival only managed 24….But as soon as Miranda got the prize money, the rumours started.

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Shortly afterwards, a few photos appeared online confirming that the girl is a regular at McD, while the fitness club confirmed the girl hadn’t been to a single training.

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The winner was soon bombarded with hateful comments on social networks. She was accused of liposuction and reducing the size of the stomach through surgery. She had to confess everything.

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So all that time she had been drinking Black Latte. This beverage, rich with amino acids and antioxidants, breaks down subcutaneous fat and substantially improves metabolic processes in the body. Thus, you can lose weight without having to stick to a diet.

The organizers of this marathon are at a loss: on the one hand, it’s unfair towards other participants, but on the other hand, the girl didn’t break any rules, she only had coffee. Any participant could have done that.

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Even if Miranda is denied the prize, she still achieved the most important thing – a slimmer and healthier body. Specially for our readers we found the official site where you can order Black Latte. We await your comments with results.

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My friend lost 7.5 kg in this marathon ))) I understood at once that the winner lost 40 for a special reason – not by chance.

Tina G

I lost weight with the help of Black Latte three years ago. 17 kilos. And I didn’t put on any more weight since! More people should know about it.


Is the prize really 10 grand? I should have taken part too. For that kind of money, I’d stop eating for 3 months!

Ko Ko

I think it’s against the rules. All the other participants exhausted themselves in the gym, followed diets, and she did nothing except drink some coffee? She should be disqualified.


The rules didn’t state that! Do you have to give up ordinary coffee too if it promotes faster weight loss? Or stop eating fruit? It’s ridiculous. The rules weren’t broken. The girl found a way to win – good for her. And her figure is awesome too now.

Diana J

After delivery I lost extra weight with Black Latte in two months. Everyone was shocked! 25 kg gone in a flash. The product is super-great!


I’m eating nothing but celery, and someone can get away with burgers and fries! Why haven’t I heard of this solution before???

Hi all

Why are you falling for this? She most probably took some chemical pills. It’s impossible to lose weight her way. Her skin isn’t even saggy.


BS! If she had been taking meds for 3 months she’d be in hospital by now. My friend was hooked on tablets and had kidney failure.

Nina Lee

I remember when all celebs lost fat with Black Latte. Maybe now they do it too. I’ve ordered.


Why attack this girl? Everyone has the right to lose weight how they want! If you like spending half your life in the gym, then go ahead. I’d rather drink Black Latte instead of torturing my body.

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