Flekosteel Australia review, how to use, price: when joints prevent you from living a normal life, we can only hope for a miracle!

By | January 14, 2020

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Exclusive interview with a legendary doctor who will change your life! What is Flekosteel for back and joints – how to use, results, side effects, review, comments, buy online, price

Our guest today is the legendary innovator from Perth – Dr. David Scholes, Ph.D.

Good morning. Let’s start with a few words about yourself.

I was born and educated in beautiful Perth – also I’d been working there as an orthopaedist until 2018.

Flekosteel Australia

Why did you quit last year?

In 2016, my wife Julie was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. It was a turning point in our lives and a terrible ordeal. We tried everything to treat my wife: physiotherapy, only gentle exercise, various vitamins and food supplements (chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, etc.), gels, and ointments. But nothing worked. Was there nothing I could do to help my wife with my medical background and experience? Is there another way? So I started my own research.

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Please explain…

I studied everything related to joint diseases – physiology, psychosomatics, and biochemistry. I spent so much attempting to find the secrets of the best specialists in Asia, who are bad joint experts.

In December 2016, I finally realised that if you mix certain ingredients you’ll get a remedy that will permanently relieve pain in joints. But as I couldn’t get the ingredients in Australia, I ordered direct from suppliers in Asia – but no laboratory was willing to prepare the formula. Fortunately, I was saved by university friends – 3 weeks later I finally got the right formula and Julie tried it.

Wow – we were so happy.

What happened…?

Julie started to feel better and better every day. After 7 days of treatment, she could walk to the shops, she was smiling, and after 2 more weeks, her arthritis had completely gone! Lab tests showed that Julie had completely recovered – 7 months passed and Julie was still healthy with no signs of arthritis. We’re so happy!

Flekosteel how to use

And then you went one step further?

Yes, but first we just enjoyed life and appreciated every moment together – we then had a beautiful daughter. She was so grateful for the treatment because pregnancy is also a huge load on joints.

Flekosteel review

One evening, Julie asked if sore joints was a common ailment. We checked the stats and found numerous sufferers – over 500 000 Aussies have various joint-related issues. Then Julie asked me a question that changed my life forever: “Can you help others as you have helped me? Make them happy again?” This was such a great idea. It took me about 3 years to perfect the formula and create FLEKOSTEEL the best affordable remedy for Aussies.

About Flekosteel original

Flekosteel order online

Sounds great – tell us about FLEKOSTEEL.

Julie and I did something that no one else had done before us. FLEKOSTEEL is a revolutionary ointment based on:

  • Dwarf root
  • Root of wheatgrass
  • Cedar tree sap
  • Mint
  • Birch oil

As most of these ingredients aren’t available here in Australia, we import from Asia.

Thanks to its unique formula, FLEKOSTEEL can treat various joint conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Coxarthrosis
  • Osteoarthrosis
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Osteochondritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Gonarthrosis

That’s great – what an innovation!

Thanks – it took lots of effort and hard work. Next year we’ll celebrate our 10th anniversary. This product has enabled 17,934 people to live a full and normal life free of joint pains.

We didn’t set out to make money from this – just to spread this health benefit to those in most need. Quite an old-fashioned approach, I guess. And we hold monthly give-away prizes for our users.

Where can FLEKOSTEEL be bought?

It’s not available at pharmacies because high-cost big pharma companies corner the market – squeezing independents out. Their products often have terrible side-effects.

FLEKOSTEEL can ONLY be ordered from our website.

Anything else to add…?

Be healthy! FLEKOSTEEL is the best product to keep your joints fit and healthy: the best way to be happy.

Good luck and good health!

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Flekosteel forum, comments, opinions

 Carol Whittaker

Hello Dr. Scholes! Thanks for this product. Hopefully, I will get the same great result for my joints!

Mary Rogen

I had arthrosis but now it’s totally gone because of your FLEKOSTEEL ointment! Thanks!

Sue Williams

This product is 100% effective! I’ve proved it! Now my knee and elbow don’t hurt anymore.

Andrew McKenna

I also tried FLEKOSTEEL for my osteoporosis and the result is surprisingly great! Complete recovery and fast too!

Flekosteel use

 David Scholes

Hello, thanks for sharing your opinion. It’s important to always follow the instructions in the FLEKOSTEEL packaging to get maximum results.

Regards, David.

Andy Gunnerfeld

Can anybody help me? I’m so tired of this back pain. It wears me out completely. I just don’t know what to do. I take all sorts of pills, apply various gels from time to time, but nothing helps :(

Colin Bloomfield

Joint problems? Get FLEKOSTEEL and you’ll be fine. I also had problems with joints to the extent I couldn’t walk. My mum bought it 6 months ago at full price (although still great value). Now I can move freely!

Natasha Blanton

Where can I get FLEKOSTEEL ointment?

John Blundell

Here’s the link to the official website to buy FLEKOSTEEL ointment. Order now to get the discount price – stocks are limited!

Natasha Blanton

Thank you. I’ve just ordered FLEKOSTEEL. When will it arrive?

John Blundell

About 3 days

Irene Cheaney

I ordered this ointment 2 months ago for my sister. She had been suffering from arthritis for a long time. Now she is totally recovered and happy

Michael Guyton

Is this ointment really effective? Perhaps I should order it for myself too. It’s on discount anyway, isn’t it?

Ned Hartland

I also heard something about this remedy somewhere. I’ve been having problems with my leg joints for two years now. The pain is unbearable sometimes and the doctors can’t really help me. After reading this article, I ordered FLEKOSTEEL right away.

Henry Harris

It looks like a lot of people have problems with joints. I saw a FLEKOSTEEL advert a month ago and it saved me from osteoporosis. In my opinion, FLEKOSTEEL is way better than other remedies.

Alex Haskin

Are the comments here for real? Because the remedy from pharmacies and doctors just don’t work.

Linda Ingram

This ointment is super-effective with no side-effects! I’ve already had great results!

Anne Tindall

You can ONLY buy from the official website – anywhere else it’s a fake product!

Flekosteel price

Sandra Hughes

Scholes, you’re a champ with FLEKOSTEEL! My husband had the same problem as your wife for 5 years – now he’s recovered and able to move freely.

And my package also arrived very quickly.

David Scholes

You’re welcome – and how long did it take for your husband to recover?

Regards, David

Sandra Hughes

About a month…now he’s active and happy.

David Scholes

I’m glad to hear that, thank you for trying this product.

Regards, David

Helen Hickam

The result exceeded all of my expectations. My sciatica is gone forever! I also ordered it for my friends – one suffers from back pains and the other from a sore elbow joint.

Laura Hewitt

I’ve just ordered it…

The discount is great!

They immediately called back and confirmed by order – great service. Bye-bye arthritis!

Karen Mitchell

I had suffered arthritis for years…but after I used FLEKOSTEEL all the pain disappeared in less than a month and I felt much better.

Jessica Henderson

I saw this being sold on another site – but it was very expensive. The price on the official website is the lowest and best. And my knee feels great too!

David Scholes

Sadly, some sellers increase prices to take advantage of the sick and needy. I’d advise everyone to only order from our website for 1) best price and 2) reliable quality.

Regards, David

Sophie Jaynes

With FLEKOSTEEL my gout was quickly sorted – the job is done!

Max Frost

If you have any problem with your joints, believe me, FLEKOSTEEL is the solution. Delivery is also very fast – my order arrived in just 3 days.

David Scholes

Thanks – we prioritise great customer service and fast delivery every time.

Regards, David

Jill Weston

I found this article by chance. Sadly, there aren’t any drugs on the market effective for my arthritis. So I tried FLEKOSTEEL – delivery was fast and the benefits immediate!

Zoe Henderson

Want to try but not sure about this…it’s not available on the high street, only online…I don’t want to get scammed again…

David Scholes

I want to say again that FLEKOSTEEL can only be ordered ONLY from our official website. Just click the link button above! FLEKOSTEEL is available with 50% discount for a limited period – so order right away! but this promotion won’t last long, so you should order it now!

Please beware of fakes.

Regards, David

Flekosteel order online

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