Matcha Slim Ghana, price, how to use, review – how can a man lose 26 kg in just a few weeks?

By | July 20, 2022

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Eric uba managed to lose 26 kg with little to no effort

 How did he do it? The man gladly agreed to share his methods. We are sure it will help you too!

I was never thin. And I wasn’t fat either. I wasn’t overweight. I got married 5 years ago. My wife Shafira cooks wonderfully. In general, after the wedding, I started to gain even more weight.

Always hot baked goods, pizza, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners – how could I refuse? I didn’t realize that nor I was getting fat neither that I was very fat already.

After a while, my wife started giving me the cold shoulder. We started having sex less often. I tried, by all means, to pay attention to her, but she always found an excuse not to sleep with me: sometimes children demand attention, sometimes there are many problems in the house… Then she started sleeping in a different bedroom.

Of course, as a healthy man, I wanted to have sex. One day I told Shafira we needed to talk. My wife said she loved me as a person, as a husband. But that she was no longer interested in me as a man, I was too fat.

That pissed me off. I wanted to have a mistress, but the town is small, everyone knows each other, you can’t hide from your wife.

And my wife likes thin men!

I was afraid of myself: a little more, and she began to look at other men. I had to do something!

I didn’t have time to go to the gym due to my work. Diet? Well how can you think about choking on chicken breasts when the pork with peanut sauce is smoking on the table?

But I tried three diets. Protein free, carbide free and monodiet. I tried each of them for 2 weeks. To be honest, it was useless. For a month with a small weight loss of only 5 kg. And then gained them back quickly a few days later.

I once ran into a friend on the way to work. I barely recognized Dan and couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. From what I remember, he was the fattest of the group. And now he’s an athlete: slim and handsome.

Matcha Slim what is, side effects – compared to dan, i looked like a fat mountain

was completely surprised. Naturally, I asked Dan how he managed to lose so much weight. Turns out he wasn’t on a diet, like me. I didn’t go to the gym very often, but I did go a couple of times a week.

Now listen carefully to what my friend told me.

Japanese green tea matcha extract is the most powerful weight loss stimulant. It speeds up metabolism, removes everything harmful from the body, as well as reduces appetite and increases burned calories.

Yet, in ancient Japan it was known that a cup of green matcha tea in the morning would keep you from eating till evening. This drink grants slimness, endurance and strength. It’s interesting to know men from areas of modern Japan that produce matcha don’t get fat even if they drink beer and eat fast food, and that women stay as slim as a cane even after giving birth 5-6 times. European dietitians acknowledged that matcha extract is a proper weight loss supplement.

Dan and I exchanged phone numbers after that and chatted a while. Soon enough he invited me over and treated me to a bright green drink.

– And this is my main secret! – said Dan. It’s a special weight loss drink, Matcha Slim. Almost like green tea, but it’s brewed without a kettle. Simply dissolve the powder in hot water and drink it every day instead of morning coffee. Fat will disappear on its own. Cool, right?

At first, I did not believe it. But for the sake of interest, I asked Dan where he could buy such a product. He gave me a link to an online store where he orders it regularly.

I ordered a package to try. At that time I weighed almost 100 kg.

The first day I lost 300 grams. A little bit, but at least something. After 5 days the weight began to disappear very intensely. I lost 6 kg! And I didn’t change my diet. Sharifa still cooked sweet rolls for breakfast and pork for dinner, for me and the children. And we ate them happily! And I was losing kilos.

A week later, another 9 kilos disappeared. I was so happy and proud of myself! At the end of the month my wife became sweeter, she approached me, hugged me, and kissed me. Well, of course, by then I had already lost 26 kg and looked like I looked before I met my wife.

Matcha Slim original, official website, where to buy – and finally, after a long break, we slept together again!

I felt like a winner. And in bed, too. If I had “dysfunctions” before, now thanks to the powder everything worked better. Either because of weight loss or because of Matcha Slim I don’t know.

Now I drink Matcha Slim not every day, but every other day to stabilize the weight. It turns out it’s great to be slim! There is no dyspnea, you can wear any clothes, not just baggy shirts and jeans. And the girls on the street look at me in such a way that my wife is jealous. And that didn’t happen before!

Now I weigh 73 kg. It’s perfect for my height. Ever since I know of Matcha Slim 6 months have passed. I didn’t get a gram back in that time.

Guys, if you are overweight and cannot lose weight, then my advice is that this is the best way to do it. Don’t waste your precious time in the gym, don’t drink dubious biological supplements. Here is the site where you can place your order Matcha Slim. Just click the “go to website” button and fill out the order form. And everything else is in your hands!

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Didn’t you try to eat less from the beginning?


Dude, I can’t imagine how you got to weigh 100 kilos at your age. Clearly, your wife didn’t want to sleep with you. Of course, I was never as fat as you were. But thanks to Matcha Slim I was able to lose 10 kilos. Now I go to the gym and everything is ok


You were a pig! Well done!


I heard about this product. A friend of mine lost 20 kilograms of weight. But he worked out: he ran in the morning.


Great, man! Respect!


Interesting. Does Matcha Slim have contraindications? Can you take it if you’re 50 or older? Or only at a young age?


My father is 59 years old. Thanks to this product he lost about 10.12 kilograms. Everything seems to be going well.


That is the goal of family life: first you’re in love, satisfied. Then you let yourself go and get fat. Oh, damn it!


I want your wife to eat like you and not get fat))))


Who lost weight thanks to this product? Can you upload some before and after photos? I want to make sure it’s real.


Well here’s an example. 8 kg in 3 weeks. I’d like to lose more.


No problem!


Is this product suitable for women?


Yes, well, everything is fine. My wife also took Matcha Slim with me. She lost even more weight than I did.