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By | December 8, 2022

A couple of years ago, I would have never even thought about slimming down. I didn’t have any issues with weight, that’s why I preferred not to think about it. I didn’t consider 174 lbs to be a problem. I had some cellulite, but it wasn’t that bad. And I had a boyfriend. We dated for about six months: we would go out and have dessert, and he gave me chocolate all the time. That’s when I put on those excess 22 lbs. It all happened gradually, that’s why I failed to notice it. But he did. He would often go somewhere in the evenings, and when he did stay home, he spent his time sitting in front of a computer. I couldn’t understand what was wrong, why he was like that.

He answered all my questions with silence. But once he left me, and all I got from him was a single text message:

“I don’t think we’ll see each other again! It’s awful when a woman has cellulite. You’ll look so ugly at the beach, or wearing a skirt or shorts. Your cellulite is disgustingm you’d better stay home!”

I was so mad at him, I was hurt so much! I spent the whole night in tears. The next morning, a friend told me that the best way to stop being depressed was to start a new relationship. That’s how I met Max.

Upon the advice of my friend, I met a guy on the Internet. As far as I understood, he was looking for a serious relationship too, that’s why he said we shouldn’t waste any time and should start dating as quickly as possible. He looked handsome and sporty in his pictures, so I had no objections.

We agreed to meet at the bus stop next to the place where I lived, and it was the quickest date in the world. When I came up to the bus stop, he was waiting for me with a dozen of gorgeous roses in his hands. I immediately recognised him because I had studied his pictures quite well on his social media pages. He saw me too, and started walking towards me. He was smiling, he obviously recognised me too. But the closer he got, the unhappier he looked. When he finally reached me, he stepped aside with a frowny face and walked past me. I stopped, looked back and saw him walking away. He didn’t look back. I stood there, with a big question mark in my head.

I found the answer in the message he sent me afterwards:


I hate it when a pretty girl with big breasts is walking, and her breasts are bouncing with each step (which is very pleasing to the eye), but then you look a bit lower, where her tummy is… and it’s terrible! A huge fat belly is bouncing too, as if trying to jump out and escape. It’s disgusting. I feel so discouraged that I want to stop all interaction between us, let alone a relationship.

That’s when I got furious. What fat was he talking about? Was I that obese? There were probably a few extra pounds. Did I really look like an elephant?

I didn’t look for anyone else on the Internet, because I had no intention to suffer humiliation any more. I spent the entire weekend in tears, comfort-eating cookies and ice cream. I didn’t care about my shape anymore. It couldn’t get any worse anyway.

But life goes on. I had to do something. If society couldn’t accept me the way I was, I had to change. The same friend I’ve already mentioned took me to the gym. Everyone knows that running helps you lose weight. I hate running, but I made myself do it anyway. I ran for an hour every day for 3 days in a row. My legs hurt so much that it was hard to stand. And the result? I lost about 1.3 lbs in 3 days! At the same time, I ate so much that weekend that I put on more weight than I lost. As a result, I was exhausted and had no motivation to go on training. I felt totally drained and tired, so I started looking for an answer on the Internet. I think I read through all the blogs and forums out there.

It turned out that the fastest weight loss solution was a special product developed by the International Association of Nutritionists. It is absolutely safe for health, and it even helps remove toxins and cholesterol from the body. It is called Vita Energy, and it’s a shake mix made from natural components. You don’t have to exhaust yourself at the gym, and you don’t need to keep to any diets. Everything you need to do is to drink it for breakfast and 3 hours before sleep. Fat starts melting away before your eyes! This product already received thousands of praising reviews, and I thought it was time to say goodbye to my cellulite, fat folds and belly.

With the help of this product, I ended up losing 20 lbs in a week, my belly and thighs had become visibly slimmer. Anyhow, I took Vita Energy for about a month after that, and I got rid of all the fat in my body, and cellulite was gone too. To my surprise, my breasts got a bit smaller, but in exchange they became tighter. My buttocks also became more contoured, and firm as apples.

I lost 42 lbs in 1 month without fasting or exhausting exercise. I had to buy new clothes, but it was worth it!

I started enjoying going to the beach. I bought a lot of bikinis and never missed an opportunity to spend some time by the water. That’s where I met someone special, and we are together now. He thought I was kidding when I told him my ex-boyfriend had dumped me and another guy had made fun of me. I love it when he carries me in his arms. He says I am light as a feather.

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I still drink Vita Energy shakes from time to time to maintain my current shape, especially after huge meals and parties.



Vita Energy helped me lose weight when my boyfriend told me he was disgusted by my extra pounds. Just after 2 months of taking Vita Energy, I lost 70 lbs. And my skin didn’t get saggy — just the other way round, it got firmer.


I wish all drinks were like Vita Energy — you keep eating and drinking and lose weight through it ☺


When I weighed 190 lbs I justified myself saying I was just big boned. Girls, there are no “big bones” — there’s only fat, I understand it now. After reading your article, I also decided to order Vita Energy, and after 2 months my scales indicated 125 lbs. Can you imagine that? -65 lbs in 2 months!


It’s time to say goodbye to those extra pounds! have already ordered Vita Energy. I hope that I’ll be able to share my progress with you soon.


I had to lose weight too! I’m tired of hiding behind baggy clothes, corsets and beach wraps. Just a month between these photos! I feel great, I feel confident and sexy. And the best part is that there is no need for exhausting diets and workouts. I love Vita Energy!


I would have never imagined that you could eat sweets and lose weight! My Mum and I decided to try Vita Energy. Within the first 10 days Mum lost 26 lbs, and I lost 24 lbs. Mum didn’t want to be photographed, but I’m going to brag a bit And all that was possible without exercising or dieting.


Vita Energy made it possible for me to take part in the bikini fitness competition after pregnancy. In just 1 week I dropped 15 extra lbs, you could see my sculpted muscles just because I took Vita Energy shakes for breakfast and 3 hours before sleep. Now when we go to the beach with my son, I feel like I’m walking on the runway and all those people around are checking me out


I hate dieting! At last, it’s possible to lose weight without them!

Vita Energy what is, effect – “only one step separates obesity from anorexy”

Helen Hause: Hello, my dears! Today I’m going to speak about overweight and what consequences you face when you are fighting it.

Helen Hause: A while ago we talked with professor of dietology Phillip Harrington about a new remedy for slimming Vita Energy. Unfortunately, many viewers didn’t use the tips we gave in a proper way, which led to negative consequences. In our today’s episode we will discuss exactly this matter.

Helen Hause: As you may have guessed, the matter we discuss is how to avoid anorexia when taking the drops Vita Energy. Michael Hamilton, Dietician and Doctor of Medical Science, is going to help us today to get to the bottom of all this.

Hamilton M.D.: As a rule, the reason of anorexia is diets which torture girls, who desparately hope to slim down. But as it turned out, this is not the only cause.

Helen Hause: What else can be the reason for this horrible diagnosis?

Hamilton M.D.: As you already know, a couple of months after our episode about Vita Energy, we started receiving lots of complaints from women who got too carried away with slimming and now they just had no idea what to do with their bony, exhausted bodies.

The photo of a girl who turned to our program for an advice after the first Vita Energy episode.

Hamilton M.D.: The thing is, Vita Energy is the most powerful natural fat burner among all the others currently existing in dietology.

The main phenomenon is the fact that women who drove themselves to anorexia and took too much of Vita Energy supplement decided that they should also keep to a diet to take maximum advantage. They were right, the effect tripled. As a result, women who weighed 100-120 kg, literally within 60 days turned into a 30-kilos anorexics!

Helen Hause: It’s a pity that women turn such an effective remedy against themselves. But I’d like to learn how exactly such an amazing effect is achieved?

Hamilton M.D.: That’s a very good question. Let us make a pause here, let me describe it in details. Such an instantaneous effect is achieved thanks to exclusively natural components which were proven effective in the world of dietology quite a while ago.

This product is produced in the from of drops which contain vitamins B2, B5, B6, B12, caffeine, chitosan, extract of Coleus Forskohlii, extract of guarana, extract of algae Fucus, succinic acid and L-carnitine. Vita Energy is produced according to the European technology and approved by Food and Medications Quality Sanitation Department.

Vita Energy triggers the process of fatty cells breakdown, speeds up metabolism, decreases appetite, improves digestion, cleanses the body from waste and toxins, removes excess liquid, blocks down restoring of fatty deposits. Thus, a man loses weight without any diets and physical exercises.

Helen Hause: The properties of this product are truly astonishing. But where, in your opinion, is hidden the major danger for our dear viewers?

Hamilton M.D.: It has been confirmed that the main danger is diets. When using Vita Energy, you shouldn’t be on a diet, fatty deposits will disappear all the same. The body needs healthy nutrients which enter with food.

Another reason is that when slimming comes so easily some people become overexcited about it. They start to think they could do better, they should drop more kilos, it’s just that they had never lost weight so fast before. But they realize the actual situation when it’s too late.

Natalie suffers from anorexia. The girl didn’t even notice how she dropped 20 kilos. According to her, she slimmed down in 17 days!

Helen Hause: Michael, I completely agree with you, more and more women have to deal with this problem nowadays. But still, what could you advise our viewers, is there any way you could caution them against this problem?

Hamilton M.D.: I guess the most efficacious method in this case would be a simple problem statement: first decide how much weight you plan to get rid of, for instance you weigh 80 kg and the weight 55 kilos would be totally fine by you. To achieve this goal you will need a 3-week course of Vita Energy,no more than that! So take the product for 1 month exactly, eat whatever you want to, and the moment the scales reach 55 kg – make a full stop and cancel the intake. This way you will certainly achieve the goals you’ve been aiming at and won’t cross the line in doing so.

Hamilton M.D.: You may and should eat various foods and the quantity should be enough to prevent discomfort caused by hunger. Using the product Vita Energy you will slim down anyway, diets are not required here.

Helen Hause: Doctor Hamilton, we also have information that there appeared a number of frauds on the market, so where can one buy a genuine Vita Energy and how can you be safe from purchasing an imitation?

Hamilton M.D.: Vita Energy has passed certification in Great Britain and the most trustworthy way to purchase it (until it appears at the pharmacies) is ordering it on the website of the official supplier. It guarantees quality and safety from frauds.

Helen Hause: In conclusion, I’d like to wish everyone good health. And remember, thanks to modern medicine a lot of problems can be solved using a far easier and more effective way! Vita Energy is a сlear example of this. For those who want to slim down, don’t forget two major principles. The first one – to slim down, you do not need to starve! And the second one – to slim down, you should take Vita Energy! Take care of your health!

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The tips in Helen’s programme are, as always, pretty accurate. Only the best advice here! It’s been 2 weeks after my Vita Energy slimming course. I got rid of 22 excess kilos!!! My weight is fluctuating in the area of 48 kg now and it does not increase! I’m so grateful to you! I liked the slimming process very much, because I didn’t deny myself anything!


I agree completely. A great product for slimming! If you only knew what a thrill it is – getting up in the morning and checking out numbers on the scales – minus 1-2 kilos each time!


Is this product natural? It’s just that I have diabetes plus allergy to different medications, even antibiotics:( But I do want to lose weight so much!

Helen Hause, The Host

One of my patients is diabetic too. I prescribed Vita Energy to her for 1 month. She managed to slim down by 19 kilos. Her blood sugar level on the contrary even dropped a bit. Because it is directly related to the weight loss.


I’ve been dreaming of slimming for so long… I learnt about these drops 3 months ago, but I hesistated. My mum persuaded me, this kind of money is nothing for the dream to come true! Now we are slimming together. She’s more success than me though!


I’m very glad that I watch this programme. I’ll definetely order this product and finally begin my slimming!


I tried this Vita Energy din. What can I say – it saved my family and my marriage!) Simply a miracle! My husband started seeing me as a woman again, and this makes me feel more confident and most importantly everything seems easier now!)))


I’ve already received the parcel with Vita Energy! Thank you for the reviews on the product, they motivated me to begin slimming, and finally get rid of these horrid folds. I promise to share my results!


I’m insanely happy that I watched this episode of ‘Healthy lifestyle’. I tried plenty of stuff to reduce my body weight, but unfortunately my results fell behind my expectations. My height is 1.62 cm and my weight is 105 kilos, this is a disgrace! A true personal tragedy! I want to slim down by 35 kilos. I hope so much that I’ll succeed in doing so with these drops! The product is natural, so I have no doubts.


I received the package with Vita Energy yesterday, a week passed, I never liked how our post works! The operator who called to confirm the address when I ordered, warned me that the post may work very slowly. But eventually the parcel came and I received sms from the store. So I rushed to the post office to collect it and today is my lucky day, I’m starting to drop weight)) Enough of putting it off..So I’m finally slimming down too! Thanks to Helen and her programme! I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to go looking for the right product, all I needed was this link! I feel I’m so lucky I just happened to find it so easily!


Many thanks to Helen Hause, Phillip Harrington and of course, the designers of Vita Energy! Excess weight really went away quite fast, and the good news is, it doesn’t come back! It’s just a miracle, I’ve already recommended this product to my girlfriends, otherwise they will soon start fainting because of starvation) Btw, there was recently a TV programme about Vita Energy on some other channel too.


I tried Vita Energy, my result in 5 weeks is 18,5 kilos!!! I’d never believe in this if it hadn’t happened to me. This is really amazing! Thanks to everyone who help give people information about this product. Because it’s so topical for many! I’ve just ordered one more package))


Gosh, the results are stunning! I think I’ll order too… Yesterday I got on the scales and felt depressed…


I ordered two packages of Vita Energy! One for me and one for my friend. The method is superb, just within 2 weeks I managed to drop almost 12 kilos. HOOORAY this is my personal victory!!! I’m so proud of myself!!! As for the questions above – the product is SAFE! I’m allergic to some substances but no reaction here!


I confirm, the system works. A friend of mine also slimmed with Vita Energy and I must say she was a success, getting rid of 19 kg in a month! It’s very impressive!


Thank you for all your pics, now I think I’m ready to order too and begin a course of treatment. All my fears vanished in thin air) I’m starting fresh tomorrow!)))


Vita Energy is a true miracle! minus 17,5 kilos in a month! Without any diets!!!! Now they are my best friends! Because they turned me into a beautiful girl!


Great product! Test-proven! I confirm, you just slim and eat, eat and slim!!!


Wow the effect is just wow! You should simply take, Vita Energy did I get it right? No more diets?

Helen Hause, The Host

Anusha, you are right, the principle of Vita Energy is NOT based on starvation mode, which by the way never works because your weight comes back to you sooner or later. With this product you will be able to maintain the results you have achieved, the lost kilograms won’t return to you. Here’s the result our viewer from Estonia has sent us.


It’s been 22 days since I received my package with Vita Energy at the post office. I slimmed by 27,3 kg. My initial weight was 93 kilos, now it’s 65.7. I feel great, and I couldn’t be any happier with my appearance. I strongly advise everyone who can’t slim down by using other methods to try it.


It’s crucially important for me to drop 14 excess kilos. Judging by the reviews, I think this is my real chance. I want to order and begin taking Vita Energy as Helen recommends it. It’s great that the remedy is natural and you can slim down without any diets! Please, wish me luck, that’s what I really need.


Hi everyone! I lost weight with the help of Vita Energy too. My sister brought it to me from France a year ago, at the time we didn’t have anything like this in our country… I’ll be honest with you – I didn’t even dare to dream of such a result! I just thought to myself that it was all stupid and I didn’t want to begin, but my sis persuaded me to give it a try. I started taking it, so as a result I had to change my entire wardrobe, my pants were too big for me)))) In total I managed to slim down by 13 kg in 2 weeks (from 67 to 54 kg)!!!!! Now weight has stabilized and it doesn’t change anymore!!!! To say that I’m happy is to say nothing!! 🙂 I recommend everyone to try! At least for a couple of weeks, you’ll see the result for yourself!


I’d like to express my endless gratitude to the host of the programme Helen Hause (for me she’ll always stay the best host of medicine programmes) as well as to all the other people who wrote about Vita Energy. This episode of ‘Healthy lifestyle’ undoubtedly turned out to be of great help for the girls who want to get rid of excess kilos! I’m 33 years old, for the last few years I experienced lots of difficulties due to my overweight. It was hard to move, I constantly suffered from shortness of breath, my leg joints and my back hurt badly. I got tired very fast, I constantly was very apathetic… I always knew it was the consequences of my overweight! When I saw your TV programme, I decided to order without hesistation. The result I achieved with Vita Energy exceeded all my expectations! Now my weight is 62 kilos, and I used to weigh 93! In two months time I dropped 31 kg! Now I’m flying like a butterfly, there’s some kind of lightness in my body, I feel splendid as though I’m 10 years younger! Shortness of breath and joint pains are gone, my overall health improved! With respect, Lillian