Green Coffee India price, how to use, where to buy: how to lose 28kg without diets and workouts

By | April 16, 2019

What is Green Coffee bean called in India – how to get and how to use it

First of all, I am extremely excited as this is my first ever blog post. I have been an avid reader of BEAUTYTUTORIALS, and I am extremely honored to write about my weight loss journey.

Well, first things first – I have always been a chubby girl. Though I was real thin when I was a kid, puberty messed it all for me. Ah! Imagine I could flaunt my zero figure in those awesome cocktail dresses but growing up had to bring along curves with it ? Nonetheless, I was never really comfortable with my body.

I remember getting into rigorous diets in school and college and then failing altogether. Frustration was an understatement for what I went through while growing up. I was always a foodie and staying out of home for my higher studies, increased my love for food greatly! Since I work in media, there aren’t any set work hours and my first job ensured that I stayed in office from morning 6 am to sometimes 11 pm in the night. So, junk food and unhealthy dinners became a staple. This is how I used to look.

I began attending a gym and using diets which was a real hell for me as I loved eating so much. My trainer told me point blank that I had to start with less intensive workouts because my weight was too big and I got exhausted too fast.

GYM results

Do you know what result I got after 3 months of gym workout and diets? NONE! I was distraught. I almost stopped eating but kept going to the gym every day. It was terrible. Hunger made me feel constantly dizzy. When I felt especially unwell I ate a small slice of cheese and that helped me to bring myself to life. This torture gave me a result. I lost 3,5 kilos within 2 weeks but it was just too small of an achievement.

I could have maintained this lifestyle further if one day I hadn’t fainted straight on the treadmill. I woke up in the hospital and saw a drip bottle over my head. I kept stinting myself in food as I was scared of gaining a single kilo. My doctor was shocked to see how I treated myself. She told me, “Dear, just a couple of months living this kind of life will be enough to kill you. Overweight is certainly a problem which must be addressed but in a different way. I will prescribe you with a special remedy which you will have to take 3 times a day, 30 minutes prior to having a meal. I guarantee that all extra weight that you have will vanish.”

Before transformation

Green Coffee Grano – how to make Organic Green Coffee for weight loss, how much Green Coffee bean to take

The remedy she prescribed me with called GREEN COFFEE Grano. The doctor explained me that it was a natural product for weight-loss and metabolism improvement. She told me about the website where I could order it from.

Results – Green Coffee benefits and side effects

After only one week, the results were stunning – I lost 12 kg! The puffiness was gone and my complexion got much better! The hips and belly became notably smaller – and my mood became better! I started to believe I could become beautiful again without any dieting or exercising! So I continued eating everything I wanted! I was too sick and tired of starving and working out…

By the end of the second week I lost another 10 kg! I became more fit and that inspired me to climb the stairs instead of using elevator every time. What seemed to be a tough workout became an easy pleasure for me! I couldn’t believe it happened just because I was following those simple instructions on the coffee pack! If I could do it – everyone can!

I achieved my goal weight within 22 days. My belly was gone, I lost 28 kg and got the body I had never dared to dream about. Even now I cannot believe what I see in the mirror!

Official website Green Coffee in India – where to buy Green Coffee drink, price in India

Here is a LINK to the official website of Green Coffee Grano for those who want to lose weight fast and easy as I did. Take GREEN COFFEE Grano and improve your health and life quality. The medication is remarkably cheap compared to the powerful effect you receive in exchange. PLEASE NOTE that it’s the only website where you can order the authentic product. Other websites sell bogus products made in China which are ineffective. There are many such websites. When I was ordering GREEN COFFEE Grano on the official website I was charged zero! I paid only when I received the product. I also want to add that the delivery was prompt. It arrived on the very next day.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to GREEN COFFEE Grano. I didn’t shed enough kilos to look like a dystrophic girl. But the guy who I liked noticed me anyway. We are together and happy now. I wish you enjoy the same happiness.

Green Coffee beans weight loss success stories – reviews, complaints

Siddhi Nijasure

This was a great read that I can relate to. I’m in the middle of this journey right now. I’m doing nothing extreme just slowly making progress. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel but it’s good to know that it happens to others. Life gets busy and crazy and weigh packs on so easily.

Thank you for sharing your journey!

Vijaya Bhardvaj

Love your story. As someone who has struggled with weight since childhood I can relate. For me weight watchers was the solution. Love your great advice.


It was so long ago that it seems hilarious that I used to weigh 92 kg… Now my weight is 54 kg and whatever I do or eat it doesn’t change! I am proud to share my progress pics with you:


Congratulations on your weight loss!

Aditi Mallaya

I have lost 29 kg thanks to GREEN COFFEE Grano. I took them as you did: two tablespoon of Grano in the morning and two in the afternoon. It doesn’t seem much in terms of weight but it does in terms of volume!

Radha Shevade

Hi Elisabeth, I found your blog via Eats Well With Others. What a great story! I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog entries ?

Chandi Upasani

You should eat less, let’s be honest!

Tarabai Viswan

It’s so awesome! I’d also love to look like this after my second baby! Well done!

Archita Achaval

Here you go, two photos before and after


I had quite an unpleasant experience with this GREEN COFFEE. I stopped using it and I don’t advise anyone! I wanted to drop a kilo or two, but I dropped 7 instead, I didn’t need so much. I didn’t depend on me, there was nothing I could do to stop it, I changed my diet and kept losing weight all the same. Now I’m trying to gain it back.

Paraminta Patvardhan

I personally like the fact that the slimming process is gradual and it doesn’t harm the body. I have a stable weight reduction 3-4 kilos a week. In a month 12 kg are gone! That’s not bad, can’t complain!

Mahadaji Gayakvad

My wife and I lost weight with GREEN COFFEE together. She ordered it the moment it appeared in our country. As a result, she dropped 13 and I 18. She looks like a model now, no sagging. As for me, my beer belly disappeared, I even miss it!

Kaumari Goyal

Thank you for sharing! Truly inspirational!

Ujali Chakarvarti

Great story!

Shackcham Nayar

– GREEN COFFEE came yesterday, I started to drink it and realized I don’t feel hunger anymore!!! It blocks the feeling of hunger perfectly, now I’m waiting for the results. Even 200g a day will be a great start for me.

Bhairavi Patvardhan

It’s so wonderful, now I can eat my favourite dessert and stop worrying that I won’t fit in my dresses and skirts by the end of the week))) Gorgeous!

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