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By | September 24, 2019

How can you feel MYCO moving in?

  • feet skin looks chalked
  • skin cracks between toes
  • nail plate callosity and spalling
  • nail wall red and itchy
Fresh Fingers what is

You must treat MYCO. What is antimycotic agent Fresh Fingers

  • Cosmetic defect
  • Lets in other infectious diseases
  • Especially MYCO is a big problem for others
  • Big complication for other diseases

The immediate effect of Fresh Fingers on fungous disease

  • Climbazole inhibits the growth of yeasts and myco, and stops itching. Kills myco cells and inhibits new ones.
  • Farnesol excludes sweat gland and inhibits the bacteria that cause body odour. Sterilises and softens skin, gives durable light floral aroma.
  • Vitamin E softens skin, stops flaking.
  • Essential oil cools feet and gives pleasant

Strong removal of all myco effects

  • No more itching
  • No more excessively sweaty feet
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Scrutinous removal at infection site
  • No more skin scaling
  • Cleansing of affected skin area
  • Safe eradication of mycotic infection
  • Prevention of myco reinfectionfragrance.

Skin specialist comment – Fresh Fingers review

Fresh Fingers results

For successful myco treatment I recommend Fresh Fingers – it can uniquely penetrate even the rough skin layer, and spray can be medicated in the case of aggressive progress of disease and prophylactic use, it has no contraindications or side-effects.

Fresh Fingers results – customer review, comments, opinions

Fresh Fingers Ireland

Val, 24 years old

I caught a mycotic infection at the public pool…itching was terrible…doctor prescribed Fresh Fingers spray – it’s so effective!

antimycotic agent Fresh Fingers

Keira, 28 years old

I find Fresh Fingers great because I have to wear office shoes every day – which make my feet sore and sweaty and caused fungal infection. This spray has really helped – dry heels have recovered and skin looks fresh.

Fresh Fingers online order

Peter 29 years old

As a swimmer I’m at high risk of catching mycotic infection….so I use Fresh Fingers both as prevention and when I have a scaling or itching problem: it does the trick every time.

Fresh Fingers official website – online order, price, buy online

Fresh Fingers buy online

49 €

old price 98 €

Learn the ghastly truth about fungus before losing your nails! Why should fungus be treated with the cheapest remedy? Fresh Fingers about, how to use, side effects

John Smyth, MD:

Fresh Fingers price

I would like to start this unpleasant topic with some statistics: More than 40% and up to 65% of the population has nail fungus – and they don’t even know! That’s really bad.

Lots of people are unaware of the future dire consequences.

People wait until it’s too late. They ignore symptoms like:

  • Numb, tingling foot;
  • Cracked, peeling skin on feet;
  • Smelly feet;
  • Toenails become discoloured.

What happens if you ignore fungus?

Treatment of fungus is unlike a common cold or respiratory disease treated with typical medication. Fungus is a dangerous enemy of our body. During its life-cycle it emits toxins that undermine our immune system and can lead to sick organs and serious allergies.

Among people above the age of 40, fungal infection is one of the main causes of common colds, bronchial asthma and internal organ disorders. At this age, the infection attacking the foot may induce skin inflammation on the whole leg. So treatment should be immediate! Otherwise, dystrophic nail fungus may result in life-threatening complications.

And now the most important thing…

During its life-cycle fungus produces toxins such as xanthomegnin, penicillin, viomellein and other antibacterial agents. These toxins cause serious somatic disorders when entering the body.

If the infection is not treated at an early stage the fungus will spread to internal organs. A weakened immune system will be unable to fight the infection leading to complications such as toxico-allergic damage of heart, liver, thoracic organs and kidneys. Without timely medical intervention, there’s a 95% chance of death.

If the treatment of fungus is not started, it completely destroys the construction of the nail surface, which leads to nail loss.

I think I have provided enough evidence to prove how dangerous fungus infection is, the treatment of which cannot be postponed. You agree with me, don’t you?

But there’s a popular belief that nail fungus is only a cosmetic problem, which appears due to the changes in our body when getting older. So the condition isn’t taken seriously. For example: ‘wash your nails with fluid containing 2% vinegar, then put a drop of hydrogen-peroxide onto nails.” This is totally nonsense – it’ll just make things worse because an alkaline environment will spread a fungal infection in your body.

Pharmacies don’t stock effective anti-fungal remedies.

1st Option – Systematic Remedies

These only hide symptoms and put the disease into “sleep mode”. The infection will get worse after a while. Let me tell you the truth about drugs prescribed by doctors -THESE DRUGS DON’T WORK.

2nd Option – Drops and Nail Polish

These products can cause ACUTE ALLERGIC REACTIONS because toxic poisoning follows an anti-fungal remedy. Some are more sensitive than others.

Nail fungus must be treated with the cheapest remedy!

This is really true! British researchers at the Molecular Parasitical Institute developed a drug that prevents fungal growth by blocking its ability to multiple.

It’s called Fresh Fingers – an anti-fungal medicament that contains castoreum and mumiyo-acyl. Its unique formula enables it to penetrate the skin and nails to kill fungi.

Fresh Fingers for sale, order online

The Molecular Parasitical Institute team developed this highly-efficient anti-fungal drug AND made it affordable. After long negotiations, the remedy was registered on the National List of Beneficial Remedies. Now it can help anyone at a great price. The illness can be treated and its further development into a more serious condition can be prevented. And because it’s listed, the price is rock bottom!

 Just enter your name and phone number at the product’s official website.

Nail fungus must be treated promptly to ensure good health.

Fresh Fingers forum

Judy Jones

I ordered it and will share my results soon. Thanks to the Institute for this product.

Karen Stone

Everyone can get fungal infections with bad hygiene and dirt anywhere. Even at the gym when showering. My nails looked terrible – but two weeks with Fresh Fingers made my nails look great. All thanks to Fresh Fingers.

Fiona Kay

I got it at the cheapest price on the official website They called me back right away to confirm my order – such a great service.

I want to look pretty 🙂


I saw Fresh Fingers mentioned on TV. Many doctors recommended it for treatment. I bought it and now I’m very happy with the results. Thank you very much for the article.


Your results are very inspiring. I’ve bought Fresh Fingers and started the treatment. This remedy is really unique – the simpler the better.


Definitely going to try this – it’s time to deal with foot fungus for good!

Caroline Wilder

Fresh Fingers helped me very fast! I bought it from the official website for a great price. Act now – because the sooner the better.


I’m a bit sceptical about these Internet products…but the reviews look great so what’s to lose? Bye bye foot fungi!


I thought I was the only guy with this problem. My wife bought Fresh Fingers yesterday – it seems so simple and effective, I can’t wait for the results.


My nail fungus is only early stage, but I have seen enough photos to know what it can lead to.

Janice Hammer

It’s hard to believe…But so many people are happy that it must really work. I’ll start the treatment tomorrow!!

Evelyn Parker

All my family got infected last year…I guess from the public pool. We tried drugs and alternative solutions…even nail removal but the fungi still came back. Wish I’d known about this product!


As soon as I heard about Fresh Fingers I had to try it. I had had serious pain for many years with itching toes. Now everything is fine! Thank you very much.

John Little

I have read a lot of comments about Fresh Fingers…would anyone else recommend it?

Ada Smith

My husband was chuffed to bits – his nails are fit and healthy again. Just one course was enough – effective right away. Hole in one!

Andrea Taylor

This looks really good – everyone woman wants healthy-looking nails, especially in high heels.


I had the same problem…so embarrassing. But Fresh Fingers worked very well…now I can wear open-top sandals again :). Highly recommended.


I bought Fresh Fingers a couple of months ago when it was much more expensive, because it wasn’t on the National List of Beneficial Remedies yet. Dr. Smyth was right. My fungus vanished within two weeks.

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