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By | June 16, 2021

Men’s Defense provides relief from inflammation and eliminates the infection only 17 minutes after its first use

Men’s Defense will give you back your sexual power. It is never too late to start!

Men’s Defense the key to men’s health – what is, how to use, price

  • One capsule of Men’s Defense
  • The power of aloe vera
  • Inexhaustible sexual energy for men

The health-enhancing properties of this plant have been known since the ancient Romans and Egyptians. In the 18th century, it was impossible to create medical tincture without powdered leaves. The healers used to say these leaves have a beneficial effect on the male organism: they provide satisfaction and vitality, restore hormonal balance and treat genitourinary diseases.

Real ingredients, real results – Men’s Defence official website, side effects

  • Aloe vera leaf extract

it relieves pain symptoms around the groin and perineum area, helping with the urination process in just 3 hours.

  • Indian fig extract

it prevents bladder problems, reduces the size of the prostate and has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

  • Asparagus stem extract

it increases libido, improves stamina and strengthens the capillary walls of the genitourinary system.

  • Zinc citrate

it improves blood circulation, prevents the development of atherosclerosis. In chronic prostatitis, it prolongs the duration of remission and reduces the probability of recurrence.

  • Ginger root extract

it quickly and effectively relieves inflammation of the prostate, reduces pain, normalizes the emptying of the bladder, restores the prostate cavity to a healthy state and removes pathogenic microorganisms and their waste products.

Men’s Defense: guaranteed results without side effects

Men’s Defense takes care of men’s health – Men’s Defence buy, original, effect

Men’s Defense results in the treatment of chronic prostatitis are based on the normalization of blood flow to the prostate, which reduces edema and inflammation. From the first days of prostatitis treatment, Men’s Defense provides relief from symptoms. This product acts directly on the aria and has no side effects.

Men’s Defense has been shown not to adversely affect sexual and reproductive functions, which is a major concern for any modern man.

Clinical studies have shown that Men’s Defense not only has an effective anti-inflammatory effect, but also increases the effectiveness of antibiotics and positively affects spermatogenesis.

Long-term use of this product does not produce negative effects or cause addiction.

Treatment with Men’s Defense enables patients to lead an active lifestyle.

What the experts say – Men’s Defence how to use, where to buy, price

Prostatitis is a very serious disease that must be treated immediately. Symptoms may go unnoticed at first, but illness is just around the corner. Today, the disease can be reversed successfully and easier than ever. Therefore, the main thing in treatment is not to skip the initial stage, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible:

  • Sexual dysfunction and infertility
  • Prostate adenoma
  • Oncological tumors

To avoid such complications, I recommend Men’s Defense to all my patients. Based on my own medical practice, I have concluded that this complex alone produces a significant improvement. The product starts working instantly and, day after day, restores the prostate to a healthy state.

The composition of Men’s Defense allows its use for preventive purposes. Thanks to its components, it prevents stagnation and positively affects the blood supply to the prostate and the secretion of the gland. Therefore, prevention with Men’s Defense significantly reduces the likelihood of inflammation of the prostate.

With Men’s Defense, you sure can!

Abeo Renner, expert in the field of men’s health.

Men’s Defense it will relieve the symptoms of prostatitis faster than traditional methods.


  • They are introduced rectally
  • They cause a burning sensation and discomfort
  • Ineffective in severe pain
  • Effects in 6-8 days


  • They suppress the immunity of body cells
  • Side effects
  • Incompatible them with alcohol consumption
  • Results in a few days


  • Painful and humiliating process
  • It may intensify inflammation
  • It can lead to the spread of infections to the rest of the body
  • Effects after full treatment

Men’s Defense

  • Undisturbed
  • No side effects
  • It can be combined with alcohol
  • Noticeable effects a few hours after its first use

Frequent questions – Men’s Defence effect, original, official website

Who is Men’s Defense recommended to?

This product is recommended to those with cases of inflammation of the prostate. Additionally, Men’s Defense relieves the effects of chronic prostatitis and restores male health. Since this product is completely natural, there is no age restriction.

How do you take Men’s Defense?

Take one capsule 3 times a day during the treatment period.

How does Men’s Defense work?

The high efficacy of Men’s Defense phytocomplex is due to a special antibiotic-free formula that positively affects the body.

The plant components included in the composition of the capsules have an antimicrobial effect. In addition, they eliminate the inflammatory process that leads to the restoration of the general functions of the reproductive system.

How does Men’s Defense affect sexual potency?

The active components of this product restore the production of the male hormone, testosterone, and activate blood circulation in the genital area. Men’s Defense improves blood flow to the pen, providing a long, firm erection.

You decide when you want to ejaculate!

They have already won prostatitis – Men’s Defence review, what is, opinion

Oba, 48 years old

I started to feel a sharp pain in my perineum and lower back. Afterwards, I saw blood clots in the semen, so I ran to the urologist. It turned out that he had PROSTATITIS. I thought my life was over and I spent half a year drinking without hope. I thank my friend who stopped me in time and found these capsules. Now I am a new man. I feel great.

Andrew, 37 years old

Guys, don’t leave the problem for later! Otherwise, you will go through the nine circles of hell like me. Every year, I had to undergo a massage and a course of antibiotics. All of that lasted 5 years and only then was I able to ease the discomfort. Thank goodness after the Men’s Defense treatment all problems were resolved. They have finally invented a really effective product!

Michael, 52 years old

A couple of months ago, I started to feel a sharp pain in my scrotum. He knew what was happening, but he didn’t want to go to the doctor. I endured the pain. I was such an idiot! The doctor, instead of prescribing a treatment, told me that I had to have surgery. I was so shocked that in two days I noticed gray hair on my head. I went to another doctor who prescribed Men’s Defense. I completed the treatment and now nothing bothers me.

Men’s Defense – your chance to change your life for the better, a 100% victory over prostatitis

25980 NGN

12990 NGN

Auspicious urology specialist told us how she managed to restore the potency of her patients aged 60-70

The most effective treatment for potency recovery, Men’s Defence, can be ordered now with a 50% discount on the manufacturer’s official website – Private Centre of Urology. Read the details next.

Our reporter interviewed the leading specialist in the Private Centre of Urology, Esther Osagie. She has the highest ratings in the field and a serious approach to treating erectile dysfunction.

Esther Osagie, a specialist in the Urology department, told us about the contemporary impotence treatment at the Private Centre of Urology.

Ms Osagie, you have patients aged 60-70. Is it truly necessary to have sex at this age?

Of course! Especially for men. Sex life determines the overall health, in other words, it is a biological clock which establishes how quickly you become an old person.

Patients who suffer from prostatitis and prostate adenoma come to me, and when I ask them when was the last time they had sex, they laugh and say something like: “I haven’t had sex for seven years.” Of course, I am surprised by their answer. This is the cause of prostatitis, which can later turn into prostate cancer.

Lack of sex harms the organ, regardless if it happens at 30, 40, 50 or even 70! The prostate is the organ in which the semen liquid is formed. If it is not ejaculated, it starts to spoil. A process of pathological stagnation takes place in the prostate; an accumulation of dangerous microorganisms, which lead to inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis). Inflammation of the prostate gland for a long period of time leads to prostate adenoma, urinary impairments and pyelonephritis. The next stage after adenoma is cancer. Patients who have potency issues present a risk seven times higher of developing prostate cancer.

This is only one of the many consequences. In other words, prolonged abstinence can lead to a quick death. Humans are meant to conceive, but when this function is reduced, the organism starts to age very quickly. Blood vessels start to get thinner and break; the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack increases, dysfunctions of the psychosomatic system appear. Patients’ hair very soon grows grey (if it is not grey already). Joint pain appears, the patients slouch. Even the insomnia which tortures elderly people is associated with lack of sex and insufficient levels of certain hormones.

I want to show you some pictures so that you can see yourselves what happens with the genital-urinary system and other organs of a male who does not have sex.

This is what prostate inflammation caused by sperm stagnation looks like (when the testicles are not emptied). Persistent inflammation first leads to prostate adenoma, and later to prostate cancer (based on the statistics, 38% of men die because of this). In the absence of sex, this always happens, which is the reason why prostate adenoma is called ‘the disease of the elderly’.

Prostate cancer of a 58 year old man. Cause – prolonged abstinence (since the age of 51). The patient died.

Because of stagnation, cholesterol is deposited on the walls of the blood vessels, and blood clots may develop. Blood clots increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. This patient’s death was caused by a heart attack; his heart is shown in these images.

Do you still believe you don’t need to have sex? Sex brings stability to a relationship. Unfortunately, most impotent men are single. Women can have sex up to 70-80 years old. They need sex. The rule says: the more often you have sex, the more the couple lasts.

Some patients say that, at your clinic, you use unique medicines to restore potency, helping men to have sex at any age? Is it true?

Our Centre has always had a high rate in healing different disorders. We use unique medicines, developed by our scientists. When it comes to male sex life, we use a treatment developed by our Centre, which is called Men’s Defence.

Soon after administration, Men’s Defence increases arousal (it can be taken as a harmless sexual stimulant, instead of Viagra) and, with regular administration, it strengthens the natural potency. This is the only product which acts this way, but you cannot find it in the pharmacies.

Please tell us more about the action and efficiency of this product.

It really is an excellent treatment. You can see that by the fact that we have appointments scheduled for weeks from now for a consultation. I prescribe only Men’s Defence, which you can buy from our Centre’s pharmacy or order with a 50% discount from our website.

Regarding the effectiveness of Men’s Defence, I would like to show you the results of the clinical studies done by our Centre’s specialists during 2015-2016. Fifty men aged over 50 took part in this experiment. Most of the subjects had already been impotent for years.

The study results:

  • Complete recovery of potency (the ability to have sex at least once a week) – 96% of the subjects
  • High level of testosterone – 94% of the subjects
  • Normalisation of urination (including frequency) – 98% of the subjects
  • Overall state improvement – 99% of the subjects
  • Lack of side effects – 100% of the subjects

So, the treatment is perfect.

This treatment’s innovative mechanism of action on the male urinal-genital system

We decided to find out more information on the action of Men’s Defence on the male urinal-genital system from one of the people who participated in its development – professor, main specialist in Urology, correspondent member of the United Kingdom Science Academy and Chief of the Urology department, Mr Kingsley Danjumo.

“I don’t understand the reasons why 50-60 year old men give up their sex life, being sure that there is no solution. Why? You can get pleasure until you are very old!”

Mr Danjumo, how does Men’s Defence manage to effectively fight against erectile dysfunctions at the age of 60-70? What is its course of action?

The main cause of potency impairment is the insufficient level of testosterone. Men’s Defence acts in this way.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for arousal. The higher its level, the higher the attraction of the man towards women and the better the potency. The highest level of testosterone production is at ages 18-22. After this, the level of the hormone starts to decrease slowly, until it is sharply reduced. Thus, the low levels of testosterone determine low potency and the ageing of the body.

The decrease in testosterone level takes place in every male body, sooner or later. When the testosterone level is lower than 13 nmol/l, potency disappears completely.

Besides age, testosterone production is influenced by external factors – vices, unhealthy eating, environmental factors (for instance, working in an unhealthy environment) and many more.

These factors lead to the acceleration of the decrease in testosterone level; therefore, the man becomes impotent at an earlier age.

Check the symptoms which point to a low level of testosterone:

  • You feel weak
  • Muscular weakness
  • Frequent headaches
  • Digestive system dysfunctions
  • You feel sleepy all the time
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Slow reactions
  • Memory impairment
  • Fluctuation in blood pressure
  • Low elasticity of the muscles and skin
  • Apathy and irritability
  • Losing hair
  • Getting ill often

The presence of at least two of these symptoms suggests that the testosterone level is low. In order to restore potency, it is necessary to increase the testosterone level.

Men’s Defence perfectly restores the function of testosterone production. It acts directly on the Leydig cells of the testicles, improving their function for 20-30 years. This leads to the strengthening of the body and potency.

As we mentioned earlier, patients who lost all hope return to a normal sex life after taking Men’s Defence for 3-4 weeks. It is necessary to take one capsule twice a day during meals. The first changes can be noticed even after a few days. The product restores potency and it has a beneficial effect on the whole body, since testosterone is the main male hormone.

And you decided to sell this product with a 50% discount?

Exactly! I will send this product to all men who want to restore their potency. Right now, there are about one thousand packs left in stock, and we (my colleagues and I) will send them to the first people who leave a request on the official website.

I repeat – it is half the price

Men’s Defence is completely natural – it contains concentrated extracts of plants from the whole world, which are extremely beneficial to the male body. As a result, it can be taken without medical prescription, at home.

Unlike Viagra, Men’s Defence intensifies the natural libido and potency, just as they appear naturally, without stimulants.

What do you need to do to order Men’s Defence with a 50% discount?

  • You must live in Nigeria
  • Place an order on the official website.
  • In 5-7 days (delivery time), you will go to the Post Office and receive the capsules.

Is it true that Men’s Defence helps to restore potency in old age? The survey results

On shown on the website of the Private Centre of Urology where Men’s Defence was developed. A survey was carried out amongst patients who used Men’s Defence.

The survey contained just one question: “Did Men’s Defence help you restore NATURAL potency?”

The survey results:

Hurry up and place an order for Men’s Defence, before others do. One thousand packs sold with a 50% discount!

Comments – Men’s Defence review, forum, opinion


I ordered Men’s Defence, thank you for that. The consultant promised I will receive it in five days time at the Post Office.

Gabriel O.

I ordered it, too. I’ve been unable to have sex for over a year, but I don’t intend giving up. I hope Men’s Defence will help me. I have contraindications to Viagra, due to heart problems.

Oyekunle Gbadomosi

I confirm! Men’s Defence is cool. I am 54 years old and lately, my potency was zero. I was very rarely aroused. I tried many remedies: natural recipes, pills. I went to several urologists. Only this product helped me. Now I have regular sex at least once a week. Even my general state of health has improved. Testosterone is very beneficial for men.


After treatment with Men’s Defence, I felt younger.

David F.

I ordered it. It’s still available. Delivery by post. It’s the first time I’ve ordered something online, nothing complicated. You just need to enter your phone number. A manager called me to confirm the delivery address.


I read the information about Men’s Defence on the website. Impressive! An extremely beneficial product for older men. Testosterone protects you from aging!


I think I will order it for my husband too. At 48, he is practically impotent. I am 41 and I do not intend giving up sex.

Daniel Abubakar

My 65-year-old neighbour has a very active sex life. He uses this product. I have seen it at his house.

Isaac Lawal

I ordered it


Incredible… I started to take it a week ago, but I feel 10 years younger already. Only Viagra has helped me so far, but it has a lot of side effects. I recommend this product to everyone!

Victor P.

I’m 61 years old and I have been impotent for five years. I went to a urologist (for a different issue), who prescribed Men’s Defence for improving my general health. After the treatment, I began to feel sexual desire. Sometimes, I am aroused and I can have sex. I feel much better.

Kenny Tinubu

I received it at the Post Office yesterday. The price is good.

Solomon Bassey

In three weeks, I completely forgot about erectile dysfunction. I recommend it to everyone. The only product that truly works. I’m 59 years old.

Joseph Njoku

I ordered it. The operator said there were only 200 packs left, but that the supply was running out fast.

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