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By | December 20, 2019

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Mycelix fungular infection control – how to use, ingredients, side effects, comments, where to buy, price

  • Kills fungus and relieves inflammation
  • Restores damaged tissues
  • Protects from relapse of disease
Mycelix review

There’s a 99.9% probability that your body is infected with fungus

  • you have white plaques on the mucosa
  • itch between fingers and toes bothers you
  • nails are discoloured and deformed, they are crumbling
  • you have genital itching

Prevent these irreversible consequences:

  • Fungus can spread to other body parts
  • Immune system and organs get damaged
  • You infect others
  • Women can become infertile and men impotent

Mycelix immediate effect long-lasting result. Mycelix review, ingredients

Mycelix buy

Nimba Leaf Extract

Suppresses development of yeasts and fungus, relieves intching

Neela thoth

Cures cells of fungus infection, prevents development of new fungus colonies

Tulsi Oil

Treats damaged skin, softens and restores skin qualities

Sarja Extract

Natural antiseptic. Has an antimicrobial effect

Just 3 days to be free of symptoms. How to use Mycelix fast

  • Kills fungus spores, prevents multiplication
  • Reduces fungal sensitivity
  • Kills approximately 32 000 types of fungus infectious agents
  • Prevents infecting others
  • Fastens skin regeneration and improves bacterial flora
  • Produces cicatrizing effect
  • Eliminates bad odor
  • Prevents reinfection

Expert opinion – Mycelix review

Fungus spores attack people everywhere. I recommend my patients take a treatment based on natural oils with antibacterial and anti-fungus effects. Unlike antibiotics and other medications, Mycelix doesn’t cause resistance and kills more than 32 000 types of fungus infectious agents quickly. The remedy only uses organic materials – so no allergies and available over the counter.

Mycelix forum – buyers’ reviews, comments, opinions

Mycelix fungular infection control

Priya 30 y.o.

I tried so many things – nothing helped. My nails were peeling and crumbling…awful. I always tried to hide my hands. Thanks to Mycelix my problems were solved – fast. Highly recommended.

Mycelix website

Indu 45 y.o.

I’d been treating chronic candidiasis for 10 months – it always returned. Powerful antibiotics didn’t help but this ordinary oil is perfect. I recommend Mycelix to everyone with this problem.

Amit 29 y.o.

I caught a fungal infection and the doctor recommended local therapy: Mycelix. Symptoms solved in a week – and lab-test proven.

Where to buy Mycelix, price, online order on website, buy online

Mycelix price

2200 ₹

old price 4400 ₹

Kill fungus before it kills you. Quick and affordable removal of fungal infection

Dermatological and venereal disease specialist

Abhi Munshif

Mycelix comments

Scientists around the world sound the alarm: 57% of the population have dangerous fungus infections. That’s over half the population! Frightening!

Fungal infection is much more than a cosmetic issue or an uncomfortable itching.

There are about 32,000 species of fungi – that pose a high risk with irreversible consequences.

Be prepared! Protect your body and life! Early diagnosis of the first symptoms!

  • excessive sweating;
  • white coating on the mucosa of the mouth, throat and genitals;
  • smelly hands and feet;
  • discolouration and deformation of the nail plate ;
  • white patches on the skin;
  • skin rash;
  • redness of the skin;
  • itching in the genital area and inner thighs;
  • smelly urine and genitals;
  • The toenail becomes brown.

What happens if you don’t act fast?

Throughout its life cycle, fungi release toxins into the body, which undermine the immune system. It is a major cause of frequent colds, respiratory diseases and visceral disorders.

Nail Infection can cause dermatitis all over the body and blood poisoning. A long-lasting infection caused by candida may lead to impotence in men and infertility in women. So treatment must be immediate to avoid life-threatening complications.

If no action is taken in the early stages of infection, the fungus spreads from the blood to the internal organs. With a weak immune system, it causes the development of infectious complications: toxic-allergic damage to the heart, liver, abdomen, kidneys and reproductive organs. Without fast treatment death may occur in 95% of cases.

I have given sufficient evidence that the fungus is a dangerous infection, the treatment of which shouldn’t be delayed. Agree?

But our clinic still has patients who think fungus is just a cosmetic problem and ignore treatment. Some use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. This makes no sense. This procedure will only exacerbate the situation, creates an alkaline environment that is favourable for the breeding of fungal spores. Never do it!

Pharmacies don’t stock effective remedies!

Option 1 – antibiotics

Antibiotics are ineffective against fungal bacteria – they only temporarily hide symptoms and the disease soon returns.

Option 2 – drops and varnishes.

These are highly allergic because their toxins poison the body after the application of antifungal agents on skin – so the problem persists + side-effects.

Really effective product for fungal infections

Extended studies of fungus, existing treatments and the pharma market allowed researchers from the British Association of Skin Dermoscopy to develop a new antifungal brand – Mycelix.

Scientists at Stockholm Institute of Parasitology confirmed the effectiveness of this product in 2018. Mycelix passed an 8-step test, received quality certification, and was named the most effective agent in the battle against yeast infections.

Scientists worked on Mycelix for three years, experimenting with different components and formulations – coming up with a great organic composition of only natural ingredients – natural extracts. I am proud of my colleagues who retained the organic nature of each component and refined it in the lab.

Mycelix showed positive dynamics in the treatment of more than 150 fungal infections quickly, including the spread of cutaneous candidiasis and tinea versicolor. The administration of the medicine shows positive changed even on the third day of treatment, with complete recovery recorded in 98% of patients. Such results were confirmed by pathology tests.

The brand was eventually included on the national list of drugs, but negotiations over the distribution of Mycelix across pharmacy networks has not yet been completed. So anyone can only buy this effective antifungal agent from the official website of the manufacturer at a special price >>>

Get well soon!

Mycelix price

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