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By | April 25, 2022

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Diana Scott is only 27. She got her bachelor degree in psychology at Oregon State University and was planning to work in private practice. However, Diana’s plans changed after she passed a self-test. I never felt uncomfortable because of excess weight.

I did have problems with excess weight, but I preferred to ignore them. A self-text most of psychologists pass before they begin to work helped me to take a look at the situation from another point of view.

When passing self-test, I had to reconsider my attitude towards myself and my body. It turned out I often ate not because I was hungry: I did it simply automatically. For example, I needed to eat something when I was watching movies. I also used food to reward myself for successful studying. There were also other habits, and, together, they made me reach the weight of 194 pounds. I know it wasn’t a catastrophe, but my weight was far from healthy.

Of course, it influenced my lifestyle. I rarely dated and even avoided meeting my friends often. I made myself think that I was too busy, but now I understand that the reason was different.

One day, I accidentally looked at myself during a breakfast and realized I needed to start a diet, so I prepare a diet plan with lower calorie intake without waiting for the next Monday and my meals changed. What can I say? It was hard! I suffered from hunger, I dreamed about my favorite dishes. I lost only 10 pounds in 3 weeks of dieting. Given how much I suffered, it wasn’t enough.

My experience and psychological education helped me to take a different look at the problems

When I realized one couldn’t fight excess weight torturing oneself with diets, I decided to use my strengths. These were psychological knowledge I acquired in the University and when doing practical training. I had to ask myself many questions.

When do I eat? How do I do that? What makes me look in the refrigerator every now and then?

Answering these and other questions, I created a plan of gradual transformation of my eating habits. I had to be honest with myself. I was hard, but it’s worth it! I lost 28 kg in 3 months.

The program I prepared for myself was based not only on changing a diet, but also on being attentive to myself and my body. I literally listened to it and understood what it wanted. It responded gratefully. My friends failed to recognize me. Weight loss itself wasn’t a point, the point was the true transformation. Excess weight left me together with my self-doubt, fears and worries.

My best friend was the first to ask me for help with weight loss. I warned her that it wouldn’t be about standard diets and sets of tiring exercises. She would have to truly open up to herself. She agreed with these conditions and lost 40 pounds of excess weight. That’s where the most interesting part starts…

Vean where to buy, official website, buy online, online order, original – first, my friends, and then people whom I didn’t knew began to ask me to help them with losing weight

They texted me and called me and told me that they were recommended to use my approach. But I couldn’t take this responsibility: I had to learn more about the issue. That’s when I decided I was ready to get a new profession.

Given that I had primary medical education, it wasn’t hard to get a nutritionist’s professional certificate. After half a year, I began to work on my method seriously. Moreover, I met great people during training – the true professionals who offered me to work on my method together. That’s how Vean appeared.

Now, it’s a full-fledged program that takes into account literally everything!

  • Health, age and sex
  • Your goals
  • Your daily activity
  • Amount of water you take and your standard diet

But the main point is that Vean is designed to help you to improve your habits, it doesn’t offer the same scheme to everyone. You are to get a person program, and you need to take a test. After testing, the system analyzes your answers and chooses suitable foods, a diet and training regimen for you.

Of course, everyone wants to know what results our program can deliver. We are sure that we do it right. Everyone who follows all recommendations properly do change their lives. The results differ very much based on individual characteristics. Averagely, Vean gives you a chance to get rid of 22 pounds in 4 weeks.

-15,5 pounds in 6 weeks

-62 pounds in 11 weeks

-39 pounds in 7 weeks

We find these results impressing and inspiring. But the main point is that I tried this scheme out on myself and I can surely say to does work. It’s not just one more method to lose weight quickly, it’s the beginning of a new life, it’s a path to the best version of yourself. Going on this path, everyone who dreams of becoming healthy, slim and strong gets not only a detailed guide, but also support from professional dietologists, psychologists and trainers.

Want to give it a try? It’s easy! Take a test, get a trial version of a program or subscribe to work on improving your body with Vean for a long time.

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Scarlett Dixon

Strict diets make you regain thrice more weight. Intermittent fasting is dangerous. Tiring workouts are hard. I believe that Vean offers an optimal method!

Julia J.B.

It’s so right to change eating habits first and then slowly get rid of excess weight! I’m in the middle of the journey so far, but I’ve already lost 13,2 pounds.

Lily Adler

I’ve already got first results of losing weight with Vean, too.

Antony Rid

I hope this program isn’t only for women. I’ve been dreaming of an athletic body without excess weight, but I can’t get rid of bad habits…

Diana Scott

Of course, it isn’t! Vean is available to everyone. Many men use this program and achieve great results

Charlotte Kein

I wonder if one can use this program without other people’s guidance

Diana Scott

Yes, but you need to take a test first to get an individual scheme based on your habits and needs.

Mia Babel

I want to share my results, too! It’s incredible, I’ve never managed to lose 41 pounds yet! Thanks to Diana and Vean !