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By | August 30, 2022

Well-known parasitologist shares the secret: how not to be eaten from the inside.

According to official statistics, 7 out of 10 people are infected with parasites. This reason is behind the ever-decreasing life expectancy. My patients live much longer!

The main intention of any parasite is to hide inside you and slowly devour you. Even tests don’t always reveal their presence in the body. Some species are so well camouflaged that you may learn about them only on your deathbed. Doctors share the methods of detecting and eliminating these ugly creatures and explain what foods are most likely to contain parasites.

Sometimes you can feel the parasites moving right in the liver

There is a misconception that parasites are not deadly and the biggest harm they can do is cause diarrhea and deplete the body of nutrients. But in fact, it’s a big mistake to think so. Thousands of people with seriously damaged internal organs are checked in the hospital every day. It is not tapeworms that are the most dangerous ones. Beware of small parasites because they may cause an agonizing death. You may get infected with them in the grocery store when buying the following foods.

These foods are teeming with parasites

According to research, parasites often live in the most popular foods from the grocery store. They are mostly found in bacon, ham, sausages, sausages, chops and fish. Imagine the chance to become infected with parasites if these foods are in your daily diet. You can get detailed advice and help in eliminating parasites from an expert in Parasitology. This is especially important if you notice the following symptoms…

Sure signs of parasitic infection

Parasites often cause excess weight. Your body feels a threat when it is eaten from the inside. Therefore, the body begins to rapidly gain the necessary supply of nutrients to avoid dying from exhaustion. Along with this symptom, patients feel constant fatigue and stress. There are other signs that you may observe if you have parasites.

External signs that you may have parasites

The appearance of pimples, rashes, eczema and furuncles is always an alarming symptom. If your skin condition suddenly deteriorates and you start feeling pains in the joints and muscles, there is almost a 100% probability that parasites live inside your body. However, no one can say for sure when they will start actively destroying you. Be sure to urgently seek medical help when a sleeping disorder, constipation and bloating are added to these symptoms.

Hermuno what is, side effects – here’s what will help you banish the ugly creatures from your body

There is an abundance of anti-parasitic products offered by online stores but the only method that really works is coffee enema. Mix 2-3 tablespoonfuls with 1 liter of warm water. Do coffee enemas every three days for two weeks. It is better to enhanсe the results using a trusted anti-parasitic product. But to protect yourself further, do one simple thing in the morning.

Hermuno official website, original, where to buy – do this to keep the parasites out of your body

Only wash the dishes with baking soda. It copes with removal of fat and food residues better than anything else and also removes the layer where parasites often stay. Follow healthy personal hygiene practices and properly handle the foods you cook. This will help you significantly reduce the risk of infection and stay healthy. There is only one product with impeccable reputation that will help you get rid of parasites and be 100% sure you are free from them.

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Beth D.

Thank you. Interesting info. I’ve ordered Hermuno.


I have already ordered and even tried Hermuno. I had parasites for 7 years. Isuffered from constant pain in the abdomen, fatigue, depression, weight gain, cramps… I wouldn’t wish this upon my enemy. These issues are in the past now. It’s a different life, you know. I feel a lot better, my tests are clear. Even my weight have started coming back to normal. I’ve lost some weight already. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. It’s now offered half-price, which is awesome.

Paul B.

My experience with Hermuno was really positive. I took it for a month. My health and well-being have improved dramatically. When I saw all those ugly parasites coming out of my body, I was disgusted. All those things lived inside my! Scary!

Mary Greengrass

Thank you. I ordered it. The delivery by post is so convenient. Basically, they can ship it anywhere.


I picked it up yesterday. Here’s what the packaging looks like. Both my wife and I are going to use it to clean our bodies from parasites.


I took Hermuno last month. I wish I had started the treatment much, much earlier! I suffered so much before discovering Hermuno. Nothing helped me including expensive drugs and even inpatient treatment… It was all in vain, and the parasites kept reappearing until I finally found out about Hermuno. I took it for about 2-2,5 weeks and was able to banish each and every parasite. I feel completely healthy now.

James P.

I’m 61 years old. I suffered from parasites for a long time, all because of contaminated river fish, sewage, public transport, poor processing of foods… There are many people like me. The statistics is correct: 7 out of 10 people are infected. The only product that helped me was Hermuno. I took a course and stated a new, healthy life. All diseases are caused by parasites. I am healthy as a horse while most of my peers have long been in the grave. I’m even still sexually active. Doing a parasite cleanse is a must if you wish to get rid of those forever!


I tried to treat my parasites for a long time but my condition only got worse. I had a full body scan (had to pay a fortune!) and was horrified. Worms were literally eating my organs! It was disgusting. I was then prescribed an even more expensive treatment. The doctors kept robbing me off until I saw a TV show featuring this famous doctor. He talked about the danger of parasitic infections and said that Hermuno was probably the only effective product. Hermuno doesn’t suck the money out of your family budget. It has an extremely affordable price and it helps once and for all. I’ve been living a completely different life for a year. Nothing more to say here.


Thanks! I watched a TV programme about this medication. Many doctors were talking highly of it. They said that the composition and formula of the product were unique.

John Hoffman

This product is indeed incredible! I can’t agree more. I had many parasites. I suffered for several years. After a single course of treatment, I was finally parasite-free. My health has improved significantly since then.

Pauline J.

I checked the website and read all about Hermuno. Amazing and impressive!

Conrad A.

I managed to order it on promotion! Thanks!


I’ve been taking Hermuno for a month now. I feel a lot better, much stronger and full of energy. My immunity has improved. I feel 10 years younger. I’m 72 years old.


I did a parasite cleanse with Hermuno 2 months ago. I avoided surgery in spite of the fact that doctors said it was the only way out. I’ve stocked up on it while it’s on promotion, thank you!