Magnet Fix Kuwait, price, how to use, comments – professional “elimination of a foot bunion”

By | May 13, 2022
  • Straightens the big toe and the joint
  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Maintains natural mobility of the foot
  • Designed for round-the-clock wear

What is Magnet Fix – effect

Magnet Fix is a development of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Created by the joint efforts of scientists and leading German orthopaedic doctors, Magnet Fix takes into account all aspects of the foot biomechanics.

The main difference of this splint is that the correction is aimed not only at straightening the big toe, but also at combating transverse flat feet. Thus, Magnet Fix fights not only the “bunion”, but also its cause.

Innovative magnetic action of Magnet Fix

  • The effect of the magnetic field can permanently relieve pain, improve tissue nutrition and relieve swelling in many joints’ diseases.
  • Safe and harmless physiotherapeutic effect is well tolerated, does not cause discomfort, helps to improve the quality of life.

Get rid of the foot bunion once and for all.

What is the real cause of hallux valgus?

More than half of all people in the world face a problem that is called a “painful foot bunion”.

Also, many people consider this problem to be gout and see the deposition of salts and improper metabolism as the cause of the disease.

This opinion is wrong!

Pain in the big toe is caused by the deformation of the foot – transverse platypodia, which leads to the flattening of the metatarsal bones (expansion of the front of the foot) and the deviation of the big toe inwards (valgus deviation).

  • Magnet Fix® returns the foot to its natural shape, protects it and relieves painful swelling
  • The splint straightens the squeezed and curved soft parts of the main joint of the big toe, as well as corrects the developing curvature
  • The position of the foot is stabilized and its correct load is regulated due to a special splint design, a metatarsal pad and a toe bandage
  • With the use of the Magnet Fix® splint, the foot deformed by Hallux valgus moves naturally and without pain
  • Effectively eliminates the transverse flat foot, which is a frequent companion of the curvature of the big toe

Clinically proven effectiveness

  • Fixation
  • Metatarsal pad
  • Magnetic line
  • Toe bandage

15120 of our customers have already appreciated the benefits of Magnet Fix – review, opinion, forum

Sujah Saadeh

“With Magnet Fix my pain is completely gone…”

I ordered Magnet Fix online two months ago. I wore it every day without taking it off, both at work and at home. After about a couple of days, the bunions completely stopped hurting. I used to come home, take off my shoes, and sit for almost an hour massaging my feet. I thought that the pain goes away quicker this way. With Magnet Fix my pain is completely gone, and I didn’t need it any more. I wear a foot brace under closed heels, everything is very comfortable. The bunions are almost completely straight, considering the fact that I wear very high heels and stilettos. I recommend it to everyone!

Tasmeekh Salama

“…The result within 2 weeks!”

I have bunions on my both feet. I’ve tried so many things: I had massages, physiotherapy, wore terrible bandages and straighteners, went to clinics – nothing helped. Everything changed after I learned about “Magnet Fix”. Compared to the cost of my treatment, this fixator costs so little, and the result is in two weeks! Very comfortable, the best orthopaedic product I have ever used!

Hafifah Idris

“My bunions have very noticeably decreased and stopped hurting”

Magnet Fix just saved me! My deformity was terribly neglected, the doctor insisted on surgery. I started wearing a foot brace every day. At first, I felt discomfort in the joints, but this was not a big deal. After a couple of months, I was praying to this brace. My bunions very noticeably decreased and stopped hurting. Doctors in the clinic said that I could postpone the surgery and continue monitoring. I was so happy! Now I’m helping my friend to treat this thing. I ordered it for her as a gift on your website.

What will you get by ordering Magnet Fix?

  • Healthy and beautiful feet
  • No doctors or surgeries
  • Great effect at the lowest price
  • Delivery. The order will be delivered to you by courier within 1 – 5 days
  • Payment. No prepayment required. Payment is made upon receipt of the item.
  • Support. All out products have been tested and certified! Customer service is available 24/7

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