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By | April 30, 2019

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What is VitaGem water bottle – reviews, side effects, use, opinion

  • Premium design
  • Hand-picked crystal blends
  • Incredible results
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VitaGem bottles are a magical link between age-old traditions and hi-tech methods

A variety of traditional healing crystal blends have been tested in our laboratory and sealed inside our special hand-blown vials.

Pour some water in the bottle and the gemstones will vitalise it just like sun rays warm your room through the window on a Sunday afternoon.

The tradition of vitalizing water with gems can be traced back thousands of years.

Pedanios Diskurides

Pedanios Diskurides, a Greek physician from the 1st century AD, cured his patients with gems and minerals.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen

To Saint Hildegard of Bingen, a Benedictine abbess who lived in the 12th century, stones were carriers of “the heavenly power of creation” and emitted healing vibrations.

Michael Gienger and Walter von Holstt

Today, analytical crystal healing approaches are a significant component of many holistic therapeutic practices. VitaGem blends follow those crystal healing traditions, advised by best-selling authors Michael Gienger and Walter von Holst.

How it works. How to use VitaGem

If you want to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Atoms are constantly in a state of motion; everything in the universe is constantly vibrating. Every cystal in our bottles has its own distinct, very subtle vibration.

Those vibrations have the power to restructure the molecules to give the water you drink the quality of fresh spring water – a quality you can taste!

Particular gems also lower free radicals and make the water more alkaline. Drinking it can boost your immunity, fight the aging process and keep you energized.

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Shine from within

Vita Gem gemstone blends are created in accordance with the main energy nodes or chakras of the human body.

When choosing your VitaGem bottle, think of what you want to gain from it, of the challenges you’re facing and what is important in your life right now.

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VitaGem review – comments, feedback, forum

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I bought the Harmony bottle. I’ve definitely noticed some positive changes. I have become less irritable and stopped worrying about the little things. My husband also seems more relaxed. He looks pretty content when he comes home from work. We used to argue a lot and even considered a divorce, but are now living harmoniously and even planning to have a baby.



Six months ago I was all wound up and blew a big contract. I lost a lot of money. That’s when I realised that I had to do something with my nerves. Sedatives made me feel lethargic and drowsy, so I decided to try some other method. I ordered Vita Gem Focus, it’s for workaholics like me. The revitalised water calmed me down and my brain started working better than ever before.

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By the age of 30, I had had many sexual partners and very few orgasms. I couldn’t relax with anyone. I bought my Vita Gem bottle almost by accident. I liked the design. I drank at least 2 liters of crystal water a day and a couple of months later suddenly noticed significant progress. It’s like I am oozing pleasure and sex doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. It’s the best thing ever!

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My Mum used to suffer terrible migraines. She had an MRI scan and a full health check. The doctor said there was nothing wrong with her but the migraines wouldn’t go away. I ordered a Vita Gem bottle for her when I learned that crystal water was meant to improve circulation and relieve headaches. Believe it or not, a week later her migraines stopped for good! My Mum not only drinks revitalised water now, she also cooks with it and even washes her face in it. I even think she looks younger!

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I don’t know how exactly it happened, but a Vita Gem bottle prevented me from losing my job. I had a week to write a script for a promo video. Unfortunately, I had Writer’s Block. My wife made crystal water in her Vita Gem Bottle and made me drink it regularly. At first I resisted because I don’t believe in all this stuff but then I realised I was getting my “Mojo” back! It took me just two days to write that script. I’ve already started on a new project. Say what you like, but I’m going to stick to drinking this water from now on.

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PR Specialist

When I turned 40, I started to age rapidly. I don’t know what exactly caused this – age, chronic stress or my lifestyle. I tried a number of creams and other beauty products but they didn’t help. I suppose I needed to heal my body from within. I ordered a Vita Gem bottle and started drinking revitalised water regularly. New wrinkles stopped appearing and the old ones became less visible, my skin became smoother and my complexion improved. Above all, I was able to regain my self-confidence!

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Water – the source of life or the cause of death? How to protect yourself and make your body healthier with ordinary water

vitagem testimonials

Dr. Oz: 

The latest research in biophysics has revealed a depressing fact – ill health, allergies and chronic fatigue are all a consequence of drinking fluids that do not provide vital energy. We usually pay attention to the chemical ingredients in our drinks but often forget about other factors.

If we use Vita Gem crystals to boost the amount of energy contained in water, we can quickly improve our health and emotional well-being and restore vitality.

Joining us in the studio today is Alexandro Sanches, a member of Independent Biophysics Association. Let us figure out if water really works with energy crystals and what kind of benefits it might provide.

vitagem review


It really works! I wish this subject was discussed more in the main stream media, but I think that after today’s episode on crystal enriched water, everybody will be talking about it. To be honest, my colleagues and I never could have predicted that the energy influence of revitalised water on the human body would be so different from the norm.

The problem lies in the structure of the water, its movement and the vibration of its molecules. When we drink it, water raises the level of electron charges in our cells and what are called “piezoelectric impulses.” This causes mutations in cell division, and therefore contributes to a deterioration in our health.

But the solution to this problem has been found: you need to regulate water structure. We have managed to do it with the help of Vita Gem crystals.

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Dr. OZ: 

What is Vita Gem like?


It’s a groundbreaking scientific method of influencing the energy structure of water. Five natural minerals that are able to interact with vital energy have been selected: amethyst, aventurine, yellow calcite, pink and clear quartz. The crystals are examined in specialised gem laboratories with advanced quantum analysis: they are carefully selected so only those with the appropriate charge (or level of energy vibration) are used in the production process.

Each set of the selected gems is designed to have different effects on the body and is sealed in Bohemian glass bottles. At the moment there are three Vita Gem combinations:

  • Vita Gem Energy (amethyst) – gives self-confidence, increases creativity and rejuvenates.
  • Vita Gem Harmony (rose quartz) – increases libido, sexuality, sensuality and transforms the body to perfect proportions.
  • Vita Gem Focus (clear quartz) – stimulates brain activity, improves memory and intelligence.
vitagem comments

Dr. Oz: 

Alexandro, is that actually Vita Gem you are holding in your hand?


Yes, have a look. I personally can’t do without this bottle, I drink Vita Gem Energy My well-being, my health and vitality depend solely on this water. My wife drinks Vita Gem Harmony the one with the beauty crystals within. She has stopped visiting the beautiticians. My son, a Computer Programmer, chose Vita Gem Focus to improve his concentration levels and to increase his mental agility. The energy of the crystals gave him the ability to create a difficult app for analyzing stock exchanges which led to a huge bonus at work. Now he’s enjoying some rest and relaxation and has been travelling for three months.

Besides all this, Vita Gem makes water taste much nicer.

Dr. Oz: 

Are you saying that to achieve all this you only need to drink crystal enriched water?


Of course! Clinical research involving a control group of people who were drinking ordinary water and another group drinking Vita Gem, showed only changes in the second group.

  • including improved well-being and overall increase in health;
  • sound sleep;
  • plenty of energy;
  • improved focus and better performance;
  • and a boost to the immune system.

Furthermore, the subjects in the second group exhibited positive changes in their appearance. During 30 days of testing and research the subjects not only started to feel a surge of energy, but their appearance also improved. Both men and women in the group experienced a rejuvenation process. Let’s have a look at some photos on the screen…

what is vitagem


Male, 35, Sales Manager. Drank structured water with the help of Vita Gem Energy. In addition to enhancing his creative power, mood and mental energy, this complex of crystals rejuvenated his body.

vitagem opinion


Female, 42, housewife. Can you see the influence of Vita Gem Harmony crystals on her? As well as its influence on sensuality, it also stimulates the body to return to its ideal weight. The water can be more effective than any diet.

Dr. Oz: 

Alexandro, isn’t this a miracle? Participants have actually changed for the better! They have started to look at least five years younger! Who can use these crystals and in what cases? What are the restrictions? If any?


Dr. Oz, there are no restrictions. I recommend everyone use Vita Gem bottles in their daily life – at work, at home, while walking… No doubt, the average person may find it hard to believe that crystals can significantly improve the properties of water. Headaches, frequent colds, fatigue, apathy and depression will become a thing of the past if you drink Vita Gem.

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Dr. Oz: 

Alejandro, if I understand you correctly – by changing the water we drink, we can not only improve our health, but thanks to certain combinations of crystals, we can control the direction our life when it comes to career choices, sexuality and attractiveness as well as our creative power and inspiration.


Absolutely right, Dr. Oz.

If you care about your own health as well as health of your loved ones, if you want to be active and constantly ready for a new challenge Vita Gem is your perfect ally.

vitagem comments

Dr. Oz: 

I can’t hide my excitement. This is incredible! Alexandro, we are very grateful to you for your time and your presentation and yes, you were right – after our show, everyone will be talking about Vita Gem.

Safe and smart slimming for women over 40. My story. VitaGem results, testimonials

Ever wanted to really feel old? Then start trying to lose weight after you turn 40.

I can tell you from experience; this is the age when slimming becomes really difficult. I started working out and then stopped a week later. The exercise class made me dizzy and tired and when I got home I didn’t even have the energy to take a shower. So I decided to return to dieting. In the end, I was counting calories so much I forgot what normal food tasted like. I only managed to shed 11 lbs in a month, so ended up cursing the day I decided to lose weight.

vitagem website

My health declined rapidly. I experienced mood swings and insomnia. From what I could see the only area I lost weight from was my face, but that was not for the better. I developed new wrinkles and the skin under my chin began sagging. My usually rosy complexion became a grey-yellowish one. Only the most polite people didn’t ask if I was having health issues. A colleague recommended some food supplements for women so I took a course of them without any obvious effect. I was too afraid to look in the mirror! I had to do something.

I looked online and discovered I was not the only one with these issues. After I saw some pictures of other women I decided I was lucky, they looked fifteen or twenty years older following their weight loss plan. Horrendous. I’m not sure what’s worse, being overweight or looking old!

On an online forum I read the story of one particular woman. Honestly, I’d never seen anyone looking so well after recovering from a serious illness. She said that, on the advice of her immunologist, she had started drinking crystalline water. Vita Gem. It comes in a vacuum -sealed glass bottle with natural gemstones inside.

The whole secret of Vita Gem is in these crystals.

I don’t know what the scientific explanation is for what these crystals do to the water but you can feel the difference from the very first sip!

I visited the website and, after reading all the information, decided to give it a try. The bottle looks very stylish, much better than any gym water bottles. The water itself is much softer than any regular bottled water or any water from the office cooler. It has a great aftertaste. It is sort of sweet… It feels like a breath of fresh, mountain air. Honestly, from the first day I definitely craved fewer sweets.

vitagem review

One day I was stuck in traffic and ran out of petrol. I was roasting, so I soaked a cloth in this water and applied it to my forehead. The effect was staggering, my skin felt nice and baby-soft. Every day since, morning and night, I’ve only washed my face with Vita Gem water. I feel no tightness or irritation.

By the way, this is the only way I managed to get my skin back to normal after my unsuccessful attempts at dieting. I did nothing else.

vitagem buy online

My new regime didn’t go unnoticed. My colleagues were curious what was happening to me as they and I had noticed a clear improvement in my concentration levels. I found day-to-day work stress was much easier to deal with. The boss noticed an increase in our productivity and awarded us a bonus, so it motivated the whole team.

vitagem results

Because I eat fewer sweets, or because I got my cravings under control, I lost another 18 lbs. Just so you are aware, slimming no longer affected my complexion. My body only improved since the day I started only drinking Vita Gem I feel invigorated; full of energy and strength. Previously, when I got home from work, I could barely move around the house. I constantly felt very down. I just cooked a quick dinner and went to bed. Now, I feel so different. I can do everything I want to, I never have headaches and my husband is thrilled. Well, you know what I mean.

vitagem where to buy

When it comes to negatives, well, I can’t see any! :)

At first I was sceptical but, when I saw the results, all my doubts disappeared and so did all my health problems. One thing is for sure, here’s no way I’m going to stop drinking Vita Gem It’s given me a second wind.

how much is vitagem

I believe in it and I wish the same good health and wellbeing for you on a daily basis.

The girls and I ordered Vita Gem from the official website. You can also find more details about the power of crystals there.

I wish all my readers health and happiness!

The Wellness breakthrough of 2019: luxury gem bottles

How Jil Sander reveals celebrities and why Gwyneth Paltrow has become a frequent visitor to the Urals

vitagem forum

Clear plastic is the main trend this March. You might not have the courage to wear polyethylene boots but you won’t be able to resist the transparent handbags by Jil Sander. They are everywhere these days: on catwalks, on the hight street, at society events and even at sports meetings. But be careful what you carry in them, otherwise your secrets will be on show for the world to see.

It was these Jil Sander transparent bags that revealed another beauty secret of Hollywood celebrities and has given rise to a new trend in the health and wellness industry: gemstone water bottles for making crystal infused gemwater by Vita Gem. The paparazzi first spotted a Vita Gem bottle in the singer Adele’s handbag. Then “crystal bottles” were seen in the dressing rooms of fitness and bikini models on Memorial Day, Muscle Beach 2019. Soon, having this luxury accessory became as essential as the morning run or wearing a Lanvin necklace at breakfast.

vitagem results

Magic crystals in your handbag

What are the secrets and the benefits of Vita Gem bottles? The whole concept is based on lithotherapy, that is the healing power of crystals.

The healing properties of these gemstones were known to the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The first gem water formulas were recorded in ancient Egyptian scrolls. Modern scientists were able to prove the effectiveness of this method in laboratory conditions and added new discoveries to the global knowledge database. For example, Carnelian is known to cure gynecological diseases and reduce the risk of infertility, Chrysolite increases vitality, Rose quartz prevents cancer and so on. By the way, the gems from the Urals are famous and considered to be the most powerful ones. No wonder that Gwyneth Paltrow’s private jet is seen in the Ural region of Russia so often these days. Gwyneth Paltrow is an ardent fan of lithotherapy. Despite the fact that the actress was there incognito, we followed her secretly and learned that the popular Vita Gem bottles source are made with gems from the Urals.

vitagem opinion

What are Vita Gem bottles? They are stylish water bottles with natural crystals inside. Vita Gem bottles use the unique properties of crystals to store and transmit natural energy. Because all atoms are in constant motion, everything in the Universe has its own unique vibration. Barely noticeable vibrations of Vita Gem crystals are transferred to water and change its structure, giving ordinary tap water unique properties and a magical taste of fresh clean water from a natural source. All you need to do is pour tap water into the bottle and wait for 10-15 minutes. During this time it turns into an elixir of youth, beauty and energy. Pure magic!

vitagem reviews

What do you get when you drink water like this on a regular basis? There are hundreds of inspiring examples! Adele confessed in one of her interviews that it was thanks to her Vita Gem bottle that she was able to get rid of insomnia and excess weight. She managed to lose 33 lbs in just 2 months. And if you go to any health and wellbeing website, you will be overwhelmed by an amount of rave reviews. Both men and women around the world use Vita Gem bottles to get rid of chronic diseases, control premature aging, help with gynecological and sexual problems, reduce apathy, fatigue and even low self-esteem. Incidentally, Vita Gem bottles are available in 3 designs:

vitagem where to buy

Frances Scott: “Want to know how to feel great after a four hour sleep? It’s easy!”

Celebrities and athletes are not the only ones who have a soft spot for semi-precious stones from the Urals. Business woman, writer and founder of a number of Eco initiatives, Frances Scott, has also experienced the benefits of Vita Gem. She shared her discovery in her personal blog.

“I feel even better than I did after spending two weeks in the SHA Wellness Clinic! I fell in love with Vita Gem with aquamarine. Thanks to the crystal infused water, I can sleep for just four hours and still feel great. And if you wash your face with this water regularly, it will look as smooth as it might have done after a visit to the Ritz Salon.

Another lithotherapy fan, supermodel Miranda Kerr prefers the Vita Gem bottle with Rose quartz. According to her, this semi-precious mineral helped her to eliminate enlarged pores. Even Photoshop couldn’t cope with that!

vitagem forum

The wife of Eric Beaumard, a famous French winemaker, went even further. She uses her Vita Gem to make crystal essence out of… young wine. There is evidence that this trick has helped her to overcome long-term problems with her skin and hair.

vitagem results

Gradually, Vita Gem bottles went from being a well-kept secret of wellness to becoming a symbol of taste and status. This bottle is not just a fashion accessory but also an Instagram sensation. Unlike “My Bottle” (so yesterday!) and IKEA sharks, Vita Gem bottles are a genuine key to good health, attractiveness and a good reputation. And I promise, gemwater from your Vita Gem bottle will make you look better than ever. The front camera your iPhoneX can’t even work such wonders.

vitagem order online
vitagem buy online

We are seeing more and more people carrying stylish bottles with colourful crystals in the bottom – people on the street… celebrities in magazines… It turns out, though, that this is not just the latest fashion accessory. It is a way of rethinking the way you drink water. But how does this water affect your body and what else can this bottle be used for? We asked the manufacturers of Vita Gem They tested the effectiveness of “crystal” water on themselves.

Vita Gem – Taking water to the next level since 2015

The company was founded by a Chemical Engineer called Eric Tonberg. He had a brilliant career at Red Bull but one day he left the company, risking everything including his financial security, to start a strong team from scratch to create a really useful product. He told us the story of how Vita Gem was created.

vitagem fake

Different kinds of crystals are delivered from Alpine highlands. They are then carefully sorted by hand – only solid stones are selected as they carry the most powerful energy. Next, they undergo rigorous laboratory testing. Scientists study how differrent types of crystal interact with each other and how they react to the water they are placed in. Based on the results of this data, individual sets of stones are collated.

Depending on the combinations of these crystals in each set, crystal water can work to energise or as a sedative, they can act as antidepressants or they can even have an aphrodisiac effect.

At the moment the Vita Gem collection consists of three sets of crystal, each selected for their energy properties and for the influence they can have over the body:

Focus (sodalite, chalcedony, clear quartz) – improves memory, brain function, concentration and helps give energy and strength. Harmony (rose quartz, garnet, clear quartz) – relieves stress, helps with insomnia and improves mood. Energy (amethyst, rose quartz, chalcedony, petrified wood, ocean chalcedony) – provides energy, increases efficiency and reawakens sexual potential.

Eric Tonberg, Chemical Engineer and owner of Vita Gem:

vitagem testimonials

“This idea is not entirely new. The Ancient Greeks and the Chinese have traditionally used various crystals to enhance water. But now, thanks to progresses in technology, we have been able to improve this process.

It all started with one set of stones. I noticed the water around them acquired amazing properties; it started to radiate energy, relieve headaches, reduce anxiety and generally improve mood.

I began to study the effect of various different crystals on regular water, and then on living cells. This reinforced results we had discovered with scientific data. Studies had shown that water enhanced by crystals is more easily absorbed into the cells of the body. Because of this, cells divide faster and die less often. There is an on-going regeneration process which contributes to the improvement of all functions in the body.

vitagem review

That’s how the three sets of stones were selected. We placed them in special bottles made of Bohemian glass in order to retain the beneficial properties of the water as much as possible and, of course, to give the accessory a more stylish look. The removable Gem Pod crystal container is a patented design that protects the crystals and allows you to change the sets of stones in accordance with your needs.

vitagem feedback

And that is how the large-scale production of Vita Gem began. In the very near future, we will be adding a range of decanters to turn your wine into the nectar of the gods! We will also add some pet bowls to our collection.

Despite our commercial success, we remain a small company and we are proud of that. When turnaround happens at moderate speeds, it is easy to monitor and ensure the exceptional quality of the product. Nevertheless, Vita Gem has been gradually expanding its geographical coverage – this year we finally entered the English market and are very pleased with the hospitable reception we got.”

From the editor

We were so impressed with our trip to the Vita Gem production facilities that we decided to conduct our own experiment on a smaller scale.

The Assistant Editor-in-chief, Nicholas Waters, was a huge sceptic and so volunteered to undergo our Vita Gem experiment. He chose to try out the Focus kit. (He had previously complained of poor concentration and fatigue.)

Nicholas has been drinking the “right” water for a month now, about one to one and a half litres per day. After the test period was over, we asked him how his life had changed, if at all. Find out more from Nicholas himself:

vitagem comments

I drank Vita Gem water for a month and this is how it made me feel:

At first it became much easier to wake up in the mornings. I no longer needed “five more minutes.” I fell asleep easily in the evening and got up just as easily the next morning sometimes even without the aid of an alarm. At the same time, I felt energised and well rested.

The most amazing thing was that my brain really started to work faster. A lot of new ideas were suddenly popping into my head and I felt like I had the ability to implement these ideas.

what is vitagem

After ten to fifteen minutes the water in a Vita Gem bottle becomes tastier and feels more refreshing. For me this was the proof that it was not just a pretty bottle. I still do not fully understand how the crystals affect the water, but I have to admit there is a noticeable effect.”

Having visited the manufacturer and tried Vita Gem for ourselves, we can confidently say that it works. The combination of water and crystals creates energy that positively affects the human body. Perhaps in future people will give up pills and harmful chemicals in favour of what nature gives us.

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