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By | July 20, 2022

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  • Cure, instead of masking the pain
  • Special application
  • Effective In severe cases
  • It brings back joint mobility

Motion Energy what is – our mission is to make everyone move freely

Dr. David Scholes, head of the rehabilitation center for diseases of the skeletal muscle system

Few know that Motion Energy development took a long time. My team and I study hundreds of plant extracts from different parts of the world. Finally, we managed to synthesize the ideal formula, on the basis of which the Motion Energy balm appeared.

It’s not just a pain reliever that works on the surface. The components of the balm penetrate deep into the tissues and literally splice them together, and strengthen them, restoring elasticity. I developed a special technique to apply Motion Energy balm. There’s nothing like it, not even in Europe. If you follow my recommendations, you’ll be able to move freely.

Are you familiar with these symptoms?

  • Ain and heavy feeling in the spine
  • Joints popping when walking
  • Swelling of the limbs, pain in your fingers
  • Limitations on the go
  • Pain when you turn your head or torso

This indicates that you have joint problems.

What causes diseases of the skeletal muscle system?

Many people think that joint disease is associated with age-related changes or genetic disorders, but it’s not. Here are the main causes of diseases of the skeletal muscle system.

  • Allergy. Allergic reactions that cause inflammation in the body and contribute to the development of joint diseases
  • Virus. Some viruses circulate through the blood and settle in the blood vessels. They penetrate the membranes of the joint and cause unpleasant symptoms
  • Diseases of the nervous system. Nervous system dysfunctions interrupt the nutrition of muscles, bones, vascular tone, which leads to joint exhaustion
  • Diseases of the blood vessels. Impaired blood circulation in the blood vessels causes inflammatory processes in the joints and bones.
  • Diseases of endocrinal system. Many joint diseases are caused by hormonal disorders in the organism

The causes of the disease can be many, but the solution is one, Motion Energy – side effects

We don’t add aggressive chemicals, nor strong allergens. 90% of the composition are natural extracts. The components complement each other and they have a positive influence on the source of the disease.

  • Camphor. Eliminate the tumor
  • Menthol. Eliminate salts
  • Boswellia. Encourages rapid regeneration
  • Serrata. Reduces vascular permeability
  • Aloevera gel base. Alleviates the pain

How to apply Motion Energy: 3 important rules

Apply the balm only at rest

For Motion Energy to work quickly, you need to apply it to affected areas while you are resting.

  • In the morning. Apply the balm in the morning immediately after waking up. After applying, lie down for 20-30 minutes until the balm is completely absorbed.
  • At night. Apply the balm at night before bedtime. After applying it, do not get up so that the muscles and joints remain inactive.

Don’t rub it!

In order not to further damage the skin and joints, it’s not necessary to rub the balm hard. Just apply it with light movements.

Motion Energy forum, opinion, review – add light exercises

No need to overdo it! It’s enough to do exercises for 10-15 minutes a day, to speed up recovery time.

  • Lie down on the floor, bend your leg at knee height, support it with your hands and press it firmly against your stomach. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and then switch legs.
  • Straight legs. Touch your feet with your hands and stay in that position For about 30 seconds.
  • Lean on your elbows, lift your body and slowly raise your legs up, and then hold them in that position for about 30 seconds.

Guaranteed result after the first application

First application

  • the pain goes away
  • inflammation decreases
  • redness disappears

1 week

  • pain disappears when walking and lifting heavy objects
  • The skin recovers its healthy color
  • Tissues become more elastic

1 month

  • joint mobility is completely restored
  • vascular walls are strengthened
  • the result lasts a long time

Motion Energy was created to forget joint pain once and for all – where to buy, original, official website

  • Proven
  • Safe
  • Effective