Gemoris India what is, price, buy: haemorrhoid vegetal capsules for oral administration and plant-based anti-haemorrhoids cream for external use

By | August 20, 2019

What is Gemoris cream and capsules against hemorrhoids, meaning, how to take, side effects, how to use

  • Eliminates haemorrhoids (including recurrent)
  • Instantly relieves discomfort, burning and itching sensations in the anus
  • Heals anal lesions
  • Prevents rectal prolapse
  • Promotes complete resorption of haemorrhoids
  • Antiseptic, healing, anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Prevents the main cause of haemorrhoids – the stagnation of blood in the anal area
  • Ingredients: boric acid, turmeric, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, olive oil

Gemoris – natural capsules for haemorrhoids, anal lesions, and other inflammatory diseases of the rectum. For oral administration.

  • Gemoris capsules have potent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Only in 14 days they will fully remove large haemorrhoids.
  • Small cracks and inflammation can be healed in 6-7 days.
  • The ingredients of the capsules act from inside, reducing inflammation and inhibiting proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.
  • It can be used for both treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids.

Risk factors related to haemorrhoid

  • Heredity
  • Passive lifestyle
  • Constipation
  • Pregnancy and vaginal delivery
  • Mechanical damage or injury of the rectum

Expert opinion about Gemoris original

how to take gemoris

70% of patients underestimate the seriousness of the disease and ignore treatment. Meanwhile, in advanced stages, haemorrhoids may cause serious complications

  • increased size of haemorrhoids
  • infection
  • rectal prolapse
  • anus cancer

Prevention of hemorrhoids :

  • Proper nutrition
  • Sport and workout
  • Time treatment of early stages of haemorrhoids

Questions and answers

How should I take Gemoris capsules?

Depending on the severity of the disease, take 1-2 Gemoris capsules 1-2 times a day for 7-14 days. Prophylaxis – 1 capsule every day for 14 days.

Are there any side effects?

Gemoris capsules are hypoallergenic and free of side effects (except in rare cases of intolerance of some of the ingredients).

Can I take more than 2 courses of treatment in a row?

Severe cases of haemorrhoids require a repeated treatment. However, a 14-day course of treatment must be followed by a 2-week break.

Can Gemoris be taken with other medications?

It is recommended to avoid simultaneous intake of Gemoris with other drugs for oral administration (capsules, tablets, medicines, etc.). Observe the minimum 1-hour interval before taking other medicine. There are no other restrictions.

Gemoris reviews, forum, comments

gemoris original


Very helpful!

Great capsules. All my haemorrhoids are gone. I was a bit sceptical about the effectiveness of these capsules. I thought drugs for external use work better. But Gemoris works faster and is more efficient compared to pharmacy creams. It feels great when nothing hurts!

gemoris dietary supplement


Life saver

This is the only thing that helped. I tried other products (creams, suppositories) by haemorrhoids were back in a couple of months. It has been 6 months since I experienced symptoms for the last time.

gemoris manufacturer


There is hope!

Thanks, girls. Very reassuring. Hopefully it will help me.

gemoris review


Thank you!

Just 2 weeks and the haemorrhoids are gone! Thank you for Gemoris!

Where to buy Gemoris dietary supplement – price in India, manufacturer

where to buy gemoris
gemoris price

4580 ₹

2290 ₹

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