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By | May 13, 2022

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As a child, we are often told not to stick small objects in our ears, but what if they strive to get into your ear and eat your brain from the inside?! Okay, got a little extra, but don’t relax too much, as my story will horrify you…

Hi, my name is Dabria, I am a primary school teacher and until recently I could not even suspect what the problem with cockroaches in my house would lead to. From the title, you probably guessed what happened to me – a frickin cockroach climbed into my ear!

Two months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, as I felt a sharp pain in my ear, as if a piece of ice had been put there. I immediately trudged to the bathroom and decided to clean it with an ear stick. When I put it in my ear, I felt something moved! You cannot imagine the horror that I had to experience and the volume of my scream that caused my husband to wake up!

This is officially the worst night of my life, although two years ago my husband and I had a car breakdown at night in the middle of the forest…

But back to the cockroach. Feeling like something is moving in your ear is an indescribable sensation. Fear, disgust, pain… All at the same time. I have never shaken as much as then.

Thanks to my husband, we were in the car within 5 minutes after the problem was discovered. I am very grateful to him that he was able to reasonably reflect on this situation and decided to go to the hospital, and not get it out on his own.

If a cockroach has climbed into your ear, you need to urgently call an ambulance or go to the hospital as soon as possible! Seriously, a restless insect can not only bring you the strongest psychological discomfort but also damage the ear canal.

The road to the hospital was a living hell, I could feel it moving in my ear, trying to penetrate deeper into my ear canal… I write this and have goosebumps on my skin. Brrr… But I have to tell you my story to save others.

Arriving at the hospital, I was immediately seen by a doctor. He examined my ear with an otoscope and confirmed that there was a cockroach in my ear. Cockroach!

Worst experience in my life. 0 out of 5, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Now I can joke, but then I had no time for jokes.

The first thing they did – injected lidocaine, which should have caused my ear to lose sensation and kill the cockroach. It died in my ear in only 2 minutes! All this time, I felt how he dripped in it, in agony. Seriously, I wouldn’t wish that on an enemy.

Fortunately, the cockroach was completely removed. A psychologist was assigned to me to provide help, but I wanted to talk to a doctor so that I would never experience this again.

He said that my case is not unique and in his work he removed dozens of cockroaches from the ears and even from the nose! Nightmare!

He advises all these patients what he advised me – PestReject. It is a device for repelling rats, mice and various types of insects, including cockroaches.

What is PestReject – effect

I’m not an expert just telling you what I know from my doctor. When connected to an outlet, PestReject, using the technology of double exposure to pests with electromagnetic pulses and ultrasound. The impulses are transmitted through the building’s electrical wiring and expel “uninvited neighbors” from their burrows, hidden passages and shelters.

Such a device does not kill pests (another plus, since you do not wake up among dead insects), but creates an unbearable environment for them in the area of influence covered by it. As a result, harmful insects leave their habitable places in search of a new, more comfortable home for them. For people and pets (except for rodents and reptiles), the repeller is completely safe and does not cause them the slightest discomfort.

PestReject is non-toxic, does not create any radiation harmful to humans, therefore it can be used in families with children. It also does not harm cats and dogs. For me personally, a mother of three, this was the key point when ordering a PestReject.

My experience

Personally, my experience with PestReject is more than lovely! The device came quickly, literally in three days, I was even surprised at such a speed. Everything was beautifully packaged, it was immediately clear that the device was worth its money and it was not an empty shell.

For a long time after my experience with the cockroach, I was afraid to sleep and used earplugs, but after a week with PestReject, there were significantly fewer insects. After a week and a half, they disappeared and for the third month I have not seen a single cockroach.

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Having gone through such a painful experience and having learned from my example that the problem needs to be solved, and not launched, I sincerely recommend PestReject which helps me sleep well at night.

Attention! Beware of fake PestReject tools. I almost bought it trying to save some money, but changed my mind and turned to the official seller.

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Osama K.

That’s rough! Hope you are okay now. So sorry it happened to you…

Baako F.

I have cockroaches too, but I can’t even imagine such a horrible incident can happen to any of us! Already ordered this tool you recommend

Fatima P.

I bought PestReject shortly before your story. Now I know that it was a right decision

Aida R.

Okay, that’s scary 😱 Better have this PestReject for cockroaches prevention. Ordered 👌🏽

Aaron D.

Poor women! May God bless you after your sufferings 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 ��

Bassam A.

I couldn’t dare to buy it as I was afraid of fakes, but I ordered it after reading your terrifying story!

Abdul W.

Another phobia 😳😰 Ordered PestReject in the blink of an eye as we also have cockroaches. I also ordered two pairs of earplugs…