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By | January 11, 2023

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A famous cardiologist told us about a simple technique

Jimiyu Anyango is a cardiologist and professor. He is known for treating people without prescribing pills. At the same time, every patient treated by him recovers. Among the professor’s patients are famous people from many different countries, as well as patients from North and South America (including the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc).

Professor Anyango rarely gives interviews as he spends most of his time treating patients. However, this channel’s journalist was lucky: the famous doctor agreed to answer several questions for those patients who do not have the opportunity to make an appointment at the clinic.

Jimiyu Anyango is absolutely sure that anyone can carry out a curative cleansing of the blood vessels at home and greatly improve their health and well-being. Such cleansing helps to get rid of blood pressure spikes and cures nine chronic diseases of pensioners.

The doctor told us how to do a healing cleanse; you can read all about it below. In addition, this article addresses the topics:

  • Living to the age of 120 without pills is real!
  • Why do incurable chronic diseases go hand-in-hand with clogged blood vessels?
  • Obvious and hidden signs of clogged blood vessels
  • Modern treatments for age-related hypertension without pills

Clogged blood vessels can be your killer!

Professor Jimiyu Anyango:

I will give you some data that, I hope, will make you reflect upon this.

The most common cause of death on the planet is cardiovascular disease. The main reason for its appearance with age is cholesterol. It turns out that cholesterol is the most dangerous substance on the planet. This substance kills people more often than alcohol, nicotine, and drugs.

In 94% of cases, if a person does not survive to the age of 80, it is because cholesterol kills them.

Cholesterol destroys health. If it did not accumulate in the vessels, then a person could easily live up to the age of 120.

How does cholesterol work and what is it? I will not give a description of this substance here, as you can read all about it in medical textbooks. It’ll be easier to explain it: Imagine the cold grease left in an unwashed pan after lunch. This is what cholesterol looks like.

This substance, being in the blood, is deposited on the walls of blood vessels. First, a small plaque (at the age of 20-25), then the cholesterol layer grows rapidly (at the age of 25-40) as more particles stick to the sticky layer. As a result, by the age of 40, cholesterol has reduced the space in the vessels by almost half. In response to this, the heart has no choice but to increase the blood pressure. A person has age-related pblood ressure spikes and hypertension with all the consequences. But even that is not the most dangerous thing!

Much more dangerous is the fact that cholesterol completely clogs the small blood vessels that are present in all tissues. As a result of impaired blood supply, pathological processes develop in internal organs. Against this background, a person has chronic pain.

First, your stomach hurts, then your spleen, and after a while you have stenosis of the liver and pancreas. Usually in such cases they say that a person’s health is ruined. Cholesterol is what triggers this process most often.

Literally everything depends on the state of the body’s blood vessels. If the blood vessels become clogged in the legs, this leads to varicose veins, constant oedema and eternal heaviness in the legs. If this occurs in the liver, hepatosis and cirrhosis occur. If it occurs in the joints, then arthritis and osteoarthritis or pain in the spine appear. If the blood vessels are blocked in the eyes, the person gradually becomes blind.

Obstruction of the blood vessels cannot be avoided!

Cholesterol accumulates in the blood vessels of each person. Blockage of blood vessels is the cause of rapid aging.

It is cholesterol that triggers the aging reaction in the body. And it is the obstruction of the blood vessels that shortens the life of a person, leaving them with less time to live.

Instead of living to the age of 120 (supposedly this ability is held by our organs), people often don’t survive to 70! Especially those who have age-related hypertension aged 40-50. By the way, it is one of the most obvious symptoms of vascular obstruction.

It’s not just cholesterol: these other substances also clog your blood vessels!

Professor Jimiyu Anyango:

Cholesterol is not the only thing; there are two more substances that accumulate in the blood vessels!

Mass of blood clots

If cholesterol resembles fat, then the mass of thrombi (blood clots) resembles cottage cheese. Collections of blood clots form on the inner walls of the blood vessels. The risk of blood clots is even higher with cholesterol. At any time, a blood clot could break away from the wall of the blood vessel and reach the heart, causing a heart attack, or reach the brain, causing a stroke. Both diseases are usual fatal with a very high probability of death or disability.

The older the person, the greater the risk that a clot will dislodge. That is why older people often suffer from a stroke or heart attack.

Calcium crystals

These are heavy metal salts, mercury, and various chemicals accumulated during your life. If a person, for example, worked on dangerous production lines, then they have more of such deposits. Although, considering the current ecology, calcium deposits accumulate in everyone. As has already been shown, these substances are carcinogenic. That is, they promote abnormal cell division, which leads to cancer.

In almost 98% of cancer deaths, high levels of crystalline deposits are found in the blood. We all know that mercury is harmful. With a large accumulation of calcium crystals, the blood itself becomes harmful.

Test yourself! What if your blood vessels are already clogged and you are at risk of premature death?

Professor Jimiyu Anyango:

I can tell you right away; if you have never cleansed your blood vessels and you are over the age of 50, then your blood vessels are clogged. If you cleanse them, you will feel better almost immediately.

Clogged Vessel Symptoms:

  • Swollen body in the morning
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Floaters in the eyes
  • Joint pain
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia at night and sleepiness during the day
  • Feeling of constant fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Memory impairment
  • Varicose veins
  • Dyspnoea
  • Common gastrointestinal problems
  • Overweight

Are you saying that cleansing the blood vessels can prolong the life of the elderly and stabilise blood pressure?

Professor Jimiyu Anyango:

Exactly. In the clinic we now prescribe blood vessel cleansing to all patients over the age of 50 (some over 40). And after cleansing, we re-examine them. In approximately 9 out of 10 people, their blood pressure is normalised immediately after cleansing and they require no further treatment.

In other words, it’s possible that many of those who now take daily capsules to stabilise their blood pressure could live without them. All they need do is to cleanse their blood vessels. Even if the hypertension does not go away completely (and this also happens), they still feel much better!

Unfortunately, this simple way to normalise blood pressure is hidden by corrupt doctors and pharmaceutical companies, who profit from long and expensive treatments. After all, the longer a person is sick, the more they will spend on medication. It is beneficial for them. Cleansing the blood vessels is easy, cheap and quickly helps to recover good health.

A pensioner was cured of hypertension with a vascular cleansing

 And there are many people in the same situation…

I want to show you a letter from a pensioner called Jumapili Langmore. Doctors at a local clinic told her she was dying. Her relatives decided not to give up. The pensioner herself could not come to see us, so her daughter called our clinic with a request for help. How could we help her remotely? I can’t even do a diagnosis over the phone. We advised her to cleanse her blood vessels.

After 3 months, Jumapili herself wrote to us! I want to show you her letter.

Jumapili Langmore, 75 years old is a pensioner who suffers from high blood pressure and many other different diseases. She lives in the countryside.

Thank you very much for giving my LIFE back! When my daughter called you, I was practically unconscious; I had no idea about ​​anything. I felt like I had a fog in my head due to high blood pressure that did not go down even with capsules. I was in a pre-infarction state; they didn’t even put me in hospital, they just told my daughter to prepare a place in the cemetery for me. But my daughter decided to call you. And then she started giving me that product you sent us. Thank God, no more illness for me. Little by little, my blood pressure dropped. Now it doesn’t go up at all. I literally came back from the dead. A week ago I had tests done at the hospital. When they told me that I was healthy for my age, I was very surprised. A few months ago, I was almost dead. I really hope to continue living; I love life with all my soul. Thank you very much for your help and for saving my life.’

This is the miracle that can happen after cleansing the blood vessels. Although there is actually no miracle here, everything is crystal clear.

Incasol what is, effect – a method of cleansing the blood vessels for pensioners and hypertensives

Professor Jimiyu Anyango:

To date, there is only one product that performs this task well. Its name is Incasol. This drug was created in 2022 by the Vascular and Cardiac Institute. The medicine contains approximately 40 active components: extracts of plants useful for blood vessels, vitamins, micro and macroelements.

The most important ingredients in Incasol are the so-called BIOFLAVONOIDS, which are capable of ‘eating’ the substances that accumulate in the blood vessels. They dissolve cholesterol, blood clots and calcium crystals.

Bioflavonoids were discovered in 2007 by Japanese scientists. For their research in this area, two Japanese scientists received the Nobel Prize. Today, bioflavanoids are actively used in world medicine.

By the way, the Japanese themselves began to pay increased attention to the cleansing of blood vessels for people aged 40-50 years in 1965, when the National Programme for the Improvement of Health and Longevity was adopted. Under this law, cleansing of blood vessels is a must. And today we see the result of such a decision. Japan holds the record for life expectancy. Living up to 100 years of age is common for Japanese people. Previously Japanese cleansed their blood vessels with herbs, exercise and yoga; now they are using special products based on bioflavanoids.

How long should we take Incasol for to cleanse blood vessels?

On average, the course lasts for no less than 3 months. When you finish it, you should check your health status.

I will list what Incasol will do to your body and health during the cleanse, as well as for several months afterward.

Cleansing and recovery of blood vessels

Bioflavonoids in Incasol dissolve cholesterol deposits, blood clots and calcium deposits. Due to the dandelion root, the remedy increases vascular tone and restores their elasticity. According to studies, after a month’s course blood vessels become clean and elastic just like at 25-30. Small capillaries are restored. As a result, a person’s blood pressure stops spiking, fatigue and sleepiness disappear, and wounds and cuts heal faster. In addition, people get an energy boost, and their well-being improves.

It will restore internal organs and joints

After cleansing the blood vessels, the restoration of the internal organs will begin. Fortunately, nature has given us a property: cell regeneration. As a result, many diseases disappear. For example, if your pancreas or spleen hurts at the moment, it will stop hurting. Very often ulcers of the stomach and duodenum heal after cleansing the blood vessels. In addition, joints are restored. Cracks and pops in the neck, back and joints disappear. Cartilage comes back to life. Knees and toes no longer react to weather changes. Joint mobility returns to normal.

It will melt excess fat

Excess weight is what aggravates the condition of hypertensive patients and elderly people up to 4 to 5 times more. The greater the weight, the greater the load on the blood vessels, heart and joints. Often the cause of weight gain is the clogging of the blood vessels, since glucose cannot be excreted from the tissues in the correct amount. After cleansing the deposits from the blood vessels, the weight begins to disappear automatically. Also, Incasol contains an extract ginger extract, which accelerates the breakdown of fat. On average, a month after cleansing the blood vessels, a person loses 8-12 kg.

It will restore sight and memory

Incasol restores the micro vessels of the fundus in the eye, as a result of which vision gradually normalises. Many people begin to see bus numbers from afar and are able to insert the thread back into the needle. There is a full restoration of the blood vessels in the eyes. Those who have cleansed their blood vessels do not face blindness at all! All ophthalmologists know this.

It restores potency in men!

One of the amazing effects of blood vessel cleansing is that the hormone testosterone begins to be produced again in men. As a result, prostatitis disappears, and prostate adenoma is delayed. And also the power returns. If you are under 70, you can have sex again.

Butterfly effect in the elderly and hypertensive

The action of Incasol is similar to the flapping of a butterfly’s wing, because it causes a chain reaction of the health of the internal organs and the improvement of well-being. Starting with the normalisation of blood vessels and ending with the restoration of vision and joints.

1-3 months after cleansing the blood vessels, you will feel as if you have been reborn. At the same time, patients feel noticeable improvements every week.

Easy wake up

You get up easily from bed in the mornings; you do not need to force yourself to get up, kneading and rubbing your legs, cracking your back and neck. From first thing in the morning, the body is filled with energy and strength.

You have excellent well-being and mood

From first thing in the morning and for the whole day. You sleep well. You feel rejuvenated. You don’t have to go to the bathroom multiple times at night. Nothing hurts or itches.

Tasty breakfast

Your menu will expand significantly. You no longer have to follow a strict diet. If you eat ‘something bad’, you will no longer have heartburn or stitches in the side.

Physical force

When leaving the house, you no longer have to worry about your legs: you will not perceive walking as a burden, you can walk all day, and your legs do not get tired and do not swell. You have no more shortness of breath or dizziness. You will be able to return to working with pleasure in your house and garden.

Absolute tranquility

You are completely calm and relaxed. No more constant pain eating away at you, preventing you from focusing on anything else. When nothing hurts, the usual things, the sounds, the smells begin to have new forgotten colours.

You have perfect vision

Even severely damaged vision will gradually begin to recover. What you have seen before as blurry will become clear. You can again see the bus number from afar, again admire the beauties of nature.

And the most important thing! Now you can live without capsules. Forget about the nightmare of going to pharmacies to look for medicines to lower blood pressure. This will be a thing of the past for you, as your blood pressure will stop jumping!

Shortage of Incasol in local pharmacies – original, where to buy

As far as we know, buying Incasol in pharmacies is extremely difficult. This product is rarely available. Is that right? And what could you advise people?

Incasol is produced in limited small batches and therefore simply does not make it to pharmacies. Unfortunately, most go abroad; others are bought by private clinics.

Unfortunately, we do not have this product in sufficient quantity for all hypertensive patients in our country. Therefore, we decided to give it to those who fill in the form on the site first.

To take part in our programme, you need to click the ‘SPIN’ button on the discounted wheel below. Depending on the result, you can get Incasol with a discount. You can only spin it once.

If you want to cure your hypertension with this unique product, I recommend that you order it as soon as possible while it is still available.

Conditions for obtaining Incasol:

You must be in the selected region. We do not send Incasol out of this area.

  • The purchase of Incasol is allowed only for personal use. We ask resellers to leave the product for other people! Taking advantage of the elderly is inhumane!
  • The product can be requested on this website by completing the special form below. You must write your telephone number for our medical consultant to contact you.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity before others do!

If you want to improve the health of your body and eliminate sudden blood pressure spikes with the help of deep cleansing of the blood vessels, order the product as soon as possible, while it is still available.

Incasol forum, opinion, review

Kaweria Odhiambo

Thank you very much for giving pensioners such a great opportunity! I have taken a course of Incasol. My blood pressure used to go up terribly, now it doesn’t go up at all. My knees used to hurt all the time, not now. My headaches disappeared. The bitterness in the mouth disappeared. And I have a lot of other favourable changes. I feel younger!

Mwangi Ouma

I ordered Incasol. I hope it really works. I am 64 years old and I am falling apart. I read a lot about cleansing blood vessels. I want to try it myself.

Afaafa Kioko

Incasol is the best product of all. I took Esidrex first, then Erynit. I know, they are old-fashioned drugs. But I don’t like going to the doctor. I took some pills sometimes, when my blood pressure rose or my heart bothered me. But suddenly they stopped working. Then I went to the doctor, and he advised me to try a new product, Incasol (The doctor was young, he probably still believes that medicine should be for the people and not to make money!). Incasol helped me from the moment I took it: my blood pressure dropped immediately, but I continued with the course, as the doctor advised. After 3 weeks, I forgot what hypertension was. The varicose veins that I had suffered from for 10 years have gone! I also had a gynaecological problem and there’s no trace of that either. I feel wonderful, like when I was young!

Owino Odhiambo

I have also been treated with Incasol. Personally, it helped me a lot. My health has improved. I recommended it to all the older people.

Abuya Munene

I agree. It’s a great product. Before, my head hurt all the time at night; it was unbearable, even painkillers didn’t help. Then I found out that my head was hurting because of high blood pressure. But that’s not the point. A neighbour recommended Incasol to me and I placed an order with a discount as indicated on the website. I became a new person in 2 months! I realised that I had not lived until I cleansed my blood vessels! My headache no longer worries me, my varicose veins disappeared and the most important thing is that i have lost 20 kg! From 94 kilos down to 74! That’s what it means to normalise your blood circulation!

Dhakiya Ouma

I agree. It is a very effective product for blood pressure problems! Mine is now stable at 120/80.

Kerubo Muriithi

I took a risk and I don’t regret it. If you have problems with blood vessels, I recommend it. I had no side effects, and I was happy with the result.

Abuu Wachira

Thank you so much for the information on this product. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I look forward to receiving my order! Thank you!

Jamal Hassan

I had high blood pressure… not anymore, everything was cured in 10 days! Thank you for this!

Keanjaho Ali

Thanks for Incasol. I tried it, what a relief. Let’s see what happens in a week’s time. But my blood pressure no longer jumps, I don’t even notice it. So I think everything will be fine!

Aasir Njoroge

The doctor is telling the truth about Incasol. I am one of those who has already tried the product. I have suffered from hypertension for 7 years now. I was ready to take capsules for life, but after the course of Incasol my blood pressure stopped jumping altogether.

Machupa Barasa

What a good product! My whole body used to hurt. My back, my left side, my joints did not move well. My blood pressure was so high that I could have died. It was as if I was in living hell. I was taking a lot of pills. Then I found out about Incasol and cleansing of the blood vessels. After 3 weeks I felt much better. Now I dedicate myself to my health. Maybe I’ll live a little longer! Thank you very much!

Mpenda Njoroge

A friend often used to moan all the time about his different complaints. From his stomach to his heart. But in the last month I’ve seen him active and happy again. He said that he took Incasol. He is 72 years old.

Owiti Wambui

Waceera Wanjiku

Guys! The product is still available, but only a few packets remain. You can still get lucky if you apply right now! Cleansed blood vessels is the basis of everything! I wish you all good health and long years of life.